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  1. When my uncle was on his last few months with terminal cancer he said the CBD/THC combo was the only thing that made him feel good. He got extremely sick from every synthetic prescribtion drug the doctors were giving him. The doctor who suggested he tried it said the feedback was overwhelming that the thc/cbd medication worked way better. Enjoy the gummies!
  2. Yeah. We got him from a foster home in CT. This nice woman had 3 different foster puppies she was training for adoption. My wife went and met the puppy a few times before we got him. She was blown away on how much time this woman was sacrificing to get these dogs ready for good homes. Our new pup has been great and came already pretty much fully trained.
  3. I live in a pretty dense neighborhood and was outside walking my new pup all day. I think most people kept gatherings really small. I didn't see any large house gatherings at all. Most Thanksgivings around here there are cars parked everywhere.
  4. 63 and 1.2 of rain this morning here in Branford on the shoreline. Dandelions are popping up all over my lawn and stuff is coming back up in my flower beds. @Ginx snewx The wife and I just adopted this 6 month old guy and got him last night. He was loving the weather today. He was a rescue from Georgia.
  5. They just sent a few test satellites up that use lasers for communications. It's actually superior to any ground based fiber optics. The single biggest draw of laser interlinks is arguably the major reduction in connection latency (ping) they can enable compared to a similar network without it. By moving a great deal of the work of networking into orbit, the data transported on an interlinked satellite network would theoretically require much less routing to reach an end-user, physically shortening the distance that data has to travel. The speed of light (300,000 kilometers per second) may be immense but even on the small scale of the planet Earth, with the added inefficiencies inherent in even the best fiber optic cables, routing data to and from opposite ends of the planet can still be slowed down by high latency.
  6. Elon Musk's starlink satellite service just went live for beta users. It looks like its only active pretty far north but some NNE's can currently get it. People are reporting some incredible speeds around 100-200 mbs. This is going to bring some big competition to home wired internet. At my place I only have one option with Comcast. I know some places up north are still using slow dsl connections.
  7. It appears to be these. I guess approval was granted. 99.9% genetically identical to the original chestnuts here. The big concern I think was gmo trees being used by private companies. It sounds like they got the go ahead as long as they are non profit.
  8. I don't know the full details but they appear to be the Suny- ESF ones. It sounds like they got the go ahead to start planting them this spring.
  9. @dendrite I am involved with the land trust here and we just got approval to start planting the blight resistant American Chestnut. A couple hundred saplings are going in this spring. To restore this beloved tree, we will need every tool available. It’s taken 26 years of research involving a team of more than 100 university scientists and students here at the not-for-profit American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project, but we’ve finally developed a nonpatented, blight-resistant American chestnut tree.
  10. Quest Diagnostics does them for I think 119$ with no doctor referral. They are everywhere and you can make the appointment online. Its definitely worth the piece of mind even if you have to pay out of pocket. I know a bunch of people that did it and were positive and had the same weird cough or symptoms earlier this year.
  11. Vermont’s Ski Season, on the Brink.
  12. Same in CT. I know someone that works at a large gym chain. Over a millions check ins and there have been practically zero cases between staff or any contact tracers about members being sick.
  13. The contact tracing has been showing gyms, restaurants, stores, etc are not where its spreading. The data in VT I saw was 71% of the tracing from contact tracers were social gatherings of friends/family. I think they even found deer camps were high on the list. Very few to no cases from the other places.
  14. I still think alot of people could be completely immune to it through t-cell immunity. I have heard countless stories from friends/family of someone testing positive/symptomatic with it but nobody else getting in the house. English study suggests T cells could be sufficient to protect from COVID-19 The study on nearly 3,000 people, conducted by Oxford Immunotec and Public Health England (PHE), found that no participants with a high T cell response developed symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection when researchers followed up with them. That compares to 20 confirmed infections among participants who saw low T cell responses.