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  1. Also, Eastern Canada is gonna be hammered by a few storms in the near future, doubling their snowpack Really laying the groundwork!
  2. Yup. We're out at that time frame where we look at the Ops and we say "looks good" even though it'll change a ton
  3. yup, and similar to the GEFS.. as well as the EPS. Good stuff
  4. The cold wave after Tday weekend looks pretty impressive
  5. Could happen for sure. All it takes is either cold temperatures and ok precip or not the best temps with a lot of precip. Probably wont see cold 850s with this one
  6. GFS actually suggests a pretty beefy storm. Not enough to funnel cold air in, so we have to hope if there were to be any remote chance for some good snow out of this snow for their to be cold air in place
  7. 0z GFS is much farther NW, basically riding the coast. Still a rainstorm though lol
  8. Yeah, the manual did no help. I tried to google the issue, and it didn't help either. I only got to see the config home page pop up for about half of a second before being killed by my computer
  9. Great points. For November climo, this is really good, and for Winter, we could for sure be laying down the groundwork. We've gotta focus on all the positives that aren't happening here in DC alone. For example, Canada's snow pack is great, 10 times better compared to last year. I mean, it's even hard to get snow in the mid of December in most years.
  10. Weird, whenever I try to run it, my computer just kills the program. I checked task manager, and ran my antivirus, and it doesn't seem like anything wrong should be going on
  11. Only precip during looks to be a snowstorm in New England on the Euro
  12. I see where you're coming from. I also like how the mean isn't just built up of 2 1'+ events near that 16 day event. But of course, we're still a ways out
  13. 12z GEFS did up the snow a ton. Mean is 1.5"+ for DC and NW Burbs. 13/20 of the ensembles show at least 0.1" of snow, so take your pick Next week or two should be filled with some fun OP and ensembles runs, and hopefully 1 or 2 snow/flurry events
  14. Noticed that too. It also helps that it seems like that the Sunday-Thursday period of that week could be cold as per the 12z GEFS, the 12z GFS and last night's Euro
  15. Can second that. 12z GEFS has only 1 strong low, and it's over 400+ miles off the coast