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  1. Sticking more on the pavement. moderate to heavy snow. hovering around 32-33 deg
  2. Picking up again in W Hartford. Sticking a little to grass and cars. Elevation here is about 1 foot
  3. Same. Seems like the highways get more care from the road crews.
  4. Any feel for when first flakes will fly in western NE? supposed to head to VT Friday. may try to go up Thurs but if not looking to leave ridiculously early Fri morning
  5. In New Haven for my son’s hockey game. Driving down we crossed into a crazy squall. Whiteout conditions for about 15 mins. Traffic on 91 slowed to about 25. Visibility around 100yds.
  6. Yup nice to see one trend the other way and give a little upside surprise
  7. Coming down good in W Hartford. 1.5-2”
  8. Yes we do. But poking around the internet I feel like we’re the only ones that know. Granted my area isn’t slated for much, but still.
  9. Any mets in SENE picking up on this? Seems quiet out there but some of them must be working
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