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  1. MEX with a 56 and a 58 here next Wednesday/Thursday. Come to daddy.
  2. I bought a couple this morning. I have no idea WTF I'm doing but hey it seems like this could be fun.
  3. The naping is fantastic this afternoon.
  4. Can't wait to nape on Wednesday.
  5. WMUR was just in Bedford and it's ripping parachutes. Everett Turnpike looks like a mess. Justtttt missed.
  6. Pure white rain. Just a hair cooler or a bit better dynamics and it's probably a slushy C-1''.
  7. Finally went outside. Just a gross mix of rain and sloppy aggies. No chance this accumulates unless rates improve.
  8. Must be ripping parachutes up top the Hanging Hills.
  9. I'm either blind or it's mostly light rain with a little bit of snow mixing in now.
  10. Some parachutes but I think there's rain mixing in. I'm too lazy to go out and check.