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  1. Fine flakes falling for most of the morning, not much accum yet, not even a half inch.
  2. Fine snow coming down with some larger flakes mixed in, moderate rate. A little pingy as to be expected by now but fun to see it still coming down.
  3. Looks like Bridgeport area is having a night cap. Enjoy.
  4. That’s ok we get the idea. Wow.
  5. Steady moderate snow continues here with heavy gusts. 30F. Dry slot approaching, hoping it will skirt by just to the east and we can get a little more of what is behind it.
  6. probably as heavy as it's been all day right now. my son wants to head out for measurements, anxious to see where we are at after the past couple hours.
  7. cranking up again after a *relative* lull. nasty out there!
  8. Same. And heard a little pinging I think for a bit but picking back up. measured multiple times in multiple places, was all over the place. Being conservative and going with 7.5".
  9. Looks like a heavy band stretching all across the CT coast? Slowly creeping.
  10. If there's a "Kevin up in Tolland" on here, Bob Maxon just asked for a measurement...
  11. Happy to find this forum. Is there where people migrated from the old Accuweather forum? Was mostly a lurker there over the years, then didn't access for a while and when I did it was gone. Anyway, 21F here in west hartford. Fine snow coming down with some larger flakes starting to mix in. Approx 2.5 inches. Love the "weenie" term that has emerged. Enjoy the day everyone.
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