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  1. Good thing I’m going in early to dispatch tree crews for eversource. Will be a boring day tomorrow for WMA
  2. Snowing real nice here now. Around 7” total
  3. I mean this looks horrid for December 21
  4. I hope so. I’ve barely had to scrap frost off the windshield.
  5. Starting to feel like we see nothing until January 15th and beyond. I work outside for the utilities and these storms feel like late October. Nothing in the Adirondacks or NNE. I hope things change soon
  6. That’s where I’m at. I’d be happy with 8-10. Either way I plan to snowmobile in Savoy or southern VT Wednesday
  7. Yeah. Im just hoping to hit 5” and I’ll be really happy. So far it looks like I will get that
  8. Real good snow growth. That band that went through in the past hour was ripping. Starting to slow down now a bit
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