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  1. Noticed that here this morning as well on a hill nearby.
  2. If I remember correctly you do snow removal. Do snow removal companies take a massive hit as there has been very little snow? Down here in CT there are front end loaders parked all over in parking lots that have not moved all winter. On a good note it looks like natural gas and heating oil have been plummeting in price.
  3. 3.5 here in Branford right on the shoreline. Quite the surge in temps earlier...
  4. Getting smoked here as the last band moves through.
  5. What a band just south of here on the sound...
  6. Temperature just jumped 7 degrees from 22 to 29. Still moderate snow here.
  7. Radar looks terrible. The heavy stuff seems to be south? Is it going to fill in?
  8. Its crazy down here along the CT shoreline. Most trees are budding and stuff is sprouting all over. I saw a bunch of dandelions today. Neighbor's were mowing their lawns on Sunday. My herb garden on my deck came back to life.
  9. I just noticed the Vermont resorts are advertising like crazy on billboards along 95 in CT. I am pretty sure I drove by one that literally just said "We have snow in VT". Talking to people here many have the mindset that if there is now snow here there is none up there.
  10. Just got a snow squall warning on my phone for Fairfield County Connecticut. Driving right into it on 95.
  11. My maple trees have green buds on them and stuff is popping up in my flower beds down here on the CT coast..