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  1. Finally going NUCLEAR. BOMBS AWAY! LOL
  2. One thing I've noticed on the model graphics in particular 10m wind none of them get inland speeds correct. Like the wind stops at the coast?
  3. Come on down WU KFLALTOO10
  4. Wait. With all the forecasted precipitation, won't take much wind to bring down trees and cut transmission lines. Widespread outages for days. I went 6 days without on just a brush-by a few years ago.
  5. Hey Steve, Altoona LAT 28.97 LON 81.63 ASL 108FT. Wide-open area so there will not be flying projectiles. I'm going to have to stock-up on water and non-perishables. The stores should open back-up quickly. It's the electric I'm really worried about. Other concerns to lesser degrees. Big Old Southern Oaks surround the house, I mean huge they must be over 200yrs. old. No window protection. Need a battery back-up for at least 1 computer to run observations and keep the camera running.
  6. I'm going to need a boat. From the onset of this tropical system as a threat since what a week, 10 days ago I've really tried to avoid the run-to-run model craze. It's crunch time, it's coming, I'm hooked. It was the GFS that in one run had 40-50" of TOTAL-P, that run also featured a direct hit. Whew! A weakening system with landfall near the Big Bend on the present trajectory is still a severe hit for my location. Ian appears to be getting its act together and because of that the trend to track into the Pan Handle are diminishing. Time to stock-up.
  7. Since moving to FL. I've experienced several Tropical systems luckily; I'm located well inland and not taken a direct (severe) hit per se. 89mph. has been the highest recorded wind speed. I moved 2 yrs. ago down-the-street. Previous dwelling was a hand-build log structure, could and will withstand Category 4 for many years to come. I outfitted with a generator, new roof, a pool the buyer purchased a special home. Moved to an expansive property (10 acres) surrounded by cut pasture with few trees. House is brick circa '78, 2400sq ft. All because I chased some tail, that Beast-of-burden is long gone thankfully...anywho... my health has prevented me from enjoying all the new place has to offer. The GFS has been consistent trending W for several runs. The EURO has been steadfast S and E with slight adjustments to the track W. Given the timeframe and the storm has finally formed the BADBOYS seem to be coming to a compromise. A W coast scrapper? Still time to prepare, still time for the models to (models to do what models do) slight E track trend on the GFS, slight W track on the EURO. ROOSTA ON WATCH.
  8. As much as my enthusiasm would like to see a direct hit I'm brought back to reality. With each model run I'm torn between these opposing feelings. Reality is winning out. Going days without power is not fun, lives effected not as an inconvenience but altered for weeks trying to recover. Early analysis, in regard to the models. West trends appear legit or could be, maybe a false signal. A compromise between EU and the GFS will result in a scrapper. Still way to early. Give it time grasshopper. Will track influence intensity? OR WILL Intensity influence track? Probably a little of both, all dependent on the UL's. Really strong Hurricanes can at times create their own surrounding environment. Still early in the game to declare anything definitive.
  9. I'm in deep DOO-DOO. Starting to get that feeling. For those who want, well you can have it! Nothing "fun" about it. A stall, that seems to be depicted by most the models would be worse case scenario.
  10. I'm not liking the "stall" that the models are starting to come an agreement on. Talk about prolific rainfall not measured in inches but in feet. Surge if not taken seriously in the TB area and for those who don't heed evac warning are going to be in deep doo-doo. And for those who want to chase, and it be your first I highly recommend YOU DON'T. *Before someone jumps on me and writes something derogatory*. Models as of 18z the 23rd.
  11. The track and intensity are far ranging. Tracks have been getting better over the past decade, intensity not so much. Should take away the Globals are coming to a consensus. A placement off the SW coast of FL in the Gulf. GFS compared to the EURO in regards D5 and beyond handle the steering influences differently, M101
  12. Let the hype begin (TD9) It's not fun when considering property. My enthusiasm is kept in check knowing the implication and damage that could unfold. 06z GFS has 40-50" of rainfall over the next 10 days in Central FL. People prepare, storm comes (now know why they party) during and after it's gone all the food supplies can't go to waste... fire-up the grill Novi Scoti, New Finny Land are going to take a swift strong hit...they can handle it...
  13. Hate to tell y'all. They would be garden variety compared to Floridah's. Daily deluge, some rates in the 5-6"/hr. range. Occasionally get a micro-burst with gusts over 40mph. Lightning from a clear blue sky. It was August 2 yrs. ago I was struck, closest storm was 5 miles to my N.
  14. For those who need to update Bookmarks. https://map.blitzortung.org/ COD: Satellite and Radar
  15. A legit Severe threat. Incoming given parameters should increase Cell coverage to the E and threat for TOR's. They're quite electrically charged! CONGRATS
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