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  1. it’s always well mixed there… air never goes calm, it’s always moving. Mansfield radio towers at 25F, usually +10F in an adiabatic atmosphere to the base. 35F fits. Southwest flow with warm air advection/WAA still ongoing ahead of the FROPA. Nothing falling down here, we’ll mix back up in the valley as the wind increases. Once the wind shifts to NW up there, it’ll drop like a rock. Tomorrow will be cold.
  2. 49 degree swing today. From -15F to a brief 34F. Despite the temperature just above freezing, nothing even came close to melting with such a cold core temperature of all objects/surfaces. Currently 27F.
  3. We had a pretty insane 49 degree change from this morning to this afternoon. It's hard to really describe how much of a difference ~50 degrees of temperature makes in the "real feel" category. From absolute brutal cold, tree and deck popping, nostril freezing on first breath... to huh, this is comfortable, only a shell needed. From -15F to a very brief high of 34F when fully mixed is pretty crazy. 27F currently.
  4. His spot is in a nice cold pocket surrounded by higher hills from the photos over the past year or two. It makes a big difference. Once it really clouds up and starts to precipitate, it'll all even out. The cold spots will rise and the warm spots will cool off.
  5. Hopefully the southern crew can score a wintry scene out of this one.
  6. Hopefully you grab a fronto band… still looks pretty wintry there. Given warmth ahead and CAA, I’d imagine elevation will help.
  7. You leave your truck in the street and driveway empty so your town’s DPW crew can “accidentally” remove a side view mirror with a plow? I think you see 1-2” refresh.
  8. No she does it for a full hour in what is the slowest 3-mile loop because she never walks…. Just rolls. Turn around and she’s 100 yards back legs up in the air having a blast.
  9. Up to 26F here now, really nice and feels balmy. Up over 40 degrees from the minimum. Cold has frozen the River out back for the most part… But the wildlife gathers around the few open water areas.
  10. Kids bounce too when they fall, ha. I mean you hear stories of kids falling off chairlifts at ski areas at heights that you assume might be critical or even fatal but then you hear they skied away from it. Adults fall 30 feet to flat and they are getting air lifted out.
  11. Yeah that’s been my progression. I’m tentative in the woods right now. Slow, pick your spots. The spring snowpack is so much better for low depth woods as you are often on top of the snow not in it. Also at this stage of life the financial implications of shutting on a couch for weeks all maimed aren’t as appealing as when I was in college or in my 20s. A great local skier saw her season end in the woods during this storm, with 3 fractures and 2 surgeries needed from a hidden snow snake. It’s sobering.
  12. I posted this in the other thread but the BTV current conditions page is a wild gradient in NH. Here it’s 10F colder than the west side of Mansfield but starting to erode.
  13. It’s starting to erode here. It’s 10F warmer on the other side of Mansfield. Warmth pushing into CPV. But check out that gradient from MHT to Coos County. Also up in the St Lawrence Valley… like under 10 miles from 14F to 34F.
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