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  1. Scorching hot at my parents place in Hampton right by I-95 when I picked up the dog after work. A beautiful 80-85 right on the coast at my apartment a few miles away. Pretty crazy temperature gradient.
  2. NH seacoast delivers again
  3. Getting hit pretty good here. Possible micro burst just north of me. That lowering was really surging as it passed by me.
  4. Pretty much the main reason I do all my snowboarding in ME and NH. VT mountains are a bitch to get to from the seacoast. Beautiful day here in Hampton with some nice 3ft waves. Might have to take the surfboard out for the first time this year now that the waters slightly warmer.
  5. Waterville is a good mountain. I should be there as well for the demo. Maybe we’ll have to meet up for a beer and a lap.
  6. Wait George isn’t on board? Is hell freezing over? Im happy as long as this stays snow for the ski areas. Conditions are good up there right now.
  7. My driveway is either bare ground or a 4 foot drift.
  8. 5+ hours of blizzard conditions now, .06mi visibility I couldn’t tell you if I got 15 inches of snow or 25 with the wind and drifting.
  9. Another one from Hampton. Got to be pushing 2-3” / hr now.
  10. Same at KPSM. Complete whiteout here on the coast of NH, not even going to bother and try a measure with the wind. Grass exposed in some areas and 3 foot drifts in others…
  11. No snow here, but some serious coastal flooding in Hampton. Worst I’ve seen it in two years.
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