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  1. Mountain West Discussion

    I know... on Friday my flight from the East Coast took a very circuitous route down over NM and west almost as far as Durango to avoid a wall of t-storms (the yellows and reds on your precip map) and get to DEN, and it was amazing how little snow remains in the northern NM mountains and the San Juans. Looks like mid July snow-wise, and it isn't green.
  2. Mountain West Discussion

    Seems to be a precip forcefield today around the Denver Metro. Rain everywhere except within the circle of 470 and the NW beltway. Hopefully that will fill in.
  3. Mountain West Discussion

    Yeah, I think we got about 0.5" total as well, including 2" of wet snow. Seems like the radar has been going down more often when we have these minor events. Would have been nice to know where the back edge was, hard to see from Pueblo or Cheyenne.
  4. Mountain West Discussion

    that was amazing wasn't it?? One more piece of evidence that this winter was really weird.
  5. Mountain West Discussion

    It does look good for areas north of Denver this time, with plenty of energy yet to come this afternoon. ValpoVike and neighbors in the foothills should have some good stuff. There's that high reflectivity showing up west of Boulder that often winds up with high amounts in the foothills.
  6. Mountain West Discussion

    Looks like mid-late week next week CO will be on the hairy edge of very warm/dry/fiery and cool/upslope/??moist. Any thoughts about where the dividing line will be? Things have gone back and forth a bit the past few weeks. I have 20 people coming into town on 4/11 for a meeting- part of me wants them to have easy travels and part of me wants to show them springtime in Colorado.
  7. Apr. 2-4 Severe Threat

    And the big Xenia tornado was 44 years ago today! (nice reference in the ILN AFD earlier this afternoon). I read a book about it when I was in 6th grade and just starting as a weather nerd, and scared the crap out of myself. BTW- my daughter was under today's cell just a few minutes before it was tor warned, and said it felt really weird- two minutes of intense hail, and then nothing.
  8. Mountain West Discussion

    Having lived in Philly and Allentown PA for a while, more likely that the cities will miss out and the highlands (WV mtns, SW PA, Poconos) will get some. It's really too late in the season for the coastal plain to get anything more than a wet flake or two in the rain.
  9. Mountain West Discussion

    One more nice over-performer for much of the Denver Metro, both in the WE and snow accumulation departments! Nice to see after a crappy astronomical winter, though too warm to XC ski on. We got 5"+ of heavy wet snow (may have been 6" if I had remembered to set the board outside!) after a good 0.2" of rain. Past couple years it seems that spring is winter, summer is oven, fall is summer with scattered winter (October 8-9 anyone?), and winter is dark cool fall.
  10. Mountain West Discussion

    3-4 cracks of thunder ushered in exactly 6 hours of snow, in which we received 6" of absolute paste. 32 F the entire time. Likely a few bursts of 2"/hr snowballs in there from time to time. Just about done now. Biggest snow of the season!
  11. Mountain West Discussion

    Beautiful. Bet there are quite a few years when that cabin is not visible this time of year. We got about 0.1" of rain last night, felt good! Dogs were happy they had lots of new smells. Back to crispy today.
  12. Mountain West Discussion

    Somehow I would not be surprised if I drove to the Gulf of Mexico and found that someone had filled it with sand. How long has it been since any moisture made it any farther NW than, say, 35N/100W?
  13. Mountain West Discussion

    Apropos of not much, in the past 7 months Denver has had 3.72" of precipitation. Lots of places got that much in about 7 hours back in September 2013.
  14. Mountain West Discussion

    Very crispy here, humidity 7-10% all weekend during the day. Saw a grass fire down near Parker, fortunately they hopped on it quickly with winds gusting consistently to 40 MPH. Spent the weekend watering the lawn and shrubs with a manual sprinkler. I think I'll turn on the system early this year- too bad, I really like to rely on nature and save $ but it ain't happening this Morch!
  15. Extreme Cold in Europe coming!

    Blizzard warnings issued for Ireland and the southern parts of the UK for Thursday. I can't find any data about recorded or expected snowfall accumulations, maybe because they just don't have accumulations there typically. This is really, really unusual, especially as areas like Dublin might see temps not go above 0 C for 36-48 hrs. Lows expected down to -5 to -8 C. Wow!!