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  1. DomNH

    Metro Areas For Next Meeting of The Mind(less)?

    MHT tied for the lead!
  2. DomNH

    May 2019 Discussion

    It’s pinging here. Yikes.
  3. DomNH

    April Discussion

    And now it’s ripping fatties.
  4. DomNH

    April Discussion

    Really nasty RAPL here.
  5. DomNH

    March Disco

    Meh on a monster rainstorm exacerbating mud season. Let's hope it's out of here by Friday night.
  6. DomNH

    March Disco

    I'm changing my tires over on Friday so you can all but lock in a big one next week.
  7. DomNH

    March 10 2019 Snow to Mix Event

    I was in your neck of the woods this weekend. Impressive March pack.
  8. Meh...that's the hinterlands. Moose don't get cold.
  9. DomNH

    March Disco

    Looks pretty meh to me. That warm tongue isn't going to be denied and the little bit of thump before is on the weaker side. Sloppy 1-2'' at best IMO.
  10. DomNH

    March Disco

  11. DomNH

    March Disco

    Best thing about March front-enders is that they melt before the day is over. That 2'' of slop will be gone by Monday.
  12. DomNH

    March Disco

    What was the date of the March bomb last year that we scored like 2'? I thought it was late March...must have just seemed that way after 75F in February.
  13. DomNH

    The Little Storm That Could - March 3/4

    Same. The pre-Thanksgiving storm and cold were memorable since they were anomalous but otherwise this winter was completely forgettable barring a major end of season hit. Not even any notable cold or warmth. Just months of meh.
  14. DomNH

    The Little Storm That Could - March 3/4

    6'' here. Barring a late season biggie the biggest event of the season here was in November.
  15. DomNH

    NE snow event March 4th

    I see no reason to waver from 5-9’’ here. Should be a solid event.