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  1. Friday night looks like we will have torrential downpours at times. Heading over to my aunt's house later on this afternoon to make sure the sump pump in her cellar is working. Probably going to be localized flooding in places throughout the metro area Friday night
  2. The worst accident I ever saw was a double fatal unfortunately on the New York State thruway one morning near Suffern when I was on my way down to Nanuet, two summers ago I believe. A drunk driver decided to go the wrong direction (south in the northbound lanes) at like 7am. He hit another car head on at about 70mph, killing them both instantly. It was horrific, both cars looked like a missile hit them
  3. None of that is snow on that "snowmap" anywhere near our area, it's all rain
  4. You'll get it, you just have to wait 9 months from now
  5. If you want to get technical, this weekend and early next week is basically a glorified stationary front moving back and forth north and south as both a warm and cold front
  6. Typical early spring ups and downs, once the high moves off shore, return flow, and we warm back up. The battle of seasons
  7. No, I doubt you can read my mind, but I have always understood that a backdoor cold front was a retrograding, occluded front off a strong, stationary off shore low bringing cool maritime air in off the North Atlantic Ocean
  8. Nothing was stolen slugger
  9. The long range op GFS? Really?
  10. I wouldn't call this a backdoor cold front. A true backdoor is normally an occluded front retrograding westward off the Atlantic from a stalled strong low pressure system. This is a frontal boundary sagging south from Canada via surface high pressure influence
  11. I doubt anything the GFS shows
  12. Yea, the Euro is consistent with a projection for a warmer than normal April in the east
  13. Maybe for northern New England
  14. Pray for a strong SE ridge. Pumping up heights along the coast is the only way to stop/block the BDCF parade in late March and April
  15. Oh yea, I know you didn't. I just clarified in case anyone thought that's what you meant lol