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  1. Wtf??? It's cold. I might just pack up and go back to TN
  2. Hi, it's cold. If I go below 0 in November, I think I will pack up and move back to TN
  3. Looks likethecold air has begun pressing south and east. Today is going to be a mess
  4. Above freezing in the Bretton Woods area, auto road temp sensors struggling?
  5. Above freezingup here, looks like some temp sensors not reporting from the mt washington auto road
  6. Oh, I mean, we were texting about the drive after we both were home. My commute is only 6mi...I guess I can't complain
  7. No, no drive and text. Bad!
  8. Rt302 hadn't been plowed, I was so nervous driving home from work. I was driving 25mph. I've been texting a coworker. She had to pick up her son after work and decided just to stay at her in laws instead of trying to drive home. Apparently she saw a handful of cars off the road
  9. My temp place is prob about 4-5mi away from @alex and I'm getting 0 upslope
  10. I skied Saddle back right before Christmas in 2014...my first and only time.
  11. I was also going to post that! I'm so excited, such a gorgeous gem of a mtn!
  12. Only if I can have the youth and vigor of being 18 again
  13. Oh god, I'm not ready
  14. A weenie is a weenie is a weenie This "storm" is mine, I'm stealing your snow. J/K...I will miss some good nor Easter's not living on the coast any more...but I just wanted to be able to say that once, I've never been able to say that before