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  1. I'm sure you'll be frying up your own home grown harvest in no time.
  2. Going to be a great year for chanterelles if this keeps up.
  3. Day after you can smell the mushrooms, love that.
  4. Feel free to give me a call, my knowledge is free and I'm happy to share it.
  5. I can get it milled, dried, and turned into custom furniture for you when the time comes if you like
  6. Beautiful elm too. A friend of mine has 2 on the edge of one of his corn fields. Gotta love the perseverance. Just sad to think my kids might feel the same way about ash and beech that we do about elm and chestnut.
  7. Incredible! I have a couple saplings that grow off old root stock then die back, rinse and repeat. My folks have one that flowered this year.
  8. One struck close enough to my house that the thunder knocked a picture off a bookshelf. About shit myself and my 1 year old started bawling, other kids thought it was awesome though.
  9. Everyone as in 5 people
  10. Alright, I wasn't sure. I'm coming from a perspective of hardwood lumber in which they are both lumped in together along with a few other types just as 'poplar'. Always looking to learn more.
  11. Dibs on the butt log if it comes down for any reason.
  12. I learned em as tulip poplars, pretty sure it's the same thing. I've come across a few around here that really stand out compared to what's growing around them, beasts. Great as paint grade hardwood if you can get it clear and dried properly.
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