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  1. Continual freight train roar. Just classic, reminds me of Nemo a bit
  2. Took a jebwalk, very dense powder here, 6". Split the uprights all day here which sucks. Windham County FTW
  3. I dunno man. 7-10 split as I see it. We were due, at least the haters suffer also?
  4. Not gonna happen. Subsidence was well modeled for our area. Wind gusts and pixie dust
  5. Flurries here, wet roads. Another wasted snow day for the kids. Those models showing an E CT snowhole were on to something apparently. Enjoy it out west and SW!
  6. Brightenng sky with snizzle here. Not impressed at all, can see where Fairfield Cty could jackpot in CT.
  7. Big fat flakes here, but it's glorified flurries as far as intensity.
  8. Yeah we had those stupid April storms and the cold, which damaged huge swaths of prematurely budding oaks all up and down the I-84 corridor from Tolland to Sturbridge. For the whole summer the woods looked like early May partial leaf-out.
  9. Jan 11 went whopper - moderate snow - whopper - then ice/rain early Feb. Valleys were colder in the early Feb storm than elevated areas which led to all the barn and greenhouse collapses.