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  1. Nice looking storm but could have somewhat of a CTRV shadow.
  2. Actually 1316', NW side of Union close to Stafford. Never been there before I might need to check it out.
  3. Damn that's pretty meager considering the overall favorable geographic placement, elevation of ORH.
  4. you have the best chance to score while the rest of us snore
  5. Still ends up shredded before much precip gets into SNE but definitely an improvement.
  6. Nice. Too far northwest here only a few stray flakes.
  7. Yesterday driving from Dutch Hill base area on 100 up Rt 8 to Rt 9 near Searsburg, it appeared as though there was a couple inches more in Searsburg but not 6 or 7 more , and it was snowing a bit harder at that time than when I left Dutch. Temp dropped as low as 26 and travel was a bit dicey in spots with the blowing snow even though roads were plowed and treated.
  8. Honestly there was pretty full cover on route 2 West by the time you got up the first larger hill west of 91. Took a right turn on Greenfield road and up by Pine Hill Orchard there was already several inches . There was probably six near the Vermont line in Colrain and about 15-18 in Wilmington, Searsburg and over towards Mitch and Readsboro.
  9. For me it's worth the drive just to see the smiles and excitement. This was at Dutch Hill near Mitch in Readsboro, VT. About 1 hour and 30 minute drive.
  10. Snow cover gets pretty solid only a few miles west of you at 1000'. I was up on 112 in Colrain and went all the way to Searsburg and Wilmington Vt. Winter got progressively deeper by the mile near the MA, VT border. Deep Winter in Southern VT. Kids had blast sledding near Wilmington.
  11. Yeah I was in southern ct for Feb 2006 . There was a legendary gradient near Springfield, MA My parents house had 19 near the East Longmeadow line and the northwest side of the city got like 6.
  12. Longitudinal temp gradient as well. . north and west was always best for this one