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  1. I'm done. Literally every way we can fail has happened. I might never see more than a trace that I got yesterday again this winter other than the event on Tuesday or something. Another winter, another epic failure. Take me out of my misery reaper.
  2. Man WTF I didn't expect this stupid ass TPV to screw everything over. I hope it trends so far south that southern Virginia gets very little snow because it's too warm.
  3. 31/11. Temps should drop like a rock.
  4. I guess the GEFS might end up right for this one. Enjoy!
  5. Much more realistic than the 12km NAM on TT, which gives us a foot of snow. FYI i'm back from my little break, but I'll just be lurking and checking out the other thread.
  6. Yup! It came down heavy here for about 30 seconds. Light flurries now, gradually tapering off.
  7. I see that squall heading from the north. It's gonna be heavy.
  8. I will not be tracking anything in Feb, even if anything comes. I am not going to put myself through that kind of stress for another month, with little results. And with that, I will be taking a break for a while, starting now.
  9. Despair is growing by the minute, with the reaper close by. We all know how the 28th will trend. I'm about losing it.
  10. 12z EPS.. yeah it doesn't look good. Too far south. The model with the overamped bias is the furthest south. Lemme tell ya folks, I hate to say it, but this probably isn't gonna end up how we want it.
  11. They're outliers. All the other models are further north.
  12. The euro and ukie are all by themselves. I don't buy their solutions. Maybe if those models were more reliable but they have lost some of their reliability.