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  1. Seattle's kick is no good.
  2. I'll believe when I eat one my toilet will be on fire
  3. First frost. A little bit on the top of the car, and some on my porch roof as well as some patchy areas on the grass.
  4. Dews here are in the mid - upper 30s, so I might get some frost tonight. We do good with radiational cooling.
  5. I bet we'll see a google maps update in my neighorhood before we see snow.
  6. Looks like first real rainfall for most of us folks here and in parts of the NE subforum. Cacti have been growing since August here and the mayan sacrifices to the rain gods have seldom worked thus far.
  7. Yesterday a couple deer found my hidden hunting camera in the woods:
  8. Did I just hear thunder or something? Sounded weird and drawn out. Must have been an airplane but I doubt it, with the way it sounded (Sudden loudness for a second, then quieter and drawn out for like 30 seconds). Edit: Nevermind. Forgot I had the TV on downstairs + surround sound
  9. Thanks to solar powered light bulbs we can finally read during the daytime.
  10. Denver has a 41 degree temperature drop in the forecast this week.
  11. Still getting a download message when i click "all activity" though.
  12. Uhh why does this webpage keep downloading on chrome instead of opening it to this site? I have to go onto incognito mode to access this website now.
  13. Latest drought monitor now has moderate drought across some areas.
  14. what if jerry have convection
  15. Absolutely nothing last night. Desert dry at 81/55 now.