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  1. Did they build a super-pipe this season? Half-pipe walls are often some of the last things to go...or a north facing terrain park with massive hits.
  2. The internet is usually the cheaper thing while its the TV you pay more for from a cable company. And the wifi strength is a product of your router...the speed of the internet depends on how many users you have doing what online. You get the lowest internet speed and you may have some issue if you've got like three devices streaming Netflix all at once. I'd recommend going with the lowest possible internet speed and then it's often very easy to upgrade if you find it's not enough. I had a very minimal internet package a while back for like $33 a month...but we would see some slow downs if my wife was working on her laptop while streaming Hulu on the TV and I was streaming baseball on my laptop. So now we pay $40 a month and could probably stream a half dozen devices no problem now if we even had that many. The cable TV is where you are going to pay. I agree with ORH that it's quite the racket. I only have cable for sports. My wife watches everything on Hulu or Netflix (my sister's family and us split a Netflix account)....sports though I love in HD on the big screen.
  3. Apartment size doesn't matter. It's per TV usually. I pay $40 for internet and $50 for cable and we only have one TV. I'd think you can find something around $100 a month for both. But it's not like you are going to get both for $40.
  4. I'm sure Tucks does. Still a couple piles up here where the terrain parks were.
  5. lol. Wasn't his question about high heat and high humidity? You make it sound like everyone hates a sunny 83F day which is like mid-summer climo. Big difference sensibly between 83/58 and 95/70. Even responding to this makes me think the next post will be "yup you're one of them that hates pleasant weather.." ha ha.
  6. Most of the day was spent in the upper 60s with low dews but looks like we did tickle up to 71F at the 4pm observation. High of 66F at SLK is a nice airmass. Perfect day when the high is 71F with low dews and a mix of sun and clouds, with even a few quick moving showers thrown in. Beautiful evening, starting to drop quickly now. Gonna be some fine sleeping weather.
  7. No wonder people tint their windows out there...what do you think the inside temp of your car is there when you get out of work in some of the surrounding areas where people actually live? Some high-end stuff recently for the valley heaters out there.
  8. My parents say there's very few of them and no damage in North Woodstock...but that the golf course they play on 20 minutes away is covered in the things. Said it looked like the pavement was moving on the cart paths at times because of the density of them.
  9. None up here either.
  10. 0.35" at home during the first round here. Second round incoming. Some dense tropical rains here on 108/Mountain Road. This is some heavy rain at home. Marker is MVL Airfield.
  11. Mid-60s at 4K nearing midnight...ha. That's warm.
  12. You know its hot when SLK puts up a max/min of 88/66. Its almost unheard of for them to have mins that high and then almost hitting 90F at 1,700ft is pretty impressive. Yesterday they did 85/45 which is more like SLK with the wide diurnal range. Highs up this way today: BTV...89F SLK...88F RUT...86F MVL...85F 1V4...85F MPV...84F
  13. Oh hey I get it. It's a fascinating natural disaster in a way. Nature destroying itself.
  14. lol I've never seen someone so fascinated or obsessed with these things. Even making more posts about insects than your high dews you've finally got.
  15. 83/67 here and we drip doing yard work. At least there's a steady breeze gusting in the 20s all day. But it's summer today.