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  1. jbenedet

    Hurricane Barry

    I’m not buying the due west track into Texas. It seems to me that it’s a very unusual track given a) a starting Latitude that easily feels the westerlies and typically sees recurvature (climo), b)Absence of a robust WAR (which we clearly don’t have). Steering flow appears weak and ambiguous after the trough largely misses, but leaves a slight weakness in its wake. Right now I strongly prefer the meander n/nnw into LA.
  2. jbenedet

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Was out at York beach today and was shocked how warm the water is...just checked buoys throughout the Gulf of Maine...lots of upper 60’s and low 70’s already....For early July? Wow...
  3. jbenedet

    June 2019 Discussion

    Bro. It’s june frickin 1st.
  4. jbenedet

    May 2019 Discussion

    Dr. Doo and Damage in Troll-land
  5. jbenedet

    May 2019 Discussion

    Heh and put the blinders on for Monday - Tuesday potential. 6z FV3 GFS looks a lot like the euro now...
  6. jbenedet

    May 2019 Discussion

    So which is it? “With this horrific pattern thru May”...
  7. jbenedet

    May 2019 Discussion

    GFS continues to hint at a big storm potential around days 7-9. It’s a long shot but it’s all I’ve got, with this crappy pattern holding strong...
  8. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    Man, the most negative the NAO has been all cold season on May frickin 1st. That is almost so cruel as to think it intentional... I’d be more optimistic if we could at least see a big storm out of this...
  9. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    Sometimes we have to head north for the best weather. Gorgeous day in Portland ME. Partly cloudy, right around 60.
  10. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    Point taken. I was in Epping most of the day, and I think we hit 60 here. DAW and PSM never broke out but many points 10-20 miles south and west squeezed in a nice evening.
  11. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    Maybe. It’s beautiful out here right now. Sky just started to open up. Partly cloudy and warming up quickly. Sun doesn’t set til 7:30. So I’ll take it.
  12. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    Satellite looks like sun will break through over SE NH around 3-4 pm. We’ll try to make a run to 60 before the sun fades...
  13. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    I think I salvage a good chunk of the afternoon here. Taking the over on temps. Clearing SW to NE. System is also weak, and weakening as it slowly moves ENE. Late April sun will also help to burn off the low level laggards.
  14. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    50’s. Highs will be at/around midnight for most ..But yea, def not summer like. Starting Friday a.m. is a diff story though...
  15. jbenedet

    April 2019 Discussion II

    The dew crowd will want to celebrate Thursday night through Saturday. This next system looks like it will flood us with a tropical airmass for a good 48 hrs. Anticipating the SE ridge to really start to flex in upcoming model runs...