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  1. Quick Google search of "Kawuneeche Valley webcam" has the answer This view looks west toward the Never Summer range- you can tell because of the horizontal line where the Grand Ditch was dug a long time ago. The damage from the 2020 East Troublesome fire is still incredible a mile or two north of here - I was there last month. "Located on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park one-half mile from the Grand Lake Entrance Station, Harbison Meadow in the Kawuneeche Valley teems with wildlife and wildflowers."
  2. Pretty disappointing so far for the Denver metro, with 0.12 at DEN, 0.06 at APA and 0.07 at my house. Radar has everything pretty much north of town. Most of the past several cool/wet scenarios have turned out similarly, with southerly midlevel flow downsloping off the Palmer Divide.
  3. Yeah, sun angle would have the camera roughly N-NE of the peak- but weird that the RMNP website has the description of the camera with this angle around Tahosa on Hwy 7 which seems well south. Must be super zoomed-in as I've driven that route many times and can't recall that nice a view. Related to weather, there is no snow visible on any of the mountains from Denver now. Getting a bit late for that. Hope this changes soon- supposed to be around 90 mon-tue.
  4. Even more remarkable is that it's with a whole lot of smoke. If it were completely sunny it'd likely be 100+ for 3 straight days in DEN. Really unprecedented.
  5. Just bumping this up, since it's been >10 days without a post. Monsoon season appears to be over for NE CO, after a pretty nice couple of months. The mountains visible from Denver have no snow at all- this is the 2-4 week period for that. Hopefully it will not last long. The summer heat re-establishes itself with 90s on the Plains for the next week, modified due to shorter days. Once that breaks, time for a fall/winter thread. It may be a while though... hopefully no major fires.
  6. I'm close enough to Centennial Airport (4 miles from the recording site I think) that when I miss a measurement I use theirs. This week the core of the biggest storm went between Buckley and Centennial, more or less over and just east of me. This summer has been weird though- other than a very general trend for less precip the further east you go, it's been pretty random, with big slugs of rain from a few storms scattered around the metro area. DIA has missed out on almost all the storms.
  7. Update: 24-hour total from 2 PM Mon-2 PM Tues 3.70". That's definitely the most IMBY since the Sep 2013 floods.
  8. I do think it's mostly chance, and hearing about the high precipitation events makes people think everyone is getting in on the action. Your area tends to do fairly well in northerly-flow snowstorms from the subtle upslope- I work with a couple people from that area and they tend to come in late for work on those days in the late winter/spring. Most areas east of I-25 have been generally quite dry the last several months- hence the big W-E gradient on the drought monitor. Related, I'd love to see a high-resolution map of average annual precipitation in eastern CO- I'd guess the nadir is about 50 miles east of Denver due to combined rain shadowing and less upslope.
  9. Dang. Who's going to be the authoritative poster in the subforum then? Good luck and enjoy! Where in OH? And yes, when I take trips east I enjoy my normal-feeling nose...
  10. Got 2.06" here, the most in one day (or in 3 hours!) since I got the weather station, and 22% of our yearly precipitation to date. No flooding in our yard or basement
  11. yes- seems like the recurring theme is for almost all showers to lose support once they drift onto the plains because of dry air/ground, and the 2-3 times where the air has been moist (especially the last 2 weekends), morning clouds have limited instability just long enough to keep convection from sustaining itself on a widespread basis once storms come off the foothills. Maybe we'll have one more shot next week before the monsoon shuts off for the year.
  12. COCORaHS showed widespread underwhelmingness with a few heavier spots, like the new I-70 underpass.... we got 0.08" and the yard is crispy despite regular watering. I'm afraid our chances for more before the long dry fall are getting slimmer.
  13. Interesting- the thunderstorms last night that dropped about a quarter inch of rain on us served to suppress basically all the rain for the Urban Corridor today. Was supposed to be quite juicy, but no sun=no lift.
  14. We have friends who live just east of where that storm was on US 385. More than one funnel cloud was heading in their direction before disappearing back up into the clouds.
  15. And DEN is now in the #1 spot for warmest July and warmest month if this holds.... and the average high this month is now 95. Wow. It may not hold, with some relief predicted for later next week. That is one record I would be fine with not breaking.
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