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  1. 1.1 overnight here. mood flakes now. 4.1 total.
  2. 1.1 new overnight. 4.1 for the total.
  3. Previous spot was Peacham which is in aCaledonia county, sw of St Johnsbury. Ended up with 3.0 inches before we dry slotted then went to snow/ rain then drizzle.
  4. No, Windsor county. We had been under an advisory yesterday when I last checked.https://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=VTZ012&warncounty=VTC027&firewxzone=VTZ012&local_place1=West Norwich VT&product1=Winter+Storm+Warning&lat=43.7567&lon=-72.364#.YAL2oHpOmhA it looks like the warning went up just before 4 this morning.
  5. And just like that, the snow has picked up. Flakes are the size of pomeranians.
  6. About half an inch here, snow is light at the moment but I have been bumped to a warning. Woke to the sound of plows out of the roads.
  7. I've been bumped up to a Warning. It is snowing lightly and we have about half an inch so far. Enough to cover the dog poo in the yard.
  8. I have a Winter Weather Advisory. Last time that happened I got 19.8 inches. I am not holding my breath waiting for a repeat of that.
  9. Issue for both could also be that isn't there a lag time between the shot and it being fully effective. This morning on the radio, an NPR story mentioned a 2 week lag time and when I had the flu shot in the fall the nurse also mentioned a 2 week delay in full protection.
  10. That machine is almost as powerful at melting as this forum.
  11. Only 348 days +\- until the 2021 Grinch storm.
  12. For some reason the curls remind me of the Grinch
  13. Has the '85 Crown Vic been discontinued as an accepted option?
  14. 2.7 inches for round 2. 7 inches for the weekend. Nice way to start a base.