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  1. Tries for the anal but only reaches the taint
  2. No problem Wiz. I literally have thousands of links that I should organize. Crankyweather has the best organized web weather links I know of
  3. Euro seasonal, strap your boots on, Somehow Jan and Dec are flipped in order. Dec is the 2 nd image
  4. I always wondered why he is not in the field. So so smart
  5. Sort of like Sunday Monday. How much did you get. I remember our convos about blockbusters
  6. Wicked cold Saturday into Sunday. Great days to take the kids sledding. EPS looks like Miller A to B. Need more ridging in Canada. Dont forget how this last system kept getting colder and colder as we tracked it. ORH warm layer started out +3c ended up never getting above 0C, all because of better ridging aloft. Rainer Mon Tues is a forgone conclusion. Do winter this weekend
  7. 1.99 qpf according to CoCorahs Enfield observer
  8. Yea lol old barns ready to go. They had a lot of precip mostly frozen