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  1. Nice start to the game when JD rips a grand slam.
  2. Worked out how you surmised too…. 1/4-1/2” rainfall quick… gusty winds but sub-severe, removing all leaves from trees.
  3. MVL is 57/35… should be frosty most days now. The 72/56 was a +18 here. Last year was a warmer max at 74F! But the low was 36F. This fall we have had zero of those high diurnal ranges like last years temps show. The frost in the AM and shorts weather in the afternoon 40-degree swings.
  4. Near whiteout with the line. Wind and rain. Probably 30-40mph. Not severe but leaves be gone.
  5. BTV went to 1/8th of a mile and 44mph gust. KBTV 161858Z 25023G38KT 1/8SM R15/1800VP6000FT +RA FEW011 BKN047 OVC080 22/17 A2950 RMK AO2 PK WND 25038/1856 TWR VIS 1/4 PRESRR P0000 T02170172
  6. Nothing like a SVR Watch in mid-October. The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Watch for portions of Far western Connecticut Far western Massachusetts Eastern New York Northeast Pennsylvania Vermont * Effective this Saturday afternoon and evening from 1235 PM until 700 PM EDT. * Primary threats include... Scattered damaging winds and isolated significant gusts to 75 mph possible A tornado or two possible SUMMARY...A thin, low-topped convective line should intensify as it spreads east across eastern New York into western New England, as well as possibly across northeast Pennsylvania. A brief tornado threat is anticipated across parts of the Champlain and Upper Hudson Valleys. The severe thunderstorm watch area is approximately along and 55 statute miles east and west of a line from 35 miles north northwest of Burlington VT to 30 miles south southwest of Monticello NY. For a complete depiction of the watch see the associated watch outline update (WOUS64 KWNS WOU9).
  7. Definitely a “dirty” fall torch. It’s very mild but low clouds, fog and drizzle. Very much like a winter torch where the warm sector is mild but not “nice” out. Too much moisture trapped low.
  8. A couple shots from the inversion the other day.
  9. Utah in the Cottonwood Canyons in mid-October lol.
  10. It’s not needed now, it has been needed the past few summers it seems more than ever though.
  11. Ha yeah not verbatim but all models have a shift from what’s happened the rest of this month. Looks like first one early this week then a reload late week/next weekend. At some point it will get cold, at least transiently.
  12. Is that Day 7-10? That cold shot on GFS and GGEM was pretty impressive. This would be one helluva wake up call after the warmth this month. Frigid cold pool, even a 522dm contour in S.NH.
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