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  1. Shredded: Core appears to be disjointed. Outer banks northward look-out!
  2. Roosta man-cave has three computers running with 5 browsers open on each. Trying to get as much info and data before getting sucked into this black-hole (loss of power) of a b**ch. Surprised still connected. Expecting this will be the most severe event experienced in my life. By this evening should have a dozen or so people holed up. //// The quick-hitting EF0 tornado's are starting in earnest. Many damage reports as the outermost spiral moves in.
  3. They don't fly recon into entities over a landmasses due to turbulence.
  4. Adrenaline has done kicked in. Relatively speaking just for here CAT2 (good) CAT3 and above (not so good). Personal observation on feelings. Always thought the days leading up to a snowstorm was intriguing with the event itself melodramatic. This threat is like the finally of the 4th of July fireworks on the Esplanade '76 style! 24hrs of TS winds 8-10hrs of hurricane force winds in the RFQ. A whole different feeling then watching flakes fall. In the pure tropics T: 77F, Td: 75F
  5. A sub 900mb strengthening at LF depicted on the 00Z GFS speaks for itself.
  6. During Mathew it came as close as inundating the Town of Astor. (10miles E) Uncharted territory given the intensity but the difference is ~80' in elevation I should be spared
  7. 108' ASL, surrounded by swamp, St. John Waterway 5 miles E. Consensus: "stay" I'm leaning to staying for the sake of 4 dogs, 2 cats. Ironic the local native Floridians have already booked-out in the hood! Elderly couple across the way not budging. I have a neighbor who's a worry-wart, driving me absolutely nuts probably due to being inebriated. He his girlfriend and I discussed late last-night a plan on evac but in reality only a ploy to get him out. Have enough non-perishables for about a month inclusive for 6 people. Many, not knowing how many in the back-lots are completely exposed in modular and mobile dwellings. Neighborhood appears empty. As to experiencing an event on such scale is a weenie dream and for the sake of those who stay it would be irresponsible if I leave. RFQ or bust! Now back to your regularly scheduled dialogue. Thanks to all for your input.
  8. Play ball~~
  9. Serious question. All responses appreciated. Should I stay or should I go? As most know I live in a CAT5 constructed log home. 30 miles W of Daytona Beach.
  10. Oh my....slow on the uptake.... 43yrs old built like a brick sh*t house. Stands about 5'6" 120lbs has had a tough life. See, I gave my word to her boyfriend, hands off. But during the ordeal if the opportunity availed itself whats an old man to do....LOL
  11. There are only a handful of timber-frame homes. Estimate out of 40 only three all the rest are mobile, double-wides and shacks.
  12. Brand new...lanai on the front is concerning because it faces due N. 1X12 adjustable bolts, truss is 4X6. I'm somewhat confident because it survived 2004's triple header. Reminded me to take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. TY, probably post a before and after...
  13. Everyone less my cross-the-street neighbor are leaving. She and I will hole down in my house (4 dogs, two cats...la-DE-da-da) reinforced crawl space cinder-block enclosed. Ole saying is confront your fears! Still time for that track to adjust. Roads already becoming jammed...oy vey.
  14. It's hard to understand how one thinks to comment on the merit of extreme events knowing that people have and will die. It's mute. Should never have made the comment. I apologized IM style. Drop it for Irma sake. Have a decaying frontal event commencing. If memory serves correct...tropical entities tend to ride just to the right of the PRE?
  15. Dos Equis: "With a mere breath from his nostril the storm obeys." Be safe my friends