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  1. Very jealous. I love the hills but the water has an extremely strong pull too. The ocean is where summer lives. That wide open space.
  2. That's insane, two in one game. Textbook way to do it. Ball hit hard to third base, step on the bag and then start a more routine double play style finish. If the batter is just leaving the box while the third basement already has the ball next to the bag, he's in trouble. He hit it too hard .
  3. Chamber of Commerce day. What you see in the brochures for summer in the mountains. No haze, excellent visibility in clear air... a breeze... shallow Cu dotting the landscape casting shadows. Hot enough to swim, not hot enough to stifle active recreation. Mountain was bustling over on the Gondola side, a good energy of people enjoying themselves. Low 80s in town (max of 83F at MVL), upper 60s at the picnic tables.
  4. Yeah the adult black bears can be large creatures in person, ha. I probably feel overly comfortable with them though as they really cause me no concern… my dog does though. Every one we’ve seen, I’ve seen it first and can leash her before she notices it. A black bear will pay no attention to me, but a barking dog might just annoy it enough. They are extremely docile creatures though. A few years ago working on the mountain we watched a deer and bear graze only like 10 yards apart or less. They both were going for the same ground food source and the deer seemed to have an understanding that this large creature isn’t interested in the meat I could provide, ha.
  5. Dog and I ran into our first bear of the season today. Big fella. Had to wait about 10 minutes for him to meander away and out of our path. Of course the one time I decided not to carry the real camera with me on the mountain too. Amazing summer day though. Low-80s in the valley, dews in the 50s. Tons of sunshine. Plenty hot to go swimming (dipped in the river) and comfortable enough to be very active without sweating to dehydration. A perfect summer day.
  6. He was solid at BTV. I liked Loconto on the discos when he was up here.
  7. Added 0.12” this afternoon, first 24-hour period with 1”+ in what feels like a very long time.
  8. Never even noticed this. I just remember in college they had Happy Hour but they got you with free food. I guess the booze wasn’t discounted but the way around that is “all you can eat free wings from 4-6pm.” I guess I didn’t realize how it was done but it felt like “happy hour” with everyone going and buying pitchers of beer while they bring you free food like nachos, wings, mozzarella sticks or other stuff.
  9. Good Red Sox win today against the Royals but oof at the Baltimore Orioles. O’s were 1 out away from winning the game 7-4… and instead lost 10-7 when the Blue Jays scored 6 runs with 2 outs in the 9th. lol you can’t make that stuff up.
  10. Just got one here too. Brief torrential rain but the wind on the front side had to be 40+ mph here at the ski area. Evap cooling rushing down the east slope into the base area right as the rain started was pretty good wind for 5-10 seconds. Turning over tables and breaking umbrellas, ha. Waitstaff needs to be faster at getting those down.
  11. It is wild how late it’s light out. Like 10pm and still twilight visible on horizon.
  12. That’s a hot one Monday on the 6z ECM…
  13. It doubled our June rainfall tally. I’m at 1.78” now. Had been under an inch so far. Can tell it’s dry as the river didn’t change at all, rains almost an inch and can’t tell. Still very low flow.
  14. Haha you’re right… those always come with a “wasn’t expecting the inner gauge to be almost full this morning.” Models won’t show those pixels of 0.75-1” amid a larger 0.1-0.4 shield. I guess it was more the overnight loud boomers at like 2-3am that knocked power out based on the flashing clocks this morning that woke me up… sort of like was that thunder? Then another one crashes and yup, yes it was.
  15. Finally got a nice drink last night. Pretty good claps of thunder too, nice Nocturnal storm vibes. 0.90” in the Stratus this morning. Wasn’t expecting that.
  16. Yeah it’s something that happens rarely at the picnic tables. I’ve seen freezing mist/drizzle with clear ice over snow in September. It’s very hard to get a deep layer sub-freezing column. The summits have been known to get sub-0C on upslope flow but with super cooled water droplets. Not a cold enough atmosphere to support ice crystals.
  17. Today the dog said goodbye to winter with a final roll in the snow. This is the last patch of frozen water on Mansfield and likely to melt out in the next 24 hours. It goes very fast once it gets this small. I also love that you can see the footprint of it, with the green vegetation all around the dead, flattened grasses. It's crazy to think the brown grass, recently melted off, is going through the same process that our lawns go through when they melt out in April, ha.
  18. Annually! That thing gets worked at near 4kft and exposed fully to wind from like 270 degrees around the dial. I don’t believe it got it last summer though with the COVID stuff (bigger things to worry about than the picnic tables and deck, ha), so that’s two winters of wear and tear.
  19. 63F and a bit muggy at the picnic tables… haze and high clouds too. Flesh devouring bugs too.
  20. I don't have a station online, there are several very close by. I just have a basic one for the garden. My climate seems to very closely resemble MVL ASOS on the whole, we drop faster in the evening as the shadow from Mansfield hits first. Gives it a head start over MVL. But by morning, the two spots seem very close in low temps. Afternoon highs seem pretty similar too on sunny days.
  21. That makes sense based on our mountain climo. November seems to feature a baroclinic zone starting to move into and through the area. And I think we do better on the general climo NW to SE (sinking south) period than when the jet stream mean rises north in the spring. The northern Greens like to live on those cold frontal passages, with dynamics or strong thermal changes going from warm/moist to cold/dry... found more in November than April. On average April is probably more warm air advection and November more cold air advection. On a very simplistic level with a lot of seasonal variability, I think that bolded stat can be explained as simply as cold air advection and warm air advection in the large aggregate.
  22. The first night off for the Red Sox after a 17 day stretch. Weird having to decide on something to watch.
  23. You probably weren’t spending much time in this sub-forum before last year, but prior to that this Banter thread would grow like a page per week, if that, during the summer. This June banter thread probably has more posts already than a decade of summer banter threads… back before debating and trying to solve all the world’s problems was allowed .
  24. That’s awesome that it updates so often. I’ll bookmark that tool. That’s often my issue with graphical sites like that as they often update only on the hour and can be late at that… so they often have decent lag and don’t update the SPECI metars.
  25. I use mesowest to look by station manually often. I’m sure there are much easier ways to do it. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?table=1&banner=off&sid=KMVL