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  1. Sun trying to peak through as flurries continue. The events are fun but man my pack enthusiasm has evaporated as I've gotten older. Wish this could magically disappear after the last flake falls.
  2. Sounds about right based on how deep it was when clearing the deck. Definitely a 20+ incher in total.
  3. Lol I'm not sure I didn't get a final for round 1.
  4. Interesting how this storm fits into NWS headline criteria. Technically would have verified two separate warnings under the 12 hour criteria here.
  5. Decent bursts keep rotating through. ASH has been a good spot for some biggies the last few years.
  6. 9.5’’ additional overnight and coming down nicely still. Didn’t get a good final for round 1 but storm total is probably pushing 20’’.
  7. Just woke up and looked out and it’s ripping. Looks like we’ve picked up several inches.
  8. Big fat dendrites. Give me ML magic over a windswept blizzard every day and twice on Sunday.
  9. Not ripping like CT but it’s coming down steadily still. Just solid steady snow for the last couple hours.
  10. HRRR did a pretty decent job highlighting that fronto band stretching from here into CT. Probably only lasts for another couple hours though.
  11. Looks like about another inch since dark. Probably scrape together another inch or two the rest of the night. Would be over a foot total which is solid any time but especially this early. Feels like mid-January. Cold, fluffy snow, no melting during the day.
  12. I'm only 8 years out of high school and don't remember school being called the day before except only once I think (Jan 2011). Used to wake up, watch the scroll on WMUR, and hope for the best. Seeing Nashua come up then was like seeing my roulette number come up now. The texts and robocalls and tweets can't be any fun.
  13. Decent mood snow. Rates aren't anything to write home about but it's accumulating slowly. Good flakes.
  14. The S NH/Rt. 2 stuff is sort of there but this shredded radar isn't going to get it done. If it doesn't start to consolidate within the next couple of hours then I wouldn't even be confident in more than another inch or two here. Seems like this ship is sinking fast but hopefully we can pull something decent out. That BOX map me.