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  1. Here's to the end of a long dry spell, maybe??? 0.8" of rain at DEN in the 92 days going back to 6/29. If there were more trees around here, I'd worry about fires. And I'm flying back from the East coast on 10/20, so that tracks pretty well.
  2. Hopefully tomorrow (or maybe today) will be the last 90 degree temp of 2021 in Denver. We have lived here for 12 summers. 11 of them (all but 2014) have been in the top 20 for most 90 degree days in Denver.
  3. Denver was 2 degrees below normal on August 21. Cheyenne was 2 degrees below normal on August 29. I couldn't find any reporting stations with climate normals on the northern Front Range in CO.
  4. And 97 today, 3 record highs in a row. The low this AM was only a couple degrees cooler than the record high min too. September is the new July, only drier. I wonder if the hydrology folks will start talking about flash drought, though many places on the Eastern Plains have had some soakers to hold that off.
  5. And, in the "why am I not surprised" department, it's looking like this August will be #4 warmest in Denver, in the 150th year of record keeping. Last August was #1 and 2019 will be tied for #5. So, 3 years in a row of top 5 warmest Augusts. Wow.
  6. Thanks for looking into this! I've felt the same. I'll have to dig into that database. Similar here south of Denver, though up through July 5 was actually pretty good. Jul 5-Aug together have been between 0.8" and 1" total. When it's dry here for months in a row, the soil in our backyard shrinks (even despite watering the lawn), causing the patio to sink and the (fortunately just cosmetic) vertical beams between the overhanging roof and the patio to float in midair. Right now they are about 1.5" over where they should be. In the spring, everything was perfectly flush.
  7. yeah- soil type (less permeable here, very drainable there), prevalence of streams to drain water away (few here, more there), and terrain (steeps and plains here, rolling hills there) are all different. I don't know much about flash flood modeling, but I imagine there is an algorithm that takes those into account.
  8. Is it just me, or is September (or late August) the new June when it comes to severe events? Not as many, but just as strong.
  9. In the "should we be jealous?" category, my old neighborhood in Shrewsbury, MA (just east of Worcester) just got 3.2" of rain this morning in under 2 hours from the remnants of Fred, with a maximum rain rate of 3.78"/hour at the peak. It's done now... though Henri may be interesting in a few days. I don't think I've ever experienced rain that heavy. Lots of localized flooding, but that area can take heavy rain with fairly minimal damage- probably mostly basements that need to be pumped out and cars turning into boats in low lying areas.
  10. Indeed- since 7/5 we've had 0.4" rain. There are distribution issues! VV- cannot believe that is a road with those boulders, wow!
  11. Well, in late August climatologically you often get the first cold fronts of the season coming down from Canada into the Northern Rockies on north to northwest winds. The 6-10 day forecast hints at that. At the same time, climatologically we're getting into the worst of fire season, and fires don't stop at the Canadian border. So while you have a smaller chance of being affected by the CA and OR fires, those in WA, BC and Alberta might be more likely to be in play. Good luck. I'm so tired of not being able to see the stars or the mountains on "clear" days from Denver.
  12. Dang, good luck. Meanwhile here we’ve had a trace and Centennial Airport has had a whopping 0.01”.
  13. Flash flood emergency for the Miller Fork and North Fork of the Big Thompson, due to heavy rain on burn scars. Glen Haven and Drake are in some trouble. These are some of the areas hit hardest in 2013.
  14. Yes it was. 100.9 at our house and 102 at DIA.
  15. right... and the shear is not helping either. A TC is a TC, mostly. Remember Wilma? Lots of good fodder for that one, and it was actually pretty consequential. Hurricane Barney, on the other hand, probably not so much.
  16. OK, gotta get it out of my system, promise this will be all... Elsa says: The cold never bothered me anyway.... The shear never bothered me anyway.... The land never bothered me anyway... Any others?
  17. My @$#% rain gauge hasn't been working, have to go up and fix it. But all the PWSs around here got 3" of rain total Fri through Sat and given the buckets in our yard I don't doubt that a bit. We were up camping in Golden Gate Canyon getting soaked every time we were out of the tent, and pretty darn cold. We actually came home early for the first time in decades. Go figure. wow.
  18. We actually got 1 inch hail Sunday afternoon when we were away along with 0.25" of rain. I came home to find a lot of tree junk all over the place and some melting hailstones that were still about 0.8 inches. Lots of spotter reports of 1" hail and one of 1.5". Then 103 today at my PWS. Yuck.
  19. 100.9 F for a high at my weather station on my roof today. 5-6 F higher than the official NWS reporting stations nearby, but 2 of the 3 PWSs nearest my house all also registered 100+ for a high. This is the first 100 since I installed it last September 6. This week has undone a good chunk of the nice wet cool weather we had over the past month and a half.
  20. Bumping this up before it gets buried. I forget just how cold and rainy the first week of May tends to be here. The gloometer is about as high as it ever goes. 1.30" of rain from this event so far, though it's about done. Got some wet snow in the air this AM but never got below 36.
  21. I think the new GFS, seeing that its predecessor was no longer with us, has decided it would imitate the old version and lose its mind. Last storm never got anywhere close to snowy and in fact we only got 0.60" precip.
  22. Darn right. The dryness fed on itself last year with windy, somewhat hot days all through summer and dew points rivaling those on Mars. The early melt out didn't help, but things could have been mitigated by at least SOME wet thunderstorms... nope.
  23. Today was like a lake effect snow day, cloudy and raw, with a good band with around 3 inches of snow just 7-8 miles north, but only flurries here. Not enough to measure at all.
  24. 3.7" last night, 4" last week, season total now up to 83.7". Pretty sure this is a top 2 season for me since 2010. I think we can about stick a fork in this one, having begun 7 1/2 months ago. I kind of hope. Bring on hail season
  25. Roughly the same here. Bone dry all week till this afternoon then about 1.5” snow so far.
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