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  1. I had 27” for the month of December and 17” in that storm. It is almost impossible to have a turd winter when that happens....but we found a way. There is no other winter like it in the analogs. Closest I can think of is 1996-1997 but erase the 3/31-4/1/97 storm...that year had the epic early December including the Cantore thundersnow event and then laid a total turd until the end when we got the big one. This year was similar but we didn’t get the big finish...those we did get a lot of little (to occasionally moderate) late season snowfalls.
  2. Consistency too in the flow. I mentioned further back we haven’t had those classic 58F turds mixed in with onshore flow like we seem to get every June...so usually when we have a +3 June, we’re saying “oh man, there must have been a few 96s in there!!” since we know there were probably a couple 57F onshore flow episodes mixed in. But this year, it’s like just consistent above average but not the “scorcher” days mixed in.
  3. Their max so far is 94 on 6/22 and 7/10
  4. Let’s get a heat signal inside of 5 days...it’s amazing how often the euro spits out 22-24C at 850 in the D7-10 range and then lose it once closer.
  5. We usually have a few 52-58F onshore-flow ratters in June that never materialized this year. Just consistent 70s and 80s. Late June and July has been very muggy with the high mins. ORH is always a good gauge of the air masses since they don’t radiate. They haven’t had a low below 60F since mid June.
  6. Yeah it’s def been warm and well above average. We’ve been doing it a lot more with the low temps though. We haven’t had those scorching highs yet that NNE has seen several times. I don’t think you’ve even hit 90 yet.
  7. Lol yeah. It’ll be like 78-79 at Tolland and BDL tarmac will put up an 86 and he will go “AWT...upper 80s”
  8. I know some places limped their way to average but they had to use a lot of late season stuff. Late March and April produced pretty well. The big sites like PWM and BTV were definitely below average though. Maybe powderfreak can chime in for his area. (Edit: Nevermind lol)
  9. Unless it’s a shit one like 2011-2012 or 1999-2000. I don’t actually remember NNE getting a lot of snow last year except late in the season. They got clobbered in 2018-2019 though.
  10. Just don’t do what Fozz did us last winter.
  11. I just told Megan that it felt like Maldives outside. Very humid but the steady breeze made it feel like there. The breeze made it tolerable. I have had more wind today than at any point last night.
  12. A few showers here last night. Very little wind. Wouldn’t even know there was a TC unless you were following it closely.
  13. I’ve had 1 90F day so far. ORH airport has had zero. Kind of crazy considering what has gone on in NNE.
  14. +24 to +25C on 7/19 on the Euro....another day 9 record-breaker.