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  1. Yeah it is impossible for this not to spread. People just cannot cease interacting with others. We can social distance but outside of rural areas, it seems impossible to truly isolate. Folks stopping by to drop things off, running errands daily for a family, all the folks still going to work. So many potential touch points. We should play a game of how many people we've interacted with in the past week. I've had contact with two people in the past 9 days, both were local cashiers picking up some home supplies. 9 days and I've gotten within 6 feet of two humans that aren't my wife. My goal is to go a full month without coming anywhere close to even a half a dozen other humans.
  2. I'm fairly certain the laws of thermodynamics would disagree about the warm season being drier, but the response seems iron clad, ha. Love it.
  3. You are surprisingly conservative on a system backing in from the east. Those are usually gung-ho river east with goodies for all back to NY state, no?
  4. I have no idea what you are rambling on about? The medical community seems pretty sure on how HIV and COVID-19 both spread. I'm honestly not sure what point you are trying to make.
  5. Ginxy posted it a little back. F8cked.
  6. Kev is a staple here... he's put in his time and we've all gone at it with him, but more in a way like you'd argue with your buddy at the bar. He's part of the crew in New England. It is what it is when some folks drop in from time to time get annoyed with him.
  7. Agreed. As the case with most hate crimes... there are certainly some very strong underlying mental issues already in play. No doubt.
  8. Yeah if anything you’d rather errr on the side of caution in this case right? This isn’t a snowfall forecast we are talking about.
  9. You understand how HIV is transmitted don’t you vs COVID-19?
  10. Xenophobia is a really bad side effect of anxiety and fear. Some terrible stories out there from COVID and racially charged hate crimes determined by the Feds like this Asian-American family (including 2-year old girl) that was stabbed in a Sam’s Club: https://news.yahoo.com/stabbing-asian-american-2-old-190324496.html?guccounter=1
  11. Mitch, it does look like the high terrain could grab a couple inches and then mixed before rain. It is funny to look at the NE winds and go in the SWFE of p-type progression.
  12. A pull up bar takes care of a lot. Pull-ups and push-ups are really all you need to do for your upper body.
  13. His bread and butter was made on appealing to winter weather weenies. I remember reading him in High School like 2000 when internet weather was starting to take off. Models on Unysis or something like that at the time. I give him credit because he seemed to have done well for himself. I don’t agree with most of what he says but he saw a niche and controlled it for a long time.