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  1. Agreed! I have lived and skied all over the country and my home hill still makes me smile. The Beast has done a splendid job snowmaking this season and offers enough terrain to keep me busy for a couple hours despite no natural snow right now. Living 15 mins away helps me like it a lot too. I just hope we can get some natural snow this winter. Place has some killer woods skiing if you know where to look.
  2. Finally making the trek out of southern New England next weekend. Magic and Pico on tap. Hoping the 25th ish timeframe brings me some good luck!
  3. I know everyone is focused on the weekend system. Anyone have any thoughts on the following week. Looks pretty quiet until later in the week.
  4. We generally do well with SWFE so hopefully this weekends storm pans out.
  5. Berkshire East got destroyedover night. The coverage was not bad yesterday, today it was downright sad. They are closed tomorrow. Hopefully they can fire up the guns soon.
  6. Looks great up there at Berkshire East! I'll be heading up for a bit after I get out of work. Kids are already up skiing with friends. Going to be slush on top of ice tonight!
  7. Haven't made it up north since Wildcat in November but for what it is Berkshire East has been pretty good lately. Yesterday was unsurprisingly very icy despite just sharpening my skis. But it's still fun to get out. I'll hope we get a decent February this year, it tends to be the only time we get decent snow. January always plays out exactly like this one has so far! Plenty of month left to go though.
  8. Hi Everyone! Been lurking around for a long time. Hope I can contribute! In no real order most are recent because they are are still fresh in my mind. Tropical Storm Irene 2011- Most rain I have ever seen in my life including my time in Olympia. I remember going to bed and waking up the next day to the Deerfield River flooding much of downtown Shelburne Falls. I see the high water line every am driving to work. Octobomb same year- weak over all winter as we all know. Not a weak snow storm. We weren’t far from the jackpot. I skinned Berkshire East and made thigh deep “turns” straight down the mountain. Halloween was fun that year for my very young children at the time! Thanksgiving eve Storm 2014- We lost power for an hour or so with the turkey in the middle of cooking. Power came back on and we definitely ate the turkey. Skied the next day with zero base, totally worth it. January 11 2011- Savoy, MA reported over 40” of snow. I remember taking my son up to the state park so he could play. Everything was just buried in snow. January 1994 cold outbreak I think - I remember this well. Before our bubble wrap protected society took over they made us actually go to school in negative temperatures(the horror!) I remember waiting at the bus stop a couple mornings of -20. That month.