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  1. We had a low this morning of 73F... that's as warm as I can ever remember. We always get into the 60s at the very least. Always. The timing last night was perfect for a possibly record high min (?) with the approach of Fay. Southerly flow of high pwat air out of the tropics? The only way to mix the lowest levels around here is with the 30-50mph low level jet wind speeds recorded at the summits... especially with the speed max happening early morning when you'd hope for the diurnal bottom.
  2. It's like 2011-2012 in a way... below normal snowfall, not an inspiring winter by any stretch of the imagination. But the N/NW side of New England got a few events and then some nickle and dimers... compared with very little in other areas, it seems like a good winter. Some good events during "winter" months can start the idea, and then a solid finish is a lasting impression. To some it seems like a better winter relative to the actual numbers. In reality it wasn't a very good winter.
  3. Swimming spots are incredibly busy right now... it's nice to see folks getting outside and enjoying the heat in NNE. Hiking trails were as busy as I've ever seen them prior to the high dews the past few days. Folks heading outdoors even more than normal this summer so far, in a place where folks go to get outside. Thanks COVID. Only the high dews deter them only to the swimming holes though.
  4. Yeah I average decently less snow at 750ft than you and we need to have someone come once or twice a winter sometimes with a bucket loader to push the snowbanks way out into the lawn. It's common, those snowbanks will pile up and then it'll rain at some point and turn them to concrete that only a bucket loader can deal with. Last year we had more dense QPF rich snow with the warmer pattern, and that's when its really needed. The plows can crush the fluffer nutter snowfalls pretty easily into the existing snowbanks. In confined areas you need to just truck it away and dump it somewhere, ha.
  5. Ha, I think it was a reference to classic superstitions on the forums about buying new winter toys... you buy something like a snowmobile and snowblower, you are guaranteeing a snowless winter so you can’t use it. But yeah, plowing is the only way to go if you average 100+ per season.
  6. No, NNE is fukked. Ginxy to Scooter should get ready for jackpots. Lets just hope he doesn’t have the luck of @eyewall...he moved to BTV from the Carolinas and then the airport goes like two full years without a 6”+ event, including the only time in 65 years with 0” at the Mansfield Stake on Christmas.
  7. No camera-on-a-tripod in a hotel room was ever aimed at clouds out the window. Before today. “Don’t worry honey, that camera is for clouds not the bed.”
  8. Really cool cloud porn this evening. Big towers going up everywhere it seems.
  9. Late afternoon hike up to the summit overlook on Spruce Peak... exposed to the south and the wind is just honking up here. The weather station says sustained 30s and gusting again in the 50s, now SSW direction. Probably experiencing the highest winds of this storm? Glad someone found 50+ gusts. Ha.
  10. Wasn’t there talk of severe convection this afternoon?
  11. 0.34” here. Some breezy conditions at times, MVL has had a couple hourly obs of 25-30mph gusts which sounds about right. There was a good low level jet though for the summer time as MMNV1 at the picnic tables was sustained at 40mph and gusting to 60mph out of the SSE for a while early this morning. 30-40G50-60 out of SE for a sustained period is pretty decent for summertime jet across the summits.
  12. It's been active. Weird year. Never in 8 years here has any of this happened. From the heat, to the general circus (summer: fireworks, bears, hot air balloons type stuff)... 2020 maybe?
  13. I have to admit, with the brazen black bear that has been at the back steps and looked inside a screen door twice now, my wife has dictated a shift to all A/C. The door vents the kitchen, ha. She’s not leaving the slider doors open.
  14. It’s been rare in recent times. I’m sure it happens from time to time but we are likely talking decades at this level. Some of the more rural ASOS records in the NNE stations go back to like the 80s/90s? Not *that* far in the grand scheme of things but enough to get a strong idea for baseline climate. Maybe something changes for the second half of the warm season... this has started like a winter that exceeds your average seasonal snowfall by a lot already, and it’s only halfway through the winter.