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  1. Absolutely ripping raindrops.
  2. Just cracked a Green. Wow. Now I buy the hype.
  3. Tree House is very good but not life changing. So far I've had Julius, Bright, and Hurricane with Hurricane being my favorite of the three. Best NE IPA I've ever had was from Other Half in Brooklyn and these don't top it.
  4. Coming out of summer hibernation to ask a very important question. For those who go to Tree House, is there still a a crazy long line to buy beer every day? I'm driving to CT this afternoon and would like to stop by, but I don't have time or patience to wait in a two hour long line.
  5. DomNH

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Lame here. Maybe some 35 mph gusts, a few CG strikes, and torrential rain.
  6. DomNH

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Stabilizing nicely here. At least the first few rumbles of "summer".
  7. DomNH

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Not that I was expecting anything, but that line of showers moving through NRN MA and SNH might end this before it even started up here.
  8. DomNH

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Hope this produces down south. I'm all geared up for some heavy rain, a few rumbles, and light wind here.
  9. 49F and self destructive sun is arm out window weather at this point. Desperate for fresh air.
  10. Yep just some snow grains but that still counts....especially on April 15.
  11. Nah, I played yesterday. Throw on some layers and it's no big deal.
  12. DomNH

    Snow Blitz - Napril 6

    Watching the Masters...looking out the window...yikes.
  13. Lights flickering here. Power outage due to a wind advisory event would be the cherry on top of the sh*t sundae that has been this week's weather.