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  1. Posted it in the main thread but probably belongs here instead. It's nearly 30F in Burlington this morning while it's low single digits in the RT 100 corridor on this side of the mountain. Even in the 20s on the summits. Look at that warm corridor on the VT side of the Lake where temps are 25-30F, while interior valleys and hollows are near zero in spots of NY/VT/NH. Good luck trying to forecast these temp ranges. Some 20-degree spreads even in very close proximity to each other.
  2. Ha even better, it’s near 30F in BTV and 2F at MVL. That’s an incredible temp difference from here to there. Then it goes below zero in NEK.
  3. What an inversion this morning. 3,600ft... 26F 2,600ft... 22F 1,500ft... 20F 750ft... 2F w/freezing fog/mist My car said 4F pulling out of my driveway an hour ago and then going up the hill to the base of the ski area the thermometer was jumping by like 2F at once lol.
  4. This looks like a good antecedent air mass prior to an approaching January storm...
  5. We are all backyard biased by far. Honest statement deep down.
  6. Ha yeah I mean I haven't been very excited on this one... we've been between the forcing (NNY and then the WCB along the coast) on every single model run. Even the snowiest runs looked like half an inch of QPF, lol.
  7. Yeah it's just the high res maps show why the model soundings are showing snow at times. Pounding isothermal 0C to -1C while the coarse maps may have it above 0C.
  8. Ha yeah now I'm reading up. Those WSI maps look like terrible resolution... yeesh. Then again maybe we are spoiled with maps that show these little couplets of upslope cooling to -0.5C and then downslope to 0.5C on every axis of terrain. It still amazes me that the models can see easterly flow and cool a pocket on the east slopes or the same with westerly flow in the other direction. Just these little things that maps like the WSI one will never be able to handle.
  9. It’s weird how different that looks than the WxBell 850 temp maps. Had more pockets of 0C stuff in VT, NH, ME.
  10. No you aren’t, stop lying, you’ll still check each run
  11. Once these systems mature though it’s like hit or miss mid-level banding. Just sit and spin and one zone can get 8-12” while another area just happens to fall in mid-level subsidence and gets 2-4”.
  12. I forget you spent time up in Maine in the snow belt didn’t you for college? Man the time flies but shows how long the core group on here has been around.
  13. You have a laundry list of storms I’m jealous of. Goes both ways.
  14. Looks like an occluded hit or miss Swiss cheese snow map lol. That one got plenty far enough. Don’t need to rip this up the Hudson or CT Valleys.
  15. March 2001 was a fantastic storm, don’t know what you are talking about .