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  1. Whenever I think about how poorly run this organization is, it always takes me back to this GIF: Sadly, The Redskins are going nowhere until this goon sells the team. Don't think that will happen until he is gone :/
  2. Maybe your browser sees it as a pop-up and tries to block it? I'm not sure. If I were you, I'd try a different browser, or even the incognito mode on Google Chrome.
  3. Pretty certain the grass is showing more color than the leaves
  4. Interesting stats. I wonder how it fares for wet Septembers. I remember September 2011 being particularly wet, and look what happened there.
  5. Read above. Mistook 04-05 for 04-03. I remember seeing a real neat video showing a nation radar loop for that entire winter of 04-05. IIRC, there was quite the potent southern slider around Christmas? Pretty sure nobody in the immediate region was affected.
  6. Oh sorry, I meant 03-04. I was thinking of an early December event. I know that 04-05 was big for Boston but didn't do much here.
  7. BWI: 11/19 IAD: 11/2 DCA: 11/19 RIC: 11/19 Tiebreaker: 10.23" Indian Summer
  8. I've heard 2004-05 thrown around somewhat as an analog. I remember seeing that was front loaded as well. How did the immediate DC area fare? All I remember seeing is a KU event that mainly targeted away from DC
  9. Looks like he found the analogs JB gets
  10. Thought you were kidding for a second. Geez.
  11. Adding nothing to the conversation except for a neat looking volcanic eruption. Don't know how these events effect winters over here.
  12. I've heard different stories, one more serious than I had imagined. I'm not certain that he's trolling
  13. Looks pretty darn promising, but seasonals are, well, seasonals.
  14. Redskins choking games, 540 line within view on the long range GFS, Chuck spewing more nonsense. Must be Fall