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  1. Sat-Tues. Then we pay for it Wed to Sunday. I’ll take it though.
  2. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    That line is going to be vicious if it holds up for southern parts of the sub forum. Really intense gradient...Downed trees and gusts over 60 reported in NYC metro out ahead of it...Coastal NJ about to get slammed.
  3. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Geeze, what a look on the 12z EPS. Still would be predominately frozen subforum wide at 12z Monday with SLP over DC and 1041 mb hp 300 miles north of Caribou ME.
  4. Upstate/Eastern New York

    I think more than anything it's important to have low level CAD ongoing if temps are marginal. I think the LHR warming could under-perform in this case, especially early on. LHR is very effective at ending freezing rain with marginal surface temps when CAD ends/flips to WAD.
  5. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Yea, it looks as though we could have more sleet and snow, than freezing rain. I'm starting to think the major icing is further west/southwest in Northern Mid Atlantic and Upstate NY.
  6. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Most impressive aspect - and this is saying a lot - given climo is this is at day 4. And we usually see cold tucks modeled too warm up to go time, but especially outside 48 hrs....
  7. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Gradient wind enough to do the trick? That is a 1045 - 1050 mb hp. It's one helluva gradient despite the 995ish mb storm.
  8. Late Saturday 3/24 - Sunday 3/25 Light Event

    Went from a nice spring day in mid 40’s with sun to moderate snow falling in 15 min.
  9. Snow bomb obs March 21

    Yea and it means business. Looks like heavy banding trying to pinwheel into Bangor. DE ME will be New England jp, AWT. But that's not saying much given highest amounts are around 8" in parts of CT (I believe)....
  10. Snow bomb obs March 21

    Where are the obs in ME? That banding looks healthy and its backed all the way into Millinocket already...Augusta and Portland Look like moderate snow as well... Moderate snow in Exeter NH; I'd estimate close to 2" right now.
  11. Snow bomb obs March 21

    Looks like it just stacked to H7 so we should see the precip shield expand quite a bit over the next few hours.
  12. H7 Low is closed as is H5 --atmosphere is equiv barotropic within that circulation when it stacks. Guidance has center passing over LI. You want to be where the temperature/moisture advections and warm/cold conveyors are at work - not at the center of it all.... You can also see here on WV imagery how the CCB wraps sinking (dry) air into the circulation and that is punching in toward SNJ and LI. Want the mid levels to close and track south/east of you - not over or to the west of you... http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/SAT_US/animwv.html
  13. Dry air; not confluence...
  14. I would think the H7 low track over LI would be problematic in terms of drying that area out over the next few hours (at least). Would fill back in on the back side, as it slides east but I find it odd that the 12zNAM didn't indicate any dryslot in that area. Radar seems to indicate mid level dry air pushing up from south of LI...
  15. I went 6-12 out there bc I didn't have the balls to go higher. But watch that area be the storm jackpot...