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  1. Mine have taken off the last week. Think i lost my basil though, roof spout broke and drained right into them. Ugh.
  2. You cant just look at the temps during a warm spell man.
  3. Well that cant be right. We were told it would go negative this past winter.
  4. If i clear the board, i can prob inflate my totals a bit.
  5. Its the offseason. Im into golf and Rangers collapses now.
  6. More prisoners = higher dewpoints
  7. Spring banter thread of doom.
  8. Played mansion ridge about 10 days ago, was in really good shape. Anything on the tops of the hills obviously handled all the early rain better. Gonna be in the poconos this weekend. Thurs looks iffy but fri and sat look decent.
  9. Keep the rain away till sunday plz
  10. Euro had the low tracking pretty much over us last night, todays took it back upstate (i think other runs may have had it either there or even further north). Be interesting to see where it ends up.
  11. I stayed in a holiday inn express last night.
  12. Isnt that common as we get later into spring with a drop in the AO? I know the NAO correlation to crappy weather is basically nil by the end of spring but does it work the same for the ao?