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  1. Except CDC isn't issuing guidelines that are tailored to a particular location's testing capacity, which vary wildy.
  2. Because there is no centralized coordination so whether you can get tested depends on who and when you ask.
  3. A whole inch by the way. What a winter
  4. I was more thinking like it's god's phlegm, but yours was a lovely thought.
  5. Maybe snow is god's way of shedding a virus
  6. What the heck is this
  7. I was still tracking that thing over water like it was a hurricane or something.
  8. Earth's axial tilt as it orbits the sun is independent of your opinion of sensible weather outcomes in your backyard. Warm, snowless winters are still winters.
  9. I wouldn't say we have a great grasp on the amount that chaos factors into it.