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  1. UPS did not deliver a package to us today. This was the reason: "Delay: Emergency Situation or Severe Weather." I shoveled and salt and sanded yesterday. Our paved driveway was clear by sundown. We are on a paved road which was clear when I left for work. The severe weather must have been the half inch we received overnight. I tried to use a shovel tonight but there wasn't enough so I used a push broom instead.
  2. Half an inch overnight. Did I get the jackpot?
  3. Half an inch new overnight to recover the freshly cleared driveway.
  4. Snowing lightly but steadily here again. Lots of bent evergreens out there.
  5. Another inch over night brings us to 5.6 inches for the event. Everything is just pasted out there.
  6. 5.6 inches of paste here. Do we have the start of our pack for the season?
  7. All snow here, ground covered. Christmas tree is in and up but needing to have the snow melt and dry off it.
  8. Big big carb dinner incoming! Stuffing and mashed potatos with lollies of pie.
  9. 23 here and dropping quickly
  10. I got a Greenworks chainsaw early this summer. I have been pleased with it so far but I have it just for light use, cutting small trees, etc. It cam with just with the one battery but it holds up pretty well and recharges nicely.
  11. GFS at only 348 hours, that is a lock!
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