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  1. This stratiform rain we are getting now is much better than the 4 per hour stuff, doesn’t end up in the river.
  2. Dogs don't stop being sick unfortunately Monday is a work day for my wife and our friends.
  3. I am good with rain,been damp with occasional bursts. Have .09 so far today. Nickle and dimes work I would rather Sun and dry.
  4. It will be better for all if we can Saturday as many have to work Monday and we want to party like its 1999
  5. Reevaluating as things are moving around. Didn't notify anyone yet. Still time to clarify
  6. Crazy large mesocirculation dropping out of VT into NW Mass
  7. True stuff, we always had our August vacation in the white mountains at a cabin in the woods. I can unequivocally say I as a kid enjoyed it more than Disney and so did my kids. Hopefully society learns that kids need to be exposed to nature and not specifically unnatural settings. Good post
  8. They will quarantine when they come back or violate the law? You would need a massive influx of Covid people who dont wear masks to restart a massive infection. Some spots like the Bronx already had 40 plus percent of the people infected. Hot spot management once was a policy now it's not science but the fear driving policy. We knew it would happen