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  1. Cobalt

    COVID-19 Talk

    I wonder how much of a concern there is for a 2nd wave in the fall? Spanish Flu had it, H1N1 had it, both ended up being worse & more fatal than the 1st wave. Could be especially bad considering that many would be reluctant to go into a 2nd series of shutdowns in the fall
  2. Cobalt

    COVID-19 Talk

    Incredibly sorry to hear this, sending my thoughts to your family and extended family, and hopefully the other two members of that family will turn for the best
  3. You.. trust China's numbers?
  4. Usually the estimates at the end will bump up not only the amount of cases, but also the deaths. At this point in it's US lifespan, the 2009 H1N1 had around 300 CONFIRMED deaths. We're at 4,500 confirmed, with 4,800 people in critical condition. Not good. The "just the flu" crowd has been awful quiet as of late
  5. What are you trying to prove exactly?
  6. Dude, a typical flu season would never kill 800 people in a single day in Italy. That just wouldn't happen. Have you ever seen hospitals get as overwhelmed as they have from COVID-19? Ridiculous.
  7. The USA sadly still has a very large at-risk population. 39.6% of US adults are obese, and about 1/3 have either prediabetes or diabetes. Both major risk factors for a respiratory illness, as obesity can pose similar risks as if someone was a lifelong smoker. Seeing as the deaths are so low here, we can't compare to Italy yet. We're still 1-2 weeks behind Italy. One Saturday ago Italy had 1,000 deaths, now they're almost getting a thousand a day. I'm just hoping people take precaution to stay home. Even people like me who would otherwise be perfectly healthy with little to no risk, spreading it to those who are at risk is the biggest issue
  8. Most likely yeah. I've heard of people of younger age groups dying simply because hospitals in Italy couldn't attempt to treat any more people due to lack of resources (and likely shows that China lied about their numbers but I'm not gonna get into that)
  9. Italy is getting hammered by this thing. Wow, kinda hard to fathom...
  10. It reminds me of a quote I heard a little while back. Don't remember exactly how it goes but it was something like "Preparations before a plague seem alarmist, while preparations during/after a plague seem inadequate", and I mean I guess I see why people would object to what we're doing for COVID-19 if something like the flu can be terrible, but they're two different animals. Hospitals don't get as overwhelmed by the flu as they have in certain areas as COVID-19. Not to mention how it'll leave many with permanent respiratory problems. Also it's funny to see people compare this to the late 2000s Swine Flu. At this point in the outbreak the Swine Flu had 1500 deaths, somewhat close to a tenth of what we've already seen with COVID-19.
  11. Despite the old population, Italy still has one of the more advanced medical systems in all of Europe. Furthermore northern Italy is the wealthiest part. In terms of respiratory viruses such as COVID-19, there's multiple factors that put people at risk aside from age. One is obesity, and well, if you take a look around this country, we've got plenty of that to go around, which doesn't boast well for rapidly spreading cases. I'm still rather confused at this comparison to the flu. The concern is with how fast COVID-19 spreads from person to person. Each carrier of the flu spreads it to on average 1.3 people, meanwhile each carrier of COVID-19 spreads it to 2.5 people on average. Not to mention the higher fatality rate. Italy having 300+ deaths per day would be much worse than any flu day even in the United States. Furthermore there methods of flu treatment are much more effective, and even if not entirely effective for the majority of the population, we have a vaccination for the flu. You can't even compare the two whatsoever
  12. Anybody who would've fallen into a coma in January and woken up today would have a lot of catching up to do, like geez.... What a decade this year has been
  13. ICONic timing, the GFS just came in south compared to the 18z run
  14. Heya! I've been good. Busy with school, but I guess it's good that I'm not being distracted by winter weather threats? I've been checking in every once in a while though
  15. Last year's Jan storm was great. Nothing can make up for the horrendous year we've had so far, but that storm was pretty great. Long duration cold smoke. Made the mistake of staying up for that late night meso which turned out to be the lowest rates of the 30 hour storm haha