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  1. 63 here at 2 nearby PWS stations about 10 miles NE of BDL. Most PWS seem to be in the 63-64 range vs 66 at BDL.
  2. Pretty cool experience. Noticeably cooler and dimmer even outside of totality, which must have been amazing to witness.
  3. Getting some minor sleet accumulations on colder surfaces here. A mix of sleet and rain continues.
  4. Mostly sunny and 65 here. Gorgeous day.
  5. Measured between 5.5" and 6" here. Lines up nicely with your map as I am north of the center of Enfield where the 6-inch line is. I'll go with 5.75".
  6. I missed the meat of the big boy band here but still a nice snowy late night and morning. After the late shifts south i was a bit concerned about this area north of BDL really struggling but that razor sharp cutoff was just north of here.
  7. Some of the mesos are pretty paltry, especially further west back this way. Hopefully you're right. Earlier today we were headed to the buffet and now we're just hoping for scraps.
  8. Not really feeling good about things up here 2 miles from the mass border in CT. Hopefully those further south cash in with at least a decent period of snow.
  9. Box dropped the wind gusts to 38 mph here and 40 for Tolland in their point and clicks for tonight.
  10. 33.7 here in the valley, we'll get the paste, you'll get better ratios. Hoping we don't get marginal rates with borderline temps and shadow on the east flow and end up with like 4-6". If I honestly had to give a number for here, I'd probably go with 5".
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