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  1. On the bright side, the GFS and Euro are showing a nice warm shot for next weekend, 70’s, maybe even approaching 80 degrees
  2. There might be some wet snow mixed in with the rain but as far as accumulating snow, not happening in the metro area
  3. The NYC metro area is not going to see any accumulating snow at all tomorrow night
  4. Stop listening to Joe Bastardi lol
  5. There’s a mid-level pocket of extremely cold air for April sitting over us. I’m 47 degrees with snow and graupel showers. The last time I can remember temps this warm with snow falling was 2004 I believe if memory serves me correct
  6. And what’s your point? NYC isn’t seeing snow again for the next 9+ months....
  7. Not for anywhere near NYC. That ship already sailed weeks ago
  8. Lol I’ll have to look. I stopped following him a few years ago