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  1. Seeing large parts of my road were washed away and there are roads closed throughout town, getting a heavy rain in a few days would not be a good thing. The drainage ditch at the bottom of our land is completely filled with rocks and gravel from up the road. This is blocking the culverts. There are a number of spots where the road has not collapsed but there is nothing supporting the edges anymore. I am hoping that we can avoid big rains until the roads are fixed, the repairs needed to stabilize them, and the cleanup is done to stop a quick repeat.. Here is an article on the weekend flooding: https://dailyuv.com/news/910706 and another https://dailyuv.com/news/910805 For me the 12Z would not be a big deal as it gives me only half an inch but the multiple inch rains are too close for comfort. That being said, it is the GFS and subject to change.
  2. FYP. Boy today's GFS runs for this weekend would be really bad if they verified.
  3. Fortunately it is the GFS at 5 days out but both the 6Z and 12Z runs would be realllly bad up here, given the flooding over this past weekend: 12Z 6Z
  4. Massive amounts of rain here today. The paved road is partially washed out on either side of our driveway. Our culvert has somehow survived so far. The storms were not severe in terms of wind but the rain was very heavy at a number of points throughout the day. it looks like there are a number of problems with the roads down in Norwich. I had no idea how bad it was until i tried to drive to town to get a squeegee mop a little before 8. That was when I saw what had hit my spot of the road. Fortunately for me the storm that hit at that point gave the heaviest rain just to my east. i turned around as I got to the edge of the village because some roads were closed, it looked like the bottom of my road could get washed out, and if I did not turn around I was not sure I would be able to get back home.
  5. Our road is partially washed out. Looked to be roads shut in Norwich. Our driveway is still there but on either side of it there are parts of the road which are undercut and collapsed. Blurry (lowlight) photos are below
  6. FWIW I went up Jay Peak on Thursday evening and there was no sign of any remaining snow anywhere there.
  7. This reminds me of 2012 (I think) where we had cool showery weather in the 30's for Memorial Day weekend and by mid-week we were into the 80's. I had a half marathon the next weekend and stood no chance as I had no opportunity to get acclimated. People were dropping like flies. Here's hoping to a cool first Sunday in June this year though at least we are having some warm days now.
  8. Snowing lightly here
  9. The Goes 16 is just wow: So so much going on
  10. I woke up to everything pasted white with snow. Measured 1.3" new.
  11. Woke up to everything pasted with snow. Measured 1.3" new.
  12. 13.2 was my final total. Some drizzle mixed in with snow showers this afternoon. This takes me up to about 105" on the season.
  13. If you think that is funny ,look at the GFS
  14. 13.2" here should do it. Just light stuff now, may even be drizzle.
  15. New weather folklore: When Eyewall is happy, somewhere in SNE tears fall.