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  1. Looks to be relatively chilly closing out September. A rarity given current climo.
  2. Eurasian snow extent is off to a pretty decent start. Compensating for North America's sluggish (lowest in the dataset to date) snow extent atm.
  3. Cobalt

    Winter 2022-23

    That 0.6" is 19/20, right? That was a neutral iirc, but it was preceded by a weak Nino in 18/19, so not sure it fits the qualifications you mentioned. Regardless, even with that out of the dataset it's easy to tell where the floor and ceilings are given current climo.
  4. Cobalt

    Winter 2022-23

    I think 22-23 has potential to be one of the winters of all time. Maybe not the biggest, not the smallest, but definitely one of them.
  5. 33 degrees with moderate snow at 12:30pm on April 18th, kinda nuts.
  6. Big snowflakes in Harrisonburg right now, mulch and grass are beginning to get a coating.
  7. C+. 13.7" in January is the 3rd most in my 12 year dataset. February was awful, but the March storm helped cap off the winter pretty well.
  8. Might just be that he’s on chrome, I use the chrome app and it’s not working for me. Moderate snow in McLean, non paved surfaces covered
  9. Reminds me of that one March event we had in 2015 (March 20th?). Similar timing with it being early morning, and only the elevated and favored areas really got much, which I believe was a slushy 1-4", while UHI hell had nothing but snowTV.
  10. There's a bit of a difference in timing between models. GFS is 9-12z Sunday, meanwhile Euro is 0-6z Monday. Probably just noise at this point, but I'd imagine we would want an earlier onset
  11. Mhm, better cold press and a stronger HP overtop compared to previous ensemble runs.
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