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  1. JakkelWx

    October/November Mid/Long Range Disco

    GEFS in the long range is ring around the rosy. Ditto, best pattern I've seen since December 2009. Maybe even better. I remember that snowstorm, I had just graduated high school across the Chessy bay before I moved here... Snow was hella deep shoveling, and I wore a Hawaii-theme short sleeve shirt shoveling snow for fun...good times
  2. JakkelWx

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    37/31. Expecting little more than potentially a half hour or maybe an hour of mix before rain here
  3. JakkelWx

    October/November Mid/Long Range Disco

    Phew. Impressive GEFS mean continues to spit out amazing looks, use for your snowmageddon..lol. In all seriousness, it's very hard not to like this look. EPS not as gung ho with a -NAO but it's still there, correct me if I'm wrong
  4. JakkelWx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    Wow these snow maps. Goldsboro, MD looks like it could be snow/wintry mix for a couple hours then rain possibly for the rest of the event. Still a win because it's only mid-November.
  5. JakkelWx

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2018-19 snowfall contest

    What a shift from a somewhat warm December forecast 1-2 weeks ago to all out -NAO and -AO blocking. I am pretty confident that the latter may verify, and the GEFS raises my eyebrows in a good way (also the model 500 ensembles). Therefore, i'm adding 10 inches to all of the locations in my forecast (for the whole winter), although even that may be conservative. Changed DCA to make it more realistic and added around 9'' to RICs. BWI : 42'' DCA: 32'' IAD : 41'' RIC : 26'' Tie Breaker - SBY: 23''
  6. JakkelWx

    November Discobs Thread

    Currently 45 degrees after a high of 51. Dewpoint rising as well, as rain is crossing the chesapeake bay.
  7. JakkelWx

    November Banter

    Can't wait until it's early december and ripping fatties in my yard with this -NAO and -AO.
  8. JakkelWx

    November Banter

    RIP Stan Lee
  9. JakkelWx

    November Banter

    10:1 ratios are probably suspect given mid-November climo.
  10. JakkelWx

    October/November Mid/Long Range Disco

    Both the AO and the NAO forecast to go negative almost in time for the beginning of snow season. I take and run. Some members have it diving to record low levels and is big news for a cold December. The only thing missing is the PNA, which is currently negative and looks to slowly move towards neutral or maybe slightly positive Edit: Click to refresh
  11. JakkelWx

    November Discobs Thread

    nearest PWS temp down to 26 already after a high of 49...cold
  12. JakkelWx

    November Banter

    Let it sneaux
  13. JakkelWx

    November Banter

    If you want snow this winter, you should probably change your profile pictures to like a desert, or "skiing with no snow on ground" in my case. Reverse jinx.
  14. JakkelWx

    November Discobs Thread

    temp down to 31... a little warmer just 10 miles west near the chessy bay