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  1. I can see it. Great picture.
  2. Greeneville hail from earlier today. Taken about 30 minutes after the storm.
  3. 1.75 at my house. No complaints considering that these types of systems (with a downslope component) usually don't work out well for most of Greene County. That actually takes my seasonal total to 15 inches, so I'm happy so far.
  4. Thanks for the wind obs. That's basically what I was referring to in my post from earlier today with the sounding showing a wind profile matching what you'd normally expect from a downslope event. I just looked at the 925mb winds (correlation with downslope winds), and the RAP starts to diminish the SE flow at that level after 06z.
  5. Anyone have the 18z Euro snow map. I changed subscriptions and no longer have it.
  6. I thought this was interesting in terms of seeing how it plays out tonight. GFS sounding near Greene County. The sounding suggests snow, but the wind profile is more consistent with a downslope event. An unusual situation. I have a hard time believing that would actually be snow in my area at that time with that wind profile, but that's what it shows. After that, the wind shifts and downslope stops being an issue.
  7. I'm not a fan of the GFS increasing downslope flow over the mountains. At least for my area.
  8. Carver, Just wanted to say that you do a great job with these pattern discussions. It always makes for a good read.
  9. Feeling pretty good about this event in Greene County. Currently at 1.25 inches. With the RAP showing some support at 700mb and the coldest 850mb temperatures still being advected into the area, there should be continued development/enhancement as it interacts with the terrain.
  10. I agree. The direction and temperatures at 850mb should continue to improve this afternoon/evening for the NW flow areas.
  11. I think the 850mb vertical velocity chart is one of the most useful tools for our area. I don't see it posted often, but I always look at those. Especially when the DGZ gets close to mountain top levels.