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  1. Shiiiiit. I'll play with you next time. Maybe even golf.
  2. New covid rule - pick it up, it's good.
  3. I never pull the pin anymore
  4. You have such a great view of the valley
  5. If next winter is anything like last one and we don't get a decent late fall, then maybe longer for some of us!
  6. Lol at Kevin quibbling about 990' vs 1000' when he's actually at like 970'.
  7. Lol what? It's not like it ain't true. Cold days bad. Warm days good.
  8. It dumped dendrites last night, but only managed to accumulate an inch. The surface was just too warm. Although on the other side of the hill in Hebron to my west, at similar elevation (actually slightly higher) they literally had 0. Did east slopes do better as a whole?