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  1. Hiked and skied at Stratton yesterday. There was around 1000 continuous vert down Franks Fall line. Definitely worth the hour drive.
  2. Next week is starting to look a little yucky. I need dry fields for PE class! Indoors is a covid guideline nightmare.
  3. It was supposedly 4 feet! It snowed another 6” over night on Saturday. May have been the greatest two ski days of my life. It snowed another 10” that Sunday night as well, I regret not staying another night.
  4. Today was pretty awesome at Saddleback. 4-5” fell from the storm and another 1” during the day up high. Trees were still very skiable off the kennebago chair. Intimidator and Nightmare were super fun. Not nearly as epic as my first time at Saddleback.(2/27 and 2/28 2010 if you don’t know look it up) but still a pretty nice day. Glad I was able to make it up here.
  5. This is starting to look better and better for the handful of open ski resorts!
  6. I wouldn’t mind a snow day Friday! We have only had one. Would make our last day a Friday which is fine with me!
  7. The late season market is small this year. Makes sense for SR to try to get to 4/25.
  8. Yes too bad... They did not get much rain last night. I drive by on my way to work everyday and though the main trails look very skiable the base is totally smoked. There is a little snow around the lift. Trying to work manmade snow when you only have a few hours of below freezing temps is tricky. Nice season for them though. Made a ton of cash.
  9. Wow! Snow here on the NAM.
  10. Isn't it always sorta cool and crappy along the coast in April? I can remember many cool April days when i lived in Boston. A couple opening day games I went to were pretty nasty, Patriots day games as well. My location here is a much better for nice April weather.
  11. GFS liking dacks over into NVT still. Getting close to go time.
  12. Looks like a coffin nail for many ski resorts! Congrats Snow Ridge!
  13. Looks pretty cool on the GFS late next week.