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  1. What is this from NYRR??? low 40s at 7-8 AM in mid March is exactly seasonal. Lol. I ran in 2015,16 and 17 and the temp was between low 30s and upper 30s…
  2. Over in SNE forum, many have made mention the Kuchie could be more accurate.
  3. I resigned myself to nothing for days... but could not let escape the thought that being outside the bullseye from Day 7 down to Day 3 could ultimately pay dividends...
  4. Almost no snow downtown. Just moved into a new office right above the Bull. DM me if you want to know how long the line is to get a picture with his balls
  5. Upon further inspection, it’s a healthy 2”. I’d say with compaction it was probably 2.5 or so.
  6. I'm on the UWS in the low 100s. I just went outside for the first time this AM and my first thought was - about a 2" snowfall.
  7. Beautiful out. But already letting up. Record is still in play. Only about 3/4” or so.
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