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  1. Love my Merrils have an outlet at Tanger Mall at Foxwoods, some super sweet sales.
  2. week of US tennis open final round is usually hot, look for Sept dog days to start the month
  3. Offshore hurricanes are like crack to me. God it was beautiful, thanks Powderhound for the pic from 'Gansett
  4. Brian was already set to home brew
  5. The bark bugged me, so definitely yellow birch
  6. I have never heard of a hop tree with that kind of bark. have to wait for Tamarack
  7. Ah Shellbark Hickory
  8. my garden is so overrun by mint its crazy, we also planted a bunch all along the foundation to keep ants out, smells so good when I accidently weed whack one. Mint by the thousands now
  9. Your guess of Black Maple seems correct. meant to comment on your Gypsy caterpillar sighting, would be very very rare at this time of year for either Gypsy or tents. Interesting
  10. Immature pod? that leaf looks like Beechnut to me but could be wrong
  11. Beechnut?
  12. true just was thinking of my past experiences with dry harsh cold Jan's up north. Best week before Christmas trip was Dec 2003, Newry had over 55 inches total by Dec 16th, we left the day before the 3 inch rainstorm on the 17th. Place was empty and was unreal.
  13. Sorry you do that must suck.
  14. Then again you run the increased risk of brutal cold and ice. Its a crapshoot for sure. More runs open in Jan usually but for a beginner really not an issue
  15. the piss on anybodies but his parade guy strikes again.