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  1. Pretty heavy rain for about 20 minutes. Enough to ruin the afternoon.
  2. Strong damage near kiryas joel?
  3. Makes sense. Thanx.
  4. Those storms popping out ahead of the main line are along a line themselves. Washed out front or outflow from the previous storms?
  5. Need the line to speed up a bit, thx. Completely overcast now after a 5 minute downpour last hour. Hope we clear out a bit more.
  6. Hi guys. Can someone translate that sh*t into non nerd language for me? Thx.
  7. Cant find a map like they usually put out with the view timed + after launch. Bleh
  8. Something is eating holes in my basil, but my squash looks good so far. Stupid strawberries suck though.
  9. Blutarsky on the majors and American landfalls.
  10. You arent in control anyway, if its gonna crash, fretting for 3 days beforehand wont help. Have a nice flight! Im not good at this, my bad.
  11. Lol
  12. Mine have taken off the last week. Think i lost my basil though, roof spout broke and drained right into them. Ugh.
  13. You cant just look at the temps during a warm spell man.
  14. Well that cant be right. We were told it would go negative this past winter.