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  1. Pretty impressive, beat my low by 9 degrees.
  2. Thought maybe you injured a hip falling out of your rocking chair.
  3. BxEngine

    summer banter thread

  4. Opening my stuff now, since it seems storms are gonna ruin at least part of the day. Might as well drink. Lol
  5. Funnier when read this way.
  6. There was a tiny cell sitting over the hudson between haverstraw and ossining too, kinda rained itself out but anyone boating just had their day ruined lol
  7. Building collapse in Poughkeepsie, storm related?
  8. Oof. but dude...its may. Put the snow blanket away. Lol
  9. BxEngine

    may 10-16 convection

    11 yr old killed by a falling tree in newburgh.
  10. BxEngine

    guess nyc's next +10 daily departure

    May 4th thru june 30th.
  11. BxEngine

    Spring 2018 banter

    I hit the jackpot weatherwise for heading to the poconos for golf tmrw and saturday. Thanks @Rjay for the haarp help.
  12. BxEngine

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Bronx roads are accumulating.
  13. BxEngine

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Thruway in westchester is completely snow covered