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  1. If the parents of gen Z kids want successful anti drug campaigns, Vice-Regent's incoherent babbling is pretty effective for a youngin' like me. Maybe they should try and publicize him?
  2. I'd argue that Meddle beats Dark Side (even excluding The Wall) for greatest Pink Floyd album just for Echoes alone but.. yeah I'm not gonna do that. The Wall > Animals > Dark Side > Meddle
  3. Wow, 2020 has been ruthless for celebrity deaths so far. To be honest I'm always hesitant to talk about my taste in music here because it always makes me sound like one of those "I was born in the wrong generation" types, but music can certainly be timeless, and Rush was no exception. I've delved somewhat into their collection (helps that my dad was big into a fair bit of music around that era and got me into it early), but The Spirit Of Radio has always been one of my top favorites. Of course I can't appreciate it as much as those born in the time when the music came out, but it's nice to have a form of media so timeless that my friends still talk about it and listen to it, and likely my children and grandchildren will still be listening to the same incredible music. RIP Neal Peart.
  4. 1.5" here, it is absolutely beautiful outside. Very content with this system.
  5. GFS Kuchera cuts totals in half for most, but still rather optimistic numbers
  6. Ah yes, the start to the greatest winter ever that I was sadly too young to enjoy to it's fullest
  7. Hello snowhole, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a forecast softly creeping Crapped the bed while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains
  8. This Snowchaser fellow sure lives up to his name.
  9. In fact, I believe so? Look into the Ganzfeld Effect, some interesting stuff there. or so I've been told
  10. I regret all of the time I stayed up for that. I remember DT was bullish on it until the Euro (?) finally dropped it. After Jan 4th we knew what type of winter we were in for.
  11. More likely for it to be in the 80s on Christmas than for the GFS to nail a 10 day HECS
  12. The GFS has been wildly consistent with showing a storm around that time. Only 10 days to screw it up >:)
  13. Have we ever actually had a potent storm fall on Friday the 13th? Genuinely curious.
  14. Glad to see you cheery as ever