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  1. Welcome to the official tire thread of Americanwx.
  2. Sub hasn't been the same since we lost messenger. Angry observation drives up and down route 3
  3. We planned for attitash bear peak side on friday and at 9 they said it would be at least an hour before the lift was going. We headed to wildcat around 10am and people were leaving ro go to attitash. Two runs and done. Pea soup fog starting at 1/3 up. Skied off with ice in between and the visibility was about 5ft. 30ish people standing near the ski rack deciding if it was worth going back up. Was at moat mt smokehouse by 1215. Shawnee peak Saturday was fridgid but so much better than the vail resorts no lines and pretty great conditions.
  4. Heading up this weekend probably to attitrash(?) Seems wildcat is down a chair... This trip is purely out of self defense after convincing my wife the epic pass was worth it again this year. My sister has a house in bridgton or we would be taking a day trip to sunapee. They seem to have some decent man made.
  5. Hit Sunapee for our time out this season. Trails are in decent shape for after a holiday. I also forgot how shaded sunapee trails can be and I should have thrown in my low light goggle lense. Wait times weren't bad but I can see why people are getting pictures of long lift lines during holiday weekends. Staff is on top of moving people along. This is something I see much more out west. Ive had days in the east where the lift staff is more in the way than they are helpful. My wife accidentally had her mask down in line (she was horrified) and was reminded to mask up. With last seasons discount applied to this years pass it wont take too many trips to break even. All in all it was nice to be outside.
  6. I'm in Hingham not far from you but closer to the water. Do we hold or flip?
  7. When do we start the clock for this 36+ hours of snow?
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