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  1. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    I'm oddly looking forward to a day near 60F. It would've bothered me so much more a few years ago but sort of at this point I play in the snow plenty and love it. But there's something about those couple mild days that remind you spring is coming. Hard to explain. It just doesn't bother me like it used to.
  2. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Always a glass half full type of guy, huh? You can't control the weather so don't let it control you - fortune cookie. The vibe was awesome out on the mountain today. A half a foot of fresh fell up on the mountain overnight and those mornings are always the best. So much better than any big ticket hyped up storm.
  3. NNE Winter Thread

    Good sliding out there this morning. 4.75" at 1,500ft and 6.0" at 3,000ft.
  4. 6" at 3000ft and 4.75" at 1,500ft. Sweet powder day up here! Those HRRR runs of 0.3" QPF feels about right with 20:1 ratios.
  5. 4" and dumping at the office this morning. Woof.
  6. I don't think there's any doubt looking at radar, models and observations that the southern shore jackpots in this. Those areas with already 3-4" down...that's solid.
  7. That's a nice looking band on the south shore of CT there... heading towards Ginxy.
  8. Crazy that PHL picked up 0.19" liquid at the ASOS in 1 hour as that band ripped east. That's pretty intense for a winter storm, nice.
  9. Ha, love when you get in these moods. Stick your fingers in your ears and go la la la la la la la la la. Why look at radar or anything, right? It's not like its a weather forum or anything. It's just a discussion, means nothing in the final outcome.
  10. I was thinking some has already fallen based on the obs in here and that's why it's Lower looking in SNE?
  11. But on a ground based board, right? Shouldn't take measurements right on the grass.
  12. Last hour HRRR has this as a nice regionwide event! Getting more uniform.
  13. NNE Winter Thread

    More snow coming it seems tonight. Would love to pull another 2-4" tonight after the fun squalls yesterday. HRRR has continued to juice up the QPF tonight every single run for the past 4 hours.
  14. Sunday the 18th ... storm idea/early thoughts...

    Latest HRRR (complete storm)... continues to turn up the juice up here. Not sure I believe the advisory level snow chance but getting more interesting further north.
  15. Sunday the 18th ... storm idea/early thoughts...

    Yeah has that larger UL light snow look over an expansive area, and maybe I'm looking at it wrong but H5 and H7 seem a bit north of where say south of the Pike would like them for a big ticket event like you said. Seems more general upper level support in CNE/NNE but the best lower level fronto stuff is down near Ginxy's latitude.