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  1. Do you do any shooting? I had some great times shooting guns after work with coworkers when I lived up there like 10 years ago. Not sure it the laws have changed but VT had literally zero gun laws back then. You could walk into a gun store and buy basically anything including handguns on the spot.
  2. Has everyone seen the NWS Enhanced Data Display website? Pretty awesome site with a massive amount of data and tools. http://preview.weather.gov/edd/
  3. Anyone think you can make a poor man's version of these. They seem really expensive. Premethrin seems to be the active ingredient. Cardboard tube with cotton soaked premethrin?
  4. Saw this on Facebook from New Haven.
  5. I somehow still have power here. Its been flickering on and off for the past half hour. I'm expecting to lose it any moment now.
  6. The Block Island water company has a Davis on the top of their water tower. Will be cool to monitor the wind obs from it. It updates every few seconds as well. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KRIBLOCK2
  7. Probably out surfing in the waves.
  8. Anybody have any more information on how the weather.us site is able to provide euro data for free? The euro data and map outputs are just plain awesome. I found this post and it appears to be from either the owner of the site or and admin. It appears they are paying a small fortune to be able to distribute it. Actually I looked up the domain owner on godaddy and Joerg Kachelmann owns the domain.
  9. February 9th 2013 woke up to this in Wallingford, CT.....
  10. My hydrangeas, rose bush, and daisy's are blooming...
  11. Oaks getting snapped in half in Tolland?
  12. Just got a ton of reports from friends//family of some good sightings of the Orionid Meteors tonight along the CT shoreline. One of the year's best sky shows will peak this weekend between Oct. 20 and 22, when the Orionid meteor shower reaches its best viewing. The meteors that streak across the sky are some of the fastest and brightest among meteor showers, because the Earth is hitting a stream of particles almost head on. https://www.space.com/34373-orionid-meteor-shower-guide.html
  13. Not looking good for Southern California with record heat and critical fire danger. A record-breaking heat wave will build over Southern California over the weekend and peak on Tuesday, bringing triple-digit temperatures that could set marks for the hottest temperatures ever recorded so late in the year in the Los Angeles area. Accompanying the heat will be the notorious Santa Ana winds, which will bring a multi-day period of critical fire danger, Saturday through Tuesday. https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/new-fire-danger-threatens-worsen-most-disastrous-wildfire-season-california-history?__prclt=TuyY4Eul