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  1. It didn’t have a blockbuster signature storm. But it was cold and active which led to prolific monthly totals and deep pack. Btw weeklies definitely look decent going into late Dec and January. They are agreeing with the EPS for now that mid-month is junk.
  2. We need the -NAO to show back up for the '70-'71 analog to hit harder....but the PAC def looks similar. '70-'71 didn't have a ridiuclously poleward Aleutian ridge.
  3. Hopefully we trend that a bit more amplified in AK/Bering
  4. Still not liking the EPS in the 11-15....need a little more ridge amplification in the PAC to press that cold down. It's not far away from being good...central and western Canada are frigid....this isn't like a 2011 or 2015 furnace across the entire continent where the source is gone and on the other side of the pole...it's lurking, but we don't want to get stuck on the wrong side of the gradient.
  5. You'll want that high to hang on a little longer than shown....which it might. Way too far out for details. The thing could be hundreds of miles different by next week. But verbatim, that high sliding east starts to turn the BL into a problem inside 128/I-95.
  6. Pretty classic SWFE on Euro. High end advisory to low end warning for much of MA and into NH/VT and S ME...N CT may be ok too on that run.
  7. Yeah I'm hoping we see a trend more toward the -EPO look that the MJO composite phase 7 maps have as we move closer. It was especially strong on Ray's Nina composite. If that does happen, then we really just have to deal with the turd pattern for a week or less.
  8. Oh nice...mine wasn't Nina-specific, but yeah, its the same idea. That's a very storng signal N of AK which would be good for us. That would shove the gradient south some compared to current guidance. If we can shove that gradient south about 1-2 degrees of latitude from current guidance, then we'd prob be in decent shape. The GEFS haven't been as bad in the LR as the EPS and the OP GFS. Feels like the OP GFS has been consistently ugly out in D11-15....but the GEFS are not.
  9. You can prob fold up the tent in NYC for a while....unless something lucky happens. It's going to be a gradient pattern....further north the better. Even SNE may struggle in this, but we'll see as we get closer to mid-month.
  10. MJO phase 6-7 for December is usually a decent look and it usually supports ridging in AK and not troughing. We'll see if that ridging trying to show up near EPO region mid-month becomes stronger as we get closer. Forecasts are for us to go from phase 6 to phase 7. Maybe scooter has some thoughts on the convection, but the two baseline December maps aren't bad....phase 7 does support some SE ridging but it's kind of weak.
  11. The weird part is as Scott said...it wasn't a warm November there. I assume BDR is the closest site to him and they were actually a -1.7 departure for the month. But being close to the shore definitely makes for a much longer growing season.
  12. His climate seems like Florida. He can run a fruit orchard in the winter.
  13. https://en-gb.topographic-map.com/ Just type any location in the search bar and then you can zoom in or out. I accidentally had the bar at the top set to (English - UK)....just change it to US and it will appear in feet and not meters. edit: here is the US link https://en-us.topographic-map.com/
  14. Yeah his area is W facing...but not all of the NE CT hills are....up in Union and over toward Woodstock, they are more favorable on easterly flow.
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