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  1. As expected, some of the best rates of the storm in the past hour in eastern MA. I'm guessing we'll end up at least 5.5" in Brookline with 1 or 2 more good bands through midnight. Awesome season opener: relatively straightforward forecast, spread the goods throughout most of SNE, and really pretty right now.
  2. Brookline... really picturesque. Could be argued that best part of this entire storm is the date. But it's a nice start to the season. Expecting bands to consolidate over eastern SNE tonight and we get a decent last few hours.
  3. First plows just came through here in Brookline Lack of wind making this a scenic tree coater
  4. 18z HRRR depicts the lighter rates currently in Boston metro until about 4pm, then picks back up
  5. Nice upgrade with your elevation on this event... we're still at a coating on streets here in the nadir of Brookline
  6. 16z HRRR nicely depicts the current band BOS to northwest RI sinking southeast Another round of good stuff later this afternoon and continues through at least midnight with a pulse in the last few hours
  7. Nice band from north shore to northwest RI
  8. Maybe a poorly defined coastal front trying to clarify... temps 33-37 east of a line roughly Cohasset to Bourne...
  9. Do people have preferences on RAP version? There are like 15 models (EMC, NCEP, coldstart, v1, v2, v3, etc) on the NOAA site... I've only used primary-ESRL but have no idea what the differences are. Not expecting much accumulation in BOS area before 1pm, best rates were always depicted in afternoon-evening RAP also hinting at a pulse at the end tonight corresponding with northern stream energy approaching overhead as well as better northeasterly fetch at mid levels... 4-7" looks good
  10. For any concerns of creeping ptype issues on coast, NAM doesn't look like a more amped solution thru 30h... if anything maybe a hair less amped than 18z with both northern stream digging and southern stream tilt...
  11. 18z Nam Boston flirts with ptype issues Warnings at least as far west as ORH
  12. Good confidence for that in our area with the best current guidance... I'd be surprised if this trends back flat with those pieces of energy... if anything, I wouldn't be shocked to see this tick up more (and even introduce more BL issues for coast). Wish RGEM was not on concussion protocol.
  13. 0C 850 maximum extent is parallel to and just past the canal Sat evening
  14. Lots has been said about RAOBs reading northern stream energy over Inuvik etc... but to my eyes, major changes in how southern stream energy is depicted may be at least as important... that southern VM down by Texas is significantly more intense and slightly more tilted 12z vs. 0z at 36h
  15. Maybe it's coincidence at 6z and should never give NAM too much credit, but you wonder if there was some specific data ingested to make multiple models jump at once. Those streams are now roughly 150 miles apart at 0z Sunday, with GFS trending ~50 miles closer. Really sensitive setup and still > 48hrs away. While yesterday's Euro runs suggests an advisory eSNE as our ceiling (and that's most likely given fast flow), this is oh so close to even more.