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  1. Oh boy. I was born into country Kev. My uncles had a blue grass band. I grew up on old country but love the new mix of rock country. The pop stuff meh. Rebel music is what I like. Pandora
  2. Water is 65 but felt awesome on the new knee. We Memorial day weekend kickoff
  3. Beware the east wind Sunday Monday on the coast. Box AFD should say 1 thing . COC as far as the weenie can see.
  4. Pool was a fantastic 60 degrees when I entered to clean it. Felt great on my new knee, not so much fun talking soprano though. Well the grandkids will no doubt be splashing around for Memorial day party.
  5. Always use Memorial day as a barometer. Full STRAWBERRY moon is June 3rd. That's usually the signal for the last real cold shot.
  6. Men in suits taking chamber pics everywhere. Cocadoodledewlessness
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