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  1. Some half dollar sized flakes falling here. Just a dusting
  2. That’s possible. I saw two consecutive flashes and then a third about a minute or two later. Looked like it was coming from the south and I didn’t noticed power issues. But I haven’t seen anything since so I’m thinking you are right
  3. Yeah, you right. You know how many winters I’ve spent wishing I lived in Smithfield?
  4. Anyone have a guess as to when I could see the best rates in Newport ri?
  5. Any chance Newport RI stays all snow for this?
  6. Any chance my hood (Newport) goes all snow on this one?
  7. Fun spot. I was just there last week! Looks better with snow
  8. WWA taken down for most of ri. What’s up with that?
  9. I’m gona hold you to that. If I get anything less it will be your fault. And your shoulder I cry on
  10. Lol pain is my prediction too. With so much uncertainty and lack of concensus I have to go with previous trends this winter, less snow and more rain than predicted. Although you are right about the conservative forecasts. It’s really only on this forum that I see people speaking of bigger potential (8+). Everyone else seems to be keeping totals pretty small. I don’t have a strong understand of the models, but from what I recall the nam hasn’t been the worst predictor this season. Correct me if I’m wrong. And thanks a bunch for the input.
  11. Cool. That’s more than decent relative to my 2.5” max this season
  12. What do y’all think about Newport, RI tomorrow? Crushed or nah?