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  1. Ouch. Not familiar at all with records out there, but if this verified must be close to one... PA/NY
  2. Beautiful day in PWM—north; meh day in HFD, crap day in NYC. North and east for the win today. Overcast about an hour from NYC.
  3. I’d take this climate of the Faroe Islands, but only if it came with the landscape.
  4. We really aren’t that alone. I mean the northern mid Atlantic knows our pain, bc they’re getting most of it too. That looks like snow in central PA tomorrow, during the day . Storm tomorrow going to move in pretty quick. I’d err on the side of “worse than forecast” . Southern/western sections going to be under overcast probably by 11 a.m.
  5. Nova Scotia has been taking the brunt of every nor-Easter since February it seems. Eastern sections of the subforum missed a BIG second half of winter by ~150 miles.
  6. That’s a good one. Light Rain in the morning at the coast, storm grazes us. Strong surface cold front through in the afternoon. Temp peaks in low 40’s at PSM. Completely different than today with HP overhead. But anyway yea taking what I said verbatim above—you’re right. Touché. To put it differently: shift this coastal low headed for NS 200 miles west and May 8 2021 would be putting May 9th 2020 firmly into the past.
  7. ^Beautiful pics but eff snow on May 7, unless it’s at the tops of the whites...
  8. About as cool as you can get May 7 with full sun. Thermo read 60 but persistent light wind and very low dews made it feel like mid 50’s at best, even in the sun.
  9. We locked into the best winter storm pattern of our cold season starting in mid April. Again. Tough for snow lovers and warm weather lovers. Mother Nature around here figured out how to disappoint the vast majority.
  10. May? We’re stuck in early April. May 1st comes in like April 1st. At least the sun will let us put March behind us now... That said, I’ll happily take dewless 60’s most days of the year...Great day for a hike, outside of the far interior.
  11. Same here obviously. And this is why day time temps alone don’t tell the tale. Many cold nights, low dews. CP air masses ruled the month—no subtropical air in our region. The entire month has had climo more like April 1–and the vegetation is saying the same.
  12. Cooking in Tolland 70/41 OVC, north wind on 4/28 at 1pm. Break out the speedos
  13. Nice warm sector. Tanning in overcast with dew in the 40’s. Weenie rage. How is my weather ? Very similar to what’s in your back yard as it should be. 60’s and mostly cloudy—the sensible weather is quite similar for the two of us, being we’re both outside of the warm sector.
  14. Where’s @weatherwiz This looks like a good one for him— for a short trip, that is...
  15. Surprised SPC unenthused with severe risk in Eastern PA, Southwest CT, down to NYC, NJ.