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  1. No left in 1995 for Foxwoods FD
  2. Working at Pfizer in Groton Surge came up the Thames all at once. Winds over hurricane force shredded a bunch of tanks skins at Pfizer. No power at home Christmas day which sucked
  3. 12/24/94 was a TS and was awesome
  4. And has been. Take a white Christmas to the bank .
  5. With no leaves? Meh. Damage this time of year has to include heavy wet snow or ice.
  6. Patience Grasshoppers. We see the usual suspects in panic mode. Best look for mid month on since 09.
  7. The pattern change begins the 15th complete by the 21st. We festivus with the best of us.
  8. The pattern change begins 12/15 and is complete by 12/21. Merry white Christmas to all and to all g'nite
  9. I did/peeps bailed early up there as usual.
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