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  1. I wonder who told you that?
  2. New product Diving in cold water will give you ice cream headaches.
  3. Spectacular day 76 low dews wow
  4. Lol turned off the pilots and tanks yesterday, oops.
  5. Justin Timberlake, you go girl
  6. So different than last time, nerve block, arm is literally dead for 36 hrs, know what a stroke victim feels like. Pain free though. Lefty arse wipe FML
  7. Lol records broken were from 1936 1977
  8. 93, we one arm after rotator surgery this A.M.
  9. Sweet
  10. Nice gust front
  11. Office worker talk. Perfect weather for all, we COCadoodledewless
  12. Honestly not bad in the house with the window fans on. Dews helping
  13. I know my new weather station is off on high temps ,has an aspirated fan but read 100 today, my other station had 98.3, neighbors station had 97.9