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  1. Would like to see euro latch onto clipper. It has it but well south.
  2. GEFS are actually pretty far north with the clipper like the OP was for Friday. Euro hasn't been hitting but then again GFS didn't until today. I agree with Tip that we can really stretch the "signal" to at least the 10th...perhaps even a bit longer. Scooter mentioned how things actually get a bit deeper for trough in east as we go further into month.
  3. Hard to call it the most wintry pattern of the season when we had a 10 day stretch of big snow and cold earlier this month. That said, it looks like we will have some shots and the cold shot next weekend looks pretty anomalous.
  4. Kind of funny that about a week ago, late February 1984 was an analog on the ensembles. We'll see. The exceptional cold showing up is kind of similar and there were some messy events with decent snow early in the month but the big dog actually occurred late that month in the waning cold. The march 5-6th event on the ensembles kind of went to crap on the 12z runs but it still looks like a decent pattern even if that one doesn't pan out. They were showing a bit of a reload at the end of the run too.
  5. Wow. Just when we think we've got them beat, BTV never fails to win the torch king award.
  6. The shot next weekend looks pretty damned cold. The only hindering factor for SNE is lack of snow cover when it hits. Beyond that is pretty mixed signal. Overall lean cold but there could be a couple mild days mixed in.
  7. Ensembles look decent for Mar 6th. We'll see how it goes as we get closer. I think we'll have chances after that too.
  8. Sub-500 thicknesses on euro next weekend with 850 temps below -20C. That's gonna kill a lot of stuff that tried to sprout this week.
  9. Shattering those 1985 records is damned impressive. This is the perfect setup for warmth in winter...keeping the wind enough SW while also having mostly clear skies. Hard to get that combo.
  10. Euro ensembles are pretty impressive. If correct, it's going to be quite the amazing turnaround in sensible wx. We're sitting with May climo today and we're going back to below normal even for a January day probably some time in the first few days of March...and there's a pretty nice storm signal for around March 5-6. Good PNA rise popping a ridge out west at the same time. Could be a Miller B type look though it can definitely change. Then behind that there is what looks to almost be a reload near the end of the ensemble run.
  11. Was driving around in Sherborn MA and even on the coastal plain it's amazing how resilient the snow was in fairly protected areas. 70F and snow OTG is a pretty rare sight on the CP.
  12. Near 50F at CAR might be more impressive than 70F down around here.
  13. Your snowfall climo is far closer to mid-Atlantic than the vast majority of New England and NY state.
  14. Are you surprised? Lol. Lavarock would complain if he got 80" of snow and great pack retention because he didn't get two 24" storms like this winter.
  15. I don't see anything that shows above normal after about D7 or 8.