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  1. Well, a substation about 3mi away from where I live just exploded...thank God we have a secondary power line that feeds power to where I live we can switch to when the primary goes down
  2. I just watched his speech. He received an honorary doctorate of science. As for his speech, I wasn't impressed. I thought because of his back ground, he would have had a better delivery, since he has spent his life performing for the cameras. It didn't feel as if he wanted to be there. It felt like a chore, or just something he had to do, even though he wasn't interested.
  3. Summer GTG???

    As always, anybody within traveling distance to sandwich ma is invited to come climb at the adventure park in sandwich. If I'm not working I can take 4 climbers for free. Kids 7 and up can climb. Or if you all do a g2g down this way, come and climb before you meet up in the evening.
  4. I particularly like the fact that I can spray the mixture in my hair to help keep the swarms away from my head. No way in heck I would ever spray Deet in my hair. You can actually order the lemon/eucalyptus spray online, and maybe I remember seeing it at Wal-Mart. Used it when I did survey work for invasive forest pests. Spending 12 he days in the Woods, my coworkers used to have contests at the end of the day counting ticks they pulled off them. Using the lemon/eucalyptus spray all over my pants maybe once a week a would have 1 crawling on my pants at the end of the day, versus the 20+ my coworkers were dealing with
  5. Deet doesn't work on black flies, lemon/eucalyptus spray does. Also spray on pant legs to keep ticks away.
  6. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Damn the entire northern border of CT is swallowed by those two merged cells
  7. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    So, AMC is showing Twister. Just started. RIP Bill and Dusty
  8. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Can I ask what the general overall feeling is on the potential? I feel like when things are predicted ahead of time, severe never materializes. It seems like SNE does better in "sneaky scooter" setups...things that never really warrant a preemptive warning usually end up producing
  9. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Well, the sun is out in plymouth right to the coast...but we mostly don't have to worry about tornadoes..
  10. NNE Spring Thread

    Was wondering when you guys would fire up a spring thread
  11. Theres a video going around from a man on the roof of his house at leilani estates. The lava crack is so close to his house pieces of lava are landing on his roof
  12. Happy Birthday, I've been 40 since January. Why did I think you were born in 77? Oh well, have a great day. Enjoy the pollen, it's the only pollen you've got!
  13. Omg, the Sagamore Bridge construction is over!!! At least I have a few weeks to enjoy tourist free cape cod
  14. Cape cod to plymouth is behind in the greenup schedule. Canopy trees have no leaves yet. As of yesterday the maples are flowering. The oak buds are showing noticeable signs of life, but oaks in my area don't life out until the 2nd week of may. Magnolia and dogwoods are flowering. Pears crab apples and cherries all springing to life. Rhododendrons are flowering. My rose bush is happy. Pollen season is about to hit everyone like a freight train.
  15. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Have you guys been following the rebuilding progress of the Puerto Rico Doppler radar? They just hoisted the antenna on top of the tower. Some really awesome pics on FB