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  1. Getting a solid, steady soaking here in SW Suffolk. From the looks of the radar, there's more on the way before Michael scoots out to sea.
  2. Eduardo

    Michael Banter Thread

    This is like the tree falling in the woods thought experiment, except that here, we already have aerial footage showing the tree on the ground and we are waiting to hear from eyewitnesses who likely will confirm that it indeed made a sound when it fell.... I'm shocked that any instruments stood up to Cat. 3 wind gusts to record what they did over 40 minutes before landfall. "Data" includes much more than just those measurements. We take into account the type and extent of structural damage wrought, eyewitness testimony, satellite and radar imagery, and measurements taken just prior to landfall (i.e. recon obs). You seem to have a serious misunderstanding of how science works (i.e., how working hypotheses are tested and revised). We have had less than 24 hours now to survey the damage and assess the strength of Michael by these standards. Getting a complete picture will take some time. Calling this an overhyped Cat. 2 at this juncture is both premature and asinine.
  3. Eduardo

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    Unexpectedly decent winds with this here in Southwest Suffolk...enough to take down some small, healthy tree branches. Rain and lightning are impressive as well. Not bad for October 2nd!
  4. Eduardo

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Interesting that 4 of 5 of them occurred in the last seven years, Chris. Do we know if there is some larger-scale/decadal phenomenon that accounts for this?
  5. Eduardo

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Came on here to raise exactly this subject. Even some slight development of that system could have some bearing on Flo's track IMO. Didnt a similar, small and overlooked system affect Matthew's track two years back? Or am I not remembering that correctly?
  6. Some of the most vivid, "dancing" CTG lightning strikes I've seen aside from the light show I saw when I was in Havana last summer. Car on Sunrise Highway *roughly 250 feet in front of me was struck!
  7. Eduardo

    El Nino Watch

    Solid post, as always Unc. If you have the time and willingness to indulge my curiosity, what do things look like in ENSO-neutral years following double-Niña/weak negative years?
  8. Just missing the action here in Lindenhurst (SW Suffolk) as most of the precip has been to my west thus far. Looks like that next batch about to come onshore will miss me as well, but to the east. Have had some brief showers here this evening, but overall have been pretty dry. Pretty much a non-event thus far for me.
  9. Funny you should post this. I travel to Bermuda fairly frequently and have thought that the past few days felt similar weatherwise.
  10. Eduardo

    may 10-16 convection

    Random CTG strike nearby followed by a loud crash of thunder here in Lindenhurst. Consolation prize for what was otherwise a pretty lackluster event.
  11. Very windy and some nice rumbles of thunder here in SW Suffolk. Heavy rain has been coming in short, intense waves all morning.
  12. Measured an average of 15.8" before the melting began this morning. Snow came down at an incredible rate for a time last night. More than made up for the snizzlefest that dominated the day and, for me, moves this winter into Grade A territory. Just a shade under 50" on the season, which is not to shabby here.
  13. Just about 12 inches here, all of which has fallen within the past 5 hours. And still coming down at a good clip. Absolutely incredible!
  14. Yes same here Chris. Piling up on the trees as well. Eyeball estimate Ian that we have surpassed 6"
  15. BOOM! Just like that, snow coming down nicely now. Everything beginning to whiten!