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  1. Glad we’re gonna mostly dodge this climatological psychoanalysis.
  2. So whats the cutoff for “snow this early is a bad sign for winter” and “early season snow like the days of yore”? My guess is I-84?
  3. First time in years im going pumpkin picking when it actually feels like fall...
  4. Surface tension is pretty strong to overcome gravity like that
  5. New rule. If you declare something over (a storm threat, a season, an entire atmospheric condition or precip type) but post in threads about said condition, all of your posts must end in lyrics by Dennis Leary’s most famous song.
  6. My maple has awesome colors. My neighbors 2 maples havent turned yet. Really weird.
  7. Good thing we have Walt and dont just rely on looking at the NAM....
  8. @Rjay‘s wife reading over his shoulder and making fun of us for being “weather nerds” doesnt really count as lurking imo...
  9. Stop posting depressing shit ya psycho
  10. No 30s like yesterday, stopped falling at 40. We’ll still finish September above normal (as usual), but a “hot” september this wasnt.
  11. Was that the same storm that we were told the nws gets the models 3 hours before the public? And that they just withold it for gits and shiggles? Edit: nope, almost exactly a year before lol
  12. The whining about one or two slightly below normal days amongst a neverending sea of warmth is kinda friggin annoying.
  13. With the first pick in the draft and the isles will be joining them golfing shortly. Unless you wanna hang banners for a playoff series win. Lol