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  1. I feel like Sierra resorts either get a ton of snow or far below average snow over the last few years. Squaw Valley has numbers back to 2013 and it’s such a roller coaster. I’ve skied our there a couple times and I was not complaining either way!
  2. We’re they running the summit double? I love that little mountain. Had a pretty epic powder day their MLK day 2009. Boot to knee deep on top of no base. Summit is surprisingly steep.
  3. Not sure why pics are sideways. I’ll fix later.
  4. Judged the IFSA comp at mighty Whaleback today. Kids slayed it on Blowhole. I managed a few runs at the end of the day. Coverage was a little scary but there were some fun turns to be had. Sip of Sunshine on tap too!
  5. A few inches Thursday and Ice Friday. Largest school district in the state. 9 towns, Heath, Colrain, Hawley, Ashfield, and Plainfield included. Lots of elevation change.
  6. No, Thursday and Friday last week! Monday and Thursday this week!
  7. Don’t understand why school was cancelled here again. 4 snow days for Mohawk District in a week! Might as well just cancel for cold tomorrow! Start vacation early. 3” last night, a bit more than 8” for the week here! Driving through Savoy it looks like deep winter up there.
  8. Yes. Savoy looked like a lot more than 6”. Reports confirm it. I hope most of rain stays south of here.
  9. Two hour delay at my school. My kids are on their 3rd snow day in a row. 6” down in Buckland with maybe a bit more in Savoy. My son is at Berkshire East now. I’m pretty jealous!
  10. Just flipped to snow here! Big flakes. Light breeze.
  11. Here in the falls at 600’ I’m feeling pretty good. Areas around here, upper Buckland, Ashfield over toward Savoy could see pretty significant ice. Many places above 1000’ in this area lost power for a week in 2008.
  12. Looks great! I need to go north and ski.
  13. I think when they mean they will open for 2020 is they will get the lower learning lift open for people to just cruise around. Not sure they will get much more up and running this year. Having skied every medium to large ski resort in New England and many out west I can say Saddleback is the closest to western skiing I’ve experienced in the east. Incredible snow park retention, makes it seem like they get a lot more snow than many New England mountains. They get around 220” of snow a year compared to Sugarloafs 200”. Couple this with less skier traffic and a high base elevation you have natural snow well into may pretty much every season up there.
  14. Nice Super Bowl tailgate at Berkshire East yesterday. Skiing was pretty awesome for manmade. I definitely like that they leave some features in the groomed surface.
  15. I love Saddleback! Hit it the day after the Snowicane late February 2010. Pretty epic knee deep turns!