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  1. What I noticed is the colder runs damp out that initial WAA and wait for the development of the LP before inducing lift
  2. You confuse the heck out of me.
  3. Not any more welcome to 2017. Going 50 MPh and a point and click
  4. Garbage airmass? Or Nice Scooter high
  5. Lol he knows that I am just having fun. Anyways about time we had a challenge
  6. What else is new. Oh you mean you are looking on your flip phone. Upgrade son.
  7. At least when I interpret wrong you and Will add substantive intelligent responses that are much appreciated. Others need to take the stick out of their arse. Thank you
  8. Yeah learning sucks. Sorry to interrupt
  9. Think the stout easterly wind flow is a contributing factor?
  10. Euro sounding at 0Z Tuesday was indeed 0.6 but it doesn't matter. NAM sounding is 70 mb thick according to that sounding. I will check out cross sections but anyways seems to me that Will is correct in stating that it looks like an interior Mass thump on the NAM
  11. This was exactly the point I made earlier but Scott Ryan and Chris said I was wrong. Can't keep up
  12. Wait lol you tell me that a Euro cross section is too deep in the warm layer but the NAM is fine. Can't keep up
  13. Well I guess I read soundings wrong as they had only sleet. I was told warm was too deep.
  14. Weenies on the bus go round and round. Let's see what Sat looks like