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  1. nice "eye" over Brattleboro https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=local-Vermont-truecolor-6-1-100-1&checked=counties-ushw-usint-map&colorbar=undefined
  2. Not Kuchera but Euro overnight was not bullish for snow over the next couple of weeks.
  3. klw


    The law in Vermont law has been going into effect over the past few summers. It started with commercial operations, restaurants, etc and now has reached the individual level. People have certainly had advance warning but it is a pain for many, esp those in apartments. Here is the State info page: https://dec.vermont.gov/waste-management/solid/materials-mgmt/organic-materials Edit: I just saw this on the State page which eases one of my earlier gripes, which doesn't apply to our house as we don't eat meat:
  4. klw


    Luckily, we compost but there are some scraps that you should not put in compost (ex meat) and others which don't seem to breakdown well (ex pineapple skin). Our transfer station has bins for food scraps set up next to where you drop the trash and are in the same line. Fortunately I only take garbage about once a month because I think the food issue will slow the lines down. Down side is what would I do with non-compost waste for the weeks until it goes to the dump.
  5. klw


    I'll take "Laws which should have had their effective date delayed by 6 months" for 100, Alex. This along with the no food scraps in the garbage turned out to be not very well timed.
  6. klw


    It will be erased in the Great Carrington Event of 2022.
  7. Will you sue them for violating the "Damage in Tolland" registered trademark?
  8. He can't say he has truly experienced New England weather until he has a year where the high temp on July 4 is lower than on Christmas.
  9. Don't forget ya coffee and vanilla nut taps.
  10. Did your sister not get any hail and the neighbor did?
  11. Did your sister not get any hail and the neighbor did?
  12. Euro went from giving me an inch within 48 hours to 0 in one run and moving the jack from here to White Plains. Today ECMWF feels like Errors Common Monday Wednesday Friday. Sure I expect from the GFS but not the Euro.
  13. After days of near misses, including two storms less than 5 miles away yesterday, it is finally raining.
  14. 3 new Vermont breweries looking to open https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/three-new-vermont-breweries-work-to-open-during-the-pandemic/Content?oid=30657807