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  1. ANY SNOW IS GOOD SNOW! Focus lately (for quite awhile hasn't been the weather) more toward my personal health. Setback after setback. Now diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. It is what it is... Just look at the coverage of snow-covered CONUS. 70%+ WOW. Wishing is for all 12+
  2. I state this to all my fellow forum posters. Starting three years ago my health has deteriorated. It all started with my legs swelling followed by my podiatrist diagnosing an ulser on my right big toe. It hurt like a son-of-a-gun. Turned out it was a circulation problem. Within a month I had open heart surgery with clots riddled throughout. I lost about 80lbs. with the worst still to come. Put on dozens of scripts, doctor appointments up the yahoozy. My last visit to the hospital resulted in complete blockage, medflighted from one hospital to another. Dropped down to 130lbs. The pain was undesirable. DVT throbbing is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. I'm back home and now able to drive and maintain some semblance of normalcy. Ones health is so important. My past caught up to me... A snow storm seems so insignificant. Take care one and all enjoy the storm whatever it brings.
  3. Just a little nuance: The big ones start with a little OES along the coastal communities of SE. MASS., Scooters hood over to Bob. Years of Climo knowledge..FTW
  4. GO HIGH OR GO HOME. Wait I am home, 1200 miles from home. Weenies for all! If it wasn't for my health and the virus...would have been nice to gather at Clarke's
  5. Check out the Conus WV. Model initialization, just a little something to compare.
  6. Pipeline filled with all kinds of goodies. Snow is serious business, NOT! I have to go back to school. Way off my game of years ago. Life kind of got in the way. Word choice and learn to chill. Its a friggin forum. Just being in the game is a bonus. Just the threat of double digit amounts ftw. I can't even buy a flake!
  7. Ran into him on Cambridge St. in Boston many moons ago. Short conversation, told me he was working as maitre de at the Holiday Inn.
  8. Is this slipping away? Do not deny the trend. This event appears to be going meh. for New England. The moderate effects ie. leaning toward a Pocono axis N and W
  9. Model dejur? Every event is like a snowflake, which model is less wrong? In the end, toward the end all comes down to nowcast.
  10. Presently 78F. Looking forward to a couple of thundershowers with a weak frontal passage. Whippy-ding-dong!
  11. I think youall are going to get some SNOW. Like a lot! As in FEET...maybe
  12. Whoever gets the goods under that trowel pivot point is going to exceed any amount shown on any map. BOMBS AWAY
  13. I'd buy that RPM. Appear models are coming to an agreement. Heck I have no dog in the fight. Surgical team tells me I'm more than likely going to lose my right leg. In the overall scheme a snowstorm is so insignificant. No control over either so take what you get and accept it.
  14. Greetings to all. Checking in from afar. Boy do I miss being in New England. As the models turn from every run to run. More things change the more of the same I see. On FB I've already put my fore warning of the threat, like being careful of word choice in assessment. Life here in general side. Health is everything, I will spare y'all from the details. Thankfully my fallback is tracking the storms. So to keep this brief...LOL IT GONNA SNOW!
  15. Fellow wx freaks. Be thankful you don't live in Floridah. Virus is totally in control, the narrative coming from the politians doesn't fit what's actually occurring. I moved trying to distance myself. Nearest neighbor is over a thousand feet away. Surrounded self by 10 acres. Room to spread out, eventually a self sustainable off the grid farm. Two barns, 2500 sq/ft. of house. A ton of work. LOL Into full summer here Temp 95F daily, dews mid upper 70's. Soon I'll get my instruments up and working just in time for hurricane season.