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  1. Long post with a lot of images, but everyone knows I'm a firm believer of a picture is worth a thousand words. Today was an interesting day. It was the first day of paid parking in the main Mansfield lots. Free parking was down in the lower lots at Toll Road and Cross Country Center with consistent shuttle access. Well, evidently an economic disincentive does matter. Especially on days with so-so conditions. Despite it being a Friday (work day) early season and a couple days after a rain, the ski area felt as dead as ever. I studied/graduated in economics in my college years. I find it fascinating. It isn't just about money...economics is about behaviors and the explaining the decisions behind them. So I find this experiment oddly interesting for an area with traffic and parking capacity problems (the hill's uphill capacity can take more humans, the road needs to take less vehicles). This is 11 AM, sunny weather, temps rising to the 30s and light winds. Perfect weather to be outside. Only 30 cars. Empty? It will be interesting to see how much the economic control limits demand, especially on the days when conditions are ok, not great. The Mansfield Stake is at 10”. Hovering either side of average past week. Things went from record hot, straight into winter with sustained snow cover even to the valley floors, and now is back to late Nov/early Dec vibes of frozen ground, dusting of snows, some remaining snowbanks. We'll see where the future takes us. This afternoon: Big fan of the snowmaking and grooming friends/team. Mountain Ops as a whole is crushing it so far this season. Opening up another route from Upper Hayride and Jake's Ride tomorrow despite the rough weather this week. They keep making progress on terrain expansion. Today was a beautiful day with some sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and light winds... but "tomorrow may not be the same" was my message on the snow report this evening. I try to give everyone a summery of that day followed by a projection for tomorrow.
  2. Every single poster in this forum would love to average a 24” or greater event per year. I don’t care what anyone says about retention. If they can see 24”< in their backyard in one storm with frequency, they’d take it. I would.
  3. To me it’s about the fact that a climo favored area (BUF/south towns and Tug Hill/Ontario zone) can realistically get a four foot snowstorm once a decade is mind-boggling. Folks can point to snow retention to try to minimize it, but the short term volume of snow that falls in these bands is super high-end. Almost Sierra/western level snowfalls. It will melt fast given more humid mild temperatures (45/35 vs 45/3 air masses like out west), but they are high end totals. True society stopping events.
  4. What starts with R and rhythms with Pain?
  5. Yup, everyone (myself included) loves to “rush” this time of year climo-wise… like it should be deep winter. It really isn’t though. Normal highs at 1500ft are still above freezing (35F) right now. Places like BTV and valleys down in CNE/SNE are still 40F or higher average maxes.
  6. It’s still early though. Is it amazing? No, but it’s holding the “wintry early season at a ski area” vibe. At least it’s white. The Mansfield Stake is at 10”. Hovering either side of average past week. It’s certainly no dumpster fire (yet). This afternoon:
  7. Someone sent it. Had no idea NOAA even buries this type of stuff anywhere on their website. Like how....
  8. NOAA agrees, lol. What is this product?
  9. Ha right… I mean you’d just half to laugh. I’ll take the under on like 8 straight rain events (we already are in the middle of like 3-4 of them). The laughable part is every single one of those lows passes over like the same exact spot north of Montreal. It’s be wild to see that type of consistent parade.
  10. lol that's wild. That's 4 rain events to Canada on the 18z GFS and gearing up for #5 at Day 16. There's no panic, it's just comical.
  11. Had some good squalls today. Dust on moonscape and bare ground lol. At least a half inch fell at home to whiten the ground and get the dog rolling in it after a brief break in the melt yesterday.
  12. Ha, 10” in town and 17” at mountain to date. Nothing noteworthy other than it is snow vs no snow.
  13. Yesterday knocked us back to grass but the cold westerly flow into the hills is trying to whiten it back up in the valley. Wintry appeal I guess? High wind up at 1500ft.
  14. Lol. Pattern #1… 10 of 12 days having highs of 50F or greater. Pattern #2… 14 of 18 days seeing highs of 32F or below and highest temp of 40F during those 18 days.
  15. During the pattern change. I know no one wants to hear it but we had snow cover down in the valley for almost two weeks during the pattern change that never happened. Today was freezing rain upper mountain with 80mph gusts and a very cold rain down low. If there was no change, it would still be November 2006 with no ski areas operating right now.
  16. Nothing changed. All-time record highs and we still aren’t skiing.
  17. See here’s the difference… prior to the pattern change, no ski resort could even think about making snow. If the pattern didn’t change, ski areas would still be closed. That is a fact. But they are open. Why? Because it got cold enough to make snow. Places made snow for a good 10-12 days after not being able to make snow the first half of the month. That is a change. It wasn’t meaningless, places opened for skiing and riding. Had natural snow to boot. Sure, it still rains but good grief a one day snapshot of Bretton Woods looking depressing is a sign the pattern didn’t change?
  18. Management wants you to spot the differences in these two images…
  19. Would expect a deeper understanding from a degreed Met that going down 10-20 degrees worth of temp departures is not worth doubling down over… and then using a snow cover map to show nothing changed? Like busting out a snow cover map in April or May when it goes from highs in the 40s to highs in the 70s and 80s and say nothing changed.
  20. Just for context for the forum: For the month of December the average snowfall is… ORH… 11.9” BDL… 9.1” BOS… 7.7” PVD… 6.6” It would appear for most of interior SNE an 8-12” monthly total should be the expectation.
  21. A Mtn Ops friend of mine at Stowe developed a home snowmaking system while in high school that would bury his yard. He’s started up again this season. Dude also has his own home-made rope tow set up. Garden hose and air compressor.
  22. The World Cup requires so many resources that there is no way it doesn't impact the actual skiing product... however I don't think it matters. They are offering skiing/riding to the public, while putting on the single best show for skiing in the northeast. Without the World Cup, they'd be leading the industry at this time for public offerings. The staffing and energy that needs to go into putting on an event like the World Cup, plus concerts, events, parking, etc is so labor intensive. I bet almost everyone at the resort was/has been focused on that event. Financially and globally, having that event run as smooth as it has for several+ years is way more important than the public ski/ride offerings IMO. They'll catch up quickly once the Superstar Quad opens to the public. But they have diverted a lot of resources towards that big ticket event.
  23. I’m one who is starting to dislike the real bone chilling cold… but single digits with snow cover shows the difference in climo from NNE to SNE. Those -10s and -20s mornings are the real annoyances. We’ve already had a minimum of 4F… though not the below 0F readings we can see. Forgot what year but a few Novembers ago we were -6F one night. Of course it’s fake though. All in our minds ha.
  24. WWA for chance of icing issued in advance… following the I-93 icing issues last week?
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