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  1. Have we ever actually had a potent storm fall on Friday the 13th? Genuinely curious.
  2. Glad to see you cheery as ever
  3. BWI: 23.9" DCA: 14.2" IAD: 28.6" RIC: 9.6" SBY: 8.4"
  4. Yeah, I remember him going completely out of line and saying something that wouldn't fly anywhere. Makes sense that he got banned.
  5. UKIE close to something for extreme N parts of our subforum
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope y'all have a good one
  7. Man, the fact that the Ravens have to play actual football teams with decent records is certainly not helping them attain home field advantage
  8. Dang, this Jackson guy is pretty good for a running back
  9. Yeah, but of course we won't be able to get a new owner until he's deceased, and if Snyder Jr. is given ownership, oh boy.
  10. Confirmed here. Nice little SnowTV event going on in NW DC
  11. I'm not sure that I can name a single big hit that Jackson has taken all season. I think he has more awareness than most if not all mobile QBs before him, and of course he's built much better to sustain being a mobile QB. It's a pretty great combination.