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  1. Foliage here. It seems late, with just low color currently in the canopy. However, have always used the date of October 10 as the peak target over a wide elevation range. Still a solid two+ weeks away. It can change in a hurry this time of year, just with a diminished length of color.
  2. Those are pretty impressive changes. Maybe the models just missed it by a day? 3km is a soaker tomorrow too.
  3. I mean if CT watched models dump 12-20” of snow on them for like the past 5 days and then put up a dusting on non-measurable QPF… this would be wild in winter.
  4. Yeah that’s wild for model guidance fails. They are in mid-winter form, lol.
  5. Wait both of you haven’t seen measurable rain today?!
  6. Nice Saturday outside. Partly sunny and 70F. Fun bear encounter running into him twice.
  7. It’s not great. Looks weird. But it still has time to pull it together for an October show.
  8. I do miss when all the links would auto-populate in the forum. For whatever reason, when I go to twitter it automatically gives me the twitter.com link that does imbed.
  9. That looks like how the GGEM removes snowfall from me all winter.
  10. Or the warm anomalies continue, and events are moving through at a good cadence but often not cold enough. My default winter expectation is warmer than average, but the storm train (strong energy and thermal battleground overhead) has been going since June 1. Ride the wave until it stops.
  11. We should have an ok weekend up north, dry weather and able to get outside in the mtns. 48/47 this evening, feels like September. Been a nice couple days. Average is 68/44, yesterday was 67/42. Today max of 70F. We should be hitting the 30s without a lot of difficulty this time of year. Last night was close at 39-41F. But it has been mild.
  12. Holy shit is right. Damn those are big tomato plants.
  13. It shifted very slightly south though from 00z. It had 2” to Canada almost. Now tries to spare us a little? It’s been flooding the whole region with water for a few runs.
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