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  1. This seems pretty up in the air still but I think the icing threat is pretty significant for the Lehigh Valley and Berks. I don’t see the 5-10” verifying and think 3-6” is the better call for the front end that will come down fast and stick immediately. Seems like Mt. Holly is underplaying the freezing rain threat right now with only 0.1” mentioned in the watch but maybe they are seeing something that signals more sleet or we really do just go to plain rain. If I were to guess we never get above freezing and there is pretty decent ice accretion up this way. Hopefully the biggest story with this is the extreme cold on Monday though and not power outages.
  2. Kutztown, PA 8” of snow and now over to mostly sleet. Feel bad for all those trying to get home right now.
  3. 4.5” in Kutztown and will probably be at six within the hour. Looks like Berks and Lehigh could have been thrown in the WSW.
  4. Same thing happened where I’m at in Reading but quickly went all snow and now it’s moderate with all surfaces covered.
  5. Definitely less than a half-inch. Huffs Church has been a good spot for snow this year. That little bit of elevation really helps in that part of Berks.
  6. Here in Kutztown the grass in the backyard is just starting to get covered. Had light but big wet flakes for several hours now.
  7. 12.5” in Kutztown and still coming down strong.
  8. Very quickly went from flurries to mod/heavy snow in Kutztown. Hoping for this to come in a little further west than currently modeled but can’t complain about snow in March. Good luck to you guys south and east this looks like an epic afternoon!
  9. 6.5” in Kutztown and still coming down at a good clip even though radar doesn’t show it.
  10. Just measured 5” in Kutztown. On the edge of that heavy band and it’s ripping here.
  11. Measured a foot an hour ago but it's been mostly sleet since
  12. 8" here piling up fast not much wind yet
  13. Yeah really starting to come down now this entire winter will be turned around in the next 12 hours hold tight