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  1. 5.1” here. Good moisture content too, probably the wettest event in at least a couple of months!
  2. That’ll be interesting if that map verifies. The last zillion storms in a row gave Boulder and the foothills the jackpot, this looks the reverse. Strange.
  3. So given that it's 4-5 days out, multiply QPF by 0.3 east of the mountains to get actual precip. At least that's been the trend for several months now.....
  4. Got stuck in that dust/rain/snow squall with a 54 MPH gust at APA this morning at 9:00. Beautiful first half of a bike ride... second half was hard! Now clear but winds steadily building again, gusting to 40s.
  5. 1.5" here. The top inch or two of the ground softens up a bit with each little snowfall, then 5 days later it's hard as a rock again.
  6. I got 2" before 4 PM yesterday, another 2.2" by 10 PM and another 1.8" at 7 AM today... so while it's super fluffy and likely not more than 0.25" WE, that makes 6". So there we are.
  7. Bands giveth and bands taketh away. We got 2" earlier, not much the past 2 hours and now it is partly sunny and 15 F. Differences west of the Divide are pretty incredible: we were in Avon Fri night-Sun AM with daytime temps in the mid to upper 50s and only down to the upper 30s at night. Today it was 36 at the Eisenhower Tunnel (11K ft) at about 3 PM, then within two miles down the hill toward Georgetown it dropped 30 degrees. Was 5 in Georgetown.
  8. [email protected]&$king fire. Hope you and your neighborhood are ok. When will this pattern ever break?
  9. Missed that post- been off the board for a bit. Wicked awesome!! Have to go over to the SNE forum to see what they’re saying.
  10. I kind of expect a big cold dump in late October, probably the week before Halloween. I kind of get the impression there will be a good storm or storms by the end of October for much of NM, CO, WY. That does seem to be the trend in recent Falls, regardless of how hot they are, though this year the changes are all shorter and drier as compared to the last 3-4. 3 days of cold predicted 4-5 days out turns into a day, and QPF of an inch and a half turns into 0.5" or less 48 hours out.
  11. A couple hours ago we had an 80 degree T/Td spread at APA, with a RH of 4%. I don't think I've ever seen it THAT dry here.
  12. Meanwhile, the Mullen Fire has crossed from WY into CO, and if it were a CO fire it would be the second largest on record already. Sheesh. The closest official measuring station to me has just 6.24 inches of precipitation so far this year.
  13. Last evening between 6-8 PM was the thickest smoke I've seen here in our 10 years, with a wind shift to the NE bringing down smoke from the Mullen fire (WY) and the trying-to-consume-all-of-Northern-CO Cameron Peak fire. It let up a bit later in the evening and is down to mild here this AM. More of a cold push than anticipated this morning!
  14. I like this explanation. It provides a reason why one often does not find coasters on a table in Denver, as the DP is more often than not < the temp of the beer. On the other hand, maybe we just drink it too fast for significant moisture to condense and ruin the table. I also remember breaking more than one thermometer when I was a teenage weather geek trying to use a sling psychrometer to measure the WB temp and RH. I never found the heat index to be very useful, as the individual human variables that go into heat stress vary too much for some objective combination of heat and humidity to predict heat stress with any accuracy. If HI was truly predictive, we wouldn't have nearly as much to argue about during conversations about where to set the air conditioning.
  15. Saturn (on the left), the Moon and Jupiter will make a nice triangle in the south tonight, with Mars slowly catching up from the east over the next few days.