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  1. Cable TV has become an insane racket. We've been thinking about cord cutting for a year or so...haven't done it yet. I enjoy NFL football the most on TV, but that is something you can get with just an analog/digital converter for free since most NFL games are on local TV. I'd just miss the games on ESPN Monday night. I don't think we're too far away from a big price drop in TV packages...a lot of cord cutters nowadays. At some point there will be a positive ROR for them to slash prices and regain volume.
  2. You could always consider getting an analog to digital TV adapter for the first year or two until you can afford a basic cable package and just pay for internet...you can find a lot of free streams of sports games on the internet. You'd only get the local channels with the adapter (channels that we used to use rabbit ear antennas to get back in the 1980s/early-mid 1990s) but it's better than nothing.
  3. Is our big end of month heat wave still on track?
  4. And he's a couple hundred feet higher so he's probably a degree cooler.
  5. You gotta be willing to move a bit for meteorology...I was fortunate early on that I didn't have to, but then when I was working for myself later on and started to stagnate, I would have had to move unless I wanted something really small-time. It can be tough with shift work too...not the easiest field.
  6. Under employment is def an issue since the great recession. People may be landing jobs, but a lot of them don't require a college degree. Tauntonblizz, what field are in again? I sort of remember hearing you were in the legal field, but maybe that was someone else. Try expanding your search a bit...i.e. if you were just limiting it to the Boston metro area, try up toward Portland and back SW toward Providence/Hartford. Kind of annoying if you were hoping to stay right in the metro area...but sometimes that's the way to get a foot in the door. I'd also recommend maybe getting your resume professionally done (or at least look into the process online a bit deeper)...that used to sound crazy and a waste of money, but more of these companies are now searching resumes for key words and phrases as dumb as that sounds. They use that as their first filter...which IMHO is idiotic, but it saves them time and money. It's the nature of the corporate oligarchy now.
  7. We've had an extremely difficult time sustaining any big NAO blocking in the cold season ever since the big N Atlantic cold pool developed in 2013. We ended the winter that year (Feb/Mar 2013) with huge -NAO blocking and we really haven't seen it since outside of some brief episodes (one of them just prior to mid-atlantic blizzard in Jan 2016).
  8. At least the JAMESTEC shows some below normal temps outside of a 100 square mile area on the globe. Europe is pretty cold too...looks like it is trying to show a pretty big -NAO/-AO winter. I'll believe it when I see it.
  9. The area losses look like they are mostly coming from Hudson Bay and perhaps the Kara. The Kara is more meaningful, but Hudson bay can deceive us sometimes in both directions...the main basin looks pretty high concentration to me right now. Of course, we don't have SSMI/S area data right now...that's really the most important one for predictive purposes because unlike AMSR2 data, it is sensitive to melt ponding.
  10. Yeah that was a solid storm, brought over 6 inches to Tahoe area too...I had posted about it last week a few posts up.
  11. See previous page....looks like BVY sensor went off its rocker about 2 weeks ago. I'd be skeptical of that reading.
  12. They've been bad on our hill in Holliston, but not as bad as the carnage shown in CT. Hopefully they all die and don't come back next year.
  13. That's kind of weird. I know the winters there have gotten quite a bit colder in the past decade or two vs the 1990s (we've seen the whole autumn snow cover feedback on the Siberian high)...but it was the opposite in the warm season. I wonder why it would start cooling.
  14. Yeah looks like it went off its rocker about 2 weeks ago...but maybe started degrading a little before that. Kevin says we shouldn't question it though.
  15. Wow that's crazy....ORH was 6F cooler than that day. But still really impressive for this early...tied the daily record from 1973.