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  1. How about a chart that doesnt eliminate weak events?
  2. 28 years ago today http://www.recordonline.com/photogallery/TH/20141113/NEWS/111309998/PH/1
  3. Some people misinterpret what they read on other forums and social media and post it here without fact checking. That probably takes up the extra time.
  4. Thats what the wood stove is for
  5. The only thing busting is that gif text i sent you lol
  6. November 11th and theres already bickering over 1 or 2 degrees. Yay.
  7. That was always weird for me too, as a kid i assumed i was one of the few weenies who cared...stumbling upon twc and eastern blew my mind.
  8. My dog wont be happy about the last of my tomato plants dying tnite...damn dog stole like 100 grape tomatoes this year.
  9. Bad news over a degree or two is just a tad dramatic, no?
  10. Saw a video of just north of monticello, pretty legit looking squall earlier.
  11. If there was something else to talk about id agree with you (and it would mean less angry texts from rjay lol)...but man its boring af right now...
  12. Knyc: 24" kjfk: 21" lga: 28" Krjay: 29" and a warm pocket during a storm that leaves him with 2" of sleet while further east gets 7" of snow bridgeport: 20" more than whatever the total is after every time brian claims bust orange county: not in our subforum, doesnt matter bergen county: 3" less than what yanksfan posts Philly: 1st round playoff loss boston: 61"
  13. Go for it. Funniest response gets to 5 post @Rjay for a week.
  14. Here is the evolution on the EPS for posterity's sake.
  15. GEFS is the gfs ensembles.