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  1. Wasnt easy, not too many places still have microfiche readers anymore.
  2. Irishrob gonna be angry you called him a nerd. First time in his life hes been called that for sure.... I actually take a bunch of measurements. I have 3 boards (one that gets average sunlight, one that gets almost zero during the winter which is roughly 1/3 of my yard) and one that gets full sun from 8:30 am till about 2 pm. I also tend to check the yard and the tables to see how close they are. Over the course of a season it tends to average out pretty close, the obvious biggest difference is retention between the boards.
  3. Ironically enough, it works both ways. Cant claim a storm busts if i get 3” on the boards and a slushy coating on the streets lol
  4. Your snow doesnt count, silly. This is the ny metro forum, which is only the 5 boroughs.
  5. IF THE CURRENT WEATHER DOESNT INTEREST YOU, STOP POSTING! No one is forcing you to post here.
  6. Roads covered, just under an inch. Guess my roads are special. Or maybe both extreme viewpoints here were wrong, as usual.
  7. If youre going to get into a pissing match about what the models show (or your interpretation of the models), please try to post the models. Consider it a high school report...cite your sources.
  8. I assume it would be exactly the opposite of the big winters around here lately when the trolls and pessimists still managed to poopoo every threat and every storm....had they been right we’d have roughly 1-3” of snow every winter.
  9. Love that song even if he ruined it with that damn rain line lol
  10. Its a good thing we’re behind last years snow. The november snow ruined winter so we’re in good shape. /sarcasm
  11. In other words, if wishing for snow is eagles fans, being a douchey obnoxious ass for no reason than to toot your own horn or to troll is patriots fans and sox fans combined.