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  1. These are very impressive lightning bolts coming from this storm and it's still a few miles away. Beautiful anvils.
  2. Usually there are a bunch of towering cumulus that look like they might become storms at 1 PM, only for the entire cumulus field to slowly fall apart by 5 PM. The sun gets progressively more clouded as the anvils from thunderstorms out west inch their way over and the final outcome is a couple lightning bolts, moderate rain and cool clouds to boot. That's at least how it was half the time back on the Delmarva
  3. Getting that scarier look now.
  4. That has been a pre-requisite in my new home since i moved down here.
  5. The hell?? Three invests already?
  6. 86 degrees at the moment with DP of 75 at KFLL. Looks like the next week is the same weather. I am going over to Hollywood Beach to inspect some tiki bars
  7. Glad I don't still live there
  8. There must be some huge hail in the storm near Hays. Edit: 4 inches. JESUS.
  9. This is just incredibly sad news.
  10. Really strong onshore flow here at the moment. Wind advisory in effect and the wind is gusting to 40 occasionally.
  11. 88 degrees, humidity sitting at 59%
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