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  1. Wildcat today. One of the best new england days I can remember. 36-38 at the base. Surface softened up to powder but never went mashed potatoes. Most of the middle mountain was left untamed and a wrong turn brought us (my wife is still pissed) into some big soft moguls. Just great conditions with everyone on the mountain in a good mood and loving it.
  2. Hit a pothole while travelling 75 mph on my way to work yesterday and it actually hurt my back. No idea how I didnt have 4 flat tires.
  3. Are they all staying snow or are the Pat's peak, ragged , sunapee crowd starting as rain? They were all doing pretty well coming into february.
  4. The arm band pass holders work pretty well for kids. I've even seen pass holder on the goggle straps of some of the little ski schoolers. I purposely got a jacket with a pass pocket on the arn so I dont have to mess with it at all. Wildcat is a tough place to love. It's like an ex. When it's good it's great but most of the time its an ice cold b!tch. If I didn't have an epic pass I would choose bretton woods over attitash or wildcat 100% of the time.
  5. Didnt measure. Lowest spot was over 15in. Drifts to 5ft. Apres shovel with one beer and the back porch had almost 3 inches on it. Seems to have slowed in Hingham
  6. Hingham. Mostly drifts but its poundtown still.
  7. Had a 15 minute break in the wind. Bigger flakes with the first vertical snow of the morning. Back to horizontal sand.
  8. He usually has at least one dog walking post by this stage of a storm.
  9. Parts of scituate and humarock along the water are already out.
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