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  1. No, just pointing out that your hero is going to be dead wrong….yet again. He was so sure of a modoki El Niño for this upcoming winter…..oooops!!
  2. Nope. There goes that El Niño for winter ‘21-‘22 idea JB was peddling/wishcasting 5 months ago….that’s going down in flames
  3. Agreed. I think this is trending to a DC-BOS snowstorm, possible blizzard conditions....
  4. Not one model shows any accumulating snow in the NYC metro area. The last accumulating snowfall was on 2/22 and that was all she wrote, nothing at all since then. It’s over, been over, the fat lady has sung. Time to move on
  5. Exactly, it’s the end of March, where is the cold going to come from? The new GFS is as badly cold biased as the old one was. Twitter is trying to hype what’s going to be a rain event the end of next week into an I-95 snowstorm already, I see today
  6. The new model is just as utterly wretched as the old one. Severe cold bias
  7. Omg!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 35 miles NW of NYC and the last time I had an accumulating snowfall was 2/22. Winter ended over a month ago and it’s not coming back lol
  8. Yep, outside of the mid-December snowstorm that was gone within a week and 60 degrees on Christmas, it was a 3 week winter (2/1-2/22), January was a total nothing burger then it was lights out completely, nothing at all since 2/22....
  9. Keep wishcasting cold and snow in NYC on March 21st Henry Margusity, Jr......
  10. The Garbage Forecasting System?
  11. The same GFS that had the snowstorm for Friday?
  12. Minus the one snowstorm in mid December before the Christmas week torch, it was a 22 day winter (2/1 - 2/22) for the NYC metro area. After the 2/22 snow event, it was over, that was all she wrote.......
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