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  1. 2" total from the past 2 and a half days; 0.5" monday and 1.5" yesterday. Cold this AM, down to 9 at our house! Hope that not all the storms the next 3 weeks will be as suppressed as they look now.
  2. Welcome and congrats on the new job! I promise we won't complain about your forecasts. Probably the biggest shock will be $$$$$ for living in the BOU area.
  3. Wouldn't we all!!! Been here 10 years and it keeps feeling more and more crowded. Probably the Larkspur/Monument area fits that bill the best right now... but 10 years ago, Castle Rock did, and now it's becoming overrun. So expect change... Make sure you have a steel or slate roof if you can. That area (N side of Palmer Divide) is a bit of a hail capital in June. Summer temps will max out about 90 or better anywhere below 8000 ft. But that's OK, as dry as it is. You will wish it was more humid sometimes!
  4. Relying too much on the running tally in my head, I think I have about 22" in Feb give or take an inch. 61.7" on the season, that I know.
  5. Welcome! Question for you: what do weather enthusiasts in Hawaii get excited about locally? Guessing wind/wave events in the winter and trade wind/tropical wave interactions producing flooding in the summer.
  6. 9.5" total for this event over 24 hrs. . 53.9" on the year. Looking like real winter for a change!
  7. So anyway, we're getting the band this time... 3.0" in just over 3 hours at 10 PM. Just shoveled... a good bit denser than Mon-Tues too, guessing 12:1. Still snowing pretty good, though radar hints it will taper off before long. We shall see.
  8. Nice. Bust here too, 2.7" total. NWS point forecast was consistently over 6" and actually went up last night as I was getting flurries. 44.4" on the season so far.
  9. Quite a stark picture for eastern CO, even more remarkable considering that period is one of the driest climatologically. We have angered the gods. What did we do? What needs to be sacrificed?
  10. Only good thing is I'm able to keep up my normal 3-season exercising - kind of like an extended, coldish Fall. I've been on my bike more since the Solstice than I have in any other year ever. This is getting really, really boring though.
  11. Thanks Raindancewx! Always interesting food for thought. Trying to remember last season to figure out a calendar year 2019 snow total. I didn't write it down, just tallied it in my head... grr. I'm guessing we had somewhere around 80 inches of snow, with 41.0 since 10/1 (4.2 on 12/28). Not bad at all.
  12. Snow and wind really picking up again here after 2.5" earlier today. Seems like there is upsloping from I-225 south to Monument, based on radar. I don't think it will last long but it's impressive right now.
  13. Yeah, kind of interesting. NWS is now predicting a couple inches for the suburbs E of Denver and DIA, with more the farther east you go. I can't remember a storm quite like this in our 10 winters here, where something comes up from the south and west- it either has been a miss 100 miles east, or a bigger hit.
  14. Back lurking back on the NE forum, as CO has become a December desert and boring as all hell. Anyone remember waaay back in around 1982 when we had "computer models" that predicted a last minute bomb and NWS BOX to issue short-fuse winter storm warnings about 11 PM on Christmas Eve? The Weather Channel had a scrolling red screen, and my high school self got all excited, till the next morning when we realized it was all just a computer-generated dream.