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  1. Eyeballing about 2.5” here in Riverside Park. Maybe closer to 3? Glorious morning. I usually get coffee and just take a walk in the park. This one is perfect.
  2. Just got on the subway to head downtown. I’d estimate 2.75 to 3 on the bench, with glorious fat flakes coming down. Snow is somehow accumulating on the cast iron skillet that is Riverside Drive (main road).
  3. yeah, it has picked up substantially since I complained. Not sure I'd say "heavy" yet but getting there fast now (also on UWS)
  4. How is the Euro still putting us in the bullseye? There's a lot of work to do here in the city (speaking of rates and what I can see of accumulation on cars, etc)
  5. eager to see this "destroying" you speaketh of as rates since I got up have sucked.
  6. It was not an overnight event. Destroyed the evening commute. Started at 2, peak was 4-6 PM. So heaviest was during dark, but just after. https://www.wunderground.com/history/daily/us/ny/new-york-city/KNYC/date/2018-11-15
  7. Not to beat this horse to a second death, but here’s Amsterdam Ave on 11/15/2018. I checked the dailies for the month and the days prior were in 40s and 50s. We hadn’t had a freeze yet in 2018. Heat island, yes. It’s not the surface of the sun.
  8. that is one of my favorite surprise storms. just went haywire overproducing.
  9. Brilliant graphic. No way to know what they are forecasting for NYC.
  10. PD3 Jefferson's Revenge
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