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  1. Tropical disturbance near Florida, on the Gulf side would appear Lemon worthy....
  2. I remember when I first moved here and was wowed by the prospect of snow in May. I also believed anything more than a flake was strictly reserved for the white mtn region....clearly having to rethink that especially given we’re 9 days into it. We’re missing accums by a few degrees, it seems, but otherwise generally impressed with the rates and lack of mixing.... Should be great for the garden and lawn.... despite the wintry appeal.
  3. Thurs looks really close for a big (and cold) nor’Easter. Heads up Maine and far interior. This one could get really interesting for you guys.
  4. Today looks nice for most. Late April sun burning this off quickly and dry air advecting into the region. Mid 50’s, broadly, and maybe a few places make it to 60 in western SNE.
  5. So how many times did the euro do this inside 48 hrs this past winter season? Too many to count...Many still falling for it though...
  6. Strongest winds of the region being observed in SE NJ where that break in the clouds is...that looks like it’s pushing NE. Thinking that’s the max of the wind event for whoever sees a break in the clouds and precip ahead of that line...
  7. I think that will be the differentiator. If that happens this event could meet those high end expectations...
  8. If the sun comes out... there’s like a 1-2 hr window.
  9. Thinking there will be a lot of mehhing with this until a low topped squall line develops over northern mid Atlantic and swings through, which will be accompanied by about an hour of “holy crap” type winds, around 2-4 p.m. Just my back of the envelope type forecast for you guys in CT and SE MA...
  10. Shallow inversion popped and already into the 40’s here. Going to be a great day. Thinking I have a shot at 65.
  11. Take the over on Sunday. Looks like a gem. Going long 60’s for the bulk of us.
  12. - - NAO, MJO phase 8, and a significant disturbance all on April fricken 10th. We struggled to have 1 of those three at any given time throughout the winter season, but with mid April here, the weather gods will give us all 3 simultaneously.
  13. I think there’s more than hope for us on Wed. 50’s and sun is well within reach with the significant block over New Brunswick. Another “best weather in Maine” type day... The price to pay for it will be Thurs. night into early Friday...
  14. Threading needle again today. Partly cloudy. Temp just jumped into mid 50’s...