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  1. Snowfall is below average here by 9-10" if the season ended today. The Grinch and the long stretch of mind-numbing boredom in January, combined with us being just a bit outside the max zones for most of the February events put the season down around a C- here. If we somehow nickel and dime our way to normal, or have another solid event that gets us there, I can see it sliding up to a B-.
  2. I have also read that he was running late for a 7:30 a.m. scheduled golf lesson with Drew Brees that was being filmed. Reports were that he rushed hurriedly out of the hotel just after 7:00 AM, that he was almost 1 hour away from his destination, and that speeding was a factor in the crash.
  3. Well that sucks. I'm all the way back to Enfield and it's a rain snow mix, looks like a lighter accumulation on colder surfaces
  4. Raining now in Hartford as I continue North on 91
  5. Heading back towards Enfield currently in Meriden and it is raining. It appears as though there was a covering of snow here that is now melting.
  6. I'm in Shelton for work right now at 101 ft. It's snowing heavily and sticking, especially on colder surfaces.
  7. Rap likes interior CT, especially WCT. I'd feel pretty good in the western Hills, I could see someone pulling 4-5 out that way up around 1k.
  8. Might be white rain here, it's close. Probably end up with 1" on the grass and nothing on the pavement ending as a bit of light rain on the valley floor.
  9. Yes there has been a certain level of frustration in the lower elevations this far north in CT and up the valley towards your area this winter, but I've gotten used to it. About 38" here on the season so not terrible per se, and this storm will likely get me into the 40s, but yet we know there's usually areas all around us getting more due to the topography of the region.