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  1. Around now is when we start tracking NSIDC area....and the reason I like to track this is NSIDC area is a good proxy for melt ponds due to the SSMI/S satellite it uses being "fooled" by melt ponds into thinking it is open water, so the area metrics respond to them. And we care about melt ponds in June because they are the best predictor of both minimum area and extent from this time range. Far better than extent metrics or non-SSMI/S area metrics. Anyways, 2021 area on 6/15 was 8.63 million sq km, here are how previous years were in relation to that number (negative means that year had less ice) 2020: -130k 2019: -370k 2018: +250k 2017: +200k 2016: -190k 2015: +40k 2014: +170k 2013: +280k 2012: -640k 2011: -110k 2010: -120k 2009: +750k 2008: +300k 2007: -50k
  2. It can kill 60-70k actually....2017-2018 flu season had around that number. The "delta" variant breakthroughs aren't all that compelling unless they are killing vaccinated people.
  3. That's probably the saddest part of it....the people who need help the most are on the receiving end of the violent crime surge.
  4. There's always going to be some crime where a lot of people are living in high density....the way to measure it though is on a relative scale. Violent crime is absolutely surging right now compared to the normal pre-2020 baselines. That is not a good thing at all. It is what helped hollow out a lot of cities in the 1970s/1980s.
  5. Prob not going to threaten the new record this year unless the pattern changes. The ensembles don't look overly exciting as they are producing a strengthening vortex over the CAB through the solstice. We need that to reverse and show strong high pressure to get the ice into better position to threaten 2012. We're kind of tracking the 2010s average on a lot of metrics at the moment.
  6. Wow awesome pic Nick. Thats crazy for 10 days into June even up there.
  7. The property value argument is a straw man because aesthetics isn’t a very convincing argument to a larger audience. The problem is you have some medium density communities that are very close to high density neighborhoods and amenities but don’t want to increase the density in their own little island. If you want to live in a low density area, there’s more than enough room in America, but you have to be willing to be well outside a major city.
  8. Ok that is definitely wrong on the elevation then. It sounds like it is claiming the same location as the coop site in northern ORH but I believe that elevation was like 610 or 620 feet.
  9. Yeah HOAs are not very common in New England....you do get them in those townhouse neighborhood a lot, but otherwise they are fairly rare.
  10. Can't quite read that google doc....which ORH site is that? There's a good coop in northern ORH near Indian Lake that was around 600 feet which reported as the official site for years. 402 feet is really low....I wonder where that is. I think Lake Quinsigamond is the only place that is that low inside the city limits.
  11. You kidding? We'd have an entire thread of whining. Tropical threats in SNE usually involve a few lawn chairs blown over after DIT promises forests being flattened.
  12. I feel like in New England, you have to push the warm seasons back a couple weeks from the "meteorological XXXX" distinction. We all know spring isn't really 3/1 in here either. Prob more like late March. Ditto for summer....it's not uncommon to have cruddy/miserable stretches in early June but usually they are done by late month.
  13. What was the last legit COC summer we had? 2000? 2009 was brutally chilly but it wasn't because of COC, it was super wet in June/July. 2000 I recall lots of legit chilly/dry nights. 2007 was pretty COC too, though not like 2000 that I remember. But IIRC CON had 30s a few times that summer in June and August.
  14. A coating on the picnic tables next week?