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  1. Three sites going down in elevation around the Village, temps ranging from 31F to 25F in 450 vertical feet. Above inversion, at inversion, below inversion. This belongs in a weather textbook. 1200ft… barely below freezing (31F min), can see temp/dew separation. 800ft much colder at 27F right on the edge of shallow inversion. Then 755ft along river just fully under the inversion and an ice box to 25F.
  2. Interesting to see the different traces between sites nearby based on how tucked into the valley they can get. Some sites as low as 25F locally. Others barely below freezing just a few hundred feet higher. Seeing how different elevations react to the cooling with the T/Td separation. Three sites going down in elevation around the Village: 1200ft… barely below freezing, can see temp/dew separation. 800ft much colder at 27F right on the edge of shallow inversion. Then 755ft along river just fully under the inversion and an ice box to 25F.
  3. Back to back hard freezes… who’d have thunk. 25-28F this morning around town under 1,000ft.
  4. We’ve gone back up. Just landed into BTV and about to drive home. MVL now OVC with clouds and breeze kicked up. Temps 36-39F generally now with clouds. We’ll need to clear up to freeze, with the OVC deck at 3,300ft at the ASOS. Looks like 34F was the local min before back up. Funny that the pilot and copilot after the flight were talking about BTV… the one guy said “I flew into here last winter, had a company day off between flights and went skiing at Stowe. Delta has a Stowe discount and it was an awesome day, got paid to go skiing for a day”…. my wife sees me smirking and was like don’t engage, it’s after 11pm, I want to go home .
  5. Those high clouds can definitely ruin radiational cooling. Looks like HIE has stalled dropping for the past 60-90 minutes as the ASOS started reporting FEW/SCT aloft above 10,000ft. Its crazy but even 10-15,000ft clouds will halt it.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if Tolland got 8” given his precip year to date …
  7. Start there… can always adjust upward later if needed.
  8. Clouds? I see the higher/mixed spots over in the Greens are also liking that 37F temp in the 1,000-1,800ft band. Some mid-level clouds moving through NY state and into VT might halt it. The dew points below freezing this afternoon and the summits below freezing indicate the potential is there. Still quite early in the evening.
  9. That’s awesome. That area does great in a lot of synoptic events, any southerly orientation to the wind you’ll see the QPF maps light it up there. SE or SW you often see this max to the north of the Mohawk Valley the entire length of the southern Adirondacks. Good CAD in those elevated hollows that seem frequent in that area… like 1000-2000ft “valleys”.
  10. Yeah looks like a more widespread freeze tonight. Temps already 34-39F over a wide area and dews at the ASOS stations were 28-32F this afternoon. If radiational conditions persist all night most spots will be in the 20s tomorrow morning. I saw BML and HIE had the lowest afternoon dew points so if it stays clear I’d assume they could do mid/upper 20s with ease? Locally already some calm 34s showing up west and east of Mansfield in Underhill and Stowe.
  11. How far from Warrensburg? I grew up skiing at Gore and spent a lot of time in that area through high school as a budding snow weenie. If you are near 2,000ft, it’s plenty cold and snowy to have good snowpack on the ground all winter. CAD spot there in the upper Hudson River and eastern Adirondacks. It stays cold in those nooks.
  12. That was a monster winter. 375” at 3,000ft. The most snow at the High Road plot during my time here. It didn’t seem *as* great down in town but the hill just snowed and snowed. Like 100+” in 3 weeks all in pure champagne powder during late Jan to mid Feb I think.
  13. Finalized morning lows. Coldest night for the BTV warning area by a long shot this fall… and only a few degrees below normal .
  14. 2010-2011 is my personal favorite winter since I’ve been up north. Upslope and synoptic. Most of the synoptic snows seemed to trend better and better as storms got closer. What would look like suppression depression would be a foot in the last 36 hours of runs. The N/W trend was real that winter. And there were some monster upslope storms of several feet.
  15. That was JSpin’s top winter I believe too. It was big.
  16. 28F for MVL ASOS, was a surprising cold night it looks like. Forecast was mid-30s. Granted it’s only like 4F below normal min . No valley fog at all either.
  17. Yeah last night was not modeled or forecast well. It got colder than expected by a good 5-7F in a lot of spots. First map is the forecast and second map is 6am temps (actual minimums likely a tick cooler):
  18. Looks like the first widespread sub-freezing morning back home. Most of the home PWS seem to have hit the upper 20s overnight between Waterbury, Stowe and Montpelier area.
  19. Lot of 27-29s around at home on the PWS network… looks like the first solid freeze is in the books. October 23, very very late. Mansfield down to 25F, windchills hit singles digits overnight. First legit cold shot it seems.
  20. First freeze back home. Local Stowe CC PWS at 31/31 next door and MVL ASOS at 32/30. That took a long time to get first 32F.
  21. Ahhh no you don’t have to pick a date. Good any time. The Epic Day passes can be used anytime… which frankly is terrifying but it’s a good deal. Can get 4 days (any date non-holiday) to Vail Resort Mtns for $65 a day. $33 per kid ticket. 1-day is $69 and it drops per day from there. Don’t need to pick dates.
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