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  1. Wagons north?. High is precarious might be too far NE. Powerful gulf inflow. Don't like what I see tonight
  2. I had to laugh at Hunchies subtitle about nothing south of 90 and thought back to the Blizzard subtitle with the NNE crew jumping off bridges. Interesting GFS run, actually what a total weenie run to the end. Anyways let's see what shakes out. I certainly hope Lucy doesn't pull the football on some overzealous thoughts.
  3. Another day left to look at, tick tick warm
  4. standard heights 1000 MB, 364 ft, 111 m. 925 MB, 2498 ft, so if sea level is 1000 take off 364 Pru is a measly 749 feet, so figure its probably at 975 mb or so
  5. Always in this setup
  6. Will say this as Phil Klotz just tweeted out, Atlantic has certainly flipped, best time of year for the NE MASS coast to cash in
  7. I'd trade with him right now a million times over
  8. Do you even look? he has 1.5 with deeper cold than any of us, lol wut
  9. no he didn't? Here is the rub
  10. I could see you getting 3 of slop but Congrats MPM HUNCHIE PETE DENDRITE PF JEFFAFAF and all the rest of the guys and gals North of the Pike. however I am not convinced that this doesn't end up a low ratio storm between route poop and I 90 at low elevations. WAWA and Weenie hill will probably do well. I wouldn't lock anything up in Rays hood either. Like I said before I could see this ending up warmer.
  11. Congrats to the roof of the Pru? Sloppy Boston city streets are awesome
  12. makes zero sense
  13. If you are looking for smoothed out maps on Ens probabilities based on 10 KM Ens pixels, good luck, smoothing and broad brush it ain't.
  14. congrats
  15. We have field work Sun and practice wed, cold springs and bats , ahh