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  1. I hope Andy got out and enjoyed the weather and didnt sit in front of the tv to watch the Capitals. Lol.
  2. Kevin martin start a new website?
  3. Dont even joke about that damnit...by april im thinking about only golf lol
  4. Exactly. So why lie about what the data shows? Makes no sense.
  5. Posting it again doesnt make it right.
  6. That map is clearly labeled "2m CHANGE FROM 0z".
  7. Andddd tuesday:
  8. Oh? Heres monday:
  9. This is false, in fact it shows cooler than normal 850s and 2m temps the monday and at least tuesday after.
  10. i want another storm or 2. Then by the second week of march i want lots of rain, with sunny days mixed in. Then in april i want warm and sunny. Not too much to ask.
  11. Has that HPN gust been confirmed yet? Thats pretty nuts.
  12. One was def rotten, shattered into pulp when it fell. 2 others looked really healthy though...part of the problem was the ground never really froze hard before the first storm, and the snow kinda insulated it. Ground is soft and wet underneath the snow.
  13. Starting to lose trees....5 down in my neighborhood.
  14. I lost more at the stake friday and sat than i did yesterday afternoon/evening with the drizzle.