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  1. I've experienced about 115 in the desert outside Las Vegas. It was hot enough at the airport that flights were delayed or canceled. It is something you can't ever imagine because here the air is too humid. It feels like standing in front of a giant industrial strength hair dryer, and when you breathe in, it sears your lungs and your throat immediately dries out. There is not enough chapstick in the world to protect your lips. Your eyeballs even dry out.
  2. Work, outside. I wear a full body harness for 8 hours. Plus I work constantly with equipment that easily damages human skin. Best to keep the legs covered.
  3. It was cloudy all day 70/69 Just dreadful! My jeans stuck to my legs like they were vacuum sealed on, and they are not skinny jeans. Rogue pop up storms near the canal that caused us to lightning evac the park.
  4. Even Sandwich, MA got up to 94...holy heck it was hot, but we didn't lose any climbers at the adventure park...so I guess it was a good day
  5. It was hotter yesterday than today, but an awesome sea breeze kicked in last evening...naso much this evening
  6. Looks like the precip is going to scrape the cape and the islands...probably won't get much west of canal...hoping tomorrow is a good day for climbing at the park...we have school groups coming for end of year field trips and it sucks when it rains on them
  7. Wtf??? It is going to rain again Friday
  8. 75% clouds, 25% blue sky! I'll take it...does Friday look like a washout for the coast?
  9. This is going to be an awful mosquito season. Wondering if I see the sun today. Already 6 degrees warmer than yesterday!
  10. Here's the deal. You can't change people. So don't even try. You won't get anywhere if you focus your efforts on trying to change people. The longer you are here, you pick on posting personalities. Most post a combo of facts and opinion. Depending on where they fall on the bell curve, the posts are either more fact based or more opinion based. The best thing to do is read and figure out which facts overlap from the majority of knowledgeable posters, and then weed out the opinions.
  11. I'm tired of extremes...lets just stabilize on average and take a breather... Not a fan of these large pendulum swings
  12. Nothing was biting...bummer
  13. Spent a half hour at the east end of the CC Canal across from Scussett. Holy fog bank. Big waves, I'm chilled to the bone.
  14. Can we just skip Sun night through Tuesday, please???
  15. My rain gauge got another 1.38" of rain today from those cells that popped up starting around 1130am. Even had a thunder storm, though I was in Sandwich for work, just rain, no thunder. Probably have 7-8inches for May