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  1. Crabapple has the funyaks
  2. https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/681/#rapid1064
  3. No thats the Monroe section several class 3/4, Devils dip or something like that
  4. Ginx snewx

    Hmmm, A July Hybrid Storm? - Possibly

    Poured around 6 from Sturbridge all the way home
  5. Spent the day in your hood in class 3/4 Rapids awesomeness
  6. Some of us were doing a different kind of surfing
  7. Took the last 3 days off as vacation, top ten stretch of CDDD. Absolutely gorgeous today
  8. Problem being a stout east wind brings in cold water, that mixes, heavy rain further mixes in fresher water then SE winds kick in with heavy sea action. Clouds and southerly gales kick in. Temps can then rebound but it takes longer to absorb more heat.
  9. Is time for another NE sst upwelling lesson? With narrow depth of warmth any rough sea wind combo turns over the sea reducing SST. Now if its only a warm frontal brief passage like Tip thinks it won't change much but all modeling has decent gales on the ocean
  10. i need to taste the cheese
  11. Don't see this often EPS % chance of 5 inches of rain next 15 days, near 100%, gonna be a wet ride , enjoy the mank its the only mank you got
  12. that map goes to july 24th lol
  13. yes . Amazing the amount of dirt that falls out of the clouds, had to vacuum a lot.