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  1. 18Z Euro is colder and a Cape Cod cutter. Really impressive dynamics with 3hr precip rates of .6 in spots. Obviously elevation but with these dynamics some surprises in order. Somebody is going to get absolutely smoked at elevation.
  2. Think Kevs Boy webby will post anymore GFS soundings
  3. Nam not giving up the faith in CT
  4. Was looking up snowiest 3 day periods in April after the 15th. Hfd would only need 3 inches, Boston 5. Of course everyone else cashed on the 87 bomb but after that there is not much over 5 inches even in Worcester. Odds against a NAM outcome are tremendous. Likely a Berks Monads NNE snowstorm
  5. Yale University is conducting a study using before and after blood
  6. Data piling in that Covid Long haulers are getting better fast once immunized. That's awesome news
  7. We remember last year during the day
  8. Pickles can buy him off with a couple of rocks of blue.
  9. You made a comment the other day on day 3 qpf how the Euro sucks?