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  1. No guts, no glory. Though I do wish we had a semblance of a -NAO for a little safety netting.
  2. Looks like its really close to the low level centers....the actual mid-level centers are still well NW. Maybe some sort of LL forcing in the 900mb range...like a low level CCB? I think the true ML ccb is still up in Quebec.
  3. Playing with fire in that pattern....hopefully it goes well. But you know the saying....no guts, no glory.
  4. Yeah it's pretty funny actually...and of course MPM b**ching about a storm right up until go-time is like the tides and sunrise....you can depend on it.
  5. I'd say like 90-95% of his good events (>4") don't have mostly rain at Kevins...this was the needle in the thread....the one he roots for all the time.
  6. Yeah front is crashing east now...looks like snow mixing back in near HFD too. You NW folk were in the perfect spot to minimize the 900mb warm tongue.
  7. They were due for a jackpot...S VT had kind of been shafted recently. Very good for the Magic Mountains, Bromleys, and Strattons of the world.
  8. Looked like WaWa got about 3 inches of dense snow...they might be able to get a little more this evening if they can flip back in the next couple hours....they were getting some ZR since about 1pm.
  9. Yeah I was hoping we could do a ski GTG out there...we've been talking about one for a few winters. I know you guys did one several years ago. I'm game for one in Jan/Feb some time. I'll play hooky from work. This is a good type of storm for them for early season....get that QPF into the base and then worry about the surface conditions down the road.
  10. Gotta be good base building for Beast...I wanna get out there this season on a random weekday and experience the no-crowd excellence.
  11. Drove in late to Quincy and was surprised that they were still mostly snow covered at this hour. Guess that paste job is giving a bit of resistance. I expect plenty of bare spots by the time I leave, but right now, its only really in the typical spots (next to roads on the sun torched areas)...the flat ground is all covered. So I'm guessing most of our folk outside of 128 (and perhaps some inside there) will still have cover in several hours when the front starts coming through. Anyway, Euro is pretty boring...attempted a cutter for 12/18, but it kind of failed. Kind of got sheared out into nothing. Still watching this weekend though...prob nothing big, but it could still trend into a modest event.
  12. Yeah we could use a -NAO right about now on this Euro run...looks like 12/18 is going cutter.
  13. Euro could produce a light event on Saturday if that trough sharpens just a touch. It's a little too rounded...so it tries the IVT route...but something to keep an eye on in otherwise boring times.
  14. ORH averages 71 days per winter with snow cover and several of the hill towns north and west average even more...so I will disagree with your "isn't up for debate" proclamation. Even up by Ray's area on the CP averages around 60 snow cover days per winter. That is 2 months worth of snow cover.
  15. Yeah in the city. But I've never really had that problem I guess. Even in ORH I lived on the northern side where there was not a lot of traffic so the snow stayed nice for the most part.