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  1. There isn’t the political capital to do it. Newsome is facing a recall vote for his too-aggressive response to COVID. Might be wishful thinking on my part, but I just can’t see it at this stage
  2. If it’s true, the health of the Indian people really needs to be looked at. Is it diet? The fact that for many of their poor, they would seem to have every disadvantage health-wise. Just boggles the mind
  3. The idea of an antibody test is just never talked about. We should have a national run on fingerpricks and a covid get out of jail card for it. I just don’t get it
  4. Just spent 3 days camping at Rocky Neck. Hardly rained and left under full sun..today is a top 10 beach day for those waterlogged folks
  5. I’m guessing an anomalous batch of super-fat and dirt poor children, white or black who knows, with unfortunate underlying health risks. Delta is more transmissible this we know; weaker than it’s predecessors no doubt as is always biologically true of virus mutations
  6. I won’t try to convince you to cross party lines lol. I am opining on the likelihood
  7. A popular governor of a large swing state, with a record to run on, national exposure and an outspoken style. Get used to him
  8. This is about right for here as well. Just got back from the store, noticeably larger number of beautiful maskless faces shining including employees
  9. Nice light show here, a few decent bangers. I’ll take the rain
  10. My ambitions are modest. Thinking WooSox game
  11. What’s the going rate for a fake one? I’m in the market
  12. I did. “We’ve had practically a non-existent flu season” is a great quote from the the doc
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