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  1. Merrill or North Face for me. Merrill's are my favorite. Just grabbed a pair for $75 at a local ski shop doing an end of summer sale.
  2. I can't believe the last time we hit 80F was 10 days ago. In mid-August. Only 5 days this month have hit 80F, and 4 of those were Aug 1-4. The other 15 days have been 70s or even 60s. Hottest weather by far was in June, though even that month was -1.2 on the whole. Departures: June...-1.2 July...-3.0 August...-1.5 That's pretty consistent below normal to even well below by summer standards. Warmest temp in July and August is 84F so far at the ASOS. Warmest temp at the local PWS in town for July was 82.7F The ASOS definitely does a bit higher ranges (warmer daytime, colder nights) than the closest PWS, but that's the field Climo vs. forested area.
  3. I was wondering that too. Is that temperature drop a manual forecast change or does the gridded model data do that automatically? Do the models factor in these rare but easily foreseen solar events.
  4. Yeah today was stunning. 75/55 all afternoon up here. Really no better way to run a summer...with the majority of the days having highs in the 70s.
  5. I agree it's not chilly...it's still shorts and t-shirts. But at least where I am it has been solidly below normal compared to the mean of the previous 30 summers. We'll have to see how the day 5 Euro does...it's been steadfast with a huge trough moving through for 4-5 days.
  6. It's more those that call it like they see it? Total honesty, how many times this summer have you really thought it was going to get sustained heat in New England? Not your wishcasting finding a tweet or two musing about maybe some warmth in 2 weeks. The fact of the matter is this is what this summer is. Who would constantly forecast heat this summer given the available model guidance?
  7. Haha yeah it's like how many cool shots this summer have verified much warmer than expected? Why change now?
  8. lol you wouldn't come close to 77-80F in that.
  9. Wow at the Cape CoCoRAHS numbers... 8.25" and a bunch of 5-7.5" amounts.
  10. Gonna be a good day at the office.
  11. Winner winner chicken dinner. Very solid swath of 1-3" from central VT through the Lakes Region and into adjacent Maine. The Lakes Region looks like the jackpot though. 3.9" at Alton Mountain, NH...not sure the validity of it but there are a scattering of 3"+ amounts here and there, especially by the NH/ME border. Surprised there isn't more hydro issues or advisories...2-3" (even spread out over a day) is a pretty good soaker that can fill up drainage basins...especially the steeper terrain areas.
  12. Man that's a good pull... quite efficient right on that boundary with low level cool air meeting that steambath dew pool to the south.
  13. Do the Sox and Yankees play tonight at Fenway or rain out?
  14. That seems like a different planet right now. Our dews have come up into the low 60s and the high temp did get to 70F briefly on the valley floor.