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  1. Vaccine is part of herd immunity dude.
  2. Skilled trades are the thing to be in right now for sure. After years of ostracizing carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc in the 1980s/1990s and telling all the kids back then that they needed to go to college, there is a definite supply shortage of these types of workers and a high demand for them. Especially in a higher educated regions like the greater Boston market or other northeast cities. My wife’s younger half-brother lives outside of Philly and he dropped out of high school at 16...then got his now-wife pregnant when he was 18, but went and got his GED and went to trade school to be an electrician. He is now about 25 and makes 6 figures easy. It’s pretty amazing.
  3. I liked my previous setup better where I was going into the office 1 day per week. Maybe 2. The problem with going 100% remote is that our meetings are a lot less efficient...and I have a lot of meeting being in project management. We used to schedule most meetings when we were all in office together (usually one day per week). So i personally think the “mostly work from home” model is better than 100%.
  4. I was already working from home 3-4 days per week before the pandemic. It was about the company saving money on real estate. They were transitioning to desk-shares or hot-desking which means they can reduce the real estate footprint by like 30-50%.
  5. Yep, they can't stand doing online lessons. It's a lot of extra work to do both.
  6. You are on zoom with the same teacher. But the reason they banned others from doing that is because they want the teachers to just be teaching the class in-person and not to have to multi-task teaching both in person and remote at the same time. Most teachers don't have any students in covid protocol at any given time.
  7. My wife's school district banned any remote learning if you weren't in covid protocol. If you just didn't feel like going to school because you were sick (non-covid), you are absent that day and no remote learning. They just went back full time....previously was a hybrid model.
  8. Just saw EPS....other guidance shows this as well. Def a chance for some late season shenanigans. We'll see if that ULL look is still there in a few days, but a lot of support at the moment for it. Hopefully we get a threat out of it....beats dogshit 40F and rain.
  9. Yeah ‘02-03 was moderate. Same with ‘86-87 and ‘87-88 which were both solid years.
  10. Don't disagree that blizzards will likely eventually become rarer down the line at some point, but how much rarer? I don't buy any estimate that is something akin to frequency in, say, current day Philly or DC. Really the most pessimistic climate models have us warming about 5-6C.....but those aren't exactly realistic scenarios either. They are plausible, but need a lot of assumptions to verify. Those occur in scenarios where we assume that we do stuff like multiply our coal energy output by 6x (despite likely already peaking globally) and basically have zero conversion to zero-emissions energy. It assumes rising emissions to the year 2100 to near 1200ppm CO2. The more realistic scenarios are something like 2 to 3C. Maybe BOS becomes more like Cape Cod and ORH becomes more like BOS (though still more favorable geographically with coastal fronts, etc).
  11. We'll never stop having blizzards. Even a place like DCA gets them and they average about 6C warmer than we do in the winter....we'll never reach that warm...prob wouldn't even get halfway there. In addition, New England is in a more geographically favorable location anyway sticking out into the Atlantic.
  12. Getting 9.6" on 12/5 turned out to be the difference (barring something weird happening this month)
  13. No, You are def more than 73". Though 84" might be a bit on the high side if we did a long term average. I don't think the GYX average is 30 years though....I think they only started in 1996. If you included the putrid 1980s into the 1981-2010 normals, then they would be less than 84".
  14. 2nd lowest April max all time in ORH during that one with a high of 22F. Only April ‘82 had a colder high (21F).