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  1. Guns firing up at Berkshire East, Catamount and Bousquet according to facebook. Great stuff. Daily operations at Berkshire east through 3/28 I'd assume unless we really get some major rain, high dews and warmth.
  2. We have had a 5"+ event 3/15 or later 6 of the last 10 seasons if my memory serves me. 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.
  3. Made it up to Berkshire east today after work. Things were still a bit firm but it skied pretty well. Woods were super fun but getting pretty thin in places. Natural snow always skis so much better than the manmade!
  4. Woodford did well per usual.... 17" i think up there.
  5. Looking forward to making turns after work next week. Euro depiction Tuesday- Thursday is spring corn harvest perfection! Cold at night, 40's-50's, full sun and low dews. If it's not going to snow bring on the spring skiing.
  6. Looking forward to the tee and ski season. I managed to get out in early June last year for some laps up on Mount Washington on a saturday, out on my friends boat saturday night and golf down in Bellingham, MA sunday afternoon! Hope I can get out and do it again this spring.
  7. Lol! Been a few memorable storms in this time frame over the last 15 years or so.
  8. Not loving the that lobe of cold over us over the weekend while the heart of the county is heating up!
  9. Not liking the look of the overnight lows this coming weekend here. 15 degrees! Yikes! Tough to get the snow to corn up off those lows.
  10. I tend to grade on the overall feel of the winter. I"ll weight the bad parts vs the good parts and decide which stood out more and grade from there. I'm at a B- right now here just based off of the last several weeks of cold and sustained snowpack. If we get a big bomb in march or the spring skiing is off the hook then I'm very willing to forget losing a insane amount of snow in one day on Christmas.
  11. Second time that storm has been mentioned this winter!
  12. pretty jealous looking at the radar up there! Nice event for the NNE Mountains
  13. Canadian seems the opposite of the new GFS and last nights euro.
  14. I wish I could figure out how to post pictures from my phone on here. I have a lot of berkshire east shots from this winter. Anyhow.... I would think berkshire east attempts to keep skiing through March. I don't have any insider information on it but in years past they have opened for one weekend in April. The natural may be gone by end of next week but the manmade will stick around for a long time. I made turns on Comp in early May 2015 and again in 2018. Barring any major warm spells I'd think the will close with a decent amount of terrain still skiable as they have buried the mountain in snow since the temps dropped mid Jan. They transition rapidly from skis to bikes, quicker than from bikes to ski. I have never seen the ski area as busy as it has been this year. I was up there dropping my son off yesterday and was surprised how busy it was mid week, mid day after school vacation week. I doubt people stop showing up especially if were harvesting spring corn most of March.
  15. Not enough cold around? Last nights Euro starts off as a lot of rain for all of new england but brings some decent snow to NNE at the end.