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  1. And it was 60 degrees today, now snowing
  2. 6.5inches measured by Alex. It was full on winter yesterday. I drove behind a plow on my way to work, 302 was 100% snow covered. The sun in may is incredible. By 10am it was melting as it snowed. Today most is melted off already. Windy with flurries today. So, that makes 7 months of snow...not much time for left for warm season.
  3. Happy birthday to Iceberg and Scooter!
  4. WTF is that crap???? Please, no
  5. 24hrs ago there was still good coverage
  6. @alex lured me to NNE with false promises
  7. Nothing here! And I've never been so happy in my life about not getting snow! I am so ready to transition out of winter
  8. Sunny and 50s today, absolutely wonderful. I still love snow, but I really am ready to done with it at this point
  9. Rain and wind, was a sleet and wind storm for a while
  10. Alex has started tapping his maples...I tried to help and broke the drill bit on my first tree...sigh...this is why we cant have nice things
  11. Alex's weather station is about to hit 30 degrees...temps just keep rising
  12. Temp back home is 41 and rain. I'm not sure but I think my area of plymouth hasnt even reached double digits of snow this winter...it's good to up in NNE
  13. Not even a clue how much, the wind is ridiculous, and even though the visibility is poor, the snow growth sucks and it has just been pouring sugar or sand grains all day
  14. Damn it, I wish you were up here, I would have met you for dinner or something