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  1. You guys are on twigs? Im still finding dog poop.
  2. Whats scary is this could be an april fools joke, or a cut and paste from an unnamed person on another unnamed subforum while discussing a 2” snow event....
  3. Sorry in advance for the spam guys. im sure some have seen the news about the spring valley firefighter who made the ultimate sacrifice this past week after saving numerous lives at a nursing home fire here in Rockland. Jared was a friend, and he leaves behind 2 young boys. If anyone can spare a dollar or two, it would be incredibly appreciated. https://www.gofundme.com/f/firefighter-jared-lloyd-fundraiser?fbclid=IwAR0Jrew4y3Wxua_91B0vPg-GaYpm-1Jzi-bfhVlUqGknBT5oJDmYqolJL2I
  4. I never want winter to end, but the first warm day always has me craving golf and listening to centerfield with the windows down...
  5. Closest ive come to par on that course is an 81 lol
  6. Why is my lawn snow free but the fairways at rotella and patriot hills still have snow on them? This is cruel and unusual punishment.
  7. Holding on on the eastern facing side of the street. Other side has lots of bare spots.
  8. His response was pretty even keeled for someone intimating he was lying.
  9. Not 100% sure because with mobile logins and vpns its impossible, but banned posters always go back to their old way of posting and dont hide it well, so its usually evident eventually. (Isnt that sick, guys will go through all that trouble to come back and post more nonsense, instead of just not posting silly shit/not being a douche in the first place?).
  10. Epic will reappear as yet another sock, but for now hes gone.
  11. For a poster now banned you mean.
  12. That was quick. Just switched to a mix. Damage is done on the roads though.
  13. Borderline heavy snow in the bronx, all roads now covered and horrific.