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  1. After everything it took for you to get any grass to stay, I am surprised you drove a truck onto it.
  2. Sad end to a "what were they thinking story," 2 dead after kayaking during the storm yesterday https://www.wcax.com/2022/04/19/crews-searching-possible-drowning-victims-morgan/
  3. Probably the worst drive of the season, Few plow trucks out there on the interstate (1-89). Up to 6' of slush on the highway, just one lane usable in most sports due to depth of slush, many people without winter tires on. I say one truck one its side and 5 or 6 off to the side of the road, many cars off the road too. I still have the studded Hakkas on the Subaru so I felt fine but couldn't pass much due to the conditions in the passing lane being too bad.
  4. Wow, one of those hail stones looks just like a plastic Easter egg!
  5. ground is mostly whitened today. Solid trace.
  6. 7.1 here after a couple yesterday evening Here is a pic from the afternoon walk in our woods
  7. 5.1 inches so far, it is stuck to everything, the woods out back are very pretty
  8. Flipped to snow at 8:45, flakes the size for daschunds.
  9. That radar makes me think that Mitch or somewhere in Southern VT nay be the jack
  10. 0.7 overnight, fresh coating on everything, pack intact
  11. With 2 inches last night, I have already surpassed my monthly total for last March
  12. Just got the Snow Squall warning. Meanwhile upstream:
  13. I just put seed out for the birds, I was really surprised how much powder there was. I thought the sand base would have made up more of a prominent layer. BTV has a map out for tomorrow.
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