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  1. When I asked CT DEEP for historical perspective, they brought up this event. They provided specific numbers too. We blew them away.
  2. Hartford and river east away from the coast may have lucked out (relatively) Remains to be seen when winds shift.
  3. The HRRR didn't have a clue yesterday, regarding today
  4. Sky beginning to turn orange in Simsbury.
  5. Not there yet, had to go get lunch first.
  6. Winds are our of the NW now. The bad news is, winds will be out of the west later on. You do the calculations on how it transpires.
  7. SW CT already well over 200, Bridgeport is sitting at 237. There is a reading in Queens of 324.
  8. Judge uses a remote controlled sex toy.
  9. Same here in Manchester. Sun brighter, but ground conditions rapidly becoming disgusting.
  10. And just like that CT is already going over 200. Visibility has dropped here in Manchester CT, where I'm running errands.
  11. Yikes near NYC. that's going to pivot over the metro. Can see the low is done with moving any further back inland on water vapor loop.
  12. This is very concerning for susceptible members of the community. This swath has expanded, and it's heading directly toward much of Connecticut. For reference, this air quality is over double as poor compared to yesterday when comparing AQI. Yesterday peaked around 200 AQI. These deeper shades are 300-400+ AQI. We are downwind considering the upper level low affecting us.
  13. I'm playing catch up after never having much interest in this stuff before this week. Let's hope this is a first and last for a long time. It would get old quick on the bad days.
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