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  1. That post is what caused the winter to turn around and suddenly work out for most people for 3-4 weeks. No doubt!
  2. Extremely dry air here. 47 degrees with a 13 degree dew point. Desert air.
  3. We basically wasted our last chance for snow here to the south today if that's the case.. anyways, I'm looking forward to warm temps.
  4. North Carolina will be getting more snow than me this winter
  5. YIKES that was a massive crash by Newman.. Daytona 500
  6. there is literally nothing exciting weather wise through the end of February... who's to be surprised anyway?
  7. Oh yea. I'd kill for ice storm right now I'd kill for a nobel peace prize right now.
  8. Lol. I missed a launch date again because of sleeping in the middle of the day. I sleep like a grandpa.
  9. I think with all that sea ice now from this record strong polar vortex all the warm air's gonna be locked up in the north and we end up cooler than normal.
  10. 17 degrees.. not the coldest of the winter here. that goes to 16 from sometime in December i think
  11. 2 bottles will put me out. Insane alcohol content.
  12. @RevWarReenactor I agree
  13. It's actually quite nice outside. Just came down with the flu over the past 6 hours or so, but somehow no vomiting. Just excessive burping and a fever, with a cough that you can't get rid of no matter how many times to try to clear your throat. Gatorade helps.
  14. Not sure if you agree but it seems like most summers in the 2010s decade have been a scorcher. I've noticed a trend with higher dewpoints each summer, and less desert style heat
  15. Look on the bright side guys. Looks like two cold days to make it feel like deep winter (fri and sat) at the end of this week. Then it's back to Februly.