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  1. Pics or it didn't happen
  2. Anyone know how Berkshire East made out?
  3. Humid 50 ish cape cod with a but of lightning and thunder...occasional downpours
  4. 50 degrees on a SE wind, off and on showers intermingled with sunshine
  5. Holy crap you guys, it is Armageddon at the Buffalo game. Complete and total whiteout with wicked winds...i have no idea how they are playing football. I guess the upside of living near the canal, I don't really need to watch anything until Mid Jan. Climo is mainly rain for my area for a while. Glad you guys have something to track
  6. I just part of that game on the Red Zone. Holy Hell it's a whiteout!!!
  7. 37/36 .65inches liquid...wind out of the N gusting to 15mph
  8. Yeah, I tried looking, but I don't know what or where to search
  9. Hey Ginxy, how do I find snow reports for Foxboro, MA?
  10. Anybody have a report for foxboro?
  11. About .6inches of liquid...just a minor coating...but it changed over to rain around 330pm. And been raining pretty steadily since
  12. Yeah, so my friend in Houston had 2 inches of snow, I live in Plymouth, MA and it's raining...so he can brag this storm brought him more snow than parts of New England
  13. Turned back to rain in Manomet
  14. My weather station says now at 33 degrees, and I've flipped to all snow. It's sticking to my patio furniture but nothing else so far.
  15. 35 degrees and a light mix or rain sleet and snow grains