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  1. Was just looking at the goes 16 loop. Man are the clouds moving fast and you can see the jet stream nicely. Was looking at the flightradar24 plane tracking website and jets are showing a 200kts tailwind heading to Europe. Many are flying at 700+ mph.
  2. BrianW

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Pretty wild here in the New Haven area. Seems like it just stalled over New Haven.
  3. So many trees in CT are getting devastated from diseases and insects. This article mentions your area and the gypsies. http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-news-dead-tree-costs-20180827-story.html
  4. If your in Taunton it looks like you are on municipal power which costs a fraction of what you would pay through eversource. I had municipal power when I lived in a town in CT and it was literally half of what I was paying when I bought my house and had eversource. Power in New England is crazy expensive. CT has the most expensive power in the lower 48. We pay almost the same as they do in Alaska. This chart form the eia is a real eye opener. This is a average and includes lower cost municipal providers. I have solar panels but last time i crunched numbers a few years back after all the fees, delivery charges, etc I was paying almost .30 kwh! https://www.eia.gov/electricity/monthly/epm_table_grapher.php?t=epmt_5_6_a
  5. .LONG TERM /MONDAY NIGHT THROUGH SATURDAY/... */ Highlights... - Heat and humidity Tuesday and Wednesday ... headlines likely - Sweeping cold front Wednesday night into Thursday - Relief possible Friday / Saturday - Potential for heat and humidity to return early next week */ Overview... End of August heat and humidity. Pattern amplification aided by up- stream tropical activity, subsequent SW-NE heat pump via SW CONUS out ahead of preferred, deep H5 W CONUS trof. Atlantic ridge builds. Surface temperatures back up into the 90s along with dewpoints in the 70s. Oppressive environment. Pattern breaks as upstream energy digs N?E, a trailing, sweeping cold front late week with potential relief into the weekend. However uncertain, pattern possibly reloads the following week with return of heat and humidity. Confidence and forecast thinking within the discussion below.
  6. Propane has way less btus then oil and outside the midwest its crazy expensive in New England. Another issue with propane is if you dont own the tank they can charge you whatever they want to fill it. VT use to do a monthly fuel report but stopped doing it in 2016. Still shows a good comparison on numbers though.
  7. Here is a drone shot of my panels. Screw oil and propane. I use my panels to power my heat pump forced air furnace for ac and heat. It has oil backup for those really cold days. But with my woodstove I rarely use oil unless im away. I also heat my water with a heat pump water heater. My hot water heater uses 8 times less power than a conventional electric tank. Compressor uses 500 watts vs 4500 electric elements and it dehumidifies my basement. I got the heater for basically free a couple years ago through a utility incentive.
  8. I own my panels and they are on the back roof of my house. Total cost to install them was 8k. I got 5k from the feds and 3k from CT. Already saved roughly 2k in no power bill since I installed them over a year ago.
  9. Nobody else on here has solar panels? Especially with all the generous state incentives in New England. My Eversource bill is $9.21 every month. My central air has been set to 68 nonstop all summer.
  10. BrianW

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Courtesy NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory #MRMS, evaluating rotation tracks from earlier today which will help us in defining our damage survey; @NWSBoston meteorologists on-route to conduct damage surveys
  11. 5g data high speed cell service is very soon going to crush the monopoly on wire based isp's. Instead of having 1 or 2 choices of internet delivered by wires to your house you will have tons of other options by cellular modem at faster speeds. Think of the savings alone of companies maintaining 1 cell site over hundreds of miles of wires.
  12. BrianW

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    This stuff at Home Depot works great for me. Just mix it in a sprayer. Takes out tons of other weeds as well and doesn't seem to hurt the actual grass.
  13. Out on Block Island for the weekend. Enjoying the bermuda blues...
  14. What a tradegy out in Branson MO. Duck boat sank when a storm quickly blew in. The video is hard to watch. https://www.ktts.com/news/local-news/breaking-ride-the-ducks-capsized-on-table-rock-lake-with-several-people-on-board