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  1. Yep and Kevs winter home doesn't look so bad, snow maps show about 5 -7 through the period
  2. Your Boy is an analog, we EPS BN temps with storms along the front,
  3. Wrong thread I know but analogs today for 11-15 have some dates that you may like. SWFE and Leon seem to be on the doorstep.
  4. As soon as Kev posted that you knew the next storm would be the one, lol this is pretty awesome
  5. Probably end up with 8+ you Eyeore
  6. I was waiting for this post, didn't want to egg you on but this exactly the situation we tried to point out to him and Ray, lol gold post right there Mike
  7. MPM needs to be strung up, pity party this morning
  8. Cool, lets do it. Lurker and Chris, MPM, arctic front aint far away BGM just dropped from 32 to 27 in a half hour
  9. Please let me know if you plan on a date. New Trail skiers right looks pretty sweet, top to bottom
  10. Just leave some over the pavement cuz its gonna lock up hard tomorrow
  11. congrats Gene, looks amazing
  12. congrats Pete although he is at Kmart sking today .Hampshire County... Cummington 4.5 1153 AM 12/12 Broadcast Media
  13. euro keeps you all snow, stop worrying
  14. first word is Kiss
  15. nice but KMA lol