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  1. here in Bretton Woods we are now slightly past peak. All thos folks coming to leaf peep for Columbus Day are going to be Stick Peepers
  2. Wtf??? You need to stop in and say hi!
  3. last 3 nights have bottomed out at 45-46 degrees. The Bretton Woods Real Estate market is def a sellers market. Average time on the market for a property is 2 days, if it even makes it to being publicly listed
  4. The last 3 nights we have bottomed out at 45-46 So many first for me since my move to the "arctic circle" I wonder when our first snow will be?
  5. Gorgeous day in progress up yonder in the mountains...maybe 75 degrees. Nice breeze, comfortable dew points...sun sets before 8pm now...
  6. Saw some good meteors tonight, Perseid Meteor Shower never disappoints. Saw a really bright one with a long tail. Super stoked!
  7. This storm came and went faster than I could learn to pronounce its name
  8. Upslope rainshowers in this tropical airmass. Last night I left Alex's driveway during drizzle and occasional downpour, to drive to my place 3mi down the road and there was an abrupt line where the cloud and drizzly stuff ended and the sky was clear and you could see the moon and stars
  9. And it was 60 degrees today, now snowing
  10. 6.5inches measured by Alex. It was full on winter yesterday. I drove behind a plow on my way to work, 302 was 100% snow covered. The sun in may is incredible. By 10am it was melting as it snowed. Today most is melted off already. Windy with flurries today. So, that makes 7 months of snow...not much time for left for warm season.
  11. Happy birthday to Iceberg and Scooter!
  12. WTF is that crap???? Please, no
  13. 24hrs ago there was still good coverage
  14. @alex lured me to NNE with false promises
  15. Nothing here! And I've never been so happy in my life about not getting snow! I am so ready to transition out of winter