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  1. Winging_it

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Same here. Between bands all morning, then 8.5" in the last 3 hours.
  2. Winging_it

    Huge Damaging Nor'easter Obs

    Weird storm. In the eastern part of Townsend we miraculously stayed mostly snow - 4" total. There seemed to be a pocket from Nashoba Valley through eastern ORH county that escaped most of the sleet that dominated large areas to our north and west. It just seemed to be a continuation of the light snow that fell all day Monday.
  3. Winging_it

    18 Years Ago Today....Rain Drops Transitioned to Cat Paws...

    I remember that Sunday was in the 60's and I was doing yard work following the destructive back-to-back storms that December. A fellow weather geek and I were discussing the upcoming snowstorm and describing it with terms including "carnage" and "destruction". Our wives kept looking at us with head's tilted and eventually requested that I put down the chain saw I was using - I guess there was some question about my sanity. Anyway,we ended up with 21" which was the heaviest event in the 27 years I've lived in Townsend until this past winter's blizzard. I remember participating in a snow contest at the weather company I worked for at the time and being the only one to forecast more snow for Taunton than for Concord, NH. Lessons learned during the Dec '92 storm helped. Amazing what we geeks can recall.
  4. Winging_it

    Thumpidity Dumpity or SWFiter Rainer 3-4/3-5 storm

    I live a few miles from the NH border. I associate myself as part of CNE both in climatology and in spirit. Our climate is more similar to southern NH than the BOS/Pike area.
  5. Winging_it

    Thumpidity Dumpity or SWFiter Rainer 3-4/3-5 storm

    I thought in a setup like Tuesday night's, latitude would help those of us in the Nashoba Valley to greater Nashua area compared to areas south of the Pike and we'd share in some of the snowfall wealth, but BOX's snow map indicates otherwise. Just 1.5" here in Townsend last night and just 6" in the last 2 weeks. Episcosity continues for SNE. Then there's Wed night to follow. Enjoy it while you can - it'll eventually be CNE's turn.
  6. Winging_it

    Totals from 4 Main Storms in 21 Days - 14 Towns Posted

    SE Townsend: 24 + 13.5 + 12.5 + 12 = 62" Including smaller storms since Jan 24: 74"
  7. Visiting the in-laws near Buffalo. Thought I'd miss out by being out of town for this storm, but we manged to get 10" in 4 hours this morning in Buffalo as a heavy snow band went through. Probably more than we'll get for the entire storm back home - LOL!
  8. Winging_it

    Snowathon Obs/ Nowcast 02/07-02/09

    Here in Townsend we have been just north of the good snow all day - same it seems for the lower Merrimack valley in NH. Only 2.5" since 6 AM. Model consensus showed that relative min of forecast snow in this zone all along. 10.5" total here with sand snow continuing to fall lightly.
  9. Winging_it

    Snowathon Obs/ Nowcast 02/07-02/09

    Maybe - I just topped 10" in SE Townsend - hopefully a voice of reason amongst the "measurement yahoos".
  10. Winging_it

    Snowathon Obs/ Nowcast 02/07-02/09

    9" total here in Townsend (near Lunenburg line), once again at least 2" under the reports from Lunenburg and others. I know I'm not in a permanent snow hole because the snow cover here outlasts most locations in the greater Leominster-Lunenburg area.
  11. Winging_it

    Long duration overrunning to coastal disco 02/07-02/09

    Yeah, something's not right - some of these values seem inflated. Here are the numbers for KFIT (near where I live): Saturday: 2 Sunday: 8 Monday: 8 Tuesday: 8 Wednesday:0 Thursday: 8 That would represent 34"+ inches of total snowfall (not!). The Q12 value for Thursday is "1" (.01 to .09 inches melted) which doesn't jibe with 8+" of snow that MOS has for Thursday. Below is the description of the GFS MOS output: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/mdl/synop/mexcard.php
  12. Winging_it

    Obs/Weenie disco thread for SWFE to coastal Feb 2

    28" depth, location 2 miles SE of Townsend (1.5 miles from Lunenburg line). Max depth since I've lived here (27 years) was 36", achieved twice.
  13. Winging_it

    Obs/Weenie disco thread for SWFE to coastal Feb 2

    Long time lurker but first time poster. I'm a meteorologist who lives 2 miles SE of Townsend. I recorded 13.5" snow so far (still snowing lightly). I too am dubious about the consistently high totals from Lunenburg. Although I live only a mile and a half from the Lunenburg line, their totals are always 2 or more inches higher than mine. I stick to standard snow measurement guidelines as closely as possible. But without standing in the observer's yard and taking measurements myself, I can't vouch for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the Lunenburg ob. I just eyeball a set of obs from a homogeneous region and toss the highest and lowest values from the set, then don't fret anymore. Anyway, great stretch of storms.