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  1. I’d watch that the mesos are following convection more than synoptic height field... The globals make more sense to me in terms of the mid level and surface track... crazier things have happened but I’ve learned through experience to expect a last minute correction southeast when a robust Canadian high is in place... To be sure, some guidance never catches on (corrects)...
  2. Uhm. Yea. That’s a slam dunk I’d say at this point.... You are in a fantastic spot for this storm. Enjoy.
  3. That 29/2, 28/3 in new haven CT, Bridgeport CT respectively is wow. That’s a wall...
  4. Surface temps looks really cold in NYC throughout. Peak out in upper 20’s it looks like. If there’s ptype issues it’s the mid levels and sleet or freezing rain.
  5. January 2016. Still a good analog in my view. We have a warmer version of this... Shift everything ~50 miles northwest..
  6. Attitudes will shift when they start feeling the cold overhead... The warm bias will fade in the models and in the minds of weenies... We are all at our high temps for the day..
  7. I think you’re going to see a correction back southeast today as the arctic airmass that’s building into the region throughout the day begins to get ingested into the models. The temp drops throughout the day today.... This airmass is very cold and dry as the storm approaches...DENSE. The orientation of the high is a classic CAD over performing location for northeast/mid Atlantic... I would strongly hedge higher than current guidance for snowfall amounts in LI/NYC area...
  8. This analog was circulating yesterday. Reality will look something much more like this. Where the gradient really sets up is difficult to know, but my best guess is right around I-90. Shift this roughly 50 miles north... Harvey has me in 2-6”. I’ll take pics of my overcast.
  9. I called the forecast north of I-90 trash not him
  10. I’m sorry this is worthy of the trash. There’s going to be a really sharp gradient along I90 ish. It’s going to be a great storm south of there. More of a “feast or famine...” The global guidance continues to flag significant dry air/subsidence, to the north of I90. That’s why snowfall total maps are not jiving well with the apparent precip shield to the north. To me, that’s a giant red flag that what will we be seeing is a lot of radar echoes with little/nothing reaching the ground. That 4-8, 2-6 area is going to bust very high, unless there are big changes between now and go time.
  11. Yea no kidding. This is pretty much exactly what he should want at this stage for being on the Cape in mid December. One, rare time I wouldn’t be worrying about p type issues either.