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  1. Youre old af i was in 8th grade. Our middle school overlooked the hudson, and i’d stare out and watch the ice every day lol
  2. That -27 is for a campground and buildings for the Northwoods school i think. and that section of the drive to Lake Placid is some of the prettiest roads anywhere. Especially in winter.
  3. The aliens came here but read our storm thread and noped out.
  4. Just pickles. Well pickled pearl onions are pretty nasty too. But pickled red onions? Delicious.
  5. And itll hopefully allow for a pickle shortage because theyre disgusting
  6. Not happy with how the winds look to be shaping up…
  7. No surprise you’d live rent free somewhere, considering the stolen tweets youve posted over the years
  8. Queen Gertrude spoke a line about you methinks.
  9. Ill take your cowboys bets guys. Venmo me. Lol
  10. Yup. Guessing some stairwell doors open as well. Gonna be sickening how many end up passing away from this.
  11. Real shitty day in the bronx unfolding.
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