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  1. Ha my family is a bunch of Norwegian giants. One of my sisters is the shortest in our immediate family at 5’10”. My other sister is near 6 feet tall. My mom was 5’11” (though seems to be getting a little shorter with age) and Dad is 6’2”. When we get a family photo together our spouses all stand out, on the shorter side of things . My sisters are pretty close if not a shade taller than their husbands.
  2. Took two regional Bombardier CR jets to get to Savannah, GA yesterday. At 6’3” I can’t sit in the window seat without leaning to the side due to my head hitting the ceiling, and my shoulders wouldn’t fit side to side in the aisle where the lavatories are, ha. My 5’2” 110 pound wife was like “I don’t see the problem, plenty of room.” Not sure I can picture the MD-80 or 90…
  3. This kid had first turns of the season in VT (I believe) at Stowe this morning. That’s dedication.
  4. This dude skied Stowe this morning…
  5. Yeah just that after picture along with “no serious injuries” made my brain cramp up, lol. Glad no one was injured but you don’t picture everyone walking away from that. Crashing and burning like the Astros.
  6. Definitely off-topic… but how the hell does this plane crash have no serious injuries?! Mind blown.
  7. Yup that’s how max/mins go, great point. No real time limit on residency. A brief patch of clear skies drops a rad pit 10F and then it clouds up and temps rise again… same with cloudy showery days, one pocket of sun can spike 5-8F higher than what it sat at 90% of the day.
  8. That makes sense. They are both just the visible stations in that area. That Broadacres one looks like it’s in your backyard on Wunderground . https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KNHRANDO11 That station is pretty identical to Alex’s at 1550 or whatever. Looks like Alex’s area had a low of 39-40F too. It varies so much, same around here.
  9. You must radiate a bit better than your neighbors in that field which is nice though. 39F for today’s min on wunderground station (Broadacres Farm on Randolph Hill 1600ft, currently 42F) and that Cocorahs guy 38F. Makes sense, would think your field gets a bit colder. Every degree helps. Need clear skies for frost. Clouds and wind every night.
  10. Before us up north! Coldest in Stowe was during dynamic cooling yesterday evening. Clouds and wind kept overnight in the low 40s. Every cold shot has been cloudy and mixed up north.
  11. Lol the leaf peepers would love you to be right… only one or two trees in that shot on the right. It’s stick season as of a couple days ago.
  12. Sounded like dynamic cooling in they heavy squall got big fat aggregates flying down to that level. You’d need a strong shower/squall most likely. All the temps around it plummeted during heavy precip and they rose a bit afterwards again. Very classic lowering of snow level in heavy precip, then back up as it wanes. I’m such a nerd/weenie for this stuff… A classic temp graph of strong dynamic cooling… then temps rising again post heavy precip. There’s accumulation down to about 2,000ft on the cams. About 500ft above the parking lot aggregates.
  13. Gah, ha friends say it’s snowing at 1500ft in the base area. Plenty more to come but missed that first one of the season.
  14. Looks like some good squalls stuff home, ha. Temps dropped down to 39F at the Stowe Country Club site in this. Snow level might have got quite low there, wonder if it hit the 1800ft high inhabited areas. Look at that temp drop with the squall.
  15. I don’t think it’s that rare. I’ve seen it snow a few times at 33-34F in early October before it hits the freezing mark. Get a rain to wet snow with a cold front type situation. The summit doesn’t radiate at all, so it’s sort of like MWN that it’s often snowing or snow showers as the temp drops. These coating to 1-2” though with CAA dropping temps aren’t *that* uncommon for first freeze.
  16. A coworker sent video of it snowing above 3,300ft on the Stowe Gondola. Picnic table snow. Sugarbush’s cam at 4000ft is snowing. On a beach looking at web cams and obs from friends back home…
  17. That has to be a test, no way it’s cold enough for making snow?
  18. That snow level has to be really high. Mansfield is similar to the 4000ft temperature on MWN. That’s probably the lowest it could be snowing.
  19. Been there many times, not sure the kids would enjoy it though lol. To find a snow level you’re always starting in some ugly weather. Like an elevation snow event early season with the parking lot filled with skiers, all realizing the first 1,000ft is going to suck to hike up .
  20. Some blue up on the peaks behind you on the radar. Must be your neighbor at 1625ft there. Surprised you aren’t hiking up there! I’d be camped out up high today if not looking at palm trees now .
  21. Savanah, GA… meeting family at Hilton Head Island for the week. We beach and golf, vacation before ski season. Last time I can leave VT until like late April, lol. Of that, I’m most excited to watch a couple Sox games with my father, it’s been a while. Will be nice not to have to text back and forth the whole game. Couple big games coming up!
  22. See that’s where you need a photo of the frost lol.
  23. Crazy it’s been so uncomfortably hot down there. It’s been +10 this month up north but that leads to comfy temps still.
  24. That’s nothing. Mount Mansfield’s record late freeze was October 6th, 2011 (65-year dataset)…. this morning it’s 34F. Almost two full weeks past the 65 year record latest freeze and we might hit it in the next 24 hours. Normal is over a month ago on Sept 17. In 2017 the first freeze was over 6 weeks ago on 9/1 . Even the Associate Press picked up that record. https://apnews.com/article/vermont-weather-881cdfa5bb323173360662d3f1f7a8cf
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