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  1. We have a crazy neighbor that feeds a pack from her deck every morning and evening. Everyone in the neighborhood is furious with her but there is nothing that can be done. Its apparently legal in CT to feed wildlife from private property. The DEP actually suggested killing them as there are like zero hunting restrictions on them. I carry my pistol on me and have been waiting for them to cross my path when I am walking my dog. My wife isn't into guns but the DEP said an air horn is very effective so she carrys one.
  2. Watch out for Bobcats. This was in Southbury. At least the guy killed it with a fireplace log...
  3. If you're someone who's not a fan of cold weather, chances are you won't be taking any trips to the Russian city of Yakutsk anytime soon. The city is currently in the midst of an abnormally long period of harsh subzero cold that is considered unusual even for Siberia's standards. The temperature in portions of the Yakutia region of eastern Russia, where Yakutsk is located, dropped below 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (40 degrees below zero Celsius) during the middle of December and hasn't climbed above that level since -- making this one of the longest stretches of subzero cold in at least 14 years, according to The Associated Press. Outside of a brief "warmup" to around 24 below zero F (31 below zero C) for the first couple of days of January, the city of Yakutsk, located just south of the Arctic Circle, has recorded both high and low temperatures below 30 below zero F (34 below zero C) since Dec. 8, 2020.
  4. Down here on the CT shoreline its like full on spring. I picked some fresh mint last night from my deck herb garden. Its been an absolute furnace here.
  5. My dog would love to find out. He's half Dachshund and would be in that hole in an instant . Looks like there are stones around it so probably an old well or outhouse pit.
  6. It's full on spring down here on the shoreline. Tulips are coming up...
  7. It's over. Nature has always been a solid indicator of what's coming....
  8. Cool picture of an American Marten taken in Crawford Notch. Nice to see them making a comeback up in NNE. I believe they were once common in most of New England. Most of the population is up north in Canada now.
  9. Good to see CT doing well with the vaccine.
  10. I live on the shoreline. Might drop some Lesco today to deal with all these dandelions and wild onions popping up on the lawn.
  11. It's crazy. Plants are so confused. My dog was just sniffing out our dogwood tree. I looked and it has buds and the leaves are emerging...
  12. Dandelions have been popping up here on the shoreline all winter.
  13. GE has a GE renewable energy division that might do really well the next few years. They make turbine blades, batteries, hydroelectric parts, solar, etc. That stuff is going to explode the next decade. All the New England states have legislation to reduce GHG by 80% by 2050. Massachusetts lost to California last year as having the best in the nation energy efficiency polices. They held the number 1 spot for 9 years. The other New England states are also in the top 10. We have so many incredible incentives for Solar, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters etc. I seen any investment in that renewable energy sector doing really well.
  14. Look into battery storage stocks. Its going to explode in growth the next few years with more solar and battery storage and electric vehicles. NEE is a good one I would invest in right now
  15. I invested huge in renewable energy stocks and solar back in 2016/2017. Most of them have seen absolutely insane growth. I bought 500 shares of Solaredge for $12 back in 2017. Its trading at $360 today. Cost me 6k in 2017 and is now worth 180k. Solaredge makes inverters for Solar panels. I also bought a ton of Enphase the second largest solar inveter manufacturer for a little over a dollar. Its trading at $216 today. I had solar installed back in 2016 and knew there was going to be huge growth in it. Especially with the crazy subsidies in New England.
  16. One of the first and best selling rowers in the world the Concept2 was invented in VT. Last time I ordered parts for mine they were still in Morrisville. They are expensive but are high quality rowers.
  17. There are a few actively managed ETFs for weed. I bought a few when they first came out in 2019. I think the 2 popular ones are THCX and MJ. Who would have ever thought we would have weed terms for stock tickers.
  18. I posted yesterday my neighbor who is a lineman will make triple overtime at $180/hr. Lineman are required to do 16 hour shifts during storms. So his shift on Christmas would pay $2880 even if he is just on standby and the storms a bust.
  19. My neighbor is a lineman. Holiday pay is triple overtime with a 16 hour minimum for storm duty. He makes 60$ an hour so he would make $180×16= $2,880. Lineman will jump on any storms as the money is absurd. When they go out of state your on the clock the moment you get in the truck. Your even on the clock sleeping in a hotel. He has had $10-15k weekly paychecks doing 7 days of 16 hour shifts.
  20. Some impressive cold here on the shoreline. A heavy band setup right over New Haven and the temps plummeted. Not often you get heavy snow and 21 here. The wind is nuts as well. KHVN just gusted to 43.
  21. Nice heavy band has been sitting over New Haven. 21 here right on the water in Branford and ripping snow.