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  1. A few years back I was watching the Weather Channel and Stephanie Abrams was on. She said something like "And this is what we meterologists call Fropa. FROPA! FROPA!" I never could figure out why she was screaming FROPA! but she was. I have always hoped to find it on Youtube but never have.
  2. A dusting here:
  4. Very pretty drive this morning as the fog from the Connecticut froze on the trees by 91 but the road was fine.
  5. You can practically hear the Barry White music playing.
  6. Okay, this wins "the most random guardrail placement of the day" award.
  7. I know...they're a fortune. Would be cool to have them and be completely off the electric grid. A couple years they'll be more reasonable. Check with your local utility provider. Green Mountain power has a leasing program for $15/month. http://products.greenmountainpower.com/powerwall/
  8. And with that the subforum has reached 900,000 posts! And only 326,00 involved a weenie emoji!
  9. Is the name still bringing Phillipe over the Cape?
  10. Hey! It's Flounder!
  11. I for one wish you a merry and exciting storm and hope you get all the wind you want. You can keep it as I have far too many trees near my house to let me enjoy a windstorm without constant worry.
  12. It should be fun out there. Will you go out on a beach to experience it? I always thought a beach on the Cape would be fun for a blizzard.
  13. Beans tonight?