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  1. I woulda. I like my half hour commute though. Dunno how some of these psychos drive from pine bush and areas up there to the city, even if it is only a couple times a week lol. If i stay up there anywhere, its gonna be Lake Placid area anyway. Of course that depends on a lot more than just my dreams, most of which involve the politics that dont belong here lol
  2. Meanwhile, less than 30 miles north, lol
  3. Left the Sacandaga lake area it was in the 60s, foggy, and wet. Didnt see any blue sky this morning till about Kingston.
  4. Went strawberry picking in newburgh this morning. Was still cool enough that there werent any bees to bother us and it was gorgeous. But now i have 10 lbs of strawberries and im sure in roughly 36 hours my kids will suddenly not be fans of strawberries anymore.
  5. Storms developed south of me here, winds already shifting and the humidity dropped like a rock. Gonna have some drinks on the deck in honor of those storms probably missing @Rjay yet again...
  6. Moderate rain, lots of lightning. The lightning is enough for me to claim victory over rjay
  7. Stop copy/pasting your texts here ya debbie downer.
  8. Glad i took my potted veggies and plants inside this morning for the 15 minutes of light rain.
  9. I played there last year (may have been the year before?), first few holes are super tight. We got eaten alive by bugs lol
  10. Front 9 plays along the side of the top of the valley, so lots of elevation changes. Back 9 is more wide open and mostly stays at the top of the hill. Its usually in very good condition, not a bad deal for the price. One of the ways i tend to judge courses is by their par 3s...Garrison’s are difficult but very varied in length and how the greens are protected, makes them interesting. I just hate boring.
  11. Played Garrison this morning...first few holes were blind tee shots with the fog. Didnt fully burn off enough to give views of West Point until after 10 am.
  12. 40 here, plants should be fine. Luckily for my dog who likes to steal the strawberries right off the damn bush.
  13. I hope the delivery guy forgets the ketchup
  14. Remember when he accidentally banned me from dbm? Lol