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  1. Well said. At what age do you think you embrace the dews. Late 30's or early 40's?
  2. What a bust on shoreline temps here. Every day has been close to +10 above Upton's forecast.
  3. Those Midea units have absolutely stunning efficiency. Variable capacity inverter compressors are the future of heating and cooling. America is stupidly slow to adapt to the technology. 90% of Asia and Europe have been using inverter driven compressors for the last decade. My mini split is rated at an insane 38 seer. Nearly 4 times the efficiency of a whole house ac or window unit. It can move heat in the summer at a COP (coefficient of performance) of 8.79. Thats an effective thermodynamic efficiency 879%. In the winter I can heat my house when its 5 degrees out at twice the efficiency of any fossil fuel source of heat. Add in some solar and your fuel is essentially free.
  4. Those Midea units have absolutely stunning efficiency. Variable capacity inverter DC driven compressors in a window unit. Its basically a mini split in a window unit.
  5. I work in a skilled trade. These units are expensive because skilled state licensed hvac techs and electricians are installing them that are being paid around $50+ hr. The companies need to pull permits and do everything to the T in order for the homeowners to get the generous state rebates. You can't cut any corners when the state rebate is looking everything over. Despite the high install cost these units will save an incredible amount of money in energy costs.
  6. Congrats Caribou. One of the hottest spots in New England right now on WU.
  7. He has irrigation. You can see the hose in a tweet from today. It looks he is well off as he has 2 nice houses in Massachusetts and Maine. I bet he hypes his drought and everything gets watered automatically every night with his 20k irrigation system.
  8. HVN 77. Nice increase in the dews here compared to yesterday. Feels like summer out there today with full leaf out.
  9. I opened my pool yesterday. My neighbors just built that pool and pergola and its open and heated.
  10. Your really close actually. Looks like Shelton/Derby is in plant hardiness zone 7a.
  11. Every plant and tree is pretty much fully leafed out down here. The last real cold/freeze here was March 11-14. Its been 56 days here since my last below 32 temp.
  12. Pretty big bust on Upton's 1-1.5 here. BDR with only .08 today.
  13. Do you know what their profit margin is on a can of beer? I just looked at their prices and every can is like $5-6 each. They have zero distribution costs where they just brew/can and sell it on the spot. They have no trucking costs and no liquor/beer wholesaler involvement. Their profits must be enormous compared to how conventional breweries operate using mainly wholesale distributors.
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