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  1. I'm in MMK. Maybe an inch of fatties on the grass. Over to rain.
  2. I did a big stock up at Stop and Shop in Wallingford last night. It was pretty well stocked - not a lot of chicken but plenty of deli, turkey, ham, beef, pork, seafood, etc. Not much for paper products.
  3. Not much of an event here but it's coming down pretty good for now.
  4. DomNH

    Feb 13 threat

    Can’t be more than 2’’ of paste. Now drizzle.
  5. DomNH

    Feb 13 threat

    Watch for that warm tongue near 750 mb tomorrow morning. GFS and NAM both have it knocking on the door at the NH border. I like somewhere like Antrim for the 4''+ lolli in SNH. Wouldn't be surprised Rt. 2 north through ASH is 2-3'' then some pinging.
  6. DomNH

    Feb 13 threat

    This is going to be a PITA borderline advisory here then it'll get sloppy. Ugh.
  7. DomNH

    Feb 13 threat

    I bet I sneak 3'' or so here.
  8. Everyone knows to take the way under on winds in the interior. If big interior wind isn't a fraud five member it should be a fraud six.
  9. 34F at ASH. Looks like an inch or two of snow and sleet with a little glaze on top. Now let’s get that melting started.
  10. We have done pretty well in SNH. I don’t keep a seasonal total but I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 35’’. If anything the pack has been the worst part. Wish we’d either keep a powdery pack or absolutely nothing. The consistent small, crusty, icy pack is crap.
  11. And just like that it’s done. Decent event. A few hours of good snow.
  12. Ripping with great snow growth. Not sure what’s more ripped. Me or this snow.
  13. Very high ratio. My obs are poor.
  14. ****ing ripping here. At least 4’’ OTG.
  15. It’s ripping. We’ll end up 5-6’’ probably.