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  1. Going to bundle up and make a few runs tomorrow morning. I like skiing in the cold to a certain extent. Not sure Id be skiing in NNE tomorrow but down here won’t be as bad with full sun.
  2. Not sure how to follow up Japan. That looks like it was an amazing trip! I’d like to make it there someday. February 1st marks the beginning of the end for snowmaking at a lot of resorts. Most places like to wrap it up before the busy school vacation week. So go longer depending on weather and need. Looks like a prime stretch for round the clock snowmaking the rest of this week at least down here.
  3. Yeah it was awesome yesterday. I went on a skinning adventure, checking out some places I wish had enough snow to ski right now. Today had some good skiing too but no sun so not as nice.
  4. Berkshire East was various levels of fun the last week. None of the three storms really produced much. Monday seemed around 6-8” of very dense wet snow. This did allow them to get some of the natural snow trails “open”. Jug, lift line and a couple others. There were a ton of rocks and extremely thin cover but they skied well for a little bit. Monday early was the best, fast wet snow on the manmade surfaces was really a blast. This weekend should be nice, warming temps and hopefully some sun.
  5. Jay was good yesterday. First couple runs were awesome down exhibition and then the woods next door. Lower angle stuff was definitely better but all in all it wasn’t bad considering the low snowfall so far. We tried our one tram run but we waited 30 mins to make it to the door and then they held for 15 mins, finally telling us it was closed. Kick in the sack for sure. Patrol opened a lot of questionable covered terrain but I like the MRG style anyway so it was fine, skis survived.
  6. Just drove through Savoy and I’ll say it’s not snowing there. Hope it changes soon.
  7. Looks good for burying some bodies! Might almost be able to ski up there again soon.
  8. Has anyone here been to Mount Bachelor? Friend of mine has a place in Bend for a month. I might pull the trigger and head out for a few days over February vacation. Probably ski Mount Hood Meadows too.
  9. NAM mostly frozen for Saddleback/Sugarloaf. Winter goes on up there. Gotta get up there this year.
  10. I’m nipple deep in 200 hour gfs powder this winter for sure!
  11. These dumpy winters separate out the places with big budget snowmaking vs the rest. Magic for example is trying to open Thursday after being closed since New Year’s Day. Likely they open for one day and are closed or extremely limited for the holiday weekend. Sad state of affairs indeed. One of the better places to ski in New England when they have snow!
  12. No school. Well I do but my daughter doesn’t. Top ten June days, kids staring out windows, endless work sheets and videos. Will be sad to see it.
  13. Skiing was surprisingly good at Berkshire East over the holiday break. Early week was hard fast groomers and later in the week turned into spring groomers. Bare spots got worse as the week went along but the coverage was still fine despite the warming temperatures. Considering how terrible last year was at the same time I’ll take it.
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