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  1. Congrats NJ. Just made my first recreational cannabis purchase. This map of NJ in buds was pretty cool.
  2. Yes EWR has dropped below freezing but the concrete jungle on the outskirts has not. It looks like August here and you guys are like 2 months behind...
  3. There still hasn't been a killing frost here.. I tried to get a fire going last night and there was like zero draft it was so warm.
  4. I'll give Forky credit. I'm unfortunately down near EWR for Thanksgiving. I don't even think they get winter here anymore...
  5. I got sent to Buffalo in I think Dec 2018 for work. There was a Bills game when I was there that like 10 inches fell during the game. Was quite the experience as it snowed nonstop for days. I also had to drive around in rear wheel drive service van that absolutely sucked.
  6. Why is there no names on who did the write up? I assume an Upton Met? Someone spent a lot of time analyzing it and writing the report. Why not sign your name on it?
  7. You should go check out the blooms down at Iggys in Narragansett.
  8. KGON with CT's high today of 75. That's got to be a record.
  9. Focus the next several hours will be across interior southern CT with upslope flow in a moisture-laden airmass with MUCAPE values of 500-1000 J/KG. PW on the 00Z OKX sounding was 1.97, shattering the all-time value. This is 4 to 5 SD above normal. This is clearly an anomalous regime we are in with respect to this northward late season push of tropical air. Thus there is a concern for a fine line of convection to develop as the front and max forcing coincides with the anomalous moisture rich environment later this morning. The potential is there for lower top convection possibly triggering a very short round of severe weather. Temperatures will likely approach records highs in a few locations like LGA, JFK, BDR, and ISP
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