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  1. He started out his very first sentence with a lie. "With all due respect..."
  2. Praying doesn't work, what the lucifer would he do with that. He wants 15% off the top.
  3. It's better than a BANNED tag at least.
  4. I think so too, they are inland climate in a lot of ways, except for temps right along the coast. There is a reason why the plains states might get a lot of snow but they rarely have the big ones like New England does. SE CT / SE RI many times will have the most LE but the least snow, it's a temp thing.
  5. Captain PAP at your service
  6. Central CT did well in Jan 11
  7. Prepare to be skewered by west posters. Anyway that's pretty anecdotal. The best place to be for coastals in the ridiculous last 6 years has been eastern CT, probably closer to the RI border where Ginx is and north. The storm track doesn't have a discernable preference within 30 miles over time, at least from what I can tell.
  8. Ya think lol
  9. Welcome back music man, sorry you missed winter :/
  10. That's why I always come out ahead in slots. Always.
  11. A little bit of a meat grinder signal in the long range with both east and west coast ridging?
  12. Yes it was, on storm vista it was out to 36 just like the regular NAM was. I don't even think the parallel is on tropical tidbits.
  13. There is the parallel "low res" NAM which was not enthused.
  14. One of the many NAMs does. Not all of them.
  15. That would say that we possibly could see some sort of correction.