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  1. Surprised you were able to with all the damage you called for.
  2. I mean did you make that up? Who thinks summer is over August 6th?
  3. Nah the suns out??? Nothing better than misery mist. But hey the dews are up. I mean so much better than 80/45
  4. Well we all can't be 5' 6" and 135
  5. Lol imagine me at 156 to 210. For the information you entered: Height: 6 feet, 5 inches Weight: 245 pounds Your BMI is 29, indicating your weight is in the Overweight category for adults of your height. For your height, a normal weight range would be from 156 to 210 pounds.
  6. 42.5% of course many of those are big boned muscular types considered overweight, ask Jay and I. If I weighed the 210 the obesity scale said I should be that would put me not obese I would be a rail.
  7. Wunderground for both. This is Hanover both days
  8. One station in Norwell 5.71 One in Hanover over 6
  9. They said it was effective for 6 months?
  10. Man how many people are going on 8 plus months especially first responders
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