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  1. This notch in the velocity data, following the coastline. What a loop. Thanks dude.
  2. This would be quite a winter storm... 2.30+ inches of water so far from SYR to BOS suburbs. Big water amounts over a wide range of areas. Some 5-6+. Pretty impressive and still going.
  3. I hate that it does make me feel older to dislike these days... but man I am definitely not a fan of these chilled, wet rainy days. Low clouds, low ceilings experience, where terrain just rises up into the clouds in all directions... gets dark with headlamp required to be outside by 6pm. After the time change in a couple weeks, it'll be dark at 4:30pm. A few months ago it felt like you could start a hike at 6pm, hang outside for an hour or three. Days and days of dark, chilly rains. Seems like stick season in the hills though. It held off for as long as possible but now we are in it until it starts snowing with more frequency.
  4. The rain totals have been solid. This thing is making some QPF... all the way back through SYR in upstate NY. I know most want wind but it's a solid synoptic moisture laden system, need some of these in the true cold season.
  5. This is still one of the best memes I’ve seen for this forum. Well played.
  6. Thanks for the clarity dude. Makes sense along the coastal plain. I’m (like you) more used to our interior climo where it seems rainfall is always stabilizing unless it’s a convective downburst or something.
  7. I thought it stabilizes through lowering lapse rates in precipitation? Cool, moist saturated air? I just know it seems that folks are usually like “wow rain stopped and wind started roaring”… I think there’s better mixing without rain cooled stabilizing boundary layer. The real question is there an inversion present at all in the low levels? If so I think rain stabilizes and strengthens the inversion.
  8. I thought rain was usually a stabilizing mechanism unless it was true convective rain? Or is that what you mean? I figured many times big wind is in the dry slots with better mixing.
  9. Hmm I’m not sure I totally understand the question but my first reaction is pushing snow uphill is hard. No matter what you are trying to cover, it’s easiest (by far) to push snow and spread it out downhill… so start higher rather than lower. Not sure how much water you can move, is the one fan gun maxed out?
  10. It probably would’ve been fine on the other part of the house? I don’t think you need to build a new wing on your house to support those things.
  11. Ha yeah the massif stretches into the clouds sometimes. Big fan of microscale stuff myself.
  12. What a disaster of a day. 38-42F and raining with low clouds most of the day. The only redeeming value was seeing snow on the ski trails just below the cloud deck. These were the days we tried so hard to avoid .
  13. Want to be in the Sierra right now. Mammoth Lakes, CA. Sugarbowl.
  14. Nice to see white stuff up there. Too foggy and rainy down here to get a nice photo.
  15. Ski trails are white above like 2,400ft. I was up at 330am letting the dog out because she was all antsy and seemed to have to go out, and it was small ice pellets it seemed. Precipitation was bouncing and it was real loud on the fallen leaves. Looks like that was right when precip started so probably evaporational cooling got some IP down in the valley.
  16. 30/28 at MVL... crisp night setting up prior to WAA. METAR KMVL 250220Z AUTO 00000KT 9SM CLR M01/M02 A3016
  17. Congrat's and good luck dude on the applications. A guy named Murphy thinks there will be some localized mixing of high winds aloft in your neighborhood. He doesn't have a met degree though.
  18. Even a brief period of wet snow above 1,500ft might be the most interesting thing that happens in the North Country with this system, ha. Otherwise, wet, dreary week.
  19. I was wondering that. It's cold and it *feels* cold out... like if clouds were to come in and it started precipitating that some flakes during the onset might be possible in the higher terrain.
  20. That's wild, ha. We are in that phase that I think Will has described as the nuclear fallout time of year... aka stick season. But man when it starts to rain tomorrow and the week looks wet on the whole, it starts to take on that dreary, leafless, brown, dead, wet look of how they portray western Russia in movies. Gray, dark, dead. I forget the exact terminology of it, but we are there ha.
  21. What a day. Traveling to other areas of the US (this time the south) always reminds me that I love where we live. From the beach to icicles in 24 hours. It was cold up there even with the sunshine. The shadows grow early and the sun sets on the NE aspect of the mountain in early afternoon lol.
  22. Frigid up here. From the beach to winter temps in 24 hours. Ground is frozen solid and plenty of ice above 3,000ft. It’s amazing how fast the ground freezes…dirt no longer moves when you kick it, ha.
  23. I don’t know if that’s an age thing unless you love darkness as a child, or loved living in mom’s basement with heavy drapes over the small windows. I’ve always hated the early darkness… 3 months ago one could start going on a 2-3 hour hike after 6pm and have plenty of light, ha. Wish we could get winter cold/snow with summer solar hours. Ski outside until 9pm lol.
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