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  1. Ya that's a well-balanced take on the impact of social media, Don. Like any other tool, it can do quite a bit of good if one knows how to use it. A hammer is useful too, but not if you are swinging at nails with the claw. Similarly, with respect to meteorological information on social media, you will find yourself misled unless you have some background knowledge of the subjects with which it bombards you. Decent analogy can be drawn to the current state of our political affairs here, but that's one for a different forum
  2. 1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    This genuinely confuses me Yanks. I've been on the boards with you since the days of the Bill Evans forum and have always thought you were a respectable poster, but why should anyone look at "a joke" when trying to nail this down? Bottom line: N&W crowd is in for a nice event in the midst of a "thaw." We coasties are riding the line, but potentially might be in for a nice surprise. West trends late in the game during past storms this season gives me some hope here on LI, as does Paul's analysis.
  3. Was mainly sleet and rain at the courthouse in Islip, but a dangerous glaze on everything here at home in Lindenhurst. Still some freezing drizzle now. Def be careful out there!
  4. Eh, valid point, but it's been bouncing around quite a bit centered on a median of -1.0C or so. Didn't February 2014 feature stubborn EPO blocking despite a strengthening, central-based Niña? I recall that being a cold, snowy month around here after some *early-mid* January warmth.
  5. 2010-11 was a different animal in that most of the early fun was NAO/AO-driven though, right? Given the resiliency of the -EPO over the past few winters, an educated guesser would have to think that its upcoming relaxation is likely temporary. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on that feature, especially given the weakness and location of the Niña anomaly and the possibility of the MJO coming back around to favorable phases by the time we near the month of February (although that's admittedly more of a wildcard). While nothing is ever certain, I think we have the tools at our disposal to render forecasts better than coin flips and, as I outlined above, I think those tools are enough to persuade me (and more importantly many of the pro's) that the upcoming two weeks will constitute a relaxation and reload rather than a full breakdown and reversal. Winter'll likely rear it's head once again as we head into February, which is climatologically our snowiest month as well! And good question regarding flips vs. reloads. Related to my response above, I'd have to think that it's easier to completely flip an Atlantic-driven blocking pattern than a PAC one just due to the sheer size and greater amount of energy contained within the latter. Just spitballing there though... Will definitely be interesting to see how things unfold over the next few weeks. So far, things have gone well for us winter weather lovers. For what it's worth (unscientific, I know), this certainly has the "feel" of a cold, snowy winter.
  6. Yeah I said the same last month. I feel like we can see a quick, Hudson Valley-draining shot at some point during winter's next onslaught in February, similar to what we experienced on Valentine's Day in 2016. I think there's plenty more in store for us this winter, particularly in the month of February.
  7. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    This ended up being a decent estimate. Average of several measurements yielded a total of 16.2" here. Brings my seasonal total to 23.7". Excellent event and I simply cannot get over how impressive the winds were here! I hope this winter has more in store for us!
  8. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    You have certainly earned some bragging rights, Paul. Great job with this one! Painful as I am sure it is for you at times, I greatly appreciate that you continue to post here. Always look forward to your thoughts. Keep em coming! I'm guessing you and your fam did not make it down to Disney?
  9. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Yeah I can verify that here. Still gusting hard as well!
  10. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Explanations like this are exactly why I love this board.
  11. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Under that band now and it is indeed all it's cracked up to be. Must be approaching 15 or 16" now, but difficult to eyeball. Drifts have halfway buried cars in my driveway!
  12. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Ehhhhhh I don't think anybody is alleging a "conspiracy" here! Been a problem for quite a long time now and is probably attributable to garden variety incompetence and indifference....
  13. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Starting to pick back up dramatically here now!! Just had the highest gust of the day. Easily in the 50-55mph range!
  14. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    That band over you guys looks super intense!!! We are ripping here again, but would love to get back into that before we wind things down in a few hours. We must have surpassed a foot by now and drifts easily over 2 feet here. Gonna be impossible to measure.
  15. 1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    If you like deep drifts of fresh powdery snow (I'm guessing so since you post here :-P), I'm thinking you are gonna be more than satisfied with what you encounter!