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  1. A nice CT shoreline torch. 46 here on ssw winds.
  2. It makes total sense in todays world. You completely eliminated the high new england labor cost of snow/ice removal and the big lawsuits. My sister is a lawyer. How it works is everyone sues for everything even if its completely your fault. Its cheaper to just pay out then spending 300 an hour on lawyers for months to litigate it. You slip on ice its cheaper to say heres 50k we will settle it now. Thre statistic is like 80% of people will just take the first quick payout and its over.
  3. Temps just jumped like 15 degrees here along the coast on sw winds. That 29 is busting hard.
  4. You should try dabbing. You heat up a poppy seed size drop of pure 90-95% thc and inhale it. Most weed is like around 25% or less. I guarantee you will feel it. Lol
  5. Picture from Hamden during that storm. There are 2 cars buried in there with the wipers just sticking up.
  6. Electricity being sent long distances over powerlines with massive efficiency losses will be antiquated much sooner than you think. Solar and battery storage and small local microgrids are coming. My house is all electric powered 100% by my solar panels. I am totally ready to call Eversource and tell them I dont need their line anymore once battery storage comes down in price. That is already happening in Hawaii and New England is right behind Hawaii with the most expensive electricity in the US. Utilities are already using large scale battery storage here.
  7. How often did you water it? New grass needs an insane amount of water for the roots to establish and grow deep. Looks like most of the dead section is on higher ground and the soil is probably bone dry.
  8. Do they keep the slopes mowed like that year round or is it just to make it look nice for foliage season? Lol
  9. What a storm in North Dakota. Seems this is a pretty rare event. Stronger winds and a secondary batch of snow is expected on Friday into at least early Saturday. This combination is expected to be crippling, especially for that Cooperstown to Devils Lake to Langdon corridor. For that reason, a blizzard warning was issued for this time frame. Impacts are hard to imagine, as these type of snow amounts and winds are incredibly rare. Have mentioned 1 to 3 feet of snow being possible in the blizzard warning area, with large, impassable drifts expected as well. This will not be an event where a uniform amount of snow is deposited, and is easily measured. Just like any blizzard, there may be little snow in open areas, and huge drifts nearby. Impacts should be a little less in the Red River Valley, and even lower moving east of the Red River Valley into Minnesota. Since the area east of the Red River Valley may not see snow until Friday morning, left the watch in effect for now.
  10. There is a rumor on a bunch of aviation forums that the plane was filled with jet fuel instead of aviation gas. On the ATC recordings they report problems with engine 4 and its thought they lost engine 3 on the same wing coming back in. With 2 engines on the other wing running the plane pulled hard right and crashed.
  11. Some impressive highs across CT.