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  1. you have to PM Rjay with any and all dislikes. A short description of what upset you with a link to the disagreeable post should suffice. Any time. Day or night.
  2. Someone had spammed the threads a while back (over a month). It was all deleted, and its not showing up on mobile or on the computer. Is there a way to clear cookies on tapatalk or something?
  3. Wut
  4. I dont think its the spotters, its the report itself. Ive always included elevation during elevation dependent events and such, and ive never seen it listed.
  5. It was, locally. Here. In this part of the subforum.
  6. I understand. Im just asking for the maps from short term models showing the ivt in eastern NE.
  7. Swf isnt outside of uptons area. And no, i meant "we" as in this subforum. Read into that how you wish
  8. Sure. Show some maps of the ivt and where itll set up. You know, to make the point easier.
  9. Blizzard conditions were met last storm.
  10. If youre up by 5 touchdowns, do you really care if the other team celebrates finally getting into the endzone?
  11. Thats idiotic. Where else are they supposed to learn? I know you arent willing to to teach but others might be.
  12. Porterhouse and 2 ribeyes
  13. Thats how irishrob ended up on the show Botched.
  14. Besides its easier to just skim twitter and steal...err, regurgitate ideas and post them here. Give it a whirl.