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  1. 2.59inches in plymouth! That was some intense echoes that hammered the Cape last night. No direct hit here from thunder storms, but had some loud rumbles and flashes in the distance for about 3hrs last night.
  2. Stop in and climb at heritage adventure park. It's a nice pit stop on your way home from Truro
  3. Anyone watch The Last Alaskans? If you haven't yet, I highly recommend it. Plus you get to see climate change in real time.
  4. Dew point still in the 60s...what wouldnt give to have dews in the low 50s.
  5. Try commuting over the Sagamore Bridge on Fridays and Sundays...
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo is hot! God damn those broad shoulders!
  7. You guys should come climb! It's so much fun!
  8. Fyi- if any of you are interested in climbing at my park- Heritage Adventure Park in Sandwich, MA, if I get a group of at least 10, the tix are $20 per person...averages out to 50% off a ticket
  9. For those western mass folk, Hampden Charter School of Science is coming to climb at the park today...I wonder why they are coming all the way to Sandwich instead of going to RambleWild? The other day we had the Canton Rec Dept come climb. Canton has their own Aerial Adventure Park. I can't figure out why they keep sending groups to Sandwich...
  10. .25inches overnight...
  11. Well, that was a forecast full of fail...i was excited to get rain...now it looks like barely enough to completely wet the pavement
  12. There's that, and I almost hit a flock of turkeys while I was out running errands...tis the season
  13. Id like to interrupt this enthralling discussion on how much rain we won't get, to let everyone know the Canada Geese are on the move...the wheels are turning...little by little we are heading in the right direction
  14. Fyi, it has been a very humid summer for Plymouth and Cape Cod. Lots of Days with dews in the 70s. Not much rain in my area for July. After a few months stretch of getting 5 and 6 inches, July was about 2inches, and from two events. There have been periodic breaks in the humidity, but then it comes roaring back. August has started out very humid. Dews staying around 68. No rain here yesterday, seems like there was a forcefield over the cape the stretched to about Brockton/Duxbury...anything west of that bubble got clobbered. Waiting to see if the Tropics start waking up....
  15. Tomorrow is Aug 1st, where we can all officially post about the waning crisp green color of chloroplasts