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  1. The worst was Joe Bastardi, all winter long. I honestly question that man’s mental health. Dude is delusional, possibly has dementia. He really needs to retire, no credibility at all anymore, no one will ever take him seriously again, laughing stock of the weather profession
  2. Pretty good evidence that the -NAO is not going to last and it breaks down completely. Come mid-April it’s probably t-shirts and shorts weather. The AO looks to skyrocket by mid month
  3. Don, I hope I’m wrong but I think there is growing evidence for a scorching hot later spring, summer and fall in our area...developing (possibly significant) La Niña, negative PDO, continued tendency for strong SE ridging/WAR, way above normal SSTs along and off the east coast....
  4. Shocking, another advertised -NAO/-AO getting weaker as we draw closer in time. Next week looks like another total non event. The beat goes on
  5. We have reached the time of the year where in order to get a snowstorm anywhere south of New England you would need either A - A highly anomalous, record arctic outbreak/CAD in place (we don’t have that) or B - A storm to absolutely bomb on the benchmark with very heavy precip rates and very strong UVVs to dynamically cool the column and “create” its own cold air from above. Other than that, you now have climo, a September equivalent sun angle and length of day working overtime against you....
  6. When thar happened to me last spring, they gave me Doxycycline twice a day for 10 days as a precaution
  7. That’s what is separating us from last year for late March and April. I think the SE ridge is much more dominant, which will help to temper the -NAO over the too much more and lead to a much warmer outcome
  8. It does not look like the past few April’s, the SE ridge is going to flex this time around with or without a -NAO
  9. What does that have to do with Wednesday? And you got a trace of sleet and white rain, congrats! The snowstorm idea of several days ago was an epic fail just like most reasonable people knew it would be
  10. Wednesday is DOA even way inland. The Euro solution was bogus again just like the one it had last week for yesterday
  11. Yep a -NAO and SE ridge can coexist, a common misconception is that it’s impossible to have -NAO and a SE ridge at the same time. That’s what some people don’t understand, they’ll see a -NAO block and think omg it’s going to be cold, not when a SE ridge is flexing underneath it it’s not....
  12. How many times does no cold air in place with rain to start out flip over to snow and accumulate in the middle of winter work out in our area, let alone a weak storm during the day at the end of March? Good luck
  13. Bogus. It’s the same thing it’s been doing at day 4-5 over and over, like this coming storm. It was showing a foot of snow in Rockland County tomorrow
  14. Agreed, the new Euro is basically a total non event until north of 84