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  1. What an overnight torch here as usual. I never even went below 32 last night.
  2. KHVN is the closest and November was +.6 and Oct was +6.5. Nov was running way higher but the last few days of Nov knocked it back quite a bit. The orchard is in Ryan's hometown. This picture was from Guilford last week on the green.
  3. What a torch today. Up to 58 already. Its crazy how many plants are still growing/sprouting around here. Lawns are still being mowed. Just drove by Bishops Orchard in Guilford and all the apple trees were fully leafing out. My strawberries are flowering and have fruit...
  4. Yep. Are people forgetting a good portion of New England is now in a humid subtropical zone 7 climate. Last winter HVN averaged >36 every winter month. I track my CDD and HDD. (Heating/cooling degree days). This year has been a record for lowest HDD since July 1st and is a few days away from taking the record from last years record CDD of 1013. Currently at 1009.
  5. Are the forsythia still flowering?
  6. Already 61 here with a low of 58. Many spots are hitting 70 today. Upton has me for a high of 68.
  7. Looks like most of the CT shoreline finally had a hard freeze. BDR finally went below 32. 28 here for the low. Hopefully it wipes out all the stuff still growing/sprouting.
  8. I see people just walk out at Home Depot with a cart of generators or power tools all the time. Most stores have a policy that employees not do anything as the merchandise is insured. Even if the cops come there is a no chase policy in CT so they simply speed away.
  9. Shibu is up 83.9 million percent in the last year. I made an absolute fortune buying some early this year. There are still some good stocks out there. I have been investing big in heat pumps, solar, and robotics/automation stock. The returns have been great with many giving me 300% + returns.
  10. I'm still waiting for my leaves to drop.. Looks like a fun afternoon here. E winds veering around to more SW winds in the mid levels, will allow for an increase in helicity, and possible rotation for some thunderstorms due to this low level wind shear. There is a marginal potential for damaging winds as well as a tornado.
  11. Its been an absolute furnace down here. I haven't even come remotely close to a frost/freeze. Plants and animals are confused and spring bulbs are coming up.. lol Check out this picture of the Guiilford green posted on Reddit yesterday.
  12. The maples just started showing some color here. Leaf cleanup is still weeks away here. People are still mowing their lawns here every week.
  13. Seems like the warmth is really over performing here. A lot of places are close to 70 already.
  14. With record high heating costs I think most people are enjoying this nice warm start to November. Also, this weeks mild warm up is nothing compared to last November here. I recall some spots in SW CT hitting 80.
  15. Its been one of my best years for solar production in the 6 years I have had my panels. You just got your panels right? You made a great investment. Eversource just got approved for a 64% price increase Jan 1st.
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