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  1. Had a couple snow showers today after the sunny start. A stronger burst just came through dropping a quick inch on the Lookout Snow Plot. It came through as white rain down in town at 750ft. Snow level seems to be 1000-1500ft this evening but will drop fast after the FROPA. Here's last run at 4pm... I love how light it is now late in the day. Two months ago I would've needed a headlamp practically at the time of these photos on our final lap. Now I can ski till 415pm and still have enough light to walk the dog when I get home.
  2. If there’s one thing that decides overall vibe in weather... it’s expectations. You can have a great winter if your expectations are the floor lol.
  3. Despite the warmth, wet-bulbs must be low because this band is monster flakes. Huge aggregates.
  4. I was pretty impressed by that BTV stat... especially given how warm the airport can run sometimes. Not hitting 40F until 2/24 seems pretty decent... especially since one good southerly flow day can pump 40F up that valley with ease even in mid-winter.
  5. Private weather station temperatures have been holding in the low to mid-30s. The earlier snowfall still was melting during the break... this current round started whitening things up again. It's a marginal situation at 750ft.
  6. Getting a steady light snow albeit very wet. Not sticking to anything but old snow and the evergreens are showing some white.
  7. It’s likely doing it’s over-done rime as QPF but it’s also showing some decent precip. This time of year we often lose the complete high ratio stuff with warmer 850mb temps in some of these events... but on the flip side they can produce more QPF with higher PWATS.
  8. Mets really going out on a limb today. Worst of winter is likely over...and thinking it may snow again on Feb 23rd.
  9. Bennington has always been a pit... remember it well driving from ALB to the ski areas. That monument but especially out by the airport.
  10. Modeling showing signs of a decent upslope event tomorrow night, behind that clipper system. Going to be warm with the low going north of us but that cold front behind it looks to bring some decent moisture. 3km NAM brings almost a half inch of water to MVL. Some of this is the usual NAM over doing water on the Spine but it rarely makes it to MVL. 24 hour totals. GFS GGEM
  11. I’m outside in a hoodie walking the dog. Feels pretty nice, not going to lie.
  12. 38F at MVL an hour ago, 37F currently. Local PWS is back down to 35F. Thickening clouds seemed to have stopped the rise and it's leveling off.
  13. Holy crap, we spiked to 35F at 5am... back down to 32F now. Mild outside this morning.
  14. With a final snow showers, it looks like we'll end with 2.3-2.5" here on the elevated board. The new ground cover appeared deeper but the board doesn't lie. Last inch was sparkling dendrites. Been holding pretty steady around 18" of depth for a month it seems like. This boosted it to 20" again, but it'll settle back down to 17-18" where that sleet and freezing drizzle crust is. Just seems so fresh all the time, continuously topped with feathers.