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  1. This takes the pain of a snowless january away. well that and whiskey but thats only for weekends.
  2. No warnings, next political post is an instaban. You gotta be ****ing kidding me.
  3. Short term models nailed that little gradient across parts of our area. Plows out from me north this morning (probably unnecessary given the current temps and amount of snow but whatever), literally 2 miles south the grass wasnt even covered.
  4. And you dont get to post either, seeing as how you are further away from nyc than i am.
  5. You should post in the canada forum, seeing as how im on the edge of the forum. (thats just a joke jfk )
  6. At freezing, everything covered. Not every storm needs to be a blockbuster, maybe we should nix the “nothingburger” stuff. No one is forcing anyone to post here. Carry on...
  7. My grandfather had a heart attack and died shoveling snow near albany from that 87 storm.
  8. Overnight storm like this, hearing trees snap, wires down everywhere...about as close to a Sandy as we’ve gotten down here. Im afraid to see how my xmas decorations have faired.
  9. You mean like the sunday irish stuff on fordham radio? Blehhhh lol
  10. If you dont want to look forward to whats next and want to enjoy whats here...a weather forum isnt the place for you...turn off your computer and go for a walk in the snow or something. now back to the future weather discussion...