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  1. That is pathetic. Sorry your company is so lame and anti-science. You are in the .01% of organizations still carrying on with such nonsense, I’m sorry to tell you
  2. LOL at those who think the housing price run up is natural and market based, and not the leading indicator of hyperinflation
  3. Radar shows otherwise but it’s ripping here with killer winds. Love it!
  4. Respect for and recognition of the soaring, majestic spires of the Tolland Massif is somewhat of a recent phenomenon in CT wx forecasting
  5. It’s just stubbornness at this point. The other side can’t be proven right in any way
  6. That’s exactly why the whole war is fishy and meme-like and bullshitty. You don’t send your scrubs in first in war. Soviet Deep Battle doctrine has them spilling in later as reserves
  7. I remember it well. We got 4” in about 30 minutes, with one epic lightning strike right nearby me.
  8. The red sand OMG. they scooped it from Iwo Jima beaches and dumped it in Tolland. Right up through 2006 I would say
  9. You couldn’t do anything with it, except shovel the old fashioned way and suffer. Many an auger spun its last in that one
  10. Seems to be the height of the storm here, wind and snowfall rates both noticeably higher
  11. There are times tho where we go to rain at 34 and union/Stafford stays freezing. Seen a few I-84 highway debacles up there in marginal setups. how much are you expecting tonight?
  12. The Beacon Light rapids would be epic right now
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