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  1. Glad we live N of the Pike. We take our 60s and sun tomorrow.
  2. Beautiful day and evening in ASH. Finally a legit summer feel. Skeptical we’ll see anything fun.
  3. Oh boy ASH in the enhanced risk. Better gas up the chase car.
  4. Ripping peas with thunder and lightning again. Most excitement I've had in weeks.
  5. Just ripped peas in Meriden. Getting some thunder here and there.
  6. Mid-afternoon flurries in central CT on May 9. Pretty impressive.
  7. Very few people I know my age give a rat's ass about this when it comes to our own health. We're just concerned about our parents and grandparents. I wouldn't call it an "old people disease" necessarily but any healthy 20-somethings who are freaked out about getting it need a reality check.
  8. Hiked up to about 1k feet in Meriden and getting flurries. Kinda cool. Kinda blows.
  9. I can’t speak for everyone my age, but I sense a huge amount of shutdown fatigue. Not that we think that nursing home/elderly deaths are good, but it’s hard to see that that the COVID death rate/100,000 people amongst those 20-29 in CT and MA is zero and we’re still locked down.
  10. Strange how the young age group is broken down. Big difference between 18 and 44. I honestly think that some jurisdictions don’t want to publish the death rates for the 20-29 age group because when people the goose egg it’ll be game on for pushing the boundaries.
  11. We’re fooked. Distance and masks is like shooting a tank with a pellet gun. This thing has not slowed down nearly as much as it should have.
  12. So what the hell happens if numbers go up once we start to slowly reopen? Perma-shutdown?
  13. Thanks Steve. It has been a rough adjustment for everyone but everyone I know my age is really struggling. Thankfully NH is starting to get things going this month. Fall and winter scare me though. If we see another spike and are forced back into isolation I don't know how we'll get through that in the cold and dark.
  14. I haven't posted much in this thread but man oh man is this shutdown grinding me down into a fine powder. I don't want to see people die but we can't keep this up much longer. Frankly, I think we're screwed absent a vaccine. At some point very soon, if we aren't already there, people are going to have to come to terms with the fact that the majority of the country is going to inch back toward normal life and people are going to die as a result of that. We can't stay isolated indefinitely.
  15. 100% this. I refuse to wear a mask outside until they’ll haul me off to jail for not. Thankfully I don’t ever see that happening in NH.
  16. Was at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford this afternoon. Beautiful afternoon obviously and people seemed to be pretty much abandoning the 6 foot rule as I expected once the weather got nice. I’m starting to subconsciously revert back to normal habits myself.
  17. Meriden PD using a drone to tell people to keep their distance at a local park. It’s coming.
  18. Pinging in MMK. No hint of snow whatsoever.
  19. Nothing too exciting in MMK but still did a lot better than ASH. That city is such a wind pit.
  20. Just had some of the biggest gusts of the day.
  21. Gone pretty meh in MMK. Looks like 46 mph peak gust at the airport. Not terribly exciting.
  22. Well we convinced my grandmother to stay away til next month. IHME forecasting peak resource use on 4/24 while Hartford Healthcare forecasts it to be 4/25. No sense in giving yourself the chance of contributing to the problem when you’re an 82 year old lifelong smoker with liver disease...