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  1. Worked outside yesterday all day just a fantastic COC day. Today should mimic. Late April sun FTW. We need to endure about 48 hrs of wind chills then it's COC as far as the one eyed monster can see. LFG
  2. Like I said yesterday you are on an island in the center of the universe. Just surrounded by cold. Luckily after Friday AM it's balls to the wall COC for days and days. Last wind chills in the the low 20s? Thursday Fri AM? We start COC season and it's real and it's spectacular
  3. You are the center of the universe. Congrats on a cloud free night. We all frost
  4. I think I said sticks? Always funny when the characters say you are lying then go personal.
  5. Lol flowering bushes ain't trees. Scooter lives in the tropics Kevin lives in a fantasy world. Only leaves I see are in the valley but carry on.
  6. Work in the valley is a stark contrast from my oh look a forsythia. Stick season still
  7. Lol of course lettuce too. No toms or peppers until Memorial day. Season is long people like to rush things and that's when mistakes are made. Happy gardening and may you get a bounty this year.
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