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  1. I was only 11 but have vague memories of going snowboarding over at Ski Bradford for that one. Looks like that one was a banger up here. This thread also popped up while googling that storm.
  2. What an abrupt shift in temps that was on the coast in Hampton. Dropped 10 degrees in one hour from 69 to 59. I just made the move up here and though I'm sure I'll miss out on some snow from my last location in Methuen, overall the weenie in me will enjoy the weather here more being right on the water. Bring on the Nor'easters the next few weeks. I want to see what real high wind warning criteria actually looks like for once.
  3. Holy crap that's awesome. Snow wasn't as intense here but the wind absolutely ripped as the squall passed through Hampton, NH. It was quite the impressive 20-30 minutes.
  4. Ya I’m skeptical but still going strong. Squall warning just issued all the way to the coast.
  5. Up visiting the parents in Southern NH. This squall should be fun.
  6. Some good squalls upstream on radar today. Could impact the pm commutes especially if they are accompanied by some strong winds. This weekends not looking good though. Going to go ahead and cancel my plans to head up to Ragged as they will definitely be all rain it appears. Friday’s severe wx down south could be nasty, going to track that instead of this weekends mess.
  7. So where is all that snow filling in across Essex/Middlesex county haha? Not trying to be harsh but it was pretty clear on all guidance that wasn't going to happen. Hoping you guys score decent down there but looks like its punting east on radar rather fast.
  8. I was just thinking yesterday how moderate the temps have been this winter compared to the past few. There doesn’t seem to be many anomalous swings either way (cold or warm) when I feel like we had some big cold shots and then huge warm ups in recent years. It’s still early though.
  9. Ya it’s snowing good here now as well, nothing really on radar.
  10. Foot plus at Attitash. Conditions aren’t all that great through. Super bumpy and the ice base is exposed in many areas from all the traffic. Not so fun on a snowboard although the skiers look like they are having a good time.
  11. Ya it’s a great area. Tons of fun in the summer and winter. I’m lucky the parents have the cabin up here and I can visit whenever I want. Still moderate/borderline heavy snow. Should end up with over a foot and conditions on the slopes will be awesome tomorrow. Big bummer if this weekends system turns everything back into a block of ice.
  12. Quick measurement puts me at 11 inches up in Ossipee . Coincides well with the 10.3 reported in Acton Maine at 7:30 not far from here. ...York County... 5 NNW Acton 10.3 in 0727 PM 12/30 Public Also closing in on 24 hours straight of snow or sleet precipitation. I was expecting more of a break this afternoon.
  13. Haha ya that is one image to save.
  14. Just got back from Attitash and what a dynamic system this is. 23f and ending as sleet for round one. 6.5” at the cabin in Ossipee. Thunderstorms down at the NY/CT border?
  15. Pouring snow out again up here. Conditions at Attitash are great. Sleet lasted less then an hour before switching back to all snow.