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  1. Yeah not sure that's a large enough sample size. 16-17 and 17-18 were both ninas, 18-19 at least brought most in the area to climo with the Dec and Jan storms, and of course 19-20 was a torchfest. That just seems like a random mixed bag, we've certainly had multiple instances of that within even the 21st century, a good bit in the 80s/90s too. Considering how much of a distinct lack of sustained blocking we've had since 10-11 I'd say that maybe that was when the flip was switched, but what do I know I guess.
  2. Considering that the Falcons were one blown lead from making that record 1-11, Im starting to think that maybe they should exclude the NFC East from playoff contention real soon :p
  3. Cant wait to be leading the division at 1-2!
  4. Yeah that makes sense. Seems like we're getting guaranteed storms or at least guaranteed potentials for hits every single time we get blocking nowadays, but of course the tradeoff is that we're in a period where periods of blocking are far and few between. Wonder if that's just a general climo shift of some sort.
  5. Aside from abundant blocking, was there any reason that it seems like that's been the only Nina in recent memory that produced those sorts of results? Seems like that winter also had some some characteristics that were unlike a Nina too so I guess that could be why just about any blocking we've had in recent Ninas has fallen short.
  6. That's the only one I remember from that year. We had gotten a dachshund just a few weeks prior and for the first time we had to dig out paths for her to even be able to walk out side. Wouldn't end up being the first time in that few year span either.
  7. Haven't we not had a colder than average October in around a decade, with the last one being October 2009? Not trying to throw out outliers like that, but it's hard to assume something like that when the sample size in recent memory is rather limited. But yes I agree with the sentiment surrounding what the colors will look like come December.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you here during 13-14? Seems like a rather prolific winter with little to no breaks. Sucks that I have no recollection of that winter.. or 09/10.. or of 02/03..
  9. Perfect running weather today, pristine weather for September standards
  10. BWI: 11/5 IAD:10/27 DCA: 11/5 RIC: 11/5 TB: 85
  11. 2021 mock draft time already??
  12. Imagine losing to Football Team Does this mean our hashtag is #HTTFT?
  13. That SpaceX launch yesterday was particularly exciting. Felt like just for a moment we were united under the same goal, seeing 4 million+ people watch the launch was pretty inspiring