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  1. guess nyc's next +10 daily departure

    May 4th thru june 30th.
  2. Spring 2018 banter

    I hit the jackpot weatherwise for heading to the poconos for golf tmrw and saturday. Thanks @Rjay for the haarp help.
  3. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Bronx roads are accumulating.
  4. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Thruway in westchester is completely snow covered
  5. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Closing in on 2" on colder surfaces, 1" on the roads.
  6. Spring 2018 banter

  7. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Well i really meant hide on a couch and watch golf....and steal my kids reeses eggs .
  8. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Its easter sunday and i have to come moderate you children. Since we no longer have the option to 5 post, and i prefer to spend the rest of the day with my extended family...bannings will be the order of the day. Anyone banned can PM the admins to see if you can be resurrected.
  9. Impossible. Was told 6-1 was best we could do
  10. Yeah but then feb woulda had the same sun angle as march and we woulda torched
  11. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    What are you talking about? He said the pattern would flip. It flipped. To snowier. He nailed it.
  12. 1/2 mile vis at the yonkers/bronx border w that last dying band.
  13. First 15 pages are a fun read.