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  1. Kind of you.
  2. Perhaps a meme can help?
  3. Well yeah. Comparing a cat 4 to a cat 5 will often yield different results....
  4. Wait wait wait! which one is which
  5. Well yeah, im much funnier than him in general.
  6. This is better than the pic i assumed you were gonna post. Lol
  7. It was funnier than texting him my response lol
  8. Tanx. My parents took it harder than me or the kids did, which i guess is a good thing.
  9. We've come to expect you being behind in understanding most things, no apologies necessary.
  10. Just here to tell you all that katie and ketchup boi arent worth my time.
  11. Congrats psv!
  12. Back to the topic everyone. Take the other stuff to the banter thread plz
  13. Does your fiance know that?
  14. depends on the IKE. Higher ike, 7". Lower ike, prob means an erc and the satellite will only tremble for 3". that hurt my head.