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  1. On April 10th, we are scheduling start groups up until 4pm tof account for kids finishing up the school day and travel time to the park. A group that started at 4 would finish at 630pm. Normally it is $43 per ticket. It can get fairly expensive for a family to climb. April 10th and 11th the climbing is free. I need to schedule the groups. I highly suggest taking advantage of this free climb. Kids must be at least 7years old to climb. Our weight restriction is 265lbs.
  2. Www.heritageadventurepark.org
  3. I thought the same thing. We sell out many days, even with lack of advertising.
  4. My Friends and family climb free at the Heritage Adventure Park- 12-3 on April 10th, and 9-12 on April 11. Climbs are 2.5hrs. So a group that starts at 3 would be done at 530. Most of my friends don't live close enough to take advantage of this. However, just thought I'd throw it out there. Groups start every 30mins. I know there are some members who live within driving distance of the park. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  5. Lmao! I would have changed it, had I logged on earlier.
  6. Jeezus Tip, you make me want to take a toaster bath...I know, I know, you're just the interpreter... But for someone who has an outdoor job, you just broke my heart... My least favorite season in New England is Spring...
  7. Fantastic! Way to get out there and thanks for sharing!
  8. Those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
  9. 72 inches, is that even possible??? Holy hell!
  10. 2.2inches in the rain guage in less than 12 hrs...
  11. Barry Burbank admitted he has a snow bank fetish...Kevin needs to send him pics of his epic driveway banks
  12. I guess the chickens are safe from Brian, and Brian is safe from Lisa
  13. yep...i feel ya...anyway, i keep checking the wawa webcam to get my snow fix. they are getting annihilated.
  14. i changed over to rain at 1130 am, lost power for an hour...getting some good wind gusts and temps in the lower 40s
  15. Plymouth nearing the changeover...huge flakes right now...