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  1. So many people cutting wet long grass this morning by me. I dont get it. Id rather cut grass 2” longer that isnt soaked.
  2. Well yeah. But theyre going out like pansies. Worst attempt at offense ive ever seen.
  3. This might be the comment of the year lol
  4. Glad i got most of the garden in last weekend. That and the area of backyard i had to dig up and reseed are already doing well. Couple warm days this weekend and my basil will be ready lol
  5. Fukin Rangers what are you doing?????
  6. Gonna finally get my outdoor garden going this weekend too.
  7. You jinxed me. Wind turned off, right as i decided to dig up a section of the lawn my dog has slowly destroyed over the years. Now im getting destroyed by bugs.
  8. The ground is still wet in the woods…anything beyond drizzle and its swampy again. Kinda annoying.
  9. Nah pulled a calf muscle the other day….couple weeks off for me lol
  10. Lol. A week before that we were in the poconos for golf. Friend of ours drove up from virginia, and the first thing he said was that it still looked like winter up here.
  11. Soon enough. Only a couple more years till i can consider leaving around here. I dont think the Keys are my final destination though. What i really need is to hit the lotto so i can have a mountain/lake house and a beach house.
  12. It was 87 and sunny with a breeze when i left the keys. Goddamnit.
  13. If i ever make it back down here we’re definitely doing the camping thing. There were probably 15 tents set up when we were here yesterday.
  14. 9 out of the 36 holes were some of my best ever. Ill ignore the other 27 lol
  15. In the Poconos for some golf. Today is a top 3 day of the year.
  16. Good thing most of the courses im playing in the poconos this weekend are in the valleys
  17. The drive from yellowstone to red lodge was probably only 2nd to Going To The Sun Road on my favorite drives of all time. Being up there for a spring storm has to be unreal.
  18. Im sunburned. Bring back winter
  19. Played golf at Hudson Hills today. When the sun was out long sleeves were pretty unbearably warm. The immediate 20 degree temp drop and being pelted with hail and 40 mph wins wasnt my idea of fun however.
  20. Playing golf in a hail storm is a new one for me…that was interesting.
  21. Sump pump shit the bed while i was at work today. Few inches of water. Didnt compromise any utilities luckily but lost a lot of clothing and stuff.
  22. Rockland is in pretty rough shape. Lots of flooding.
  23. I wouldnt mind if in between we had some nice 65-70 degree sunny days. Feels like early march was nicer than anything we’ve had since.
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