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  1. The craziest thing about this time of year is it can range from practically summer even at the summits… to other years you need snowmobiles to get around on the hill. I think it was 2006 the stake had 30” of settled depth in October with people skiing glades and employees ripping around on snowmobiles like it was December. Of course that 30” in 2006 melted and it didn’t snow again until MLK Weekend and Valentines Day 2007. Edit: Or was it 2005? What year was Hurricane Wilma? Something associated with Wilma dropped feet of snow.
  2. 60F in shorts at the cloud line around 3,500ft right now, one county south of Canada. Summit hit 62F. Just comfy .
  3. Yeah I was a lot more gung-ho give me freezing temps every month of the year even coming from ALB… can’t imagine MD. We’ve talked about it but it’ll be interesting in 10 years or so what your thoughts are. I think as long as you go south for warm season though you may avoid the complacency (if that’s the right word).
  4. Patience is probably it to be honest. I feel like a decade ago I/we as a forum had legit winter anxiety. Like what if it’s not a banner year?! Wasted part of our lives! Now it’s like “it’ll snow, it’ll be winter, just let it happen. If it isn’t a banner year it’ll just try again next year.” The level of “high-strung” over winter that used to happen in here as a whole has really mellowed out over the past 5-10 years. Maturity? Ha, can’t be that. Has to be patience. Maybe if we were banished back to a warmer winter climate we’d regain that again. We’ve been spoiled on the whole for 15 years relative to climate in many areas too.
  5. Those are exactly it! See those all over apple orchards and corn mazes in New England.
  6. That's the main thing. It will come. Just like in April/May, summer will come eventually. No need to rush it.
  7. Lifetime Original movie set in NNE in October type vibe. Men in flannels, women in boots. How they print it in the brochure. Brochure says nothing about Torchtober.
  8. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, if it was a snow threat everyone is in on it… but it’s the gap between nice outdoor 60-75F and cold/snow that gets people. Even Will has said it for years… highs in the 40s and 50s are some of the least desirable weather on the planet (ie Maryland in winter). Anything to minimize that, be it snow chances lingering in spring followed by fast warm up… or mild autumn that flips to winter in November.
  9. Thy days of creaming thy knickers over endless days of 43 degree rain in October doth gone.
  10. Have seen a nice bump this month. By pure luck I didn’t have any holdings in the dip/sell off previously.
  11. Minimum of 56F at MVL last night is around the average high temp for today. Windows open.
  12. October 28 = Bad. November 1 = Good to go. 72 hours apart. Winter fans aren’t superstitious.
  13. Leaves down. Just need a little snow to make the glades skiable, ha. Still no where near a frost or freeze on the hill... but guess sunlight matters more than temperatures for leaf drop.
  14. That sounds like every Apple Store in the country. "Oh your appointment is for 3:15pm and it's 3:10pm? Let me check you in. It'll only be an hour or so wait sir."
  15. 3-6" of leaves? The only measurable we get until Thanksgiving?
  16. Good grief man, so sorry. That's so sad. All animals are like family.
  17. The gov't agencies were a pain in the a** on good days in the past... pre-COVID a DMV experience here was 1-2 hours (BTV), but if you drove up to Newport on the Canadian border you could do it in 15 minutes, ha. Afterwards I haven't even tried. They still mailed me my new license and our registration cards renewed online fine and arrived in the mail. I remember waiting in the Albany DMV to get my learners permit for over 2 hours decades ago. The employees are always nice but like anything that seems to be running at the break point there can be hassles.
  18. I think college being remote last year absolutely lost that age group that would be at UVM, St Mike’s, Northern VT universities. Hopefully they come back. I was at UVM yesterday for a job fair and it was encouraging… students coming back and staying here this winter. Looking for ski pass and weekend work at “fun” jobs like ski instructors or lift ops. Older demographic and young are missing… like 22-45 ages seem normal. High school, college and retiree or older crowd with money having midlife crisis or just moving north. Like 50-60 years old, who moved north after making money elsewhere, gets bored hanging out with wife all the time, decides to come hang out with young people at a ski area. Surprising amount of those folks. I had a guy work for me who owned a seat on Wall Street floor. Just wanted to stay busy but didn’t need money.
  19. That’s the great question. And if they aren’t in the unemployment statistics… just not working? I do think we saw mass retirements as well but that can’t explain it. Here working age individuals seem normal but we lost all the part-time help, retirees keeping busy, college kids, high school kids, people with money from previous careers that just want to hang out at a ski resort (we’ve had previous CEOs, car dealership owners, others who built a business and sold it, former stock brokers who move to the mtns in their 50s in mid-life crisis, etc). All those are gone.
  20. Yes but those folks would be included in unemployment numbers. Why is/was unemployment so low in many states (especially ones relying more on service industry than others) if everyone just takes the free money? It makes total sense what you are saying and sure some did, but there has to be stats to back it up somewhere if it occurred that much. Yeah but you also lose unemployment benefits too.
  21. How do you avoid being added to the unemployment rate but sit on the sidelines? Leave the work force entirely? I know a lot of people retired earlier than they had planned but hung up their coats and checked out. Truly curious if I’m missing something. This thread made me look at the numbers and the unemployment rate seems to follow the vaccine rollouts very closely, not stimulus payments. Honestly never noticed that before. The rates hit lowest points in the late winter/spring when vaccine became available to all people. That correlation between vaccine and unemployment would seem to support you’re idea they come back when felt safe to do so, vs milking stimulus payments. I want to stay out of political territory but like talking about the economy.
  22. There’s been no difference in the service/tourism/hospitality industries between during extra unemployment money and afterwards… at least not yet. Unemployment rates returned to lower than 2012-2016 last winter…. Even though free money continued through September 1st. There has to be something more going on than just blaming gov’t stimulus money. All last winter the unemployment rate plummeted despite stimulus. If anything unemployment looks not tied to stimulus at all… it looks tied to vaccination availability and rates. Lowest unemployment rates hit when the vaccine became widely available last spring which is something I hadn’t noticed before. We are bottomed out again on unemployment rate all summer and still vastly understaffed in all facets of hospitality/tourism/service/restaurants, etc.
  23. Yeah hasn’t broken there then. Its still been record warm relative to normal but not uncomfortable if that makes sense. I bin a lot of obs into A/C vs using heat. Summer weather is fans or A/C… winter weather is cranking heat 24/7. We have been stuck in between those two things for 6 weeks now . Averages keep going down but the temperature remains the same.
  24. Yup for sure. Haven’t ran my AC since summer’s back broke on Sept 1st. Ran it more than ever before prior to that.
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