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  1. Coming soon- the Ford Thneed Dr Seuss edition
  2. Plus you locked in the 18Z GFS for us yesterday so obviously that will become the solution. We all know calling locks before the next run is the key.
  3. We are all in line for bread and milk or at the gas station getting emergency gas for the generators!
  4. No, there are dual Cray supercomputers- that makes it "Cray Cray" Oops Dryslot beat me to it
  5. Just about my least favorite storm. It stalled just so the radar showed virga in C VT while I sat for a couple of days watching CNN just cursing as we got flurries and the line came oh so close. Someone stole my snow 27 years ago and I am still bitter.
  6. 4.8 inches here. Hopefully it will be some fluffy shoveling
  7. 4.8 here in the hills of Norwich. 47 on the season.
  8. Just started here, 9F
  9. Biggest GEM run of our lives has begun.
  10. Canadian should have the W NE and Mass weenies excited for next weekend as it has the storm do a crawl across the south coast Clown map 24 hour clown map but it goes more than 24 hours: Its the GEM but whatever
  11. I'll call it 5.3 but measurements were kind of all over the place.
  12. What a awful, awful commute! I did get behind a plow on 91 for about 12 miles otherwise I may have given up. It was snowing over an inch an hour at home when I left