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  1. Yeah seriously. There’s basically no analog for last year. Closest is maybe 1996-1997 but the late November and December pattern last year was even better than ‘96 and the post-Xmas pattern was even shittier than ‘97. Really bizarre. The big -AO bout in November too is usually very highly correlated with another sustained -AO stretch in the winter but it didn’t happen.
  2. Yeah the thing is, I can point to epic winters that had one up there in October. What do we say about it those times? It just isn’t very useful as a predictive measure imho. I’ll definitely be on the nervous train of it shows up in a sustained fashion deep in November. That’s where it actually seems to matter.
  3. I remember running our true garbage dumpster fire winters one time and large majority of them had pigs in November for an extended stretch. Last year was actually an exception.
  4. There’s basically no correlation. So some years are going to be good after an October piggy (see 2010 or 1995) and other years are going to stink. As for last year, we didn’t actually have a pig in AK in October. Maybe briefly but the mean was a ridge that month. I’d worry if it shows up in November...esp 2nd half of the month.
  5. Not worried about piggies in October....we do start to worry in November. Esp the 2nd half of November.
  6. This was another one that is in my top 5 or 10 that you throw your computer out the window on
  7. It was almost certainly the 1/13/93 storm then. Pretty classic latitude storm setup. http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/NARR/1993/us0113.php#picture
  8. I still have that thing though I only use it as a backup now. Field and stream jacket that was given to me in fall 1996 when I was in high school. I gotta find those pics again. Lol. I’m actually wearing that jacket in pics I’ve posted on here of April ‘97 when I’m also wearing the early 90s patriots hat with the PomPom on top of it.
  9. We share a lot of our favorite storms but this one is definitely polar opposites. That storm is my greatest weather memory and it would take something incredibly special to surpass it.
  10. Was the second one the 3/24/93 event? There were other events that winter with a gradient but that one was really sharp. Very little fell south of about a Weymouth to Franklin line...it was a surprise event with marginal midlevels. Logan had like 8” and suburbs had 10”. Couldve been the 1/13/93 event too. That one had a very similar gradient. Really hit the pike region and northward good but not very much south. Lot of ZR over interior south of pike though.
  11. This will magically undergo a metamorphosis and become “widespread 1-2 feet, and then Friday and Monday are 6-10 river-eastward” during winter.
  12. We need to go back and find it...you were cussing out that 1/24 storm. You could feel the anger through the screen reading it.
  13. No, MLK melt was 2010. It was a 2-parter. Round 1 was the bigger of the two parts. It was forecasted to be very marginal but the line literally set up along the MA/CT border. Even though you knew it was snowing up in ORH, you didn’t really melt down until the next day and the day after.... The next day after part 1, Megan posted pics of us hiking in the woods near us with fir trees draped in like 8” of paste and you absolutely lost it. Then the next day part 2 came through and you were expecting this one to probably be snow in Tolland and I actually was too...but then you reported that it was 33F and raining and wondering if it would flip to snow. As the hours passed, and it didn’t flip down there, I posted some pics of huge nickel/quarter sized flakes absolutely ripping in ORH with everything draped in another 3-4” or so and you went nuclear. Just a monster tantrum. It may have rivaled Scooter’s January 2015 tantrum right before the epic pattern crushed us. We’ll be telling our grandchildren about it.
  14. The first few early season events are a novelty to track for a lot of the region regardless of IMBY effects, but we usually start ignoring posters like Powderfreak on the 3rd or 4th upslope event that affects a 10 square mile area. If it’s a bad winter in SNE, then posters like CoastalWx start becoming downright hostile.
  15. A Randolph Ripper is what I will use in winter for snow events.