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  1. Maine Imaging posted this awesome pic of Portland light, Portland, the Mahoosics and the Presidentials as seen from a helicopter
  2. Elevation for the loss. 37/30 here while you roast at 53
  3. Drunk? By morning? 8 inches?
  4. http://patrol.mammothmountain.com Forecast is for up to 6 feet this week
  5. Mammoth has 61 inches w/e in its snow pack
  6. Scooter thought of you yesterday when I snapped this pic of the Swift River where you swam this summer
  7. Enjoy man, lots of beautiful sunny days with hero snow this year
  8. I had almost 6 inches of QPF in my biggest core.
  9. Mammoth with 4 to 6 feet more incoming next 5 days The base at Main just went over the 200-inch mark, with over 350 inches over the top of the mountain. This is the deepest base for this date in time since the ski area began keeping records.
  10. That sucks, yeah biggest problem in 11 and 15 were barn collapses
  11. Phew
  12. Must be low dews warm and little melt
  13. http://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/mesomap.cgi?state=CT&rawsflag=3
  14. Sierras holy deep