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  1. 3rd bust in a row (last night had like 1 rumble of thunder btw) in my yard.
  2. Maybe a line will form an connect the southern storms with the northern ones. But then again that's just my weenie-ism talking.
  3. Guidance holding out quite nicely as numerous storms are popping to the south as expected. Seems like farther north has more discrete cell potential where the SLGT risk is. Literally nothing right now though.
  4. Why's the SPC have the slight risk over the eastern - northeast areas if most of the guidance shows the southern areas getting hit?
  5. Not a big fan of this cloud debris.
  6. JakkelWx

    June Discobs 2019

    83/72 we dews.
  7. Two garbage severe days in a row, managed to miss every storm except for a lame 15 minute golden shower
  8. JakkelWx

    June Discobs 2019

    Yep, I am going on a week long four-wheeling trip on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system up near Logan on July 6.
  9. JakkelWx

    June Discobs 2019

    I can guarantee that there will be storms in the forecast for nearly every day when I go down to west virginia in early july (southwestern)
  10. 90/69 here, CU field popping just east of me - probably the typical stalled seabreeze right along the Delaware bay's west coast
  11. JakkelWx

    June Discobs 2019

    90/69 currently and a Bermuda blue sky
  12. Winds are calm right now which I think is a good sign. IIRC i vaguely remember someone saying that breezy conditions before storm chances aren't good.
  13. Storms forming just east of Baltimore right now as an update. For now it looks like only across the bay seems to be getting the action unless the line near pittsburgh holds together which i doubt it will.
  14. Looks like a night-time thunderstorm event on the way