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  1. Eduardo

    may 10-16 convection

    Random CTG strike nearby followed by a loud crash of thunder here in Lindenhurst. Consolation prize for what was otherwise a pretty lackluster event.
  2. Very windy and some nice rumbles of thunder here in SW Suffolk. Heavy rain has been coming in short, intense waves all morning.
  3. Measured an average of 15.8" before the melting began this morning. Snow came down at an incredible rate for a time last night. More than made up for the snizzlefest that dominated the day and, for me, moves this winter into Grade A territory. Just a shade under 50" on the season, which is not to shabby here.
  4. Just about 12 inches here, all of which has fallen within the past 5 hours. And still coming down at a good clip. Absolutely incredible!
  5. Yes same here Chris. Piling up on the trees as well. Eyeball estimate Ian that we have surpassed 6"
  6. BOOM! Just like that, snow coming down nicely now. Everything beginning to whiten!
  7. Yes same here. Mixture of sleet, freezing rain, and snow here. Patience though. In spite of the thread title, it's coming!
  8. Yeah I am more or less in the same camp. I do think suppression is unlikely given the tele's and time of year. But, at least where I sit, I am not confident that this doesn't just amount to another hodgepodge of plain and white rain. Interior and elevated people seem most favored here. Even if they receive less overall precip, they are far more likely to receive a greater proportion of their total in frozen form. Could the stars align and prove me wrong? Yes, and I hope it pans out that way. But right now, I cannot bring myself to become invested in this one...at least not yet.
  9. How if at all do shorter wavelengths play a role here though? Does a -EPO favor cold regardless of season?
  10. Measured an average of 4.1" on the grass here in SW Suffolk. Starting to compact and melt from underneath in earnest now though, especially on the pavement. All in all, exceeded my low expectations!
  11. Central Suffolk too. Weenie band that moved swiftly over me seems to be slowing down/pivoting now.
  12. Lightened up here in SW Suffolk as the weenie band moved east. Roads all covered though. Probably a shade over 3 inches. Maybe 3.5.
  13. Wow! That's incredible! Looks like it's coming down just as hard by me, but only recently began substantially accumulating. From that pic, I'd say 10 inches might be tough unless that band stays overhead for awhile, but you look like you're well on your way to 8 or so! Enjoy! I'm hoping to crack 6" here. Steadily accumulating now.
  14. Yeah I am under that right now. Easily accumulating on all roads now. Approaching 3 gloppy inches on the grass.
  15. Snowing moderately here in SW Suffolk. Sticking on car tops, sidewalks, and some side roads. But struggling to accumulate on busier roads, which have a layer of slush on them. Measured 2" on the grass. Decent winds gusts in the last few minutes as well!