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  1. snowman19

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    The new op GFS and GEFS just totally dumped it, the new NAM, CMC, ICON, UKMET all unanimously have nothing, the UKMET takes the low to Bermuda. I eagerly await the op Euro/EPS
  2. snowman19

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    Go back and look at my posts. I was all in for that storm, hyped it up in fact. As far as the EPS being further north, too little too late. Complete total miss with little over 2 days to go. It doesn’t even get snow to Philly
  3. snowman19

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    The GEFS doesn’t agree with the operational. Every run has been progressively ticking further and further east
  4. I’m not trolling. I’m giving my opinion. Just because my opinion isn’t cold and snow until April 1st, doesn’t equal a troll. That’s called censorship when you want a certain opinion silenced
  5. The Mon-Tues storm is going to be suppressed south. That one is for the mid-Atlantic. After that, it’s time to say goodbye to winter 17-18. A massive vortex forms over Alaska, ++EPO takes hold and that’s it. Fat lady singing. Torch develops come next weekend (3/17)
  6. NAM has cut way back on snow for the metro area. It is starting to go the way of the GFS
  7. Total wishcast. It’s over come mid-month. See ya in 9 months. Say goodnight
  8. Ah, yea, St. Patrick’s Day weekend would be mid month 3/17 lol
  9. Everyone needs to enjoy Wednesday. That is very likely the last hurrah for winter. The pattern is going to completely flip starting this weekend and we are going to be in a torch by St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We loose the -NAO and the EPO goes raging positive with a vortex over Alaska. I think it’s fat lady singing time, all she wrote, game over after Wednesday
  10. The EPS matched the op, there were definitely west leaning members but the mean matched the op
  11. The Euro is east again, at least it’s consistent. Basically the same as 12z. New England gets crushed
  12. The earlier trend was when we had a strongly +NAO. Total different situation this time, night and day
  13. There’s a lot of things you can say bad about the Euro this winter, but a progressive/too far east bias isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s been consistently way too overamped/west, not the other way around. The fact that it keeps going further east is definitely not a good thing. And the whole trend with the storms going further west earlier in the winter was with a ++NAO. We now have a strong west based -NAO, total 180 degree different setup in the Atlantic. If we still had the +NAO then yea, I’d definitely agree that the storm is going to trend west at the last minute, but that’s not the case now
  14. snowman19

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    A papa-oom-mow-mowA papa-oom-mow-mowA papa-oom-mow-mowA papa-oom-mow-mowFunniest sound i ever heard(a papa-oom-mow-mow a papa-oom-mow-mow)But i can't understand a single word(a papa-oom-mow-mow a papa-oom-mow-mow)Well if he's serious or if he's playin'Woo my my it's all he's sayinPapa-papa-hoooo