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  1. It can be found here: https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/threats/threats.php It is under the 8 to 14 day hazards link. Click on box saying snow hazards. link to the image: https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/threats/snow_probhazards_d8_14_contours.png
  2. Woke up to a fresh dusting at the house this morning. It was also snowing nicely in Stowe as I drove through around 8am
  3. Didn't we move on from using "Blizzard" last season? Isn't the correct term now "Blizzardcane!!!"
  4. Spitting snow here, jus sayin
  5. Sad news from Charlotte https://www.wcax.com/2022/11/22/2-dead-helicopter-crash-interstate-charlotte/ Meteorologist Jason Myers and pilot Chip Tayag, who worked for Charlotte television station WBTV, were killed in a helicopter crash early Tuesday afternoon. WBTV, which is owned by Gray Media Group, Inc., issued the following statement about the crash: “The WBTV family is grieving a terrible loss. Our news helicopter Sky3 crashed mid-day Tuesday with two of our colleagues on board. Meteorologist Jason Myers and pilot Chip Tayag lost their lives. We are working to comfort their families in this difficult time. We appreciate the outpouring of support for our staff and your continued prayers for their families.”
  6. Poster in WNY thread, Buffalo Weather posted links to his Nest cams in Hamburg https://video.nest.com/live/3JG1KsHyyM https://video.nest.com/live/JjuiXqYdoy
  7. I wish I knew this song before Springsteen released his cover this week. It could have been this summer's theme song: Day in, day out, my tear stained face Pressed against the window pane My eyes, they search the skies desperately for rain 'Cause raindrops will hide my teardrops And no one will ever know That I'm crying (crying), I'm crying Yeah, when I go outside To the world outside, my tears I refuse to explain Oh, I wish it would rain (Oh, how I wish that it would rain) I'm a man and I got my pride 'Til it rains I'm gonna stay inside (let it rain) Let it rain (let it rain) Oh, let it rain
  8. It has been snowly lightly but steadily most of the day here in Hyde Park
  9. Has anyone locked in the GFS for Thanksgiving weekend yet (25/26). If not, can someone with good mojo please do so.
  10. 2.7 here prior to shutting off/going to drizzle and sleet
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