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  1. Won't be this warm again until... January
  2. There's no escaping the disaster that will be the 2020-21 winter.
  3. What the hell is this game? At least its a win, albeit phyrric
  4. At least it'll be clear skies by morning tomorrow. Perfect day with temps in the upper 50s-low 60s and low humidity. The bomb dot com.
  5. Lots of fish have been delta blow.
  6. 42 for the low. Some spots 39-40.
  7. I remember the snow melting and it was 50 degrees with rain after a half foot fell
  8. I cant wait to be 31'd. Much better than being 89'd
  9. Yes, that may be true but wouldn't the smoke dissolve and get mixed out before it has a chance to affect the winter? What if the wildfires stop a month before the winter?
  10. All the smoke from the wildfires is so widespread globally (massive fires in California but also even bigger fires in Siberia that arent getting enough media attention) that it's gotta be cooling the Earth by a tenth of a degree celsius or so. Maybe even more.