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  1. Wild stuff at Abasin. Opening tomorrow in the midst of a big time snow storm.
  2. Pretty good window. There is money to be made early season. People jonesing for early turns. Mount Snow, Killington, SR for sure will be looking start blowing.
  3. Nice day here, mix of sun and clouds and a great breeze! Blew out the rear hub on my mountain bike which put a damper on things. Trails are running nice despite all the leaves.
  4. Too bad about Black. I’ve had a few very good days there. The terrain off their double is excellent. Had a killer powder day there back in 2010. 18” on no base! Hard to compete in that market up there, every season seemed like their last. Sad to see.
  5. 58 and drizzle here in South Deerfield, MA. Feels cold. Not bad at home. Nice dry mountain bike ride this am.
  6. 2018-19 was pretty meh out here. I can’t even remember if we got any of that march storm here. Snow haters should not look at the pictures from northern Vermont. Massive late March storm.
  7. Mount Hood: 8/20 and 8/22. Due to a very busy summer I was not able to ride the lift as it closed 8/13. I was pretty determined to get out and ski while I was in the northwest so threw my skins in my bag. The Palmer snowfield is well groomed and a nice path is groomed down the gully towards the timberline lodge. I was able to catch this path about 300 vert up from the parking lot. This allowed a decent 2200 vert skin all the way to the top of the Palmer lift. Skiing was really nice due to the frequency and consistency of grooming. It was not steep at all but it was a lot of fun. There was only one spot near the silcox but I had to take my skis off due to dirt, otherwise is was a pretty smooth trip up and back to the car. The second day had better weather(no smoke) but 48 hours of sun blew open a couple crossovers and skis had to be taken off.
  8. LFG! When I was in high school the first Skiing magazine issue always showed up in August. It was always an exciting time!
  9. Indoor recess and gym here. Air quality index close to 200. Going to head back east and attempt to go for a bike ride on my way home.
  10. Nicely done! I’ve hiked down from the summit in July and made some decent turns in Tucks. It’s a much easier hike than going up from Pinkham notch. I have skied in Washington state in august. There is a ton of decent skiing there through the summer. Rainier has a few decent permanent snowfields but even easier is up near Mount Baker.
  11. Saddleback! Great lift lay out, less freeze/thaw, beautiful views, remote, great trees, great terrain, great base lodge and most importantly the friendliest people I have met all season. Nice way to round out my season. Nearly 100% open on natural snow mid april. Saddleback welcome to number one New England ski area status!
  12. Great last couple days at Magic and Berkshire East. Both skied really well and softened nicely in the afternoon. Magic Beast
  13. Ended up being a glorious day at Jay Peak. Full bluebird in the afternoon! Midwinter yesterday and full out spring today. Life is good indeed! This winter is starting to creep into top ten for me despite the poor start.
  14. Got in a great day at Dutch Hill Tuesday. Just so happened that I had the day off! Weather was decent, 1” at the bottom and about 3” at the top. Snow bonded perfectly with the snow underneath creating an almost perfect skiing surface. This coupled with a bottomless base made it one of my top days(which says a lot)! Ran into my friend as he was leaving but otherwise there was no one else there. Could not really ask for anything better. Sun even poked out from time to time.
  15. Great last lift service day for us at Beast today! Snow was perfect and the woods were still skiable. Latest I’ve skied trees there in a long time.
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