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  1. Im screwed flying home from Phx Sat night huh
  2. My flight home sat night isnt looking so hot.
  3. Most of the bronx down into the middle and upper 50s.
  4. A lot of the metro already into the 50s.
  5. Druthers brewery is pretty decent. Dunno about the regular bar scene anymore, its been decades lol
  6. If you cant post without being a rude shithead unprovoked, find somewhere else to post. Not that hard.
  7. We got crushed in that overnight storm. That was impressive. My backyard is a damn mess lol
  8. Ooh sweet. That spot might give the saranac lake airport a run for its money as the cold spot some nights. 2100’ but in a valley? Yes plz.
  9. Yeah the rain blowing up right over me this morning was a final fu for this wet gross month.
  10. Have seen hundreds over the last few months.
  11. Got about 1/2” with the storms overnight.
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