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  1. Yeah I live right along the South Shore in Lindenhurst. Mother Nature is paying us back for the good fortune she bestowed upon us since I moved back here from DC in 2013 (and for a few years preceding that, I take it). I must correct myself though. The 3.1" we saw in November before the changeover is actually slightly less than a majority of my seasonal total. Still.....blehhh...... Honestly, it's that time of year where the sun starts getting higher in the sky and I am ready for some quality bike-riding weather. Don't get me wrong, I'll get hyped about whatever bonus snow comes my way, but I am also excited about spring approaching. This winter's been a huge learning experience for me (and I hope for many others as well). I look forward to taking those lessons into next winter, which will hopefully be a rocking second-year Niño.....one that behaves as such....
  2. Haha can confirm! 6.6 inches total for the season with November’s event constituting a bare majority of it.
  3. Fail here. Raining steadily and the inch of slop we had before is disappearing fast!
  4. Have just under an inch on the grass and car tops here in SW Suffolk with mostly sleet coming down and melting on the pavement. Hopefully, the rates pick up so that we can appreciably accumulate!
  5. Switched to slushy white rain about 15 mins after I posted!
  6. Pouring rain in SW Suffolk. Still awaiting a changeover (that hopefully materializes soon)!
  7. Eduardo

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    2.5” in Lindenhurst. Went to sleep ar 4AM with it raining so I thought for sure we were getting skunked. Was a nice surprise to see everything covered! Now 5.7” on the season.
  8. Eduardo

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Still pouring rain here in SW Suffolk. Thinking my 4.2” seasonal total will remain steady for tonight....
  9. Eduardo

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Still just a plain, chilly rain here in Lindenhurst (SW Suffolk).
  10. Yeah I’ve noticed this too. In 13-14 and 14-15, models consistently broke down the glorious -EPO, but on she raged....two of my favorite winters since they were good for retention snobs like me. I don’t know enough about computer modeling to understand what causes this. I’m guessing they must have some level of “continuity bias” built in, no?
  11. Probably one of the most succinct "diagnoses" I've seen thus far, Chris. The relentless, raging PAC jet reminds me of 11-12 as well. I figured that the LR models eventually might be correct in their repeated insistence that the jet would subside given the different ENSO landscape this year. But clearly that has not at all come to pass and winter now seems all but over before it ever really got going. For now though, I am at a loss as to why the PAC pattern this year was so Niña-esque. Seems like, since the last "Super Niño," the PAC does not conform to ENSO-based expectations.....
  12. Yeah I'm pretty much at the epicenter of the ugliness right beneath that 1" contour, although I've personally measured 3.8" for the season here in Lindenhurst. Still, blehhhhhhh. Took two nice road trips the past two weekends though--one up to Lake Placid, NY and another to Great Barrington, MA. Almost forgot what robust snowpack looks like. For anybody else who feels down and out over this disappointment-of-a-winter, I highly recommend a trip north if you are able! Absolutely beautiful up there!
  13. Oddly narrow band of heavy rain traversing LI. Anyone know what gave rise to it? Radar signature almost resembles an outflow boundary akin to what we would see during the heart of sever season.
  14. Too much living and dying by every model run in here. The MJO is dictating everybody and everything this year—volatile LR guidance included. And because it’s behaving so erratically thanks to the current PAC SST configuration, so too will the guidance. Likely outcome IMO: Given the current SST landscape, just as happened earlier this month and back in Dec, we will make one more brief run through P8 and hopefully skirt P1 before the MJO reverts back to its crumby phases. During that short window, we will have a chance, possibly at something big. Hopefully, bad luck won’t shut us out again. Not a great winter for snow lovers so far, but definitely quite a learning experience. Huge impact on how I view ENSO.