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  1. I was talking about politics but if you want to discuss the weather posts too thats fine.
  2. All good, just am intimately familiar with where the convo will end up here lol
  3. If the banter thread should be for anything, why have any threads at all besides a banter one? Why do we have storm threat threads, regular disco threads, etc?
  4. Yeah, he’ll hit him with “whatever” when he doesnt agree with something he doesnt know about.
  5. I didnt say he was “one of those people”. I said the climate stuff ruins threads, and seeing as how this is a discussion forum, other people discussing it might be “one of those people”, and so there is a climate change thread to discuss it.
  6. Theres a thread for the climate change stuff, it tends to ruin the regular threads because people cant control themselves. Wasnt your comment at all, it was anything to do with it.
  7. Going into a thread titled “mid to long range” and complaining about long range discussion is kinda like walking into a strip club and complaining about seeing naked people. if you dont want to discuss long range threats...DONT GO IN THAT THREAD. Its unbelievable that this has to be explained to grown ass adults.
  8. If youre going to report posts...might be a good idea to make sure you arent doing the same thing you are reporting others for doing. Just a random thought.
  9. The banned one? Shortly. Stop the argumentative bs.
  10. Was supposed to head up to my fathers cabin near Andes this weekend. Cant afford to get stuck up there if they end up with a lot of snow, and its pointless to go up if we get snow to rain to snow. Bleh.