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  1. I got so confused by this being posted but my response not showing up (not that was a great loss) but it is there 5 hours earlier on last page. Did you mean to post twice?
  2. Not this year. Days and days of cloudless skies this Spring.
  3. If we extrapolate from the NAM at 84hrs it says that there is a 50% chance the eclipse will be blocked by clouds up here.
  4. Actual drought song right here:
  5. I saw the Stein and it opened up my eyes I saw the Stein Life is demanding without understanding I saw the Stein and it opened up my eyes I saw the Stein No one's gonna drag you up To get into the Drought Monitor Category where you belong But where do you belong?
  6. snowing here but nothing to show for it
  7. snowing here at the moment. No accumulation as yet.
  8. Severe Thunderstorm Watch for most of VT through 4 pm.
  9. Just had a rumble of thunder here in Rutland.
  10. I believe the phrase you are looking for is "meh"
  11. Half the yard is still a foot deep glacier but I had to pull a tick off my leg yesterday morning after working in the melted area on Sunday.
  12. Fire and Ice. A squall went through about 45 minutes ago if you want to rewind.