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  1. If people just waited for the NAM, we wouldn't have any issues. That's why the NAM is king.
  2. Pretty sure many of us outside the major cities have been without power for at least a week
  3. GFS heard you bro, said hold my beer
  4. I mostly blame the nyc subforum
  5. Extrapolated NAM would be a huge hit
  6. Yeah it looks to be finally filling in
  7. Both the GFS and the latest HRRR basically slot us the entire rest of the storm save for maybe a couple hours
  8. Pretty brutal, but I did expect it down here. Thought your elevation could help you pick up a couple last night, I guess not?
  9. If the surface low can consolidate quicker a little further south towards the cape cod bay, that could certainly make a difference down here.
  10. I'm a little surprised I can't see blue sky with the circulation right over my head lol
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