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  1. I haven’t skied Bromley so it’s nice to hear some feedback on it. I love old school New England trails narrowly cut into the trees. S VT definitely has some nice options. I would not be afraid of it from PhineasC’s perspective of looking for a place there. But yeah, heed the advice of making sure you clear 1500 feet since snowfall on location is a big factor. Luckily there’s a ton of options above that elevation as me and powderfreak discussed further upthread.
  2. I’ve always loved driving through S VT. I don’t do it often at all but each time I’m reminded how nice it is there. If I was looking for a place there, a big pro is I’d really love having the backup option of Magic Mountain during peak days where Stratton or Mount Snow are overcrowded. Or Bromley if you are more family-oriented with less gnarly ambitions.
  3. They do pretty well with bonuses included but most of them aren’t millionaires. I agree wth greatsnow1717 though that if you were one for 20+ years, you probably should be a millionaire.
  4. There’s exceptions obviously but I think his statement is correct for the most part. Disproportionately low income workers dominate the service industries.
  5. Their contact tracing was enormous. Something we couldn’t do here even if we wanted.
  6. I think he was implying that most of the front line workers at grocery stores and in the food service industry are generally lower income. They are putting themselves most at risk in order to keep everyone fed. I mentioned before, they should probably be getting some hazard pay out of this. I agree with your earlier statement though that there’s plenty of people who live in McMansions that are probably stretched pretty thin. It’s a way of life for many to have a “just-on-time” financial lifestyle. Not ideal.
  7. 3200 feet just east of First Connecticut Lake would certainly be about as snowy as it gets.
  8. Yeah that location is truly ratter-proof. Fairly similar to some place like powderfreak described on the southwest slope of Jay. Garbage winters there are probably like 180-200”. Theres gotta be a few spots to the east or northeast of Diamond Pond that do even better. Prob average 250-300”. If you go a little further northeast, you cross into ME where literally nobody lives northwest of Mooselookmeguntic lake over to just south of Coburn Gore. That terrain just sticks up from the flatlands of southern Quebec. They must get destroyed but there’s nobody there to record it. I think dryslot said he had been snow mobiling up near there a few times and it’s ridiuclous depths that even places like Rangeley-Eustis can’t match.
  9. Laurentian Plateau in Quebec is always one of my favorites. They’ll have like a 5 foot snowpack in mid May well after northern Maine has already melted out.
  10. I’ve often searched the topo maps and real estate listings to find the weeniest snow spots in New England. One of my most underrated is the highlands east and northeast of Diamond Pond in Coos county NH. The Diamond Pond coop itself was only around for like 10 years or so but they averaged like 230” of snow. Yet there is more favorable privately owned terrain to their east and northeast. Some of those spots must be between 250-300”. Not much of anything out there either including ski resorts (the failed Balsams not withstanding), lol. It’s gorgeous country though.
  11. Lol nice. Yeah that spot could be one of the single snowiest annual averages in all of New England for private livable property. All others that are higher would prob be land over 2500 or 3000 feet that isn’t buildable or own-able.
  12. Agreed and there’s actually quite a bit of property above 1700 feet in that immediate area on the map above that’s pretty reasonably priced. I’d definitely want to try and grab something in that range. It looks like prices only get really out of control almost right at the mountain. But even 2 or 3 miles away is relatively affordable.
  13. Yeah I agree. They could do reduced capacity too requiring fans to sit like 2-3 seats apart so that stadiums aren’t dead silent. Most of the money is actually in TV for the sports...obviously the stadium revenue is nice for the teams but in recent years it’s becoming a smaller slice of the pie. TV revenue is where it’s at...so even if they are forced to do empty stadiums, they’ll do it.
  14. Getting back to the S VT discussion near Stratton...we were discussing towns like Wardsboro and Jamaica....on the topo map below, you can see how different the west sides of these towns are compared to downtown. Even though downtown areas are still plenty good for snow, you'll be so much better out in the circled regions....that circled region if you look at properties there all either say West Wardsboro or Jamaica....even though they aren't that close to the downtown areas (marked by the X)....I also marked Stratton and Mount Snow respectively with the S and MS. But that circled area is almost all completely above 1500 feet...and most of it is in the 1700-2000 foot range, and they are exceptionally good for snowfall. Prob 125-140" annual averages there with excellent retention. You'll get over 150" if you sneak up into the 2100-2300 foot range.
  15. We’ll agree to disagree. There’s just too many people who tune the government out. It comes as a surprise to extremely politically active people or high information voters but there is a vast swath of America who don’t give a shit what the government says or are not even aware of it.