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  1. Wow! let's hope you don't encounter that again.
  2. No posts in a week so I thought I'd bump this up. Drought monitor for CO is only slightly better despite the snow/rain early last week. Lots of D3 happening. Denver has a couple more chances to break the all-time record for most 90 degree days in a year, currently tied with 2012. Anybody have anything else to report? Still quite warm and dry and smoky here, though the (irrigated) tomato harvest is better than it's been in quite a while. (were able to protect them last week)
  3. My best guess is 1.5" here though that might be conservative. Definitely less than 2". Looks like the gradient with elevation is significant between 5500 and 6000 feet.
  4. yeah, radar really looks like things are moving out quickly. This happens every time. We got about 1" as well, have to go measure. Total precipitation on the order of 0.6" WE at the most, perhaps less. My new rain gauge needs re-calibrating as compared with the stations nearby. Temp 31 at 10 PM.
  5. Long as there's a good slug of moisture that gets into the ground, I'll be happy. Snow before the equinox somehow doesn't thrill me as much as it would in, say, October. But I have to say this kind of setup is something I'd kill for in February. Somehow the last few years, any 4 corners lows seem to come and go in a matter of a few hours.
  6. wow! Congrats?!? Too much. Hope you get a lot of precip, in whatever form!
  7. Smoke made it down here this morning. Smells like a campfire again after about a week respite.
  8. 101. Dang. My location has QPF of 1.32" for the Mon-Tues event. That's more than total precipitation way back to June 9th. And snow "accumulation" of 4.9 inches. Wow. Usually we wind up with about half the QPF that's predicted 3 days out, but we can hope.... the concrete patio around our house has sunk down about 2 inches from its normal height.
  9. New PWS installed last night! It's a bit close to the roof so monitoring for too-high temps in the sun, but today it seems in line with other readings nearby. Wind, of course, has accurate direction but not speed. Trees in the neighborhood prohibited any accurate siting for wind. 98 for a high so far, that might be it. Temp rose 39 degrees in 4 hours this AM. We shall see what the drop looks like Mon/tues. Hope the rain sensor gets a workout!
  10. May well be worse tomorrow when this week's comes out....
  11. Bizarre. Because of no hail, a hot Jul/Aug, and no vacation (so I could water), I have more tomatoes and peppers than ever, the only good thing to come out of this summer. They are not yet ripe. It better not snow!!!
  12. Weird. Closer to home, there is talk of a strong cold front on Monday just in time for the start of meteorological Fall with freezing levels down to 9000 feet- would be great if there would be some moisture with it. Wishcasting to some extent. Cough.
  13. We spent the weekend camping underneath the southern one of those plumes- great to get out, but still coughing now that we're home. Sunsets were blood red. Saw a DC-10 tanker headed north toward the Cameron fire this morning. My goodness.
  14. Bit of a heat burst just now, got windy then temp went up 5 degrees and dew point went down 5 degrees in the past 30 minutes.
  15. me too... that one just east of Parker looked substantial. The NWS storm total precip graphic since Monday AM has quite a hole over most of the metro but especially the south metro- can't get it to copy, but you know what I mean.