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  1. Under 1/4 mile vis on the palisades and GW this morning.
  2. Was it somewhere after “cuba will destroy it and its going out to sea?”
  3. Yea we might be at +12 after the first 2 weeks lol
  4. Nice colors in the little bit of sun left…
  5. Probably shoulda overseeded before this 3 days of light rain. Oh well.
  6. Almost a 10 degree difference from 550’ to 175’ elevation in town this morning. Heavy fog in the valleys.
  7. Of course there are 25 mph winds when i have a golf outing. Cant wait to watch my ball turn left into a pile of leaves.
  8. The only place it snows in the subforum.
  9. Of course. Theres also a big difference in every day weather between manhattan college parkway and beach 35th street. But that doesnt change definitions. If people are discussing the city and urban NE nj, say that. Im closer to central park than all of suffolk county.
  10. There is metro, and not metro. Thats it guys lol
  11. Metro wasnt left out. I have a frost advisory.
  12. I know this is just a blip, but so far this October definitely feels different than the last few years. Nice having leaves on the ground before halloween for a change.
  13. Libertybell did but it came in 14 consecutive text messages and the sun chose to ignore it.
  14. Christ guys if youre gonna pontificate at least get the facts correct.
  15. If anyone interested, the ph of the hudson in Nyack was measured at 6.8 this morning by a bunch of 5th graders.
  16. 35 when i left for work. Pretty decent frost on the cars.
  17. Of course it is, on a year i cant get up there at all.
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