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  1. Cool tornado chase story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/04/24/texas-tornadoes-hail-storm-chase/
  2. She's occluded and pressures steady ~992 all day... imagine if this were still rapidly deepening:
  3. Fun event... NAM was excessive but had the right idea most of the way and before most other guidance HRRR / RAP yesterday were spot on for 495 belt... Almost to Plymouth Bay in her little loop...
  4. What am I talking about... I meant already more accumulation than Jan 31 (not Dec 5) storm when we were robbed 10" by 1-2F BL temps Impressive look for mid April! Route 128 getting nailed with this band at moment Boston metro probably has seen the best of it as surface low jogs up and loops around PYM
  5. There were doubts about inside 495... mesos nailed this Intense band sitting over Boston metro area now
  6. Changed to moderate-heavy, already more accumulation than Dec 5 Jan 31storm Cars, grass white, and now pavement whitening (Coolidge Corner)
  7. For those inside 495 grasping for straws... HRRR and RAP continue to support at least snow in the air for a few hours Friday morning. 0z GFS made a solid tick east with where the SLP loops around the canal.
  8. Wow 6z NAM captures a tick even further east eSNE crushed with a CCB Friday afternoon Would be widespread warning to coast
  9. Was gonna say, don't even go there...! That there is hallowed ground haha Definite resemblance with some features, but 1997 had significantly sharper digging trough, surface deepening, longer duration... 3/31 9z: 4/1: H5: H8: Sfc:
  10. Holy cow just looked at 0z 12k/3k's... like Gronk coming out of season retirement for one more spike. That would even at least whiten Boston metro area. NAM has been pretty consistent with digging that shortwave decently southeast of others
  11. Thoughts on the NFT craze? TKAT and now HOFV and DLPN took off... don't know much about it, not sure if this is just another meme fad or a future in cyrptovaluation of digital art and other items. NYTimes had a feature on it this week.
  12. Tip nailed this. What we had is weak cyclonic mechanics devolving even more into an anafrontal deal. Yesterday and before, guidance maintained better cyclonic mechanics as the system departed 6z-12z Friday. Now it’s almost a frontal passage. Not an issue of too warm or track too south. Remains solid C winter for Boston metro. Would’ve been worse (Jan 31 robbed 10”+ by 1-2F BL temps), but: - October snow is always magic - Dec 17 1-2am one of the most intense WAA snows we’ve seen in a long time - Brady Super Bowl snow
  13. Thanks that's what I figured, just checking if I was missing something. Looking at 850 wind barbs, how cyclonic vs. just parallel to the frontal boundary. And relatedly, how bent back vs. flat are the temp contours. At least on 0z Euro and 12z NAM, the cyclonic character looks best at 6z-9z and then starts to squash out by 12z.
  14. Tip or anyone... I know there's a continuum... at what levels do you assess degree of cyclonic mechanics within an anafrontal setup? This particular system seems like a good case to appreciate this.