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  1. Pretty great weekend. Woke up to snow Saturday morning but it warmed nicely. Today was perfect for doing some yard work. The direct sun was just enough to counteract the wind. Still no leaves but the grass is plenty green.
  2. Currently house/pet sitting for a family in Stowe on Notchbrook rd. I think the elevation is around 1100ft so maybe that will help a little tomorrow. Took the day off of work so I can sit around and enjoy what ever snow does fall lol.
  3. Still full coverage here but I have a feeling by the end of the coming week even my piles will be struggling to hold on. Excited for the warmth and sun. Definitely breaking out the grill this weekend.
  4. Absolutely phenomenal day. It’s been snowing on and off with mod/heavy at times and breaks of sunshine. Some nice gusts mixed in too. Made for the most wintry day in a while. Now it’s down to 19° and light snow continues.
  5. Had 3” on the deck this morning but the sun has already obliterated it all. Still makes the remaining pack look fresh which is nice. Hopefully tonight delivers similar results.
  6. Yeah I honestly have no clue. The wife doesn’t remember hearing anything either so maybe we were sheltered from it somehow. Bit of a bummer considering it’s a pretty rare phenomenon.
  7. This is crazy. I didn’t hear or feel anything out my way but that trajectory is right over my place. Would have been fun to experience it!
  8. 3” here. Just enough to cover up all the branches and debris from the wind.
  9. Just took a walk around the yard and there is still an average 19” snow depth. It was a relatively warm weekend but we only lost 4”. Really is going to turn into a glacier after this quick cold shot. It’s only my second winter up here but I kept feeling we were just one large synoptic event from it being a great winter. They have missed N. VT in all directions it seems so maybe it will still happen.
  10. Total snow globe outside. 3.5” of fluff down and big flakes falling in slow motion all morning.
  11. 0°F already with a 20” pack. Let’s see how low we can go tonight.
  12. 4” now but doesn’t look like much more to come. Have been very happy with my first winter in this new house. Wasn’t sure what the upslope potential would be but I have been keeping up with @powderfreak and @J.Spin so I think I will be OK lol. I grew up 10 minutes from the Nazareth, PA that just recorded 36” from the big storm last week. Definitely disappointed to have missed that but last winter was so historically bad down there they deserved it. With plenty of cold and snow chances coming up it will be a fun stretch for all.
  13. Just measured 3” and still coming down lightly. Snow growth is great. Pack is over 20” and had to rake my roof today with how well it’s been stacking up. Would love for a large synoptic event but with all this bread and butter I’m pretty full.
  14. Used to live in Kutztown and grew up in the Lehigh Valley. Happy you guys are getting crushed. Most of my friends and family are near Bangor, Northampton County and reporting about 24” so matches ABE pretty well. Epic stuff.
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