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  1. I don't know Ken. What I see is a deepening retrograding crazy deep storm. Always trouble with retro storms coming in at that angle. Think this is a big deal. Could be wrong but double red rectangle flags hoisted
  2. Holy shit. Scooter gets blown all the way to DITs mountain top cabin.
  3. Anything travel wise is pure hell. Best of luck to momma
  4. You see any max winds product on 18Z Euro? Frigging HRRR is nutso
  5. Well old Betsy my generator finally shit the bed. Bit the bullet and just came home with a new 6500 Craftsman.
  6. Ack in the eyewall. Where's Ackwaves anyways? Blair???
  7. Unreal feeding day. All kinds of birds. Saw a huge woodpecker today. Interesting ob. We are fawked down here.
  8. 18Z HRRR is brutal. Yikes a tamer Euro would be nice.
  9. Gonna leave a mark. Some max waves. Should be some great pics from Scooters hood
  10. I also.posted the link to the new page. Looks like 5 high tide cycles with 2 to 4 foot surge. Max wave on top of that. Here is the new page https://slosh.nws.noaa.gov/etsurge2.0/index.php?glat=All&display=0&type=stormtide&base=Ocean_Basemap
  11. https://slosh.nws.noaa.gov/etsurge/index.php?page=map&region=ne&datum=msl&list=&map=0-48&type=&stn= https://slosh.nws.noaa.gov/petss/index.php?glat=All&display=0&type=e10&base=Ocean_Basemap&datm=datum&sorc=mean
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