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  1. This drought weather is rough
  2. Hmm. Stop drunk posting at 1am?
  3. It will keep him with something to do though! It's the shade.
  4. This will be my wettest storm of the warm season. Guarantee it.
  5. Gotta appreciate lame jokes, being a dad and all.
  6. It's coming
  7. Nah, this was always warm. I was wrong about the slush, but solid on the rain.
  8. It always does
  9. A car roof is going to accumulate better than the ground.
  10. 3km looks pretty solid there
  11. Looks colder overall.
  12. What? No, of course not. Having a flashback can be a very scary and disorienting experience, especially when driving.
  13. Did you get discombobulated and swerve off the road?
  14. In the silence of the responses, I can hear the sound of sleet hitting the pavement in the not so distant future. Ping. Ping. Ping.
  15. Like a man