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  1. February 14, 2007?
  2. So I'll put you down for 6-12" then?
  3. That one was a true heartbreaker. The indefatigable beast of a deform band a few days later that surprised me with 6" of fresh snow was a nice little consolation prize though. And it all came on the heels of one of my favorite tri-state winters of my life. No big snowstorm, but what felt like continuous arctic cold and SECS/MECS.
  4. Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that a retrograde between hours 35 and 36?
  5. I believe that Paul alluded to this possibility this morning. Always unpredictable though, but I've seen them put down a few isolated bonus inches at times.
  6. ::Closes eyes and covers ears:: In all seriousness, there are some similarities there. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one, but I stress "cautiously." Model trends are in our favor, but they've fooled us before and, given this happy medium we must reach between a miss and a full phase, I think the chances for disappointment are higher than the excitement in here lets on. All in all, we should be thrilled that we have such a beastly threat to track this late into the season, but we should keep our expectations tempered appropriately.
  7. Don, what if any effect might this past winter's drivers have on our summertime pattern (i.e., low arctic sea ice, cold tongue between Hawaii and WCUS, AMO state, etc.)? Seems like this winter did not behave like many thought it would this past fall, although I must hand it to those who went warm in the face of some pro met forecasts tossing out 95-96 as an analog. I don't think anybody foresaw the development of warm anomalies in ENSO 1.2 either. The past few years have shown me that we still have quite a long way to go in the domain of LR WX forecasting...
  8. Same here! Brutal and unexpected!
  9. Tis all model noise at this point though. Don't focus too much on run-to-run variances. Instead, look at the overall 500mb pattern and the indicies and it becomes obvious that there is a significant threat here. A sure thing? Of course not! But probably this season's best HECS threat.
  10. Can verify in Lindenhurst as well. Definitely one of the best snow/wind combinations I can remember around here in awhile. Anyone have a link to wind reports? There were definitely a few "house-shaking" gusts yesterday afternoon.
  11. Ah I was not living here at the time. Was actually an extremely crappy winter in DC. Anybody have it? Would love to read.
  12. ::Shutters:: Serious breach of weenie etiquette mentioning such a tragic event in this thread!
  13. LOL. Poor guy. As much as I vehemently disagree with his politics, can't understand his cold bias, and find his AGW stance flat-out wrong, I like him on a personal level and really do admire his enthusiasm for the weather. Not difficult to see that he's a good guy.
  14. Seems like, in the past few years, we always manage to secure blocking in the springtime when most of us don't want it. Does the data support my memory here?
  15. Pouring sleet in Lindenhurst!! Constant rattling on the roof and windows. Pretty cool!