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  1. Kohx afd catching up to the model trends mentioned earlier... adding in chance of some cirrus blow off of storms in Mississippi valley. Not the end of the world given soupy airmass, and still think there's room for this to trend great vs. good for BNA. I feel like it's January writing this: we want that 0z Fri GFS / Euro solution back!
  2. Was thinking of photos with black hole in the sky behind... how will you angle your camera? The sun will be nearly overhead (vs. those shots you see with the eclipse near the horizon).
  3. Key word might be "surprisingly" lol... I'm quite giddy. I'll PM you my cellphone #. Packing includes hardcopy road maps assuming cellular service will be inundated. Picking up rental at BNA, have to also pick up my brother, then we will head to motel in downtown Nashville. Not sure we will trial run to Gallatin though I'd definitely do that if I were alone. Monday AM early wakeup, plan to leave for Gallatin by 9-9:30am, and will adjust earlier if crowds are obviously insane Sunday night. Reminder for everyone to turn off cellphone service / texting etc so as not to get annoying distractions during eclipse. My only plan is to video record ~ 10 min of event on my iphone. Nothing distracting, no practice needed, no messing around with camera settings. Otherwise just taking in every second of the experience.
  4. Not sure how these cloud prediction algorithms are done... weather.us and pivotalweather GFS trended cloudier for BNA area, entirely high clouds, though ridge placement looks about the same as the best run 0z Fri for GFS + Euro. Kohx sounded optimistic this morning, scattered ci + diurnal cu. I think we are in good vs. great territory. We'll take it and hope it trends even better in next day!
  5. Entering 96 hour timeframe on globals for 18z Monday. Nashville looking good, Fella. GFS / CMC decent, Euro could be better. Steady as she goes. AFD: "Monday, eclipse day, looks like a typical August day. It will be hot and humid. The morning may begin with total sunshine, then as afternoon arrives, we will likely see some diurnal cumulus clouds form as patches of thin cirrus move overhead. The best news is that pops look very low with a prevailing upper level ridge. The updated forecast will show 20 pops across the south half and less than 15 percent over the north. Overall, we are optimistic about seeing the eclipse, but it will probably not be perfect, and viewers may have to deal with some annoying patchy clouds. " I'm hoping we can dry this out a little more.
  6. 3:33-->5:20pm Jetblue, direct flight
  7. I have to check with my brother. It's his first time in Nashville and he had ambitious hopes to enjoy the music scene / honky-tonk bars / Opryland etc Sunday night. If we do meet up, the Vanderbilt area would be perfect. My flight from Logan gets in around 5:30pm.
  8. We should! To clarify, I'm staying at a "random motel in the city" meaning in downtown Nashville. So plan to drive up to Gallatin Monday morning depending on traffic. Will have to make contingency plans based on clouds / traffic. Yeah Euro / CMC / GFS have held decent. At least no large scale synoptic system to mess it up, with a decent southeast ridge and high pressure.
  9. With my brother. I gather you will be with family? On your recommendation a while back, I reserved 2 tix to the Gallatin event. We are staying in some random motel in the city Sunday night, then plan to stage early Monday morning. But I'm a little nervous about making return flights at 5pm. Normal drive from Gallatin to BNA ~45 min, so figure we will have 2 hours heading back at 2pm. Traffic warnings sounds apocalyptic. I read that a group of 300 Japanese tourists made reservations to Gallatin a year ago, so extrapolate from that. Was also unclear to me how we get to the soccer fields that are the "main viewing area", and how that relates to the concerts etc... my preference is minimal light pollution and minimal obstruction of the horizons, which an open field (or elevated point) could achieve. But even if traffic and parking is a complete disaster, looks like plenty of options to improvise:
  10. That Sperling's Eight Second Law is a good read, thanks for that! I think my only photography, at most, will be 10 min video capturing before / during / after just to document that I was there. So I don't have to pay attention to the camera, but it will record. Heading to Nashville, TN. Not sure yet where to stage. My biggest concern is light pollution from photovoltaic streetlights or businesses going on automatically. wxeyeNH... any other tips to maximize the experience? Urban rooftop vs. open field? Video vs. still shots (of surroundings, again, I don't think my own photos of the eclipse will be worthwhile)? Anything else you would recommend? Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hey guys, I'm Nashville TN bound, bought tix weeks ago worried they would sell out. If I had my choice, I'd go to Idaho or Wyoming for best chances of clear sky and scenery. Will make an audible on where to set base in Nashville area. The good thing is even if traffic / infrastructure is totally shut down, anywhere in Nashville including airport will be in totality.
  12. Booked to Nashville. Staying in a motel just east of the city (~ 2 min totality), and figure I'll either see it from the motel (if traffic is horrendous) or drive several hours before and wait north of the city (~2:40 totality). Potentially once-in-a-lifetime bucket list item. And when will this happen again in such easy travel... 1:30pm in the afternoon... in August... Jerry I'm happy to hear you're doing this. Hope we get clear skies. People describe this as pretty divine. Anyone have tips on how to experience it? I'm thinking tips like positioning away from street-lights that might go on automatically. What to capture? Photos? Movie of the entire thing?
  13. It's all good. There is definite value to doing this with gusto. And it's different from basing a call on wishcast or reverse psychology, and it's different from calling for Feb 78 on the Cape every week, all of which gets predictable and tiring. Making substantiated calls with confidence and then learning from our mistakes is exactly how we get a little better every year. I personally also respect that you actually put up numbers rather than just shifting innuendo. Most don't do that. In any case, the personalities and characters here are also part of why we return year after year. I still to this day miss conversations with Messenger, someone I've never actually met. Like you said, while we inure to other things in life, somehow this never gets old. And there's a real void when the season ends.
  14. I was wondering that to myself based on some of the high-res guidance last night... wouldn't it be ironic if parts of southeast MA ended up with significantly more than Boston metro / north shore as the CCB compacted southeast.