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  1. I think Stowe sold out to capacity on Wednesday and again today. From what I saw it is not deterring many people... or if it is the more limiting factor is the capacity restriction. Exactly how summer and fall foliage was. The demand was still larger than the capacity allowed, even with 99.9% of the US population having to quarantine for two weeks to visit.
  2. That was a serviceable run through Day 10. Lots of mess-scale snow chances in the upslope areas. I feel like any snow we get in the next 7-10 days though is going to be of that nature over synoptic snow.
  3. Maybe global warming? I think another met was opining about how warm it was despite low heights last night. <duck and run>
  4. To be fair everyone told him it would be like living in the Chugach Range of Alaska for snow. But it’s still New England lol.
  5. Special pattern just for your first winter.
  6. That’s my buddy Dylan, but yeah I think he’s got shifts for bindings.
  7. I find myself drawn to looking at it despite the time range. Always fun to see exotic solutions.
  8. Though all things considered.... not often you see a prog of a 959mb low just north of KRUT. Guess it does cool pretty decently from the +3C to +9C 850s in the beginning.
  9. I don't really get it either, that track seems like it's rain in early December anyway you slice it. I'm not sure having the antecedent air mass -0.5C colder would matter. Hard to argue AGW moving the needle that much with H85 temps of +3C or even more.
  10. Ended up with a couple inches of snow above mid-mountain this afternoon to give it a wintry vibe up there. Lower mountain was spring like mashed potatoes and soft bumps. 2.5 ways down right now... 3 upper mountain that funnel to 2 routes lower half (plus a few beginner lifts and trails over at Spruce). Full on bump runs this afternoon from the soft snow and traffic. Not time to "Shut 'em Down" yet up here. We'll see after a couple rainers, ha!
  11. Had to go up above 2,500ft to find some actual winter over white rain or wet parachutes on top of mud at 1,500ft. Picked up 2" at 3,300ft stake this afternoon. The world looks so much better with snow around. Below 2,000ft looks like Maryland in February after a rainstorm.
  12. Hope she gets a real mild case of it, which probabilities show she should but still not something you want to play around with. You won't be missing much over the next 10 days in Ski Country, ha.
  13. Because your snowfall to date on 11/28 is likely higher than several of your Maryland winters added together .
  14. 2" at the Lookout snow cam. Accumulating snow level on my afternoon ski runs was around 2,200ft.
  15. New York and Mass have financial penalties associated with them I think. Mass is $500 per day that you don’t quarantine after travel. New York’s is worse I think. Vermont doesn’t have a penalty and that’s been the issue all along. Like trying to set a speed limit on a highway but with no penalty if you go over the limit.