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  1. Agreed. In my opinion, the super Niño triggered a positive feedback loop for warmth, it just keeps defaulting right back to the warm background state over and over again for more than a year now
  2. Since last year's super El Niño really got going in late summer/early fall, warmth has been winning and overperforming literally every single month since. It's just staggering. It's becoming obvious that it altered the global circulation pattern (Hadley cells, etc.) in a very big way since...
  3. 60 degrees right now up in Sloatsburg and still an hour and a half worth of daytime heating to go...
  4. The new ensembles on all the models (Euro, CMC, GFS) are ugly right through the end of the runs. Don't bother looking
  5. I was down in Paramus, NJ for that one, at my girlfriend's old house before she moved up to Rockland with me. Lol it snowed moderately non stop the entire day down there and nothing at all to show for it, nothing but white rain
  6. Oh of course it can easily snow in March but if it's not coming down at night, it will have a hell of a time accumulating during daylight hours unless it is thumping really good. You need heavy rates. Climo, sun angle and length of day really become factors once you get to March 1st and thereafter. I remember it was definitely March of 2015 and it was definitely a Friday, I forget the exact date, but it snowed moderately literally all day long from like 7am till almost 8pm and none of it stuck, just all white rain, not even so much as a dusting or coating
  7. On March 1st, the sun will be in the exact same position as it is on October 13th. We are fast approaching the time of year when sun angle will be a real issue
  8. HM tweeted about it this morning, but classic La Niña tropical convective forcing looks to be coming back in full force by the beginning of March. If that is the case, it's pretty much game over for winter in our neck of the woods. The cool shot in early March would just be a transient cool shot and above to well above normal temps would follow quickly. La Niña forcing in March favors strong SE ridging, lakes cutters/inland runners as well as above normal warmth up the east coast....
  9. That's the tricky part Bluewave, where does the baroclinic zone setup? It gets tricky come March because the wavelengths/spacing are doing their springtime shortening at that point
  10. How much snow did you pickup between yesterday and this afternoon at your house with the storm?
  11. It looks like a cutoff low pattern which usually starts mid to late March. I suppose it's possible it starts a couple of weeks early...
  12. Again: https://mobile.twitter.com/EdValleeWx/status/831931970582171663/photo/1 Spring is coming, embrace it. It's the only spring you have, mr fireman
  13. Oh...https://mobile.twitter.com/EdValleeWx/status/831931970582171663/photo/1
  14. Completely incorrect for days 11-15
  15. And the new GEFS has just joined the EPS with a continued torch next weekend into the following week, way warmer than normal right into March