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  1. All snow here, ground covered. Christmas tree is in and up but needing to have the snow melt and dry off it.
  2. Big big carb dinner incoming! Stuffing and mashed potatos with lollies of pie.
  3. I got a Greenworks chainsaw early this summer. I have been pleased with it so far but I have it just for light use, cutting small trees, etc. It cam with just with the one battery but it holds up pretty well and recharges nicely.
  4. GFS at only 348 hours, that is a lock!
  5. Then in October it transitions by showing Sandy redux with both.
  6. I like to lock in the 378 hr blizzard that shows up in every run of the GFS.
  7. snapped limbs and widespread damage imminent. Oh wait, sky is blue and sun is blinding me at my desk now. disaster averted
  8. snowing here in downtown BTV
  9. The views were spectacular on my drive up i-89 this morning!
  10. No snow at the stake on Mansfield seems odd given how things have been. https://matthewparrilla.com/mansfield-stake/
  11. More BTV foliage talk: Those trees look very different at ground level and actually turned yellow weeks ago. I took this photo about half an hour ago:
  12. It is better than "bomb cyclone" and "polar vortex"
  13. Snow here too, ground going white
  14. Snowing here now, ground getting white
  15. Will FEMA help with leaf removal? (FWIW at its worst your lawn looks better than mine at its best)
  16. Enhanced reflection due to airborne leaves embedded aloft.
  17. Well you missed out on discussions of monthly rainfall totals
  18. Watch Gardener's World at some point and you will find that some Brits are equally mad over caring for their grass.
  19. It is already 8 pages long:
  20. https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/09/economy/fed-household-debt-inflation/index.html
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