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  1. The late season market is small this year. Makes sense for SR to try to get to 4/25.
  2. Yes too bad... They did not get much rain last night. I drive by on my way to work everyday and though the main trails look very skiable the base is totally smoked. There is a little snow around the lift. Trying to work manmade snow when you only have a few hours of below freezing temps is tricky. Nice season for them though. Made a ton of cash.
  3. Wow! Snow here on the NAM.
  4. Isn't it always sorta cool and crappy along the coast in April? I can remember many cool April days when i lived in Boston. A couple opening day games I went to were pretty nasty, Patriots day games as well. My location here is a much better for nice April weather.
  5. GFS liking dacks over into NVT still. Getting close to go time.
  6. Looks like a coffin nail for many ski resorts! Congrats Snow Ridge!
  7. Looks pretty cool on the GFS late next week.
  8. Was just going to say it looks like 60 and Sun this coming Wednesday.
  9. I agree somewhat when talking about Berkshire East. We get so little snowfall normally but to have the bulk of it in February without rain and warmups was very nice. I think if they can some how open next weekend I'll go with a solid B for the season. (i was there yesterday making turns and I'm not sure they can pull it off unless they blow some snow Monday night) They have put a ton of effort in improving the skiing experience this year. 2016 and 2012 were F's. 2011, 2015 were A's. Actually a lot of of B seasons over the last 10. 2017, 2018, 2014, 2013. 2019, was a C. 2020 was a D due to Covid and really lack of snowfall. Maybe it's time to start shifting my grading to reflect the lack of natural vs the power of the snowmaking system.
  10. I meant in general in a normal year. I have found this year to be challenging most anywhere.
  11. How do Stratton and Okemo compare to Mount Snow on the weekend? I'm just curious. Only SVT mountain ive really skied the last several years on a weekend day is Magic.
  12. Even in a low snow winter there are turns to be had in the high places of New England into late April and May. I managed to skin and ski continuous snow top to bottom at Wildcat May 1st, 2016. I just threw up in my mouth thinking about that "winter."
  13. Killington mid may on a Friday or Monday is pretty awesome. Big soft bumps and limited crowds usually. Saturday and Sunday I'd bet is a little crazy.
  14. Off skiing this weekend elsewhere but keeping my eye on next weekend down here. I think if Berkshire East can survive the heat today and rain sunday they may be able to move some snow around late next week and have one last hurrah 4/3 and 4/4. The base is pretty strong down low and they blew lots of snow up on the hill so we shall see. Cold nightly temps late next week would allow them to groom. Been a good ride down here on mostly manmade snow this month.
  15. If I could ski midweek besides the home hill I’d be all over any Epic pass. I’m only about 50 mins from Mount Snow. But Mount Snow doesn’t really excite me on weekends. Stratton I’m not sure is better but I grew up skiing Stratton so I may get there a few times. K/Pico is always nice given Ks early and late season offerings. Pico is never crowded mid season. I’m also looking to head to Utah next season so Ikon is tempting me more.
  16. The next couple days and sunday night are really going to rot out the base of the hill at berkshire east. They should be prepared for this. In seasons past the base of the hill losing snow rapidly is always why they shut it down. Always plenty of snow up on the hill. I hope the snowmaking efforts down low last week help to keep them going the first weekend of April.
  17. I'm factoring in the decent skiing in Feb into my grade so I'll go with a C+, things could have been a lot better though. But I can't even remember the last time we had snow. I will say February was the best winter month we have had since March 2018. But pull out February, last week of Jan and 6 days in December.... the rest of winter smells like a big stinky rat!
  18. Yes last week was rough. Ski patrol and management are pretty shaken up right now.
  19. Berkshire East was pretty sweet yesterday. Natural is still holding on pretty good in places. Likely after today there will not be much left. I just went out for lunch and it feels hot with the increasing dews!
  20. Is heavy late season snow part of the climo in the front range or is it a more recent thing? I feel like the last few years the front range ski areas have been crushed mid march deep into april.
  21. Wish I could ski today. Damn work! Pretty awesome outside today. Tomorrow were skiing at 3 and then grilling dinner in the lot! Great stuff! Maybe one last dip into the woods here this season for me.
  22. Guns firing up at Berkshire East, Catamount and Bousquet according to facebook. Great stuff. Daily operations at Berkshire east through 3/28 I'd assume unless we really get some major rain, high dews and warmth.
  23. We have had a 5"+ event 3/15 or later 6 of the last 10 seasons if my memory serves me. 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.
  24. Made it up to Berkshire east today after work. Things were still a bit firm but it skied pretty well. Woods were super fun but getting pretty thin in places. Natural snow always skis so much better than the manmade!