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  1. Yeah I was gonna say....that's a southern spider.
  2. I was thinking this too. The wind helps erode soil. So any natural catastrophic events like fires or floods that help strip a mountain of soil will have an extra hard time growing back if that is in an area of very high winds.
  3. LOL
  4. There def must be some wind component to the tree line. You see it even down here...Mt Monadnock tree line is below the summit of 3166 feet. Same elevation in further north NNE can be in the middle of spruce forest. But given the isolation of the peak that high, the wind is relentless up there.
  5. 42 inches in Allenspark CO...36.2 inches in Estes Park. Classic front range mauling in spring. Wish we lived there...
  6. That's surprising to me given the ground temps. I would have expected even warmer if there was +20s around.
  7. 89 at ORH...if they can tickle 90, that would be just their 2nd May 90F reading since 1992....only 2010 managed the feat since then.
  8. Maybe 60s? They were higher than today.
  9. There was a pretty hot day in May '94 where we got big hail in ORH...wasn't quite as hot as today but well into the 80s and humid. I think it may have been 5/22 or 5/23/94. I was walking home from school and the sky just opened up with hail right as I got home. Sky was really dark and good thunder.
  10. Yeah nice...should be absolute poundage...the peak is prob this afternoon through about 06z tonight there.
  11. It'll be warmer at 00z...but 19.7C looks tough.
  12. Pretty hard to get 100 without +20C 850 temps or higher...even in torch areas....though we do have the advantage of not quite being at 100% leaf-out yet. Stuff like oaks and such are still lagging a bit even in lower elevations...so that could help add a degree or two to the temps. But still, looking at MLs, even being generous, I'd def take the under on 100, even for BDL....though I've always learned don't count that site out for anything since it tends to run warm anyways.
  13. Big time spring snowstorm for the Front range today and tomorrow...prob 3 feet or more. The powderhounds will be out at Abasin I'm sure chasing this one. Pretty classic ULL look and precip pattern:
  14. It will prob just be a couple showers anyway with a predictable east trend.
  15. That QPF axis definitely follows the areas where the snow was most prolific.