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  1. Isnt it weird how thunderstorms in suffolk are just posted about here with no thought, but 4” of snow falls twice as close to central park and there is a debate about where it should be posted?
  2. And maybe tone down the “useless” talk too. This isnt OT, speak with respect especially to our highest contributing members.
  3. I refuse to drive that road during any kind of remotely inclement weather. Its gotten so bad the last few years. on another note i had a lightning bug invasion in my backyard tonight. Literally hundreds, while we were out on the deck enjoying the weather. Im pretty sure my dog doesnt know theyre supposed to tasted bad because she definitely ate more than a few.
  4. At least theyre finally clearing some trees on the palisades. Only took 1 death this year.
  5. Goddamn chipmunks destroyed my cucumber plants.
  6. .6 ish here. Blew up right over Rockland.
  7. An inch on the dot. Weird. feels like a morning at a tropical beach. Moist breezy air, sun trying to peek out.
  8. Didnt check the gauges but judging by the wet grass id say less than a 1/4”. Enough for me to not be able to mow this morning though. Annoying.
  9. You mean 95% of the posts. We’d still have 14 libertybell posts in a row, a snoski eeyore post that will be wrong literally hours later, noreaster asking for help reading a model while simultaneously claiming hes a better forecaster than everyone else here, and the long island guys trying to make their weather sound better and worse than everyone's at the same time…..
  10. Watched Top Gun in Imax this morning, now just sitting on the deck enjoying some cold beers and attempting to beat my kids in kan jam lol. Definitely a top 10 day of the year.
  11. I mostly consider orange county the land of the swamp people….
  12. Stuff over rockland is training. Not good.
  13. Not since my 20 yr HS reunion a few years ago lol. Now i mid afternoon drink and go to bed at 8 pm. Its glorious.
  14. No idea. Moved the rain gauges when i dug up a section of backyard. Forgot to put them back. however my kitchen counter apparently received no rain.
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