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  1. March 12 ain't walking in your door. You probably have snow otg come April 1
  2. Well I have seen it first hand. Jordan bowl most west peak will get 25 % more snow than the base of White cap. I see a report of 11.5 in NE Oxford County and 7.5 in Bethel which fits what I just said. Any rate powder geeks loving it as they are fully open
  3. Yo Eddie you sking Wildcat today?.
  4. Yes Euro really did well up there. Remember that someone said you were done after the last one. Rains to Maine ski areas etc. Great President's day vacation week.
  5. Birds know better. We haven't seen any snowy owls since March 18 when we saw a lot.
  6. 8 inches base of Wildcat reported
  7. Sounds like someone is extremely jealous of you