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  1. Cant believe it rained both nights but it was sunny for this. And i wasted it by playing shitty golf.
  2. Parsnips were the stereotypical food my father kept trying to get me to eat with him as a kid. I refuse to have them in my house lol
  3. Ive never done any fall planting at all. Maybe i should give it a shot.
  4. Reminder this is a weather forum. If you wanna play in the mud there is a politics forum (and apparently no mud to be found in long island, we get it. It didnt rain).
  5. 3 synonyms for irish in the same sentence. Your english teacher rollin over in her grave.
  6. Id rather lose my garden to drought than read the whining in the main thread.
  7. Definitely not skunked in the metro.
  8. Alittle over 2”. Some runoff but looks so far like that first batch early yesterday helped soften the ground enough. Basement pump just kicked on so some is definitely making it into the ground lol
  9. Go to bed or something. Christ.
  10. Ok the training can stop now, thanks. Dont like it backbuilding like that.
  11. Yeah that storm blew up after it passed the river. I dont think ive seen any wind at all tonight lol
  12. I mean of the 4 different solutions in its last 4 runs, one of them will probably be pretty close to correct
  13. Yea looks like at least the western side got a legitimate soaking, but everyone got enough to at least calm the concerns for a few days.
  14. im more concerned with your mental health if you think anyone’s getting an inch of rain lol
  15. Itll rain september 12th. I have a golf outing.
  16. Summer is May 15th thru october 15th. Then we have warm autumn from october 15th thru dec 15th. Then cold autumn from december 15th thru january. We have a week of winter in february, then cold spring starts.
  17. Died in the megadrought
  18. I was down in ellicott city md this weekend visiting my brother. Its a legitimately different world. Trees look healthy, everything looked green….got back up here to a desert.
  19. Thats usually my backyard as well. This is the first year its ever been this burnt in the back.
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