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  1. At 240 doubt it but the narrative sounds good.
  2. Obviously hyperbole ^ but you get my drift
  3. You hoth remembered wrong. This was Jan 9th 2015 a solid 2 to 3 inches. Plenty to sled on. Poor Scoot.
  4. Basically the article indicated if that was above sea level we would be in near Nuclear Winter already
  5. Asperita Santus una Padre Santus...All of you wops getta offa my lawn.
  6. Lots of beer, edibles and wine. We see it coming but until the day of, this place is an epic disaster
  7. I remember this post in Dec 14 exactly
  8. Yea I posted a March 18 map several pages back.
  9. Yea but what about Earthlight? Keep this tucked in somewhere.
  10. Classic look. The hemming and hawing will last another week.
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