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  1. How do the dogs do? Mine loses her shit over fireworks. Thinks the world is ending.
  2. BOX reads minds. They aren’t confused. “After the cold front passage late Tuesday, the upper level pattern features a mean trough which will allow daytime highs during the remainder of the week to be below to near normal. For reference, typical daytime highs are in the low to mid 80s away from the immediate coast. From a climatological standpoint, we are fast approaching the highest average temps in the year. So no real big heat in the horizon during the hottest time of the year!”
  3. Yeah I’m not sure I can remember a July air mass with RH values so low. BDL at 84/39 for 20% RH is some early spring before leaf out type of RH. FIT has been sitting 18% RH. Dry, dry, dry.
  4. 12z GEFS continue to keep the trough going days 5 - 9 in the 2m mean temperatures.
  5. Yeah this is more of a summer I remember when I first moved here a decade ago. One of those years we had like half the minimums in July were 40s. Of course it’s this summer after spending a ton of money on A/C because of the past 2-3 summers that were roasters.
  6. NW flow mixing out pockets of real dry air?
  7. It’s a confusing process… but yeah if that trough leaves we will bake for a while. Nothing to stop that central ridge from moving in.
  8. This pattern seems pretty stable now. I’ll wait for a Tippy post about the long wave indices, he usually covers that stuff well, but not sure what it would take to really rock the boat now and switch it up. The persistent SE Canada trough seems locked in.
  9. Not a cloud in the sky, 70/48. Beauty.
  10. Inside that ice looks bonkers. What a scene, thanks for the snaps.
  11. Hopefully after last night, the fires have been put out down there along and south of the Pike.
  12. 81/48 and sunny. Every single person in town is outside right now. Place is packed.
  13. Ha those look easy for the bears. Probably pop them like a pimple, just squeeze until the garbage pops out. That’s what they do with our compost buckets. Can’t get the top off so he smacks his paws together on both sides of it and it explodes.
  14. We’ve had some ridiculous dewy summers lately but this one so far has shown the opposite at least up this way. Maxed briefly at 65F dew up here last evening and then got beaten back very fast to 50-52F today. The number of hours at that 65F threshold has been near nil it seems. It just gets crushed fast by the lower heights in Canada. I don’t mind that look if the dew bros in SNE can dig it while it’s dry up here lol.
  15. 76/52 The Chamber approves once again.
  16. Had a brief thunderstorm earlier, huge drops only amounted to 0.04” and it was hauling east. A few good lightning strikes. NVT and NNH should see a few good overnight boomers, just hope the narrow trajectories line up with a given location.
  17. June of yore. Lowest amount in my lifetime… it resonates. In the era of AGW, it’s nice to see that the atmosphere can do it. The late afternoon, early evening minimum really shows the prevalence of the dry mixed flow. That’s a textbook bar graphic illustrating dry air masses. Overnight radiating to the dew point and the resulting lag in surface moisture values during the AM as the condensed dew evaporates, then mixing it out dry in the PM.
  18. Beer doesn’t give you visuals. To imagine western drought and everything around you literally on fire, that’s more of a shrooms or acid trip. Mild evening, 73/64. Had a brief thunderstorm, will see if we get anything else overnight.
  19. Out on the front lines, dragging buckets of water from the lake to protect life and property. My dad lit his hedges on fire for a controlled burn to create a fire break for when the big one comes. Sounds dire down there.
  20. Numerous fires burning down there? My family hasn’t mentioned that. I should probably call to make sure everyone is safe. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. 84/59 at 3pm. Nice summer day worthy of swimming but figured it was going to be hotter this afternoon.
  22. Ha, that’s pretty telling. Going to be a confusing stat I’m sure.
  23. We need to just let him enjoy it, been a tough run. Not 70F dews yet at the ASOS. BDL 91/65 ORH 86/64
  24. 84/59 up here at MVL. Up 31F from the morning low. Definitely the hottest day in a while.
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