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  1. Next person to discuss anything other than the weather will be gone till next winter. Im tired of f*cking babysitting. Grow up.
  2. If you cant make your point without being pompous and/or argumentative, rethink what youre here for.
  3. Tbh i had looked about 25 mins ago and went in to cook my chili lol. Might be over 3 by now.
  4. Closing in on 3 inches of “less than an inch and then rain”. Ill take that win every time
  5. “Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was”. Hopefully this sinks in for some posters here. Lets not turn this place into another typical internet sh*tshow. Treat people with respect please.
  6. Weird...doesnt seem like it backed off at all.
  7. On a positive note for some of you, apparently those of us in rockland looking to head north can no longer do so from the thruway...seeing as how both the left and right lanes are ending...
  8. Seen this pic thousands of times...how is this the first time i noticed the serial killer lurking in the background?
  9. Freezing fog followed by heavy winds is about the only weather event we havent had around here lately. I say bring it on. I got plenty of firewood lol
  10. Surprised irishrob’s bald head doesnt reflect enough sunlight to cool the planet...
  11. Can you post the 12z and 18z for comparison sake?
  12. If youre unsure of where your post belongs...it probably should go here.