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  1. Pretty solid agreement in the day 8-10 mean between the EURO/GFS/GGEM...that's a nice looking trough for some seasonable chill. The trick, as you said, is after the cold shot...is it just in and out and then re-torch or can we "mild-up" back to normal without having it going back to +10 departures.
  2. Yeah, and the duration of that warm sector matters a lot...even a brief 55/55 heavy rain is ok but like 18 hours not so much. That manmade snow is essentially sleet in terms of retention. Depending on their snow gun settings, they are obviously going for production snow vs. skier friendly snow at that stage, so it may even make sleet look like powder haha.
  3. Yeah mountain life is good. I love how visual weather is in the mountains too.
  4. lol what a ridiculous answer. Not everything has to be used directly but it all feeds into the larger system.
  5. Not with my forecast haha. Not close to worth it with the upcoming warmth. Stowe won't if there's no chance of it sticking around. The system is tested and ready to go but given the upcoming continued mild pattern there's no reason IMO.
  6. First hard freeze at all elevations. 25F at MVL and 29F at 1,500ft. The mid-slopes had avoided freezing temperatures so far this year but not last night.
  7. Cool thing this time of year is seeing the rain/snow line in the passing orographic showers moving through the area. Here's a brief shower that rolled off Mansfield out over Stowe Village this afternoon, guess where the snow line is? Quite the snow squall going on 2,000ft above the village, with the Worecester Mountain Range in the background on the eastern side of town.
  8. lol that's hilarious.
  9. Looks like SLK has the first official -SN ob from an ASOS in the northeast this season. KSLK 162121Z AUTO VRB03KT 5SM -SN BR SCT019 BKN025 OVC033 02/01 A3010 RMK AO2 SNB16 P0000 T00220006
  10. Yeah its like one of those January cold fronts after a warm sector thaw...where the daily high temperature is over 20 degrees warmer than temperatures during the daylight hours.
  11. Is this not the definition of a cheap midnight high temp or what? lol...this is the Stowe base area where the temp was 60F at midnight. The temperature dipped into the upper 30s at 5am and stayed in the 30s for the entire daylight hours today. But the high will be 60F despite a cold and windy day spitting rain and snow. What a change though...still mind-blowing how yesterday was shorts and t-shirt with temps in the 60s/70s while this afternoon was in the 30s above 1,200ft and in the low 40s at 700ft.
  12. This is one of the more incredible 24 hour changes in a little while. Yesterday afternoon saw a high of 74F at MVL (and low 70s lingered well into the evening). This afternoon's high is 43F and its 41F now at 6pm. 31 degree difference in afternoon highs between yesterday and today. Of course at midnight we had a cheap "high" so the daily won't capture it... but sensible weather difference that is a huge change from one afternoon to another.
  13. Here are a few pics from up above 2,700ft... hiking trail is the Hazelton. Snow started on the trees around the Cliff Trail/Nosedive intersection. Snow was falling pretty lightly and the ground seems very warm from this torch of a month so most accumulations were off the ground...except on Upper Nosedive there was a dusting of snow of a few tenths of an inch covering the ski trail up in the Nosedive turns.
  14. What about Nov 5 vs March 5? I'm taking March 5 for longer retention.
  15. Lowest I saw traces of accumulation on Mansfield was around 2,700ft.