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  1. Fully expect as usual the week of my birth to have snow otg and in the air.
  2. Even the cops are pulling over weenies this winter
  3. When you trade great winter storms for forecast verification, what the point? I would rather horribly bust in favor of a big winter storm, it's not like you do it for a living.
  4. Getting a better idea though. Flags are flying
  5. That hasn't been in the cards for quite a few cycles. Hazey kind of winter on the GFS. Last minute save hopefully. We will know Wednesday
  6. Icon has been pretty good around here this winter anecdotally for sensible wx.
  7. Last I saw it still out scored the GFS
  8. Yea not a torch but not a weenie look. It is winter after all just not a pattern that screams big deep winter.
  9. I would say that the week from the 3rd to the 9th is when we would have the best chance and hope that SE ridge,negative PNA is transient after. Teleconnections are not that encouraging
  10. We have about a week of good but not liking how it ends
  11. Disagree . That period between Nov 8th and Dec 8th had a lot of similarities, no 2 analogs being exact but hemispherical close enough. Judging by 2 m temp similarity not as cold but analogs are based on upper air