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  1. Mountain West Discussion

    Is there a cyclic nature to El Nino/La Nina years? When my son was born 20 years ago I called him (privately!!) "El Nino" because 2 of his first three winters were strong El Nino years, which in southern New England (where we were) ended up warm and wet, and most skiing was done wearing trash bags in the pouring rain. But the last several years now that I'm in CO we can't buy even a weak one, it seems. It's either La Nina or some sort of neutral thing. The winter we came out of that pattern, though (I think it was 2004-5) we had like 120 inches of snow, the first time ever that I truly got tired of it. I bought a snowblower the following year. I think 100" is my magic number for nirvana snowfall.
  2. Mountain West Discussion

    Given the lack of weekday snow so far this season, even a moderate event in the Urban Corridor would probably ensure a rush hour that lasts the entire day, and car accidents numbering in the tens of thousands. Was away for last weekend's overperformer, was in DC where I saw more rain in 2 days than we had here in 6 months. My wife said we got 4-4.5" of fluff.
  3. Mountain West Discussion

    Good for you! I saw a bunch of cars in the parking lot in Aurora with snow and ice on them this morning, wondered where the heck they came from when we had broken clouds all night and partly sunny this morning.
  4. Mountain West Discussion

    NWS Boulder climate records look like last trace of snow in June at DEN was in 1974. We got a generous 6" here, hard to measure exactly, extremely variable from bare ground in a few spots to knee high + drifts in others. Not super windy, but windy enough. First XC ski of the season was quite enjoyable- snow is perfect! Couple rocks here and there though.
  5. Mountain West Discussion

    From NWS AFD late this AM, GFS and EC were talking about 0.5" QPF. 18Z GFS points to about 0.4" and latest WPC (it says 00Z but it isn't even 00Z yet) has a range of 4.5-9 inches of snow, so 5-6" for the Denver Metro still seems about right. I'm going to go wash my car for good luck.
  6. Total Solar Eclipse

    Great story. I could just about experience your fatigue and adrenaline! Our saga was much easier and more straightforward, with really a perfect experience till the eclipse was over. Then we had to make it to Chicago Monday night, typically a 9 hour drive which turned into 13.5 hours due to traffic, a couple of really tragic serious accidents, and a little weather. At one point Google Maps had us and perhaps 100 others trekking through a farmer's field in Iowa on a dirt road around 9 PM. The very friendly farmer blocked it with his truck because there was a big mudhole (not on Google Maps) that had already claimed 1-2 cars! Go figure. Anyway, got to Chicago at 2:30 AM CT Tuesday, and resumed our trip, tired but exhilarated.
  7. Mountain West Discussion

    Raindance, it appears ABQ is getting its first measurable precip in over 3 months. At Denver (KDEN), we've had exactly 0.53 inches in the past 3 months (10/10-1/9). Ground is hard as a rock, and it ain't frozen.
  8. Yeah it seems really weird, as the basics are all there but the maintenance and programming seems strange. I mainly use it for the PWS network, to plan bike rides and hikes- around here the microscale differences are so big that there is a lot of variation in temps and wind over a few miles. If there is another PWS network I'd love to hear about it.
  9. Mountain West Discussion

    Inversions the past 2 days really locked in the cold for a bit. Cherry Creek Reservoir went from ice-free to 95% frozen in the past 72 hours. One guy out ice fishing today already, which I would not recommend yet! 10-12 F all day and very light snow. Beautiful!
  10. Mountain West Discussion

    We must have gotten under a band- been snowing nicely for about 3 hours and we have 2". Overperforming, if you can call 2" overperforming. Can't really tell about the band, since KDEN radar is down and all the adjacent ones are too far away and overshoot what's falling here.
  11. Mountain West Discussion

    Had a 44 minute connection at O'Hare last month on United, with one flight arriving at C27 and the other leaving from B6, so about the longest walk for a domestic same-airline connection. Fortunately had a seat near the front of the first flight, everything was on time, and the fast walk took me 8 minutes. So all was well- thank goodness for an on time first leg!
  12. Mountain West Discussion

    Yeah- NWS is saying maybe a couple inches on the plains total the next 5 days. Hope it's more than that- cold without snow is not very fun. If the -20s were to pan out it would be the coldest since we arrived in 2010.
  13. Mountain West Discussion

    Between the front end thump, the coastal front making its way 1700 miles west, lack of a change to rain, the always-discussed bombogenesis, and the ever-present but elusive backlash, I got a whopping 1.3". Call me a weenie now, wouldja.
  14. Mountain West Discussion

    Well, after 2 months and 151 posts of mainly driving ourselves crazy, we might be able to finally have a winter thread in which we discuss actual winter weather. What a concept!
  15. Mountain West Discussion

    Yikes- hope there is a little insulation on the ground by then, or anything that contains water will be in tough shape. I hate it when all the shrubs and a bunch of the trees freeze and die like they did 4 years ago when we went from mid 60s to negative teens in 72 hrs.