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  1. About 1.8inches of rain. Not bad. Once the sun comes out, we should green up super fast. Cherries and Crabapples are flowering. The Oaks are showing signs of life, big leaf buds. Pollen season is about ready to rip into high gear!
  2. 1.1inches in the Rain bucket as of 10pm. Nothing steady, just short duration downpours...it's adding up
  3. first sunburn of the season...first seabreeze of the season...and man that seabreeze came in super quick and initiated a quick temp drop
  4. I use the weather bug app on my phone and the text forecast does not match up with the pictorial forecast. Today the picture shows a high of 58 but the text reads highs in the upper 60s. Tomorrow the picture shows a high of 60, but the text reads highs in the lower 70s... Tech fail!
  5. Well, Friends and Family days are here. Looks like it will be spectacular climbing weather. So grateful considering this is the season for BDCF, misery mist, and cutoff LPs Nobody here took advantage of my offer...if any of you are down the cape this summer, come check the park out.
  6. I have a gmail, but hotmail is my very first email adress, and it has sentimental value. I was 18, freshman in college, never used the internet before when I made that email!
  7. I'm encouraged by the nice weather Sun-tues. Great weather for climbing at the adventure park!
  8. fingers crossed for great climbing weather...this is the time of year cutoff lows sit spin and die a slow death over New England
  9. Cranmore also called last chair today.
  10. Ragged had last chair today. Another one done for the season
  11. As happens every year around this time, resorts are slowly starting to shut down...pond skimming and box car races being held. Pats Peak had their last day today but picked up 15inches...Blue Hills updated some snow making equipment and this is the first time in their operating history they were open in April- today was their last day though the deluge of rain was horrendous. Most resorts will be closed by tax day. Of course Killington and Stowe will probably push it until May. Another season written into the books. Northern ski areas did the best. Central and southern ski areas it was a roller coaster with some struggles though not as awful as last season. Almost time to turn our thoughts to next season...
  12. I guess this would be the wrong thread to ask, but what do you see so far?
  13. 4.5inches of rain...just about done
  14. Make Lisa do it
  15. 4.4inches In the gauge and counting