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  1. NWS knows. NEAR TERM /THROUGH SUNDAY NIGHT/... As of 333 PM EDT Saturday...The forecast for the next 12 hours continues to feature pleasant fall-like weather and increasing clouds. Temperatures are in the upper 60s to mid 70s, and dewpoints are in the 40s to near 50. It`s about as perfect as the weather can get for a Saturday afternoon.
  2. A couple of top 10s the past several few days. Just suffering through this air mass. Asking all the families picnicking at the picnic tables, “isn’t this just awful?”
  3. I should set a cam up on the Rec Path or any hiking trail. Rec Path is like I-93 in Boston with bikes right now. Kids swimming in the river (they dgaf)… like Tamarack said, the sun is still very warm. Big shade/sun difference today.
  4. Holy f’ing shit. That one at the end that just annihilates the bridge.
  5. Yes, that bright, bright sunshine on a Saturday with little puffy Cu dotting the landscape is just downright dreadful. No one has any reason to be outside today, just too cold. Everyone is just wishing for those cloudy, showery, tropical times because at least the dews were in the 60s. Now that was great summer weather for the last month compared to today.
  6. Summer at the peak of New England. Definitely a bit difference between the 4K feet picnic tables and the ones at 6K feet.
  7. Just ruined my Friday Night mood a bit, ha. Autumn evening out there. Clouds and wind stopping it from getting real chilly. Dews in the mid-40s.
  8. Its about relative to how dew points have been looked at over time and compared. And in the larger meteorological context of model data and observations. Will has explained this to you numerous times each summer lol. Yes, your backyard dew has always been higher even when you didn’t know it. When you used to start to feel it get a little humid 10-20 years ago and you turned on TWC to watch the “Local on the 8s”, you’d see an airport showing 61F for a Td. Oh right, makes sense, they say anything over 60F starts to feel humid, it says 61F. The whole time you were doing that your backyard was probably 65-66F but you just didn’t know it. So when the local news pops this graphic up, as they have for decades, it is based on the ASOS system. They should make a new one up for your home stations but just add 5F to each level. Comfortable on a home station is up to 65F, or ASOS of 60F, etc.
  9. He still doesn’t understand how this works after all these years? The dew point scales of how stuff feels and model data is based off the ASOS dews. Well actually he does know it works, he has to, and just tries to hide behind his dews, ha.
  10. Just bustin your balls, figured you meant today . We’ve had passing sprinkles and showers amid some breaks of sunshine… very NW flow type day with quick moving light showers and virga. Feels like autumn waiting for some graupel, ha.
  11. It would be quite a feat if it never rained there again.
  12. Check ORH/BDL which is what that’s based on but you know this.
  13. When it’s 91F at MVL on Columbus Day weekend with hazy hot humid fall foliage viewing, you’ll be able to say “See you deserve this for enjoying those cool summer days.”
  14. That sounds like every disagreement I have with my wife.
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