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  1. 74 here. Over performed the point and click of 71.
  2. 71 here with a NE breeze. It is noticeably greener with more leaves here than everywhere else, especially the higher hill towns, that I traveled through on my way home from Maine yesterday. Leaf out is well underway here in the valley.
  3. 5" here. The snow made a valiant effort fighting off the sleet. 25" on the season. It's going take a big March to approach normal.
  4. BDL is bad as well. WNE and ENY FTL so far this winter, especially the valleys that don't cash in much on any upslope and lake streamers etc.
  5. F here too. 20" through mid Feb with a cutter or two on the way. Pack has been meager. Decent arctic shots seem like a waste when the storms don't produce.
  6. 18.5" here for the season so far and I average 49", pretty paltry. Long range doesn't look overly promising either. It's still early in terms of writing off the whole season but it's definitely feeling and smelling like a ratter.
  7. Riding the line here on the HRRR and Rap, not expecting much, maybe a dusting to 1/2 inch. Only got 1" from the last storm before it changed to rain. Pack is down to piles and patches.
  8. Just missed the real good stuff here with 5.8, still a nice wintry appeal and fun snow day for the kids. Definitely a bit frustrating when banding has tended to set up just SE of here in winter events but I'll take what I can get. Hopefully far NW areas up toward Hippy and ALY get themselves a big time interior crusher.
  9. Cold wedge hanging tough here as usual. 37-39 in Enfield and 55-56 in Tolland.
  10. More often than not you're right, usually the spine of the Berks into far NW CT have the best chance from time to time but points east everything downslopes and dries out.
  11. To much dry air and downslope here now, radar shows steady but we're barely spitting flakes.
  12. Light snow here in Enfield as well. No accumulation. Just nice to see flakes
  13. 28 with a solid freeze last night and already down to 33. Radiators mounted.
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