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  1. What accounts for your confidence in this sir? Hoping you are correct, of course.
  2. Used to happen to me all the time when I was living down in DC. Go into the MA forum and mention "DC split" and see what kind of reaction it provokes
  3. Man the east end must be rocking right now, even out on the barrier islands!
  4. Hahaha literally not a drop IMBY. Dark clouds have passed by and I even just saw the sun peak through!
  5. So far, I'm a victim of the split and storms have formed to my east. Hopefully, still plenty of time though.
  6. This morning's light showers have actually given way to some peeks of sun here in southwest Suffolk. Going to end up with close to nothing unless that slug of rain over NEPA/NNJ pivots through.
  7. Sudden downpour here in Lindenhurst. No thunder or lightning though. Looks like it'll move out fast for the fireworks tonight!
  8. That's insane to think about. Crazy how I remember it being an especially warm summer, meanwhile it got off to a cool(er) start.
  9. Just got back from a bike ride with the gf. Could not ask for better late-June weather!
  10. Nice lil downpour and a few harmless rumbles here at the courthouse in Central Islip.
  11. Pretty underwhelming here in Lindenhurst overall. Heard two rumbles of thunder and saw one or two CTC strikes. Rain was actually heavier this past Saturday than it was today too.
  12. Quite breezy here in SW Suffolk now too. Clouds racing SW-->NE as well--flow aloft must be quick!
  13. Wouldn't warming EC SST's also tend to promote an expanded WAR, which might keep the trough over the lakes?
  14. Personally hoping that the WAR can eventually gain the edge and keep us in summer mode...until winter of course!
  15. Took a walk on Robert Moses Field 2 this evening at sunset. WNW flow kept the beach warm enough for a tshirt and jeans even at that hour. Hopefully more surprise beautiful days like this are ahead!