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  1. Does it normally accumulate when it's 70F?
  2. That was a pretty way to end it at least. 2" new with the latest batch. 3.5" total over the 2 days.
  3. scratch that, appears to just be a run of the mill 944mb noreaster
  4. There appears to be a hurricane on one of the 06z GEFS members for the first week of March. That'd be cool.
  5. It's coming down a little better now. Radar angle is a killer here.
  6. I think I saw 2 flakes in this "band"
  7. It's pretty warm for Feb anything. I'd enjoy it thoroughly.
  8. Maybe if we were getting any snow to forecast
  9. this storm can go and fvk right off
  10. verbatim that run. but if you aren't watching the 26th period, what is the point of even being here?
  11. Hmm. Well I'm not one to go against Will. But it looks spotty to me until early tomorrow morning, except on the 12km NAM.