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  1. You think it’s much different at times here, lol? How many go north of Stowe? Or east over the range to Worecester? Morrisville? Lol. I think that can be said for most neighboring towns of tourist areas. Its not true but it is… plenty of upscale folks in those towns (I’d live there) but you also find other areas that you don’t see in the brochures.
  2. Yeah there are a lot like it though. Even where you go near Winni I bet has tons of places to eat/go out, etc. Sugarbush area, Killington, Conway, Bethel Me, etc.
  3. I always laugh when people insinuate being in NNE in the middle of no where. I know I can walk to a larger variety of restaurants, bars, breweries, stores, nightlife than almost anyone out there. My sister from NYC says there’s more close variety than even where she is… but her options explode past a certain walking time frame.
  4. Word is certainly out. It’s a huge destination now, all of the areas. But with that comes economic possibilities and jobs. So many of of the villages are just insane looking for winter weather loving crowd. Even the ability to just spend a couple seasons there would be incredible. I won’t lie I’ve looked, theres a lot of demand for English speaking labor force at all levels due to the sharp influx in tourists from those countries. I’d go even just to live at a subsistence level and enjoy the snowfall and culture for a whole winter. The experience would be worth so much to look back on when older.
  5. My wife and I have talked about trying to move there lol. She loves experiencing different cultures and I love skiing and big snow. A good match. The amount of snow that falls in many of those big ski resort towns is obscene and it’s high quality powder too. It’s like lake effect dumps that have a bit more moisture from coming across the ocean instead of a lake. Salt nuclei and all. It’s where my avatar is from, ha.
  6. Lol neither of those two things for me. I just find myself in this zone where I want snow (would’ve hiked in the rain to get to snow the other day had I been home) but if it’s not going to snow I want nice weather. Very spoiled or entitled way to look at it I guess… trying to avoid cold crappy weather. Most of it comes I think from continuous obsession since being a kid of the western mountain climates. It’s either nice and mild out with sunshine, or it’s snowing. Even lately in October the mountain towns of UT/CO have been like 50s or 60s with sunshine, then it’s 28F and snowing 6”. A day or two later it’s back to mild and sunny, before the next storm system rolls in and somehow it’s cold enough to snow. You get this type of stuff out west. Here it would go from highs in the mid-50s to rain, heavy at times in the 40s, lol. There with dry air and low wet bulbs it goes 55F then 28-32F with snow, heavy at times. Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 30s. Increasing clouds. Highs in the mid 50s. Snow. Snow may be heavy at times after midnight. Lows in the upper 20s. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.
  7. What’s happened to us? Agreed with both, it’s been right in the sweet spot for 7 weeks now of no utility payments or needs… no A/C and no heat. Just lingering in that between… though I haven’t been home and the last few days might’ve required some heat for the first time. Left the thermostat at 55F so I’m sure it’s not on with the place locked up and retaining warmth.
  8. So you’d pre-purchase 5 days at $60/day but not $69 for one day in the East? Just curious there as the first statement seems like it’s insane to buy a ticket ahead of time in the east due to variability (not tied to a date, use anytime).
  9. Evening swim and moonlit walk along the ocean is a nice consolation prize for the Red Sox failing to play baseball tonight.
  10. 0-13 with RISP after Game 3 will be the postmortem. Made ALCS in a rebuild year. Try to win tomorrow and force game 7.
  11. Ah right the secondary markets. I was thinking from the actual event ticketing dept itself. You can definitely find transferable products that people who bought cheap in advance and use for resale.
  12. It’s advanced ticket sales. Like Stowe is on there at what, $164? Right now you can buy day tickets for $69 online good for any day of the season… or buy the Epic pass daily of passes. But day tickets right now are $100 less bought in advance. It’s literally how everything in life is set up right now…buy ahead of time, things are regarded as “reasonable”… but if you want to walk up to an airline counter, rental car counter, ticket office for a concert, sporting event, etc minutes before said activity you will pay out the arse. If you buy anything online ahead of time, it’s significantly cheaper. Even down in South Carolina playing golf this week… buy online ahead of time, play for like $75 per round midweek. Or, just walk up to the course and pay $140 with no prior research.
  13. Car in Hilton Head, SC said 75F just now. Looks like it’s warmer up in CT than the beach here .
  14. Yep, it’s why the garden here died weeks ago despite no freezing temps. Everything shriveled up and brown, already pulled from the ground now. Solar matters a lot. The early shadows cast by hillsides and such seemed to kill it before a frost could this year.
  15. Yeah my wife and I have done it. Unfortunately no one will be gliding again because the owner and a couple from CT were killed a few years ago when the glider crashed in a downburst above 3,000ft in a remote part of the Greens a few peaks north of Mansfield. NTSB blamed weather, and friends with Stowe Mountain Rescue who located them said it was just straight down rapid deceleration into the spruce forest. I’ll always remember that day as only three of us were left at Mtn Ops late that afternoon when we got a call from Police if we could do a hasty search of Spruce Peak at the ski area. State Police cell phone pings were last noted over Spruce and they thought he might’ve tried to land on a wide open ski slope if they got into trouble. We searched on ATV and side by sides until a spotter plane flying out of Morrisville located the glider down a few summits north. That glider made 3-5 trips per day for like 6 months a year… freak accident but weather in the mountains will do that with summer convective thermals/updrafts/downdrafts.
  16. Yeah I’ve got a hard 6-8”+ limit now and that needs to be at least 6” near the base area. I’ll skin but my days of carrying skis to the snow line are done. I’ll just hike with the dog to see snow at that point.
  17. Ha yeah low flying circles angling and looking straight down on the ground from 2kft up is quite the trip. Again as a tall, wide shoulder Scandinavian I was a tight fit and I remember my knee bumping something in the center console and the pilot reaching over to fix something while going “Hey, try not to hit that again.” I remember being terrified and “Absolutely boss, I’ll just keep my legs outside the craft.”
  18. I think he’s UVM… we did that back in college too. Back when your body felt like it could take it better if things went south . Also the risk reward balance seemed shifted. I could deal with a broken leg better in college, just limp to classes on crutches… now it means missing work, money and a pain in the ass on multiple levels.
  19. My only time up in one was to shoot photos at the ski area and I was in the front seat with the doors removed and one leg hanging out. They decided we couldn’t take photos and videos from the helicopter through windows so I see the pilot removing the doors and he just goes “don’t drop anything or it’s gone.” The whole time I’m just praying the seatbelt harness holds since when the helo would turn, I’d be looking straight down on the mountain with no door or anything between me and the forest 2,000 feet below. Ridge top winds as we’d approach the top were hammering the craft too. Definitely one of the more “cowboy” feeling things I’ve ever done. Flying around this little chopper with no doors, trying not to drop my phone or camera into the parking lot or golf course.
  20. It’s true. Put a large camera backpack on me and it gets real tight sometimes. Skiing on 190cm skis doesn’t make it any easier, like driving trucks through the woods. Get real good at punching branches out of the way. Jealous of the kids who just bob and weave through the tight stuff.
  21. Ha, ‘‘twas a good night for you Yankee fans.
  22. Saw this photo from a Wal-Mart in Auburn/Lewiston, ME area. 7 vehicles involved in parking lot accident, including female trapped with car on top of her vehicle? Only at Wal-Mart.
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