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  1. We never did consistent obs when I was there.
  2. That place looks like lunatic central, and so out of place in an otherwise boring town.
  3. I never had it or was exposed that I know of, but damn, that thing knocked me on my ass. Who knows.
  4. The second dose of Moderna totally destroyed me. Fever, aches, chills, headache, nausea. Didn't even crawl out of bed until noon the day after. I have friends the same age as me who had little to no reaction. I don't understand what causes such different reactions between similar people.
  5. And on the other side I could not care less whether or not you get it. I don't understand the intense finger pointing that goes on now. It's not even if you're not with me you're against me. It's if you're not with me you're a POS. I hate it.
  6. Number of cases doesn't track with the number of hospitalizations or deaths anymore now that so many vulnerable people are vaccinated so the raw case count is becoming less important every day.
  7. At least this state has been on the more reasonable end of the spectrum the whole time. I go south of the border and still see people walking their dogs on a beautiful day, nobody within 500 feet of them, with a mask on. Blows my mind.
  8. A constant state of fear, worry, and anxiety is the real "new normal". At least in this part of the country. Enough is enough, it's time to open up. Having had both shots, I feel like I'm cosplaying as a weirdo every time I have to wear a mask now. There's no need for it.
  9. It’s snowing pretty good here. Yuck.
  10. No snow here. Thank god.
  11. Didn’t think I’d even be considering snow on the ground disrupting my Saturday AM tee time. WTF
  12. Got my first Moderna last night and my arm is still sore. Otherwise nothing.
  13. Re-loaded on the dip then pulled back out. Made a little more. This is fun even if it's just a small amount of money.
  14. I sold at $290 this morning. Down to $248 now. I don't have time to watch the volatility all day long so I'm happy with my free meme stock money.
  15. Shoulda bought more.