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  1. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Impressive 0 inch totals up here in goldsboro MD on my way to work. Best cirrus storm I can remember
  2. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    crankyweatherguy might have jinxed the patriots
  3. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Radar is falling apart now. It was a good run seeing just one pity flake.
  4. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Feels like a classic december evening where its just above freezing at 7 PM with the christmas lights on. edit: and a snowless ground. The radar returns seem to have halted just to the south.
  5. JakkelWx

    The Panic Room--Winter 2018-2019

    Worst start to winter ever. snow stopped moving north just 10 miles south.
  6. JakkelWx

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Are we seriously going to jump before actual winter sets in and hope for HAARP to press a button and we get a snowstorm? eta: There needs to be a banter thread just for suppression trolling. The SE forum would be proud!
  7. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    The power of el nino and a juiced up STJ
  8. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Of what seems like small flakes are falling from the sky is actually just a optical hallucination in my eyes. The radar is damn close!
  9. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Heavy returns in a band just south of Salisbury. Could be an effect of the HP to the north pushing down on the precip, causing enhanced lift?
  10. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    The precip did stall near federalsburg but is now moving north faster. To be fair I think the snow will come as far north as CAPE and I and drop maybe a dusting but I think that's about it.
  11. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    It looks like DC is just about to get into the snow. No?
  12. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Temp up to 33 degrees with the dewpoints in the mid 20s. Snow is only 25 miles to the south
  13. JakkelWx

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    Jim Cantore!!!
  14. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    Precip shield just now getting into salisbury MD. The initial reach will be radar hallucinations until the atmosphere moistens up for snow to reach the ground.
  15. JakkelWx

    December 9/10 Storm

    At least the snowstorm busted for charlotte. Seeing mets down there calling this a bust.