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  1. I agree generally. Mansfield gets barely above treeline at like 4,100ft and above to the 4395 peak. The ridgeline at 4000ft does have small krumholtz all over it except high wind areas exposed to the prevailing westerlies mostly.
  2. Wouldn't wind play a role in soil too? Stripping soil off the rocks if it reaches a really thin point? I'd think over time (I mean long time) the harsh winds would cause blowing and drifting like short term snowfall. But if there is vegetation there, it would hold the soil too, so guess it's not that simple ha.
  3. Haha. 29F at MVL and now back into the 60s.
  4. lol you're a trip.
  5. Yeah I was thinking tonight may not be as cold as last night but the dews well into the 20s in the mountain valleys makes me think we freeze hard tonight. 61/26 now at MVL.
  6. Up here it's a big difference as usual from BTV to the interior sites like MVL/MPV/1V4. Even after the heat we are -2.4 at MVL, but we also maximize any chance to radiate (like last night's 32F that isn't included in the departures yet). We also were 50F yesterday when south was 90F, so heat was bunted south a bit. BTV +0.9 MVL -2.4 1V4 -2.9 MPV -1.1 MMNV1 at 4,000ft is -2.0 So aside from BTV torch zone, the VT climo sites in the northern half of the state are still solidly below normal. 1V4 has 100+ years of records and is the coldest, also it's the furthest NE of all the sites. Interesting gradient at MPV though, the more southern station of the ones listed and almost a full degree departure warmer. BTV stands out again when Mansfield is -2 and MVL is -2.4, pretty even departures in the lower 4,000ft of the atmosphere, while 20-25 miles away BTV is +.9.
  7. 32F for the low. Funny no frost advisory last night but we've got one tonight and will probably be warmer ;).
  8. From mid/upper 80s yesterday to possible frost tonight. Down to 40F at 11pm. Should tickle mid-30s by morning.
  9. Nice stuff JSpin!
  10. Check out that gradient. Upper 40s and low 50s up here while it's deep summer in CNE/SNE.
  11. It's 50F at MVL in the valley up here. Windows slamming shut, trying not to get the heat kicked on. 35 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. Elevations in the 40s.
  12. I've seen BTV issue statements like that for Lake Champlain during early season heat.
  13. 50/45 at 1pm at MVL. 24 hours ago it was 85F at the same time.
  14. I've noticed that the evening dews can make it feel worse to me than it does in the afternoon. At 4:40pm it was 86/52 and then a couple t-storms rolled through to moisten the low levels. Then dews came up into the mid/upper 60s as the temps dropped. Now its 65/64 and that increase in dews feels more summery than the 85-90 ambient temps this afternoon for some reason to me.
  15. I was thinking that line looked good for SVT. Your area on the immediate west slope gets crushed in summer as Bennington County is a severe magnet. Good orographic lift of warm humid air into an already stout convective line...boom.