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  1. Misty shower came thru. First measurable since September 11th
  2. You have a lot to do this spring. I will cut mine super short right before snow season to keep fungus out. My lawn sucks due to clay but I don't really care as long as as it is trimmed.
  3. winter spans 2 years, clarify
  4. Front lawn pic from the driveway. Neighbors lawn too. Burned it. Hopefully you will learn to use less fertilizer and mow less.
  5. Can't with the fence. You keep showing your dry spot under a tree
  6. Absolutely beautiful sans the funeral music
  7. Euro actually gusts outer Cape into the 60s
  8. You guys lol. Sally generation. Have them sweat glands checked could be a symptom.
  9. Downy woodpecker visited me on the deck while I enjoyed my first coffee. Let's go Raiders!!! 20200927_074450.mp4
  10. meh its totally comfortable inside and out. Your choice but with the cost of electricity here I can survive with a fan with zero issues.
  11. Odd because Blueberry harvests are in June down here and they were bountiful. Maybe your June heat wave?
  12. Haven't mowed in weeks, grass will come back. Some spots dry others are fine. Its only grass
  13. Love the fact Miller Bs are in the long range. Wet pattern now.