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  1. Not a huge dew fan. Looking forward to some drier air in central CT
  2. Decent cell moving thru W Hartford. We’ll take the rain. Little light show
  3. Now just flat out dumping in W Hartford. Still beautiful in Cromwell though.
  4. Rain coming down pretty good in W Hartford. Little cell popped up.
  5. haven't put ours in yet. probably would have late last week but we really were not home during those hot days except for a few hours. nights have been cool enough and ceiling fans doing the trick so far. Looking ahead, they certainly won't be going in this week and I'm loving it.
  6. Some light rain earlier now mist in West Hartford. take what we can get
  7. Light snow in W. Hartford. elev 1 inch. temp 100 degrees
  8. looks like SW CT getting it pretty good now? dryslot starting to fill in from the SW, pushed the slot NE
  9. flipping thru local channels a couple mets still saying up to 4" for Hartford.
  10. how much do you have on the ground so far there?
  11. please don't worry, I'm staying safe.
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