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  1. Hit Sunapee for our time out this season. Trails are in decent shape for after a holiday. I also forgot how shaded sunapee trails can be and I should have thrown in my low light goggle lense. Wait times weren't bad but I can see why people are getting pictures of long lift lines during holiday weekends. Staff is on top of moving people along. This is something I see much more out west. Ive had days in the east where the lift staff is more in the way than they are helpful. My wife accidentally had her mask down in line (she was horrified) and was reminded to mask up. With last seasons discount applied to this years pass it wont take too many trips to break even. All in all it was nice to be outside.
  2. I'm in Hingham not far from you but closer to the water. Do we hold or flip?
  3. When do we start the clock for this 36+ hours of snow?
  4. You went through the ice storm phase of your tantrum much quicker this year. Stay the course.
  5. Returned home from Breckenridge monday morning on the redeye. They forecast snow showers everyday. It snowed 3-5 every 24 hours and the mountain reports 0-1 inch on the website. If we had 3 inches per day here people would be going crazy.
  6. Planned this trip early enough that it made the Epic pass a no brainer for the season. Locally it was already worth the price but $189 a day at breck is just crazy. I really like copper and wish it made it onto the epic pass this year.
  7. I'm pretty excited for this trip. I've been out there a few times but 4 out of the 6 of us have never been. The year of 40th birthdays for my buddies so we opted for Breck instead of Jay peak this year.
  8. Any guesses if sunapee holds out tomorrow and stays mostly frozen? Dont really care if its pingers as long as it's not pouring rain. Want to get one more day in before breckenridge next week.