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  1. Eh...hi all. that's it, see you in a few months or if there is a hurricane threat.
  2. JC-CT

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    stay thirsty my friend
  3. JC-CT

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

  4. JC-CT

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    the ggem is a 97 repeat, too bad its the ggem
  5. JC-CT

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    There was that one storm a few years ago, it was modeled to be a weak anafrontal wave, and then like 48 hours it started this massive shift into becoming a full fledged coastal. I could theoretically see that happening here if we get some cyclogenesis going.
  6. JC-CT

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    I recall someone saying it was based on the ARW. So, yeah, about that... Or maybe that was the other weenie model, the RPM.
  7. Then it shouldn't be East Wareham which is at the very base of the Cape either. How does BDR compare to CQX?
  8. rocky neck is nice for the little ones
  9. geezus will this winter just f*cking die
  10. Doesn't that imply a climatologically favored spot for the coastal front? You are confusing me lol
  11. The key is that there is land separating it from the Atlantic for a good 10-15 miles on an east or NE wind. Once you get just a little bit further out past the canal, it's all ocean breeze all the time.
  12. What map? Are you saying the coastal front isn't the most frequent about 15-25 miles inland?
  13. East Wareham isn't really Cape Cod though