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  1. Im not a fan of hyperbole/anecdotes when it comes to this stuff, but we spent last night with my kids showing them pics from my childhood. Luckily my mom kept thousands of pics mostly sorted. The amount of years that we already had raked leaf piles at the edge of lawns in Halloween pics vs what it looks like right now is depressing.
  2. Hopefully that quick lesson in stats will squash some (we know some of you cant help it) of the declarations. yea right.
  3. Yep. Almost every time, regardless of the season.
  4. Not here :(. We clouded up a little at some point, only got down to 43. Still a thin layer of clouds now.
  5. Ill take my chances and bet against you. Lol
  6. Can we slow that line down, gonna be in midtown this afternoon. Would rather not have to be out in that.
  7. No i dont like paying extra for a pilot and landing gear
  8. Pouring in newark. Wasnt the most fun landing ive ever had.
  9. It always shocks non tri state area commuters when they see the sunday night traffic. It rivals most morning commutes in parts of the city. Only thing worse is friday afternoons.
  10. Because most of the city folk are north of albany on weekends thru november or so. also why driving into the city on sunday nights blows.
  11. Myrtle minnesota has significantly less water around their golf courses than this place. Why cant they invent golf balls that float?
  12. Until it happens ill take the under on any cold and snowy winter forecasts until yellowstone blows.
  13. Coulda lit it with the propane heater had you made the (correct) impulse buy decision. YOLO and all that
  14. Make sure the propane isnt leaking on a windless night before lighting a cigar….
  15. Speaking of Bing Crosby….30 more days till christmas music begins.
  16. Moderate rain forever. Guess my dreams of not having to mow too many more times are crushed….
  17. Line looks like itll get knyc to 10”.
  18. The last time the Isle won the cup
  19. Wife is near Stewart for meetings, said she hit some pretty heavy rain between 16 and 17. Still mostly sunny down here but clouding up quickly.
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