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  1. I like. I've mentioned it before, anything before Christmas in the NYC Metro is a bonus.
  2. Ryan Hall is showing a correlation coefficient near Bassfield and heading towards I-59 between Hattiesburg and Laurel
  3. I recall Jeb as unpopular in the politics forum. Mid Atlantic, IIRC, did walks in 2 inch/hour snow, just because. My parents on Long Island didn't really let me, but visiting Grandma in North Quincy, walks in near zil vis snow, with the MBTA trains arcing and sparking, ah, good times.
  4. Some ensemble support for a Caribbean storm in December. Which would be interesting. But probably won't happen.
  5. I know the pressure was lower than a usual Cat 1, but the Space Coast has a problem if a Cat 1 can cause that much surge.
  6. 85F in Houston area, and warmer inland. That'll make the weekend cold snap feel even worse.
  7. IR suggests partial eye open on the East/Northeast.
  8. I'm guessing two days off the full moon, there will still be an above normal tidal influence on surge.
  9. Looks like the storm is starting to push a bit off outflow from the S side despite the shear. (Which per CIMMS analysis isn't that bad now)
  10. HWRF has landfall near the Space Coast as a 963 mb tropical storm.
  11. Quoting myself, HWRF is fairly close on current satellite presentation.
  12. Intensifies up to landfall (near 975 mb) on HWRF. Large eye or eye like feature near Port St. Lucie (I lived in Orlando, for a year, but don't know the FL East Coast well, other than Daytona-KSC-Cocoa Beach). Speaking of, sustained storm (50 knot) winds to near there on the coast, gales extend well N. Surge would seem to be larger than a purely tropical system. Semi-related- how well does the HWRF usually do with hybrid systems?
  13. Tons of shear and very low cloud base, but nil instability. 4 days out, of course. Wouldn't need much instability.
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