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  1. Climate Prediction Center calling for above normal OCT-NOV-DEC.
  2. How do they upload their data? Satellite comnection?
  3. Coastal CT has been disgusting. Was sitting outside last night at my friends on the water. Picked up my phone from the table and it was covered in dew. Still pretty gross out with KHVN at 70 with dewpoint of 68..
  4. Yeah some areas on Big Pine got destroyed. What other keys got a lot of damage?
  5. Looks like they just updated it with all of the keys. I spent like an hour browsing and it really doesn't look like there is much sever damage anywhere. Mostly seems trailers and boats moved around. What area got hit the hardest?
  6. It didn't know it was on mainstream media. I saw it on an aviation site. I think everyone was more impressed they got it on the ground and took of again in 50 mins with 180 people before the airport closed due to weather. That took some serious planning. Every other en route flight was turning back around the same time.
  7. Delta flight 341 JFK to San Juan was the last plane to land and takeoff at SJU yesterday. They landed and turned the flight around and took of in 50 mins. Look how the flew out between the outer band.
  8. Congrats Saranac Lake. 32 degrees last night.
  9. Hope everyone uninstalled?
  10. Anyone else have solar panels? It's been near perfect conditions for solar production. Sunny and cooler temps. I have been cranking out the KWH's. I have my panels up on PVoutput. Live data updates every 5 minutes. https://www.pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=60553 Today's Data. https://www.pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=60553&sid=53905&dt=20170826
  11. Sitting out on my deck having some coffee. What an epic day coming up can feel that deep NW flow. Deep NW flow and subsidence will result in a sunny, comfortably dry, and seasonably warm day today
  12. The New Haven area just got a good soaking. 1.25 here in the last hour.
  13. My sister just bought a house in Narragansett. I have been spending many weekends down there this summer. Awesome area. The best surf spot seems to be at the Pt Judith lighthouse. Always tons of people surfing there.
  14. The 1 minute data is crazy.
  15. Nice write up by NWS Upton. Anyone else remember this event? My basement got flooded during this. https://www.weather.gov/okx/HistoricFlooding_081314 ...SUFFOLK COUNTY... ISLIP AIRPORT 13.27 1030 AM 8/13 ASOS HOLBROOK 12.57 119 PM 8/13 NWS EMPLOYEE WEST ISLIP 11.50 958 AM 8/13 TRAINED SPOTTER BAY SHORE 11.35 915 AM 8/13 TRAINED SPOTTER ISLIP 10.20 850 AM 8/13 TRAINED SPOTTER ...NEW HAVEN COUNTY... MADISON 4.50 909 AM 8/13 PUBLIC NEW HAVEN 2.70 1025 AM 8/13 ASOS HAMDEN 1.62 940 AM 8/13 TRAINED SPOTTER MERIDEN 0.96 1029 AM 8/13 ASOS