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  1. My cousin in Ashfield showed me pictures last weekend of her buds. Looks like its going to be a great harvest this year.
  2. CT is moving ahead with phase 3 except bars and nightclubs will still be closed.
  3. Compressed wood blocks work great to add if your wood is a little wet or questionable. On really cold nights a load of these will burn hot for an incredibly long time. You have to be careful as these things can literally melt your stove. The more popular brand biobricks are actually made in CT. If your buying firewood these are similarly priced to a cord but 1lb equals 1.7 in firewood. No need to worry about moisture content/insects and they can be stored inside.
  4. You actually do the tree company a huge favor as it cost them hundreds of dollars to dump the wood. Around here there is so much free roadside wood. The utility tree trimmers cut it to log length and leave it right on the side of the road for really easy pickup. Do tree companies do that in NNE as well? Can you get on a list where they just drop off log loads for free?
  5. I was working right under the western edge all day. It was like a perfectly straight edge across the entire sky.
  6. To all the other CT wood burners there are so many ads on Craigslist like this for free firewood. You can also call tree companies and they will dump it for free in your driveway/yard if they are in the area. I was on a list with a few companies and they would call me all the time. Its unreal how much free wood there is around here.
  7. Best stuff I ever burned was honey locust. Absolutely incredible heat and the coals lasted for hours.
  8. And wells running dry...
  9. You should get a wood stove or insert installed in the fireplace. A traditional fireplace only converts about 20% of its fuel into usable heat, with some older fireplaces being as low as 5-10%. The closed combustion system of a fireplace insert can be 60-80% efficient. They also burn extremely clean and use substantially less wood as well.
  10. You should install a mini split. You would get 4 times the heat for the same electricity consumption.
  11. Wells will be running dry in Tolland soon. Tolland County ground water sensor.
  12. Hopefully you get to experience some Feb 2015 type cold up there...
  13. Forest fires breaking out near Tolland.
  14. I would be more worried about my heating bill there. Looks like propane is $2.80 a gallon in that area. Wait until he experiences his furnace running 24/7 when its -25 out.