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  1. Snow globe evening. Not much accumulation today, an inch or so at the mountain but flakes in the air a lot of the day.
  2. Snow globe day. NEK must be seeing some good snow today, been like a stable wave all day.
  3. Looks like the low was 0F at MVL.... but spent a long time in the single digits...couldn’t get that last degree to go sub zero. Some light snow up here this morning, big fluffy snow globe flakes.
  4. That’s awesome, I may need to look into that. I just hated melting it.
  5. 2/-2 Temps seemed to have leveled off now with the high level clouds.
  6. My heating bill will not be favorable this month at this point. I cannot believe how warm/humid it was for Halloween, less than 2 weeks ago it was dews in the mid-60s....and now there’s 5” of dense snow on the ground and the temperature is sloshing around near 0F.
  7. Holy ballz it is cold. My car said 3F arriving home. I’d think we get 0F tonight. Some PWS are already below zero just NE of here into NEK of VT.
  8. I finally tracked down that link Dendy gave out a couple weeks ago. Looks like the GFS has a cold bias at all levels. Here’s the 1000mb level...what the hell is up with the CMC/GGEM too, lol.
  9. Doesn’t it have a big cool bias now? At least that’s word on the streets here.
  10. MVL hasn’t gotten out of the teens today, that’s insane. BTV’s record low max of 28F (over 100 years ago in 1916) is getting crushed with 22F being the high so far. Somewhere down the line, somebody will wonder about the November 2019 cold of yore.... “holy shit did that hot desert of BTV really only see a max of 22F on Nov 13th!?”
  11. The equivalent of like 90/65 in April... breath it in.
  12. This is obscene cold. 11:20am at MVL... 10F with wind chill of -7F. Normal low temperature for MVL today is 28F....and here it is 10F approaching noon.
  13. So in the last 18 years, 30% of the time today the high was in the 60s. That doesn’t strike me as something that happens in a “cold winter month” as some like to call November.
  14. Normal is the average. If your average is 53F, one year it could be 65F and the next it’s 41F. It’s still supposed to be relatively mild right now though. This is an extreme air mass...the warm equivalent would be highs of like 70-80F.
  15. BTV had a high of 26F yesterday, setting the record low max and the record for earliest in the season. BTV had a low of 9F this morning, record low and coldest temperature for this early in the season. What’s most impressive to me is how warm BTV runs and they have the climate records back to 1800s....so for that station to set coldest/earliest records means the air mass is legit.