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  1. Sun's out, up to 41, no sign of any snow here so if there was mixing in, it didn't stay.
  2. A much scarier name than "Nana" which felt destined to bring you cookies and cocoa before bed.
  3. A lot of grousing in this thread the last few days.
  4. So this would be the run where the GFS transitions from summer to winter by showing a blizzard at hour 300 in every other run instead of a Cat 4+ hurricane in each run by giving us both.
  5. Good to hear. We planted 5 plum trees right before this last dry stretch so I am thankful for the rain so I don't need to keep watering them.
  6. Is your lawn getting a nice drink? I am picturing standing in the rain with arms out like Andy Dufresne.
  7. Starting to hear thunder rumbling here.
  8. "NNE- come for the snow retention, stay for the weirdly frequent severe storms"
  9. Some yellows, a lot of browns, and a few reds thrown in- it matches the foliage!
  10. New drought maps are out but of course they have a cutoff of Tuesday. So continued worsening is shown. We wait to see how things look next week for this storm and anything else is factored in:
  11. Nearest weather station has 2.93 so far with another .2 on Sunday night. Our pond is back to full, the new plum trees are watered, the driveway is covered in leaves, and there is water in the basement. Yeah it is autumn!
  12. The light of the sunset really brings out the color of his salmon t-shirt and white suit jacket (sleeves rolled up of course).
  13. If this was a cop or spy movie, you would have to avert a huge attack and end up working through the night. You would thwart it tomorrow but realize that you still had unfinished business in your career. Yes I am binge watching Mi-5 at the moment, why would you ask that?
  14. The rain has slacked here now but when we got up the rain was so heavy our labrador refused to go outside to go to the bathroom.