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  1. Updated list, and people can put predictions, snow totals and number of branches down when all is said and done: ValpoVike: 7310' Smokeybandit: 6300' Skierinvermont 5700' Mayjawintastawm: 5650' guessing 5.8" (will depend on my kids measuring, so likely inaccurate) N1vek: 5500' Chinook: 5110' CoScifan: 5105'
  2. The thing that really, REALLY makes this weird is what a dramatic change this is. It's one thing if it's the tail end of a snowy, cold season. But I think this is only about Denver's third Winter Storm Warning of the whole season; we've had more fires than we have winter storms this year; the last measurable snow at KDEN was MARCH 16th; and May is averaging +3 to +4 F compared to climatology around the area. Just completely incongruous.
  3. Elevation list of frequent posters in this subforum (feel free to insert yours) from highest to lowest: guessing on order for many based on city. I don't think we have any in the "real" mountains over 9000 feet. ValpoVike: 7310' Smokeybandit: 6300' Mayjawintastawm: 5650' N1vek: Co Scifan: Chinook: Raindancewx (Albuquerque):
  4. Yes. My lilacs here at 5650' have broken from snow during full bloom several times, but not in 3 years (and the bloom is almost over for this year!) And I will be away this weekend and my kids won't measure, so just as soon have the whole thing be rain.
  5. Yes, at this point it looks kind of like there will be a sharp elevation line below which will get an inch or so of slush and above which might get a ton of wet snow. Will it be 6000'? Will it be 7000'? We're on the edge of our seats! Tune in Friday!
  6. I dunno but the Fri-Sat forecast is getting even juicier. I think this time of year, handling convection throws the models off a lot.
  7. Here goes... point forecast for me for Fri-Sat has 0.85" QPF with 0.9" snow. We shall see how it dwindles, or doesn't. Would be great. Of course I'm flying out Fri PM so would miss the snow, but at this point a few tenths of slush doesn't excite me. Have to bring the container veggies in. The eclipse was spectacular! Perhaps the darkest lunar eclipse I've seen. All my pictures are black though...
  8. Yikes. Hope some combination of lighter winds, rain and miracles happens. Best wishes to you and family aggiegeog.
  9. 0.94" at our house since Sunday, most of it Sunday night. A nice respite even if brief.
  10. April at Centennial (closest climate site to me) had 0.01" precip, lowest on record and if Denver had not had a brief thunderstorm a couple days ago it would have been lowest on record too. My house had 0.02", and 0 snow. I wonder where they keep records for windiest months. Yesterday they were predicting 0.4" QPF at my house for tonight and Monday, today 0.2". I'll celebrate if it's more than 0.05". I think I won't plan any new in-ground vegetation this year. EDIT Monday 7 AM: Now THAT was a nice surprise!! Good round of thunderstorms and 0.74" rain. Better yet is that this was pretty widespread over the area. Need more surprises like that.
  11. Hockey is more fun to talk about than weather, where a really interesting Spring multi-hazard event is likely to turn into nothing more than another windy, extreme-fire-danger event because of lack of moisture. Guess there could be a "fire-nado" outbreak. NWS Boulder is really amped up about it in the late afternoon AFD.
  12. Lowe's and Home Depot are having a run on the most appropriate garden tool for this spring... the jackhammer.
  13. Of course! Spring-Summer does not exclude snow... in fact it would be welcome.
  14. Time for a Spring-Summer thread. Today it was 70 and nice. Snow and ice is gone and flowers emerging.
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