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  1. Yeah lol, maybe dews nip 50 in a few spots.
  2. I'm keeping an eye on Saturday myself. Coastal storm looks to stay south but still a trough and northern stream disturbance and possibly scattered showers and storms and more seasonably mild temps? Haven't looked carefully but that seemed liked first glance.
  3. 77 here. Definitely could have hit 80 to 82 with less cloud cover.
  4. 71 here despite only being 55 at 12:30.
  5. Heavy snow squalls driving down 91 through Hartford, lol.
  6. I do believe there was enough coverage of snowfall to warrant an advisory in eastern Hampden and Northern Tolland and Windham counties and there should have been some wording to highlight potential for higher amounts in the highest elevations.
  7. The range in eastern Hampden county went from trace in Springfield at the Connecticut River to 12 in Wales. I've seen box put Western Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden counties in a separate advisory but never the far eastern portion because it's only a couple of towns.
  8. Yikes looks like it's up to 37 at home. Glad I got to see something this morning.
  9. Not sure why Greenfield at 400 ft plus could not flip even with better rates When I left for work this morning there was probably close to an inch on some grassy surfaces at 150'. According to my phone it's been rain/snow mix in Enfield all morning since I left with temperatures around 34 to 35 degrees. Not sure anything will be left by the time I get home later.
  10. Wow as soon as I went a mile west of my house towards interstate 91 the snow vanished rapidly. I'm on 91 South in Windsor locks and there is absolutely nothing.
  11. Dumping pretty good here and still accumulating on colder surfaces including the driveway and cars. . Heading south shortly looks like by the time I get to Hartford it will be gone.
  12. Waking up to steady snow and a white ground on the valley floor. It's going to need to pound now with daylight upon us otherwise it's pretty much status quo,. Pretty cool regardless.
  13. After a 8 hour delay, finally boarding my flight to MIA for the 3rd time after being deplaned twice at Logan with 4 kids and only crappy junk food to eat. Things can only go up from here.