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  1. Meso models schooled globals on remnants of Nestor, seeing inch plus deviations in the Mid -Atlantic, NJ.
  2. If PVD is only .5 there is no doubt that ORH is correct. I think it matches what we have had.
  3. Winds were 65mph from the seast and then 65 from the swest. Groton Long Point just around the corner
  4. Like here, edge of dry slot gravity waves along with embedded mesos. I watched whole good oaks bend completely over with one gust, thats when I saw a blue flash twice. I was looking out the back with my hand held spot light at the time. The blue flash was a tree branch on the power lines across the street blowing the breaker on the transformer. Cool stuff. We have had multiple SE big wind events here since Irene. The demise of the oak forest is in full swing. Acres of dead trees.
  5. Seems according to Botany org research says 55 mph is the magic number for foliated trees to snap. All trees no matter the species snap at 90 mph according to Physics today.
  6. Follow the mesos paths, highest gusts and most damage. Radar velocity, vorticity mesoanalysis, highest gusts, most damage. Damage was worst with each east meso traveling along the wind shift line.
  7. My driveway is covered in bark blown off my neighbors dead oaks. That same oak lost its top in the storm and killed our power for 60 hours. Gonna be a long winter.
  8. Coming up on a crucial period for the battered coast. 2 major erosion events already this Oct. Super high tides end the month. Have to keep a close eye on any major event popping up
  9. Good its too early to even think about snow, especially snow that melts in a couple of hours. COC day today., first day below 30, 29.7
  10. So trolling, great to know, I will just skip your prose. NBD
  11. At a million five a mile good luck, rural roads two miles long with 3 houses , million per house. It’s prohibitive. Repairs to underground’s if failures happen are long expensive and hard to diagnose. It isn’t easy. Maybe in cities and close tightly packed burbs yes but expect to pay through the nose for retrofitting.