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  1. A skier at Cannon needed to be evac-ed by helicopter to Dartmouth... And I've seen so many ambulances respond to Bretton Woods this season.. Seems to be a tough season this year
  2. Oh vey, current model trends no bueno! This season has def been frustrating!
  3. I feel like I should ease into NNE Climate...not ready for long cold stretches, or intense cold
  4. I have forgotten how Zulu translates to EST...I could google...maybe I will do just that... Does Z= GMT?
  5. I was in my freshman year at Lyndon State in January 96. Honest to god do not remember an epic thaw. I must be old...sigh...
  6. This one was an epic annihilation of the snow pack in The Woods. It kinda breaks my heart. So many bare spots on the mountain. All snow in town is gone except for snow banks...it sorta feels like the end of April but we are barely up to Mid Jan.
  7. Mt Washington up to 41.7
  8. We hit 60, I literally watched the snow disappear while at work today. Top layer of soil thawed, instant mud season! Unreal!
  9. My car thermo said we hit 60!
  10. 40s in The Woods, maybe we hit 50s!!!???
  11. 40s in The Woods...do we hit 50s? Could be!
  12. So Gray, ME just hoisted a WSW. Ummmmm, no thank you...for real, no one needs or wants an ice storm and no power in NNE in the winter...I'd rather it be all rain
  13. Yes, but it was magnificent for your birthday! And that's what counts
  14. Happy birthday @powderfreak you big
  15. Chickens in speedos? You weirdo