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  1. Pessimistic eyeballing on my part. They have about 250' on me.
  2. Mixed precipitation in Bedford, NH. Occasionally still mixing with snow but it's mostly rain. Eyeballing, looks like less than last storm where MHT reported 4.6". About 3 to 4 inches.
  3. Another shot of the storm on approach to Claremont.
  4. Earlier this afternoon on rt 12, just south of Claremont, Nh. Storm had just gone severe warned.
  5. Caught a fakenado as the storm passed over on the Bedford/Manchester line.
  6. Numerous trees down and roads impassable in Jaffrey. No dense core of damage, 202--124-backroads-119.
  7. Just flipped to snow in Bedford, Nh.
  8. Snow mixing in at my parents house in Ashburnham.
  9. Flipped to light snow in Manchester, NH.
  10. Close to it! At my brother's house on Waterford street.
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