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  1. 82/55 this afternoon… felt about normal and normal summer is good summer. Excellent day.
  2. Nice weather is boring weather this time of year. The more uncomfortable, the higher the post rate gets (cold or warm).
  3. 79/55 at 6:30pm down in the valley, about 5 degrees cooler here. A third climo normal day in a row! How’d we get so lucky.
  4. The irony is that’s spot on normal. Doesn’t get any more normal than that. Normal value for MVL is 79/55 (yesterday’s climo report)… It’s wild that for every 85F max, we should match it with a 73F max. Instead it’s like you get a normal day or two then retorch.
  5. Do we ever see a below normal month again? Ha, not even really joking.
  6. 79/55 right now at 6:30pm. You just feel bad for the kids at summer camp and folks who can’t make summer memories in this weather today.
  7. Fairbanks looks pretty nice this weekend, ha. 78/53, 82/57, 87/61 with sunshine until midnight.
  8. Yeah no one wants this. Why can’t we just get some normal weather lol. It wants to be record warmth (means) or a cold rain. Let’s go for 84/55 and Cu. Central/North VT doesn’t need another 2” of rain though.
  9. Also, the irony about the bolded is that during this stretch, rain has impacted more days and kept folks inside up here more than any COC weather could. It’s rained or threatened to every day. 16+ inches since June 1. Today was the first day it hasn’t threatened to rain in a long time… not shocking the minute the PWATs and dews drop, the rain threat ends. Folks up here are definitely now trained to expect tropical rains with tropical weather.
  10. Ha, while I don’t disagree… I still think if you aren’t doing water activities there is better weather possible. Today was glorious for just about anything. I hiked after work with the dog and worked up a sweat on the way up, but then something curious happened. My sweaty shirt was bone dry by the time we got back to the car. For two weeks, it was a sweatfest in all directions. Once wet always wet, ha. Today dried as soon as exertion ended. All joking aside, there’s a decent gap between 90/70 and a chilly cloudy rain. On this forum we tend to spin at as the options are record heat or brutal cold. Some nice, normal 82/55 days (climo here) work very well too.
  11. Stockholm syndrome… being held hostage by the dews and developing a psychological attachment to them. 66/54… this is pretty “normal” for July here based on long term averages but this year it feels like it’s almost time to go pick pumpkins for Halloween.
  12. Our average low right now is 55F on July 18th. Earlier in the month the average was low-50s. The last time the temperature here at MVL went below 61F was July 3rd. With normals of 52-55F. We are +6.7 for JULY! Those departures in January are crazy but the low variance of summer months makes it borderline unbelievable.
  13. The dew has finally dropped into the 50s for the first time in what feels like two weeks. Air is fresh and clear again.
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