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  1. That's a pretty sweet video.
  2. That's hypnotic and fascinating.
  3. 3.36" at the Mansfield coop with this round of rain over the past couple of day. Only a couple sprinkles in a passing area of lift early this evening, but a very pleasant evening.
  4. Moved in up here. Humid start in the heavy rain this morning but 4pm ob of 75/53 is just about perfect. Chamber weather...swollen rivers flushing out the recent rains (this drains the entire east side of Mansfield and Smugglers Notch). Put a raft in up at the mountain 5 miles away and float all the way past town and to the Waterbury Reservoir.
  5. We were lucky in May and early June when you had mushrooms growing in the basement. Now we finally got a heavy event. 2.39" at the office for 24 hour total, probably 1.25-1.5" this morning alone. 3.15" storm total so far.
  6. You guys up through Dendrite had been getting a lot more rain than us in May and early June ;). Cant wait to check the office Stratus when I get back to the base once my employees get up here. Just took a 4-wheeler up 2,100 vertical feet the top of the Gondola to prep the lift for the staff...and that was a monsoon that just moved through. The ATV ride was like through a Honduran flash flood with muddy torrents raging down the mountain. I bet we just got like 1.5" in 60-75 minutes up here. I see MVL knocked out another quick half inch after the half inch overnight. Thank god for Carhartt rainsuits. This stuff is bomb proof.
  7. For f*cks sake. Torrential rain this morning at the mountain for opening weekend of summer ops. Probably making a run at 3"+ at the office.
  8. Eyeballing another half inch overnight in the stratus from some torrential downpours. That would put us ~2.25" in the past 36 hours. MPV ASOS picked up 0.50" in 14 minutes overnight...some good gully washing downpours.
  9. Just emptied the stratus out of curiosity and I'm up to 1.68" so far today. Widespread swath of 1.25-2.75" rains today including the BTV area. The lawn is so water logged you leave foot prints filled with water as you walk across it.
  10. Highest dew I've seen this year at the ASOS here. 73/72 for an ob this afternoon during tropical downpour.
  11. Yeah probably taking away any severe chances for us. Very wet. Tons of water pouring out of the hills today.
  12. It has been pouring this morning. Almost an inch so far at home and moisture train continues. BTV got over an inch. SLK is over 1.5".
  13. Did they build a super-pipe this season? Half-pipe walls are often some of the last things to go...or a north facing terrain park with massive hits.
  14. The internet is usually the cheaper thing while its the TV you pay more for from a cable company. And the wifi strength is a product of your router...the speed of the internet depends on how many users you have doing what online. You get the lowest internet speed and you may have some issue if you've got like three devices streaming Netflix all at once. I'd recommend going with the lowest possible internet speed and then it's often very easy to upgrade if you find it's not enough. I had a very minimal internet package a while back for like $33 a month...but we would see some slow downs if my wife was working on her laptop while streaming Hulu on the TV and I was streaming baseball on my laptop. So now we pay $40 a month and could probably stream a half dozen devices no problem now if we even had that many. The cable TV is where you are going to pay. I agree with ORH that it's quite the racket. I only have cable for sports. My wife watches everything on Hulu or Netflix (my sister's family and us split a Netflix account)....sports though I love in HD on the big screen.
  15. Apartment size doesn't matter. It's per TV usually. I pay $40 for internet and $50 for cable and we only have one TV. I'd think you can find something around $100 a month for both. But it's not like you are going to get both for $40.