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  1. Somebody must have put ice cubes on the superintendent's front porch?
  2. 36/26 NAM dries out the precip before the heaviest gets to me. Judging by the current radar I'm not sure I buy it.
  3. Notice where there's a sharp thermal gradient on the 850 map. Right along that boundary is where I think precip initially starts as snow then begins to mix as the 850s gradually move north into tomorrow. I think somebody in N - NE MD will see a few if not several hours of frozen before changeover. At the surface you can see where the difference between dewpoints from the low 20s to the mid-upper 20s right along the Mason dixon line. As the precip moves in, the temperatures will cool down to the lower 30s for a few hours maybe even down to DC. Right now I'm seeing a coating from D.C to around 2 inches just north of the mason dixon line overnight. HRRR and the NAMs look mostly supportive of this idea. I'd like to add that the current radar looks better than currently modeled. I think some sort of a surprise is coming. Areas that are already down to freezing will most likely see several hours of precip. @C.A.P.E. I think we might wake up to a decent surprise in the morning. Maybe a coating in these parts, more to the north.
  4. Background state is pretty much way different from last year
  5. 41/30 here. I personally don't expect anything more than brief mix then just plain rain.
  6. 18z GFS is a partial phase this time for the 22nd storm. High moves out a little too early + it's only a partial phase so its pretty much all rain.
  7. Have to clean the salt off the car very soon or else you will get corrosion. That stuff isn't pretty and comes quick.
  8. Chances for snow on the 22nd look REAL good for a good reapin' a lot of members on this forum. People will surely jump as soon as they see the pattern right after the no storm. Models look really friendly for the reaper.
  9. Yeah I'm kinda losing confidence on this storm even though it's still 6-7 days away. To add insult to injury the pattern goes to complete garbage right after. I think that even if someone got a foot of snow on the 22nd, it'll all be gone by christmas morning with that kind of pattern. I'm going to go with no snow for me.
  10. At this point or tomorrow it's going to become a battle of the runs. Big storm vs suppression to Venezuela. At this point I favor the southern solution because the euro and other models besides the GFS show a southern slider. Hopefully the NAVGEM is right
  11. GFS run is Dr. No. The only thing that messes the storm up is the PNA ridge out west is flatter this run, and there's hardly any northern stream involvement.
  12. Bold prediction: This winter is going to suck after the white Christmas.
  13. Then I realized that my "waking up" was actually just another dream in a dream. Then I really woke up at 6 AM to find that there's 14'' of snow OTG and the storm is only halfway over. NAVGEM sniffed this thing out from like the 10th of December.