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  1. Or its because in the last 25 days or so you’ve already declared this winter dead, said we’d probably get snow in november, said this weekend would be in the 80s, and made numerous other guesses. So lets not pretend everyone, including you, arent here to make guesses at long term outcomes.
  2. Its been raining leaves the last few hours...even full green trees arent looking so great and the rain hasnt started yet. Guess my hope for not having to rake till after halloween isnt gonna happen.
  3. Where was the 59.5? Seems at least a few degrees high compared to most stations in the area.
  4. Yeah, just got the the gate and we’re boarding in 15 minutes. ****ers.
  5. Drove from phoenix to sedona and back today. I left phoenix it was about 94 degrees...6500 feet above sedona it was 60, windy and looked like late fall.
  6. Im out in Phoenix to play golf while my wife is at a conference...the storms yesterday and today were impressive. Went for a hike about 1/2 hr west of phoenix and the results of the flooding were really evident. Nonstop lightning with the storm near Glendale tnite. Figures I come to play golf and I gotta deal with rain. Sucks.
  7. A dry spell is usually in college or early twenties when trying to find yourself...flash drought is when you really screw up and your significant other makes you sleep on the couch.
  8. Im going to phoenix. A desert. It hasnt rained in months. theres a flood watch. Who do i speak to about this bs?
  9. The obvious answer is the experience she gained dealing with you...
  10. Well yeah...because im smart enough to know im dumb and i dont belong in the other thread unless im reporting more snow and better storms than rjay.
  11. Bump...in case pinning it wasnt enough...a place for anyone to post easily verifiable innacurate posts, eeyore whining, etc. Here ya go.