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  1. Probably because you Meh the threat at 4p before it began.
  2. I'm parking near Whitingham in Vermont in the path of that developing monster. Trying to find a good view west.
  3. I'm in Brattleboro, going to take Rt 9 west towards Bennington.
  4. I'm trying go set up ahead of the storms. I'm in Whately checking radar, might set up in Greenfield.
  5. The rain began at 9:25 a.m. and quickly became heavy. It's truly amazing how much rain we've had over the past year. It certainly helped the flowers blossom spectacularly but it also helped the Mosquito population thrive, which is not pleasant due to my proximity to the Farmington River.
  6. Don't get me wrong, it looks awful. Haha.
  7. I hear ya, secondary is only just getting offshore, not expecting any miracles, but we will likely have to contend with something in the AM, I have no idea what, probably just messy mix for most.
  8. ??? Precip falls until like noon tomorrow.
  9. Same here in Weatogue, CT. Temp has dropped to 37.
  10. If it flips again, you can report as two outages #damage
  11. Combined? Easily. Maine will have 100k+ alone.
  12. I took a sick day; we had sleet for about 15minutes earlier. Ended quickly.
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