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  1. Heal well my friend
  2. lol twas a joke, hows the wrist
  3. 84/56 and so it begins, shut um down, open um up
  4. Blonde squirrel tail forebods Epicosity
  5. Huh? That starts tonight
  6. Back from Florida?
  7. .71 now we begin to Crow
  8. shut um off open the windows this afternoon
  9. There will be some 30's in NNNE Tuesday AM
  10. Love summer fire pits. Jerry analog winter for this blonde tail squirrel I saw outside of work today?
  11. Wind damage reports streaming in from Woburn, Lexington and Winchester area at this time
  12. damage reports coming in
  13. its over in my hood, only small debris field in the driveway and on the truck, we are happy, now for second growth of leaves