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  1. About to pour a collab they did with Vitamin Sea. Can’t wait to try it.
  2. Not sure if this is the right spot for this thread so mods please move if this belongs in a different subforum. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2020/09/21/noaa-chief-scientist-maue/ https://earther.gizmodo.com/noaa-taps-new-chief-scientist-who-downplays-climate-cha-1845133738 It's definitely an interesting choice. I certainly don't agree with many of his thoughts on climate change but he also seems to have moderated his views on climate denial as well. I can think of a ton of better choices then him, but I can also think of some that are a hell of a lot worse. Would sharpie gate have ever happened if Maue was at the helm? Thoughts?
  3. Ditto this. I've only ever been on a board my whole life but managed a ski/snowboard shop for 5 years before getting out of retail. I would really push the customers to budget out most of there money on boots first whether on skis or a board. You could have the best skis and bindings on the market but if your boots suck you're going to have a bad time. Although I got to say 400-500 days on those boots!? I hope you changed out the toe and heel lugs man those wear down and cause bindings to not release properly. Snowboard boots are 100 days max in my experience but they also aren't made up of hard plastic. Damn I can't wait for the season to get here....
  4. Pretty excited to see the surf here in Hampton tomorrow. Should be pretty sweet to watch the surfers at the wall in the afternoon. I sure as hell won't be paddling out there tomorrow in those conditions.
  5. Looks like it. Relying on KHGX now.
  6. Gusting to 98 at Lake Charles Regional Airport. Worst of it is on the doorstep for them. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=KLCH
  7. Looks like the NWS said screw warning the individual cells rotating in and just threw up a tornado warning for the whole band east of the eye.
  8. Anyone know how high that cam was? If I recall I thought I read it was 9ft but can't confirm.
  9. Mark Sudduths Cameron webcam (cam8) should be getting inside the calm eye in a matter of minutes now. Maybe we will be able to see something other then a wall of grey and see how high the surge is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3bwtnmk1lA&feature=youtu.be Edit: and its toast....might be underwater now and can no longer transmit.
  10. Yup. As bad and as horrifying as Laura will be, I couldn't shake the thought today that Laura could of been one of, if not the worst natural disaster in US history if it came ashore 100 miles or so west into the Houston metro. This is of course no condolence to the folks about to lose everything in SW Louisiana.
  11. Quite the photogenic storm up this way.
  12. Sunrise before the storm in Hampton. I must admit my expectations are low but we shall see what happens.
  13. Haha oh man I happily forgot Big Joe even existed. I remember 16 year old me tracking hurricanes and I thought that dude was the GOAT of forecasting tropical systems....ohh how much I've learned. But anyways, when should I start boarding up in Hampton?
  14. Tropics looking pretty open for business as the AEW starts cranking come early August in addition to what's already out there now. ECMWF spaghettios is pretty eye opening for the first week of next month. Things are shaping up to be a pretty wild year, lets see if we can get a storm to finally swing up our way.