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  1. It was torrential white rain for 10 minutes downtown.
  2. We've really whiffed everything the last two days. Great for getting to spend time outside, not so great for some of the desert-like lawns I've seen around town.
  3. Not sure if we’ve had a drop here since Sunday night.
  4. Few rumbles of thunder earlier but it has turned into a beautiful night.
  5. GFS is the slowest. My best guess right now is it comes through here around 18zish. Would love to see it a little earlier.
  6. I expected the Euro to come in a hair slower. We take and enjoy our Saturday afternoon.
  7. Looks like the timing of the front Saturday might be slowing a hair on the models. Could make things a little interesting.
  8. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Saturday is the crappier of the two days. If we can sneak out a dry Friday afternoon and evening I'll be thrilled.
  9. Euro is the most 'rhea-y of the modeling. Hopefully the majority of the rhea is overnight Friday and early Saturday morning with the FROPA. Neither Friday or Saturday looks like a washout. At least in ern areas.
  10. Thinking we might be able to get away with a mostly dry Friday in ern SNE. We need as many dry Fridays and Saturdays as we can get.
  11. Glad we live N of the Pike. We take our 60s and sun tomorrow.
  12. Beautiful day and evening in ASH. Finally a legit summer feel. Skeptical we’ll see anything fun.
  13. Oh boy ASH in the enhanced risk. Better gas up the chase car.
  14. Ripping peas with thunder and lightning again. Most excitement I've had in weeks.