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  1. Going to ocmd Saturday for the airshow. It does look much drier than the wed thru fri period so it should be mostly dry. Looking for some weenie training cells tomorrow
  2. Methinks summer might make an early departure this year.
  3. Clouds have overtaken the sky for the past couple hours. Must be some slow movers down south, our chances for storms here are after midnight
  4. Massive wildfires in Siberia have been raging unchecked for weeks. Majority of the Sakha republic is covered by thick smoke.
  5. The storm failed to make its own cold air.
  6. No way we get a third tropical cyclone to impact the area. It's just not possible, right? I am saving this post for review once October comes around.
  7. Downtown Dover got whacked.
  8. Still not even at an inch of rain yet. The rain going west and fringing is very frustrating
  9. Waiting for my 1821 redux.
  10. Dayum. Still borderline hurricane as it passes directly over my house.
  11. 983.8 mb extrap and that wasn't even all the way to the center.. really wounding up before landfall.