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  1. Really nice band moving through Greene County with larger flakes than earlier. Might be helped by some of the low level instability the models were showing.
  2. This current band has easily the heaviest rates of the night for me. Blowing around too.
  3. I’m fairly optimistic for some additional snow in the morning in parts of the area. The soundings are encouraging on the 00z 3km NAM. There’s not a lot of moisture to work with, but the northwest flow, combined with 850mb temps dropping to around or below -10C (steepening low level lapse rates), is usually pretty good at squeezing out precipitation in these situations. It obviously varies across the region, but the foothills areas in NE TN can do okay in these setups.
  4. It's been a long wait, but Greeneville is finally seeing some decent snow. This band moved in just about 15 minutes ago, but the ground is already turning white.
  5. I was just looking at that. The 3km NAM for Northeast TN for tomorrow morning has some nice snow soundings for the lingering snow shower activity associated with the disturbance moving through. The DGZ drops significantly with lift extending into it, and we get some fairly steep low lapse rates to create some low level instability (the sounding I looked at had SFC CAPE of 44, which is pretty good for these situations). With the high ratios, those types of bands can be a lot of fun because they can add up quickly if you are lucky enough to get under one.
  6. That's a really interesting report. It sounds like the snow equivalent to what I've seen at Camp Creek a few time during mountain wave events. Just a few clouds, but you can get bursts of huge rain drops.
  7. The way it is modeled right now, the southeast flow at 850mb is really going to be difficult for us for awhile. In these CAD situation in WNC, it usually takes a really long time for the flow to become more favorable for us. A lot working against us at the moment.
  8. The 06z GFS would be a good way to avoid most of that. It wasn’t perfect for the valley, but it had a lot of nice features. The low stayed far enough south to keep the 850mb flow more east verses southeast, and there was an inverted trough extending up the mountains (provides lift and helps maintain a down valley flow). The 12z GFS changed the 850mb flow to a SE direction. That would cause a lot of downslope problems for many in East TN. Too early to worry about the details though.
  9. Agree. There are some subtle hints of sinking air in that area at the lower levels. It’s not very significant, but it could have a slight effect on temperatures in those areas. Hopefully the overall dynamics of the system will overcome it, but it's hard to ignore when models pick up on it (speaking from experience with my area).
  10. Greeneville hail from earlier today. Taken about 30 minutes after the storm.
  11. 1.75 at my house. No complaints considering that these types of systems (with a downslope component) usually don't work out well for most of Greene County. That actually takes my seasonal total to 15 inches, so I'm happy so far.
  12. Thanks for the wind obs. That's basically what I was referring to in my post from earlier today with the sounding showing a wind profile matching what you'd normally expect from a downslope event. I just looked at the 925mb winds (correlation with downslope winds), and the RAP starts to diminish the SE flow at that level after 06z.
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