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  1. Yeah ill take this until about mid october, thanks
  2. Get me some autographs. oh and if Winnie Cooper is in that one, ima hang out at your work.
  3. Nobody is broadbrushing anything. These are actual definitions. Thats it.
  4. Can the S storm please recurve so it doesnt screw up my myrtle beach trip, thx
  5. Ill just be happy if my kids make it through college without losing their scholarship over a fight with the baseball coach…but maybe thats a dream too far lol
  6. Awfully rude to hope someone goes to a game with that team playing…
  7. Nj is infested w lots of stuff
  8. Your freedom is now over for the night my man. End of the political bs on this side of the forum.
  9. Stop it or youre going in timeout too
  10. On a forum discussing the politics of a pandemic, sure. Not about an innocuous comment about a gtg on a weather forum. End of discussion.
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