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  1. Honestly, this has the feel of a year where, after we're all lulled into Spring mode in February, shortening wavelengths yield a freak March snowstorm before Spring actually begins. I agree that it's been a frustrating winter for us snow lovers though.
  2. Really? To me, that's a pretty tight cluster, considering this is 96 hours out. IMO, this is not our storm if, like me, you're in the city or anywhere along the coast. This is for the skiers. But I do think we'll have our chances over the next few weeks!
  3. That almost has a 2013–14 look to it! One of my favorite winters.
  4. Yeah I was living on LI at the time. I remember waking up in the morning, looking outside at the clumpy, wet flakes, and thinking "eeees gon' rain." Heartbreaker of a storm for sure.
  5. The preceding storm is gonna be a key player in this. Need it to get up into that 50/50 spot and create the perfect amount of confluence for us to avoid a washout. We are very much in the game here IMO.
  6. Can someone comment on whether this has something to do with our sudden burst of cautious optimism?
  7. I can confirm almost 8 inches on Roosevelt Island, which is only a few miles to the southwest, FWIW.
  8. That's a juicy look, but it's too far out for me to get excited. Ordinarily, I'd also say that the background ENSO state doesn't support it but, as @forkyfork mentioned the other day, last February's snow blitz took place despite a seemingly-unfavorable ENSO state, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  9. Wasn't there another storm shortly after that where we were ripping snow with single-digit temperatures. For me, that was peak deep-winter!
  10. Seeing breaks in the cloud deck off to my west (looking out over Manhattan) now. Not a flake. Still sitting at a trace for the season on Roosevelt Island.
  11. IIRC, Feb Niña's tend to be hot garbage, but March sometimes delivers as wavelengths shorten.
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