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  1. West Boylston 36° sprinkling pingers
  2. Super fluff factor in Somerville. Best snow of the storm right now
  3. What radar app do people use ? Or do you use nws radar on the go?
  4. Yeah , kind of the point of my question. Thanks for the help. Want to figure out if I reschedule early or later.
  5. What's the ETA of this thing to the coast? My tropical weather vacation in Colorado is coming to an end. Scheduled for redeye landing at Logan around 630 am Tuesday
  6. Just took off from Logan. Pouring pouring rain. Pilot says number one for takeoff and the rain flips to sn+ can barely see the end of the wings. Pilot comes back on and says we have snow , we are going to climb as fast as we can above 13k feet. Took about 2 minutes to hit 13k. Awesome timing.
  7. Somerville , After pingers for five minutes it went to straight rain. Now it's throwing hail type chunks with the drizzle. Toe the line.
  8. Perfect. Jet blue canceled Thursday 745 am flight and had us change to Wednesday 745 pm.
  9. Uhg , will be fighting the storm for Thursday morning flight to Denver to snowboard. Point and click says 68°f in Denver. haha
  10. That's great news. I did see your post in the other thread. Going to nap before my next shift so I can get up there tonight.
  11. Heading to okemo sometime tomorrow or tomorrow night. Have had this weekend planned for months. Was just ordered mandatory overtime and won't make it for Friday. Looks like some rain to start will okemo come out positive on snow from this? Or will it be patchy sloppy mess? Trying to decide if I put the effort into driving up at 11pm for first lift saturday or just sleep and head up when I wake up.
  12. Bouchard "fire hose " of rain. A ground hog would be just as useful as these flip flopping models.