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  1. One step at a time, but that’s definitely quite bullish.
  2. A few steps ahead, perhaps (compared to me anyways). Knocking the PV on its heels in a manner that yields a prolonged period of blocking would be a huge bonus, in my book. Hoping hard for it but I’m def focused on just getting a period of something other than the terrible PAC puke to which we’ve grown accustomed.
  3. Yeah I’m def not saying we should be thinking about a redux. Just making the broader point (which @brooklynwx99 made much better) that a -PNA can work with a solid ATL-side block.
  4. Lol it’s a funny psychological phenomenon. We’ve become so accustomed to disappointment these past few years that we keep expectations tempered as some sort of defense mechanism. Forky honkage usually portends good things though. :-)
  5. 95–96 too IIRC. Enough ATL side blocking can offset a crappy PAC. Here is to hoping!
  6. Valid point, but they were (spectacular) diamonds in the rough. Crossing my fingers that we have one of those on tap. We could be in for some fun if this stout -NAO develops as-advertised. I still am not liking this PAC-pukey, seemingly semi-permanent Niña background state we’ve dealt with these past few years. Need to dislodge that ASAP.
  7. My man, haven’t you been harping about the raging Niña since what feels like forever? Now you all of a sudden think there’s no tendency for a SE ridge?
  8. Yeah I hate to say it, but I’m not really feeling this pattern at all. Might be time to close the shades until mid Dec, at least. Almost feels like we’re in the middle of a 90s-style string of boring winters right now.
  9. Looks roughly like where Charley hit, no?
  10. Saw some lightning, but radar makes it seem like there’s some kinda forcefield around Manhattan.
  11. Was pouring on a rerouted Q-train coming across the Manhattan Bridge. Nearing CI now and the sun’s peaking through. Def isolated precip today.
  12. Kinda underwhelming here on Roosevelt Island. Some nice, soaking rain and a few decent lightning strikes over Manhattan, but nothing crazy.
  13. Just some soaking rain and thunder on Roosevelt Island. Nothing crazy, but might cool things down some. Sun already starting to peek back out!
  14. Kinda nuts how several rounds of action stayed just to my west and north. Was actually able to see the black clouds and rain over Manhattan from my (Roosevelt Island) apartment, but we really just had one two-minute downpour and a few extra drops here and there today.
  15. As a cold and snow lover, I massively dislike this trend, but it’s kinda tough to bet against it right now. Since the super Niño, we seem to have established a weak to moderate Niña as our base state and the atmosphere has behaved as if we were in a Niña regardless.
  16. Got sandblasted down at Brighton Beach today. Was breezy as hell! Still, sunny, warm and dry though.
  17. Who wouldn’t expect that at this point? Def a notable trend.
  18. Was supposed to be, but the radar's looking pretty juicy for the Metro area!
  19. Yeah this is what I'm thinking too. Crossing my fingers that this robust blocking returns during the winter.
  20. I wonder if that other line working through East-Central PA will make it here.
  21. More sun and warmth than I expected today here in the City. Not sure if that means anything regarding the severe potential later on. Got my eyes peeled for a @forkyfork post.
  22. This was pretty lame when it pushed through the city, but the piece of the line scraping the south shore of LI looks pretty juicy!
  23. Somebody might have addressed this in the past, but why do storms often seem to refire once they push offshore?
  24. Noticed the same thing and it's been my go-to forever now. Anyone else got anything better? NWS's radar cite is too derpy for me.
  25. Lol I tried to hold out too, but cracked under the humidity-induced insomnia last night.
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