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  1. Top 10 day today. Took a tour around the NEK and ended up at Hill Farmstead for a couple pints. Nice to see them back fully open with lots of people enjoying the lawn. Gonna be a great night for a fire and some more brews lol.
  2. It’s been pretty wet up here after that 10 day dry and hot stretch that was like May 3-13. Another 0.4” this afternoon. Got the majority of flowers and veggies in the ground after that. Could have done it two weeks ago in hindsight but always wary of a late frost.
  3. Little more than I expected waking up to. 3.5” on the deck.
  4. I do! Three years up here and have yet to see a significant late season storm. Let it snow and melt the next day sounds great.
  5. Even dumping down here in the valley. Switching between rain and snow all morning but now just huge flakes and ground has whitened. Winter holding on for dear life.
  6. Yeah it’s beautiful out there. Just measured 6.5” so far with light snow currently. NAM looks decent for upslope later on so we’ll see how high we can go.
  7. Just made the trip home and it’s snowing nicely here with 3” of fluff so far. If that’s what I have Jay has got to be getting smoked. Really didn’t start snowing until between Jeffersonville and Johnson.
  8. Roads were awful on the drive home. Snow had melted on the warmer roads and as soon the sun disappeared it was nothing but ice. Now down to 14° from a high of 57°. Let’s hope BTV is on to something with those accumulations!
  9. 5” on the dot. It was absolutely ripping here from 8-10am. Probably 2” an hour and then lighter until shutting off just now. Nice surprise!
  10. Yeah it’s really cranking out there. Looks like 2” already.
  11. Wife said it just switched to snow in Hyde Park and snow is starting to mix in at work in Williston. It’s go time!!
  12. It’s definitely the most promising look we’ve had this winter for an easy 6-12”. At least in N VT. And if it plays out right it would be an extended period of snow which is always more fun. Glad you guys in NH have been making out alright lately!
  13. Might really have a melt if this next system gets shunted south and we fringe again. Unlike some of my VT counterparts I am not chill about sharing the snow and still have the PA mindset that I need to maximize every chance. I just want a large storm.
  14. Yeah that area has some sneaky elevation and I can imagine some massive snow totals in those hills. Looked at a few houses in the area but the roads during mud season and complete lack of internet providers was a no go. Ended up with a place nearby the 100/100C junction.
  15. -18° already lol. See a bunch of -20s up in the NEK. Deck is popping like crazy and scaring my cats. This is definitely getting old.
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