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  1. Are you going to let them hatch for more destruction next year?
  2. I lived in South Hero for a few years. The causeway is a good spot for viewing. Saw the lights a few times from there. Awesome wide open view looking north.
  3. From NWS Boston.
  4. Can we get some sun please. Yesterday I logged my worst day for solar production since my panels were installed in early may....
  5. Taurus SC spray. It's what the pros use. Available on Amazon. Will wipe them out in less than 24 hours. https://www.amazon.com/Taurus-SC-CSI13598-20oz/dp/B0058DGMKG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499162706&sr=8-1&keywords=taurus+sc
  6. Get out there and enjoy. Epic day lined up... Pleasant air from eastern Canada has arrived noted by dew point temperatures in the 50s statewide. We can open the windows and enjoy. Low humidity, sunshine, and highs in the 80s will visit us for through Wednesday as high pressure protects us. Tuesday the 4th: One word: Gorgeous! Sunshine, low humidity and highs in the low-mid 80s and a light wind.
  7. Must have been awesome up there!
  8. Gypsy moth update for Kev.
  9. This moved through quick. I am in NW NJ for the weekend and it just cleared out and it's blue sky now. Huge drop in the humidity as well.
  10. One thing to keep in mind is the local cable providers crush you with taxes and all kinds of surcharges on the bill. I remember when I had cable there was like $15 in all kinds of surcharges especially the ones added by CT. Sling is $20 a month with in think just sales tax so it's like 22 a month. They some how don't have to legally add that CT local access programing, state telecom surcharge, etc.
  11. Some kind of fungus that was native from where they come from was released in the early 1900's. I believe it needs a lot of moisture to be active. Looks like it's working. I saw in the new Haven area yesterday tons of them dead on the lower parts of trees. The leaves were untouched. Looks like they emerged and then we're killed by it. Some areas lucked out were it killed them before they could do any damage. Some areas like kevs were stripped before it hit. They were all over the lower part of the tree hanging dead. Never made it to the leaves.
  12. Up until a few years ago I was getting a ton of channels for free by just hooking the cable up to my TV and doing a channel scan. At the time I only had comcasts internet. They were still sending a ton of channels unencrypted. Now they are encrypted and you need a box.
  13. I have sling and it's awesome for only $20 a month. Ton of channels including sports. You can also use it anywhere. I can watch live TV on my phone or tablet. I also have a HD antenna and pull a ton of channels. I get all the NYC stations where I am.
  14. I am sure many of you know about this site but lightingmaps.org is awesome. I have had a few close strikes and they really do come up almost instantly on the maps. The network consists of more than 500 lightning receivers and some central processing servers. The sources of the signals we locate are in general lightning discharges. The abbreviation VLF (Very Low Frequency) refers to the frequency range of 3 to 30 kHz. The receiving stations approximately record one millisecond of each signal with a sampling rate of more than 500 kHz. With the help of GPS receivers, the arrival times of the signals are registered with microsecond precision and sent over the Internet to our central processing servers. Every data sentence contains the precise time of arrival of the received lightning discharge impulse ("sferic") and the exact geographic position of the receiver. With this information from several stations the exact positions of the discharges are computed.