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  1. That map makes me dizzy. I dont get it, you circled Weymouth, labeled it SE Mass, and then said he wasnt part of SE Mass?
  2. Says everyone up until about 24 hours when they realize they will be 33 and rain while 25 miles west is dumping 8" of cement.
  3. Definitely could end up suppressed.
  4. Yeah, seems like a decent look for November 12th at 120 hours out, not sure what people are hoping for. Cold too all the way down.
  5. From recent posts, looks like Scooter took away Kevin's snow a few times...cool, cool.
  6. I'm just starting to pay attention...what did I miss from the last 3 days of model hugging day 7 progs?
  7. Sorry it sucked for you guys. Really windy for me and I have no power, so I'm really psyched and all.
  8. Very wise, very wise. I live by a slightly modified mantra, SCSOTT.
  9. I remember hearing my grandfather tell us stories of the Morch of 2012. The last great Morch, as the old timers still say.