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  1. Think today has a sneaky storm threat ... mainly some gusty winds with some storms, could be severe for some. Seems like there's a good amount of dry air today which could enhance downdraft strength.
  2. Here was my shelf Storm was pretty good! Came in two parts. First part was with the shelf, probably had some 40-45 MPH winds that were pretty solid. Storm lasted about 5 minutes, 5 minute lull, and then the main line came in with more heavy rain and a few gusts. Not severe, but pretty solid.
  3. I'm not too impressed with the way the line looks right now... hoping for some intensification (which I'd imagine is likely) but I'm gonna temper my expectations for now and let myself be a little more if the storms look more impressive.
  4. Had two rumbles of thunder and saw a flash of lightning with this cell just over me. Some of the very brief downpours I've had earlier with cells that clipped MBY had some very tropical large drops with them.
  5. I'd temper expectations. No real forcing mechanism and slightly capped. Might be preparation for 9999 CAPE summer days where nothing happens.
  6. I believe that the reason why it seems that more tornadoes produce in storms coming from the south are because a lot of those situations in the Mid-Atlantic are caused by tropical cyclones traveling up the coast and not necessarily because of the storm motion itself ... regardless, there probably will be 'nados somewhere.
  7. We're not exactly in the best position for this storm The northwest trend was sadly just as real with this storm as it has been with other storms ... Oh well! It is March after all. Hopefully we can flip back but I'm not confident on getting much snow in this storm.
  8. It's all bright-banding ... sorry
  9. Still snow here! I don't like how close that sleet line is but it seems to have stalled in northward progress! It's only ~10 miles south of me using RadarScope as well! I believe that mixing is inevitable here, but anything to keep it from happening for as long as possible is fine with me I'm not measuring, but I'd estimate having maybe 1.5 inches or 2 inches here? (Tabernacle, NJ) Don't take it as exact ... just an estimate! It's been snowing light-moderate for a while now, but there was a time earlier where it was snowing at a good rate where I think a good amount of the snow accumulation was picked up.
  10. Yeah ... I'm getting a little excited now ... Rarely does a squall line really survive past I-95 in my experience here, so I'm a little excited to be under the strengthening area for once (if we even get the line to strengthen.) The sounding for my area right now (well, 1 PM) looks really nice. Dry air punch should help with the winds, along with steep (for our area) lapse rates.
  11. Line of storms doesn't look too impressive, but there is 1000 SBCAPE / 500 MLCAPE here and the sun is out. Probably still destabilizing, still in for the event though a little nervous.
  12. The storm isn't over here but I don't think it'll get worse here. I'm sadly kind of in a split area, with warnings to my north and south. While it is February, it's the same 'ol same 'ol like in the summer. The lightning has been pretty impressive, but there was a little kink/bow that formed that went just to the north of me. Beyond heavy rain and lightning, there's been nothing else.
  13. I think that's just stratiform rain?
  14. Measured 1.5 inches of snow here.
  15. Tabernacle, NJ - Power just went out for a good 5-10 seconds. The fact that the storm has barely begun and the power's struggling already makes me not very confident in keeping power on for much longer.