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  1. Getting saggy at my parents’ near Hollis.
  2. I’m downtown having dinner and a little inebriated but looks like it has turned to rain to me.
  3. Yeah there were a lot of red flags. I was with you being too optimistic a couple days ago. Thought we could wring out 3-4’’ but it’s not happening.
  4. Kinda brutal. Dismal snow growth 1 sm vis. Don’t see it getting better
  5. Probably about 1sm right now. Crappy flakes. Starting to stick to untreated roads. I’m gonna guess we end up with like 2’’ at this point.
  6. I still like 3-4'' of sand here before pellets. Tossing warning amounts, and pretty confident if it busts it'll be the under.
  7. I'm guessing areas that snow won't see worsening road conditions til later in the afternoon. Looks like a lot of crap early in the afternoon before the heavier rates pop in after 21z.
  8. Yeah, for sure. Gun to my head I'm guessing this tops out as 3-4'' of sand here before the pellets.
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