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  1. Fun to see the deer run by about 2:30 AM, followed by a raccoon poking around for a long time about an hour later. Apples and acorns on the ground won't be accessible much longer.
  2. Looks awful dry there. 2012 was pretty insane. We may get that dry again if things keep up this way. The snowstorm on 10/9 was our last substantial moisture.
  3. Yeah. weird. I'm not even particularly a CSU fan and I don't like it at all- really generic.
  4. Nice! We got plenty on 10/9, now today nothing but a little fzdz followed by dry gloomy chill.
  5. Coating here in Aurora. Seems about done. Wind has been annoying.
  6. Yeah, that one killed our cherry tree and a chunk of our apple tree. I flew to Kansas City that morning, and the 50 kt wind gusts as the front went through were shaking the plane so much as it was loading at the terminal that they had to pause people getting on for a few minutes. <10 F is fine, but gradually!!
  7. Current conditions at Denver - Centennial Airport (KAPA) Lat: 39.56°NLon: 104.85°WElev: 5869ft. Mostly Cloudy 76°F 24°C I guess if it can snow 4-6" and be 23 F the following day in the summer thread, we can have these conditions in the winter thread.
  8. Looks like closest COCORAHS to us wound up with 0.9" WE. Snow total at our house was 4.5", with a few spots over 4 feet though that was contaminated by wood and leaves. Our next door neighbors had a big silver maple branch fall on their garage roof, fortunately damage was minor.
  9. about 3" (deepest I could find, so I think given no significant wind it's valid) and a big branch just broke on one of our backyard trees which is still fully leafed out and green. Fortunately it didn't fall on anything of value. Grrr.
  10. Have to say it was not an unusual pattern for the Rockies this season in maybe 1/3 of their games. Too bad it had to be THIS game. And yeah, let's wait another couple weeks for the snow, shall we? Though if the Rockies had won, I'd be rooting for a snowstorm at Coors... home field advantage?? SE low level wind would favor Chinook and ValpoVike, not me. But that's OK.
  11. We've had enough gloom for a little while, thanks... the last 10 days are the cloudiest period I've experienced since we moved here in summer 2010.
  12. Some wet snowflakes in my neighborhood (5650') yesterday during a heavy burst of rain about 6:30 PM. 38 degrees pretty consistently from 6 PM to 6 AM this morning. Brr!!
  13. I don't know what it is about Arizona, but they really seem to have the Rockies' number on a regular basis. Seems like every time the Rockies play them, hitting disappears. It was like Red Sox- Tampa Bay when I lived in MA. Watching a Rockies- Diamondbacks game is a bit like hitting myself in the head with a hammer, again. Blackmon is one great bright spot though.
  14. This may seem laughable to anyone who lives north of about 41 N or east of about 102 W, but I can't recall a 5 day period since we moved to the Front Range in 2010 that was as cloudy as this. Weird!
  15. we got around 0.7" last evening, going from very dry to above normal for Sept in 5 hours. Cold too! Installed sod on part of the front lawn today, good timing. Those suckers are heavy.