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  1. Spoke to friend in New Smyrna. Sounds like only national guard trucks are getting around. Water has not receded at all.
  2. Forgive me if this was posted already. Meanwhile in Miami... WTF..
  3. Friend in New Smyrna Beach says her condo (which is not beach front) has feet of water around it. They are getting pounded. 14" and climbing.
  4. Almost end of the month... https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/28/us/floridians-stay-ian-projected-path.html?unlocked_article_code=bYGxtNqmb9ST13aVDg6WYLb8kmWuzGazIwowF9xhYnBEYLyvXK_lEvC7cGJzgkgVGHBk_riIVzNbXlSj3cbUHwlJfJEKHd2-4UHy1avvcpXx18bI1uWiet6B8wC-nfeHS9B0sHeDCjM94AyUlTH3i6qQANcr5m2b9VV51SsAncEGqxuSGKMQZnp1M3TCq3vUaMmTAoT5HvrjO1Z3hYIUGR5XtO5SEZEki-ADVQMf8IU1FnGFDB0v9BjMTKT-cdN04HAgeoF8kAlRbQaXS_SvPt9Mid3JZryjJK-VD8Bmu3FYLBje_5Q1jmnNB8mwrt2jYgkybhIS8eEz3iexCZbGsyyU7YqTD9I&smid=share-url
  5. The article wasn't that good. I was going to waste one of my 10 gifts on it, but not worth it.
  6. Am I hallucinating or does it look like the SW part of the eye wall could slide under Charlotte harbor and spare them the worst of the surge? Seems to be moving ENE now...
  7. It looks like Dubai for retired regional sales managers from Ohio.
  8. My father-in-law moved to Port Charlotte in 2012 and he bought into "hurricanes never hit this part of Florida... except for Charlie. But that didn't flood the harbor." We've been trying to prepare him for this for a decade to no avail. He stayed like so many other Fox-news watching, government/expert-hating uncles and grandparents in the area, it seems.
  9. My father in law is riding this out in a house on a canal in Port Charlotte. Could not be convinced to leave.
  10. Is this the thread where we complain about family members in the path who won't evacuate? My father-in-law is at ground zero - on a canal off Port Charlotte harbor...
  11. Not a meteorologist, but I suspect it would cause catastrophic flooding?
  12. Did not… fixed. reasoning is still awful. But he’s a stubborn redneck.
  13. My father in law is right on a canal in Port Charlotte harbor. Has already declared he’s not evacuating based on the fact that Charley’s surge did not flood the area (he wasn’t there at the time).
  14. I don't know why this is a mystery or a debate. Of course it is likely to be a few degrees cooler in Central Park. If you have gone in on a summer morning you can feel the temperature drop when you get in. Whether that is more reflective of the "natural" or "built" environment that people experience is open for interpretation. To Roger's point, I would also imagine this has been exacerbated over time. Bigger, mature trees in Central Park with likely continued pruning and building in the built areas. Anyone in the area knows that the trees in Riverside Park are becoming a serious problem - huge trees and branches fall with no provocation. My own pic...
  15. All of Manhattan about to get clocked top to bottom.
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