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  1. The EPS was definitely huggy
  2. No 50/50 low, No -NAO block, it can easily amp and cut, nothing to stop it
  3. Best of luck getting snow anywhere south of New England next weekend. There is no cold air, you kinda need that to snow....
  4. We’ve really been spoiled for the last 20 years. 2000-2019 when all added up and averaged out had way more anomalous cold and snowy winters than the previous 20 year cycle (1979-1999), which by and large were duds minus a few. It seems to go in 20 year cycles for the most part; the 1959-1979 winters were way more anomalous for cold and snow than the winters which followed.....
  5. Until it’s under 10 days, and even then, I view these new model runs with extreme skepticism. The models have been making the pattern look great, very cold and snowy, blocking in the long range for several runs in a row, keep it there, never move it forward in time, then they lose it completely. This has been going on literally since the first week of December. It honestly reminds of 2011-2012 when the models showed a great pattern in the long range that never materialized from December right through March. AK vortexes normally are not in a hurry to just disappear without a fight. I’ll believe it when I see it. I still don’t think we see a true full scale change, if there is to be one, until the end of February....
  6. Extremely marginal PAC airmass in place and that’s putting it nicely, no arctic high in SE Canada, +EPO, no strong 50/50 low, no -NAO block to stop it from becoming an inland runner/lakes cutter should it amp up....what could possibly go wrong??
  7. The ridge out west is meaningless. It’s still a crud, garbage pac maritime airmass trapped over us. Same pattern next weekend. The Euro has been doing this ALL winter, it’s been absolutely horrible
  8. This! It’s what some people don’t understand, all the +PNA is doing is trapping PAC air, even if a -NAO block were to form, it would just trap the crap PAC air coming in from the west at that time under the block. It’s a putrid maritime airmass
  9. Agreed. I just don’t think that vortex simply goes away overnight. It’s almost always a process. If a real change is to actually come, I think it’s the end of February or even the beginning of March
  10. If the models are correct, it even turns to rain in the Catskills Saturday
  11. I think if there is to be a change it’s post 2/15, more like late/end of February. Vortex over AK setups just don’t flip overnight, they always stay longer than expected, then you have to seed Canada with cold again and scour out the PAC maritime air....that’s takes some time. Come March, with the wavelength change, IO forcing is actually cold, not warm anymore, so if we have IO forcing at that point, I’d expect a cold March, yet again
  12. The EPS actually went north with the upper level low since the last run, a bad sign even for southern New England
  13. Met winter ends on 3/1, which is what I said, extend it to the Equinox and you get 19 more days after (3/19)....
  14. Why doesn’t he just throw in the towel right now instead of waiting until February like he wants to do? Once we’re into February, you have less than a month left of met winter (3/1). At that point it’s not even really a prediction anymore
  15. It looks like the rest of this month and the first 14 days of February (at the very least) are toast. I should have stuck with my initial guess of 2/15 or beyond for a true change. Now, I’m honestly thinking more like late February, if it ever even happens in February. You don’t just snap out of a vortex over Alaska look overnight. The one thing I’m sure about is come early to mid March a massive -NAO block will develop and last right through the end of April. It never fails.....